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Hey guys, it’s Karina!
>>It’s Ronald, and we are from Sis versus Bro!>>And we just want to
say Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year! Today, we’re going
to be showing you what we got
for Christmas. We got pretty awesome stuff,
so let’s show you guys. Guys, Christmas Eve
was so fun, we just had a blast. And Chibi was under
the tree the entire time. It’s like her
favorite hiding spot. So I guess she is
a present too. So,
Merry Christmas, Chibi. And a Happy New Year. Alright.
But guys, we’re gonna be showing
you what we got for Christmas. Okay guys, the first thing
I’m going to show you is… my phone.
I got– I really really
really wanted this, and it’s an iPhone X. [chanting] So, here’s my phone. I already have
my phone case on it. It’s glittery phone case
from silver to pink. I really love the phone case,
it’s absolutely amazing. And here, my phone… I have a background on it,
I wanna show you. There you go. I love my background,
it’s alpacacorn.>>So my first present is
something that I really wanted too, and that is… Exploding kitten!>>You never even knew
that existed, Ronald.>>Well, I watch it. Like, it’s just the best
thing in the world. Let me read it. Exploding kittens,
a card game for people who are into kittens,
and explosions, and laser beams,
and sometimes goats. Yeah.
>>And sometimes goats?>>Yeah, goats.
>>Okay, all right. Okay.
>>So it looks like it’s a fun game, and we haven’t played it yet. I’m pretty excited
to play it.>>I don’t know why we
haven’t played it yet, but yeah,
let’s do this.>>Choose one player.
>>Alright, I just wanna
see what’s inside.>>It’s…>>Look,
it’s space kitten.>>It’s the magazine of the country.
>>And explosion kitten. Okay. Alright,
so my second present I’m going to show you
is some of the jewelry I got. It’s in this box.>>And who
do you get it from?>>I got it
from our guest. It’s super duper awesome. I got some really cute earrings,
this is just some of them. My favorite ones are… These ones. These are the ones
I put on right away because I love them
so much. And I also really
like the watermelon ones. Oopsies.
>>Oh, oh.>>I also got a necklace of this–
of the Eiffel Tower. This is a silver version,
actually the gold version. And I got another one
that’s silver. And they’re both
really cute and I might give one to
my best friend because like…>>No, you’re gonna
keep the gold one.>>Yeah, I’m gonna keep
the gold one. Alright,
your turn, Ronald.>>What next? I like this so much. It’s not only gonna
climb up the walls…>>But it’s gonna…
>>Climb up your face.>>Yes.>>The wall climbing car.>>I think it’s really cool. Ronald was driving around like,
onto the walls like…>>No, I dro–
I drove it so high.>>It went on the ceiling?
>>Yeah, no– Wait, almost.
>>Almost. No, make it go on the ceiling.
>>I can’t go. I can’t make it go in the ceiling,
it’s wall climbing, not ceiling climbing. So, what you get
is the controller.>>And of course
the wall climbing car.>>So guys,
this is a cool present, but I can’t show you it
right now because the battery’s
not charged.>>Yeah, Ronald
was using it all day, Christmas eve.
All night, Christmas.>>My third present
is going to be… This camera,
Ronald got me.>>Yeah.
>>I love this camera. And it came with like,
a little bag for it. And let me just
open it up. There. Here’s the camera. I put of bunch of stickers on it,
while it also came in a second present
Ronald gave me. With this. It came with a bunch
of accessories for it like, different colored lens,
close-up lens and bunch of like, an album for all your… All your little pictures. It’s super duper cute. I love it. It’s so amazing. I just love it. Thank you, Ronald.
Absolutely amazing. So this is the camera that
prints out the pictures instantly from the top here. And Ronald also got me
something really cool for the camera,
it’s rainbow film. You see it’s super duper colorful,
super duper amazing. I love it. I’m going to take so
many pictures of this. But I didn’t do use it yet
because I want to make the perfect pictures with it.>>Like, of your iMac?>>No, of my face>>And my next item,
I’m going to show you something that I really,
really, really, really wanted. I was waiting for so long. It’s my phone! Savage.
>>It’s an iPhone X.>>Again. So inside, we have
the majestic phone. And it also comes
with this awesome case. Also, what’s really cool… I use my creativity.>>No,
you didn’t use creativity.>>And I got this wallpaper!>>Popcorn on it?>>Yeah.>>I mean like,
obviously he did.>>So… That’s basically
for my phone. Oh, it also came with
earplugs and a charger–>>I know,
and the earplugs are so cool because they have
little buttons on it to change the volume. I never had earplugs
like that before so I think they’re cool.
Alright. But for my next present. [coughing]>>I’m sorry.>>For my next present,
I got this game, it’s the five-second rule.
