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What’s inside a Boosted Board?

What’s inside a Boosted Board?

(hip hop music) – Welcome back to “What’s Inside”. Today we’re with our friend Shonduras, and we’re gonna cut open
an awesome boosted board. – Many of you probably know Shonduras. We found him on Snapchat. He goes on awesome adventures,
draws funny pictures, and then we just found
out that we’re neighbors. – Crazy, right? I watched their Youtube videos, they watched my Snapchats, and we never really made that
connection until last week. I was like, “Wait, I know where that is!” And then, yeah, so we’re neighbors. – So we figured we might as
well have an adventure together and have some help with the
boosted board on riding it. He’s a pro skateboarder. We might damage it a
little bit and break it but I guess that’s okay because– – We’re gonna cut it open. – (laughs) Yeah, we’re
gonna cut it open anyway. So does that sound fun, Lincoln? – Yeah! Let’s go and see
if we can do some tricks. (deep house music) (motor whizzing) Whoa. – Woo!
– Oh, that was awesome. – [Dan] (laughs) Nice. – One thing that we’ve
found with these kids is that they love just sitting on it and then I control it, and I can get ’em
zooming forward and back. They feel like they’re at a ride at an amusement park or something. So, alright Lincoln. Here you go, Buddy. – Woo-hoo! (high-pitched motor whirring) – Daddy! (deep house music) – Now when we spin this it gets stuck sometimes. (high-pitched squealing) – I don’t think it’s
meant for skate parks. – (laughs) Nope. – I think the board is dead
and we should give it a final, you know, one final
launch, and then let’s– – Okay, why don’t you do the honors. – Final launch, and then we’ll
cut this thing open, yeah? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go. – Flip it over! (scratchy motor whirring) – [Shonduras] It’s not stopping! Look, I’m not touching it. (laughs) That thing is, uh, it’s done. Crazy. – There’s going to be
some interesting things inside of this board, and so, I think we should be kind
of cautious and be careful. I’m gonna take this screwdriver and take some of the plates off first, before we actually get into the big– – Alright, let’s get this thing open, let’s get this thing cut in half. (saw buzzing) – [Dan] (laughs) I don’t know
that I was ready for that, but okay. – Now check this out, man. – Wow, that’s the only wires? – [Dan] Yeah, look at that. There’s four wires right there, and it makes sense, if you look at the bottom. Here’s where it charges,
there’s the power button, and I was wondering how that would work because here’s the motor
and everything on this side. – [Lincoln] That’s cool. – [Shonduras] Also kind
of an interesting fact, you’ll notice that it’s
made out of bamboo. As you saw earlier, it’s super flexy, you can jump on it, it bounces all the way to the ground. Most skateboards are laid horizontally. This one’s laid vertically, and it has different
bamboos going this way, so it’s tiled going this way, so that it really has that
flex and it won’t snap like a skateboard will break. – [Lincoln] Wow. – [Shonduras] Oh, there’s holes in it. Wow, okay. – [Dan] Let’s check this one out. – [Lincoln] Same thing? – [Dan] Same thing. – [Shonduras] Alright. – [Dan] All of you online
that were thinking, “Hopefully they can put it
back together afterward.” Thanks to Shonduras, (laughs) I don’t think
that’s happening anymore. But that’s alright. We learned something today already and we haven’t even gotten into the motor or the battery yet. – How many AA batteries
do you think are in there? – None. (laughs) – So we took all the screws off, here they are, there were three little plates on it. – [Shonduras] Pull it. – [Dan] Oh, look at that. – [Shonduras] Oh yeah, it just
pulls right through. (laughs) – [Dan] Alright, there’s your batteries. – [Shonduras] Alright, let’s go ahead and fix this real quick. We just tie these back together. (laughs) – Finally got all these screws off of this lithium ion battery. Now, let’s see if we can get in there. (R&B music) – Oh, whoa. – Wow, that’s an intense battery. Whoa, it’s packs of batteries. – [Dan] Look at that. – [Lincoln] Not AA’s. – [Dan] Okay, we are pretty much in there, and the funny thing is, it’s still on– – [Shonduras] It’s still on! That’s right! I didn’t think about that. If you ever decide to do this, do not leave it on. (laughs) It’s stuck on, we have no option. – It won’t turn off. – [Lincoln] You’re so
handy with tools, Dad. – [Dan] I’m so good at it. – [Shonduras] Oh, man. – [Dan] Oh, yeah. – [Shonduras] I was tellin’ them, they need, like, a
“What’s Inside” tool belt, where it just has all
these drills and, like, whatever they got. I don’t even know what this is. – I don’t even know what that is either.
– A dangerous tool. – [Dan] Look at the big wires. It has two, a black one
and a red one right there, that go into the circuit board. So all these batteries
have to feed into it. We need to see what this box is for. I doubt it’s another
battery, but who knows. And let’s see if this comes– – [Lincoln] Whoa. – [Shonduras] AA batteries, told