What’s In My Skating Bag | A history in #SynchroSkating

Hey everyone, I’m Miko faith and today we are gonna be going to one of the smelliest places in North America And I don’t mean the La Brea Tar Pits or the boys locker room. I mean my skate bag So basically this is my skating freestyle and syncro bag And if you don’t know what synchro is I’m going to give a short explanation of that as well as putting some really good links To some good resources in the description below and on the weird cards that I can add to videos now So!here’s my explanation on what synchro is! Synchro is an amazing sport that consists of 16 to 20 skaters depending on which level you’re skating It’s enjoyed in the United States and Asia But the largest viewing audience is in European countries where the current world champion resides in Russia Where I’m not gonna be salty or anything, but a hundred percent Go look at the 2017 world runners-up team marigold Instagram page and look at what their team season theme is it’s beautiful Elements in our programs are no hold block, circles, wheels. lines, intersections move elements creative elements no hold elements spins and pair moves. It’s beautiful. Ah Anyway, so let’s just go through what’s in my bag! This is my skate bag. It’s really heavy right now I still have both skates in it, but it’s my Synchro team’s bag, and so let’s let’s go into what’s in it. These are really old boots the new boots that are out right now are a lot lighter weight. These are S.P. Terry skates and When I got these skates done I got pictures on the bottom of them Scrump on it, and they both have gold sale John Wilson Blades Which are really really great blades from when you start your triples, but these are the boots that I use for synchro As of right now I’m only going through one pair of skates I usually transfer between two of them in a season, but I’m only skating on my other pair of skates. I am wearing the Risport elite series and they also have Gold seal John Wilson blades on them these boots are a lot lighter weight than the S.P. Terry’s And they feel amazing I have never had jumps get so big and a lot more consistent And I know some of it might be in my mind But these blades for one thing the rocker on them helped so much and the boot being a lot lighter weight is so amazing these little guys are my skate guards you just throw them on here when you’re not on the ice and it protects your blades from getting all messed up when you’re walking around up in here is a lot Of assorted towels that I use to dry my skates with my bunga pads so these skin looking things They kind of…they smell really bad. I think these are the worst smelling things my skate bag right now So there’s these little jelly things that on the inside. They’re fabric on the outside you put them on your ankles so that your Ankles, don’t get all cut up when you have your skates on here those little scars You can’t really see them, but like the scars that are right here Those are from the times where I wasn’t wearing Bunga pads, and I had really bad scarring on my ankles from my skates But also RIsport they break in so easily that I didn’t get really bad scarring with them This isn’t skate tapes this is It’s kind of like gauze tape for fingers when they get hurt But I just put them on my index finger and my middle finger when I’m trying to do like Blade grabs and stuff I have Really thin skin and gets cut really easily as like you can tell I know the Lighting’s not helping But I have really bad cuts from a performance that I had on Sunday. If you can’t read it I’ll put the words right here But it’s basically a shoe deodorizer that I got for all my pointe shoes when I was still doing ballet and it basically makes it stop smelling which My skate smells so bad Especially after even just like a couple hours on the ice. They start smelling so much So I spray a little spritz of this and they start smelling like a nice lemonade. I have a ballet strap um It has a bunch of different exercises for stretching on them. I think there’s different ones on both sides But it’s basically for helping to keep me flexible and nimble for doing things like this Which is awesome that I can do that but without things like this I would be too lazy to actually stretch this thing looks weird… Um what you basically do is you stand on this and you spin and it’s for Practicing your skating spins off ice and your back spins for your jumps off ice it’s really helpful I need to start using it again cuz I plan on doing a really good next single season So that’s what’s in my skating bag. Um if you have any questions or think I should add something to my bag Let me know in the comments below So I hope you guys like this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up and press the subscribe button Until next time I am Miko Faith And you just spent a few minutes of your life watching a panda talk to a camera alright? See ya!

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