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What YouTube Creator Summit is REALLY Like!

What YouTube Creator Summit is REALLY Like!

– (upbeat music) Don’t you
usually wear a gold chain? – What are you trying to say Dan? (upbeat music) – Ah, what’s up guys? (upbeat music) – ♪ New York! ♪ – These are my YouTube roller skates. This is day two of the
YouTube Creator’s Summit out in Brooklyn, New York. I’m going to take you along
to the YouTuber rollerskating event; show you if anybody
crashes, gets hurt. Hopefully it’s not me that gets hurt. I did sign a waiver, but
I don’t wanna get hurt. Hopefully you’ll be able to
see some of your favorite YouTube creators in this
video roller skating, and tearing it up. But, before we can roller
skate, we’re supposed to go downstairs and decorate
our roller skates. If one of you would like these
skates, probably don’t after I have worn them, and sweated
in them, and cruised around. But hey! I’ll still see if
one of you guys want these. We’ll figure it out a
way to give them away. Sounds fun. (lively music) I made it to the YouTube creator space, where we are decorating our roller skates. And this is no joke, serious business. Bedazzled gems, markers,
all kinds of stuff. I’m not very creative, but uh here we go. – (up-beat techno music) All right so it’s been about 45 minutes, and I’m going to show you
how talented I am with art, which is not very talented. First, I put blue laces on there, because you know, What’s Inside colors. I put this one this on because there weren’t very many options, and I thought it was kinda
funny that it said loser. Scorpion. Yeah, cause it looks cool with the black, and we did a video where
we caught scorpions with a black light. – [Man 1] It’s got a cockroach! – [Man 2] Shut up! – [Man 1] It’s eating a cockroach! – And then I tried to do
our What’s Inside logo. I think I need to try to do like a little white thing on the side. Maybe I’ll try doing that right now. – [Mr Beast] Are you vlogging this? – I’m vlogging this.
– [Mr Beast] Hey. A little bit. – What’s up guys? – All right we’ve got Mr Beast. What are you thinking over here? – I have no idea, I just kinda sat down. – Yeah, there’s a lot of good options like a cheeseburger, banana. – I just want to throw
one thing on it so I know which ones are mine. – Yeah, I’m not very creative so, this is about all I’ve got for now. This one says- this one says loser on it. (laughs) Okay we got the skates, I
picked up some friends that are going to be going also. We got Momma Bee and Papa Bee. – I’m ready, I got the chains. – [Dan] Which one- wait. White and black. Which one belongs to who? – These are Momma Bee’s right here. – [Dan] Okay. Now did you bring these
outfits or did you? – No, we got them from here. – [Dan] Yes, look at this outfit. Do you get to keep it? – And these earrings. – [Dan] Oh, nice. – That’s 70’s bling. – [Dan] You bought the
chain, but the shirt- – No, they supplied the chain too. – [Dan] Oh, really? Don’t you usually wear a gold chain? – Uh me? What’re you trying to say Dan? – I’m just teasing, I’m just teasing. I think it’s time to walk over there. We’re gonna try to go first
so that when we fall it’s not as embarrassing. (upbeat groovy music) Isn’t this awesome? It’s like the tiniest
rollerskating dance floor I’ve ever seen. But it is cool. Roller skates are going on. Guess it’s disco time. (bright pop music) I’m not falling. Yet. (bright pop music) All right, that’s about all I can handle. I’ve been rollerblading,
or rollerskating for about an hour now. I love when I come to these
things and I get to hang out with my good friends, the Eh Bee Family. They’re even letting me in
their couples picture right now. Look at Momma Bee, she’s got
some glitter art going on. (loud chatter) – [Photographer] Alright, Three, Two, one! (upbeat funky music) I don’t know what I just
did in my picture with them. They called our album three amigos. I was trying to call it third wheel. (upbeat funky music) So the roller skating was fun
but hanging out with some of the creators I’ve admired
for years was even better. And that’s probably the
greatest thing about these YouTube Creator Summits. I’ve been, this is my third year. I would imagine this is probably
my last year that they will invite us for a while because
they try to rotate out the creators every few years. One inspiring thing is before
we even started becoming YouTubers, we always watched two channels. Slow Mo Guys and Smarter Every Day. The fact that um- I was just
rollerskating with both of them, I had a really fun
discussion with Destin from Smarter Every Day about the
falcon heavy rocket, and the launch and stuff that he’s
really really smart at and I’m really really interested in. But last year, one of my
favorite things was hanging out with Stacy from Stacy Plays. She’s not here this year,
she’s on a book tour. One thing that we did is we
went to an ice cream shop and got ice cream together after
the bowling event last year. – Pistachio and peanut butter marshmallow. – Stacy, even though you’re
not here I’m gonna go get some ice cream to remember
the good times from last year. (upbeat groovy music) That was good. If you would like the roller
skates, I am happy to give them to one of you. Leave a comment down below
and uh let me know that you’ve hit the bell, the notification
bell for this channel. We will pick a random comment
on there and reply to you and hit you with the roller skates. So tomorrow is Brand
Casted Creator Summits. Couple years ago we had Katy
Perry singing and like Will Smith came and spoke to
us it was pretty cool. So, I don’t know what’s in
store but stay tuned for more creator summit coming tomorrow. (upbeat playful music) This is the day when YouTube
executives, they have all of these big companies from all
over the world and advertising agencies all get together
in one room and then YouTube highlights the best of the
best of what YouTube is doing. YouTube let me and a bunch of
other YouTubers come out and that’s what we’re out here for today. Should have some performers
coming on stage, an after-party, I’ll show you what we’re doing tonight. Should be fun. (upbeat pop music) – New York City! To celebrate everything
that you guys have going on. – So in all these seats, they
have these creator little sashes that go around the seats. I don’t think they’re gonna
use them again somewhere. I really don’t. I feel like- I feel like I
need to be taking one of these. They’re not gonna use ’em. They’re just gonna throw them away. We made it to the after
party, it is insane. It was raining the whole way. There’s only one way you could go. There’s like swimming with
fish and you couldn’t go the opposite direction so Alicia Keys is gonna be performing. (soft violin music) So I’m here on the front row,
it’s getting a little crazy. Alicia Keys is ten o’clock. The crowd is crazy behind us. I mean look at that. Look at all the people. – I have the privilege of
introducing you to our performer for the night. 15 time Grammy award winner! Put your hands together for
the one, the only, the Queen, the legend, Miss Alicia Keys! (wooing and cheering) – Pretty amazing, pretty amazing. (groovy music) You know she was gonna
play New York, you knew it, here it comes, this is
the right city for it. (groovy music) – God bless you, see you soon. – [Dan] That was amazing. Why am I on the front row? Why am I on the front- I don’t
know but that was awesome. I don’t know how much I can
show because of copyright but thank you YouTube for putting
on an amazing show, thank you Alicia Keys. We’re in New York and Alicia
Keys just sang New York. I had to move back because she was walking right over by me. Wow. So we’re leaving the party right now. I can barely hear anything. And my lips and my tongue are on fire. I did the hot wings challenge,
I took the last one called “The Last Dab”. I’m dying it’s so hot. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness, I’ve never had
anything so hot in my life, I’m dying right now. (funky music)


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