I forgot who got me this, but I think
it’s a really fun game. I tried to play it,
it was super duper tricky, but I have tons of fun.>>You basically answer a question
within five seconds.>>Yes.>>But it’s not really
answering the questions, it’s naming things. Like, name three animals
that have– Has three letters in it.>>Yeah.
>>So my next present is… What should I do? This.
>>The present I got you?>>Yeah. Yeah.
>>I got him clothing but it’s the best
type of clothing. It’s Minecraft shirt,
but there’s this Minecraft shirt
that I like even more. This!>>I think this one is
really really cool because it kinda looks 3D, and I just really really like it.>>And!
>>And!>>And… that’s not all
with the clothing. Preston Styles… merchandise!>>He really wanted it
so I was like, let’s get this for Ronald.>>Preston merchandise. So this is a black
and white hoodie.>>It has this kind of pocket, and its Preston’s
favorite kind of sweater, Ronald told me.>>And!
>>And! And!
>>Preston Styles isn’t over.>>Nah-nah-nah-nah.
>>Nah-nah-nah-nah.>>I got him a backpack
for next year. But he says no, I’m gonna have this for this year.
>>Yep. Thank you so much,
I really like this presents.>>You’re welcome. And for the next
gift I got is… It’s this, it’s like
a nail polish set. I have some nail polish on, it’s pink and blue
with glitter and silver. I really like the colors. I’ll open it up. There’s a bunch
of different colors and there’s a bunch
of different tools you can use too. Super duper awesome. I was using these last night,
I was like, these colors are
absolutely amazing.>>We’re gonna go savage mode
with my presents now. I don’t know
which one to do first. No, that one’s too heavy. Wait, can you grab these? Kind of big.
Just kind of… It’s Anki Overdrive!>>You got that last year.>>But it’s fast and furious edition,
this time. It’s so awesome! And this was the present
that I wanted for the video, the third one, where I drew the cars… For the pancake hour challenge,
the third one was this.>>And by the way guys,
the person who won this challenge hasn’t replied to us, so I guess we’re gonna
have to find a different winner. So this will be the second person
who got all the answers right.>>This is so cool!>>Alright, and… Next up, I got… Ooh, I got so many presents. Gonna move this..
>>So tiny.>>I got…
this! I played this at my friend’s house
and we barely even started. And I have to go,
it was so sad because this game
looked so interesting. I never played it before. 222 Bakers Street, the Sherlock Holmes
Master detective game. I think this is gonna be so fun–
>>Two? Two to six players?>>Yes, two to six players,
it’s 10+. I’m sorry, Ronald.>>No, come on. Okay, fine.
I would love to play with you.>>I read the rules
and this game sounded so much fun.>>Okay. This is my last present. Yep! It is… a hoverboard!>>I really, really wanted
a hoverboard too but I didn’t get one,
but I got some other cool stuff too.>>We used to have
a hoverboard in Canada, but we left it,
and I was missing it, but now I have it back.>>Alright,
for my next present so…>>Wait, isn’t hat
you last present?>>Uh, no…>>Oh, that was my last present.>>Move everything here.
>>Ooh, what’s in that box?>>Awesome stuff. Alright, this box… is full of wonders,
and magic.>>And rainbows,
and butterflies.>>And unicorns. I love this present. It’s absolutely amazing. So let me just open it up.>>Okay, let’s see. Dun-dun-dun.>>Here, I have
a bunch of paints. Here, I have
a bunch of crayons and… That’s not it,
here we have a bunch of pastels. Paintbrushes, sharpeners,
erasers, and some black crayon, and this spot is not over yet. I got a whole ton of markers,
every single color. I love this. I just love it. And what is this doing here?
>>Wait, wait, wait. Where’s my–
Oh, my favorite color. My favorite color. Ooh,
yeah!>>Everything an artist
will ever need.>>Oh, too much
for my brain to fit. I have no more presents, but they’re all awesome stuff.>>Alright, I got… Let me see. I have one more present.>>Yeah, and that’s
your favorite, right?>>Mmm-hmm. It’s my iMac.>>I already set it up in my room,
but this is just the box. I love that,
and Ronald already has one, so I love mine. I don’t have to always
go to Ronald’s room if I need to do my homework.>>Sounds like, you’re like, excited to do your homework.>>Oh, no. I’m not so excited
to do my homework. Okay guys, that’s it. I’m just gonna put
this massive present–>>No, wait! That was not it.>>Yes, it was.>>No, look at my onesie! Come on. Look at my onesie!
>>And look at my shirt, yeah. I got Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer had a very shiny nose. So guys,
we really hope you got an awesome Christmas
and you got something you really really wanted… and a Happy New Year! We really hope you
liked this video. If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll see you
all next time. Good bye.

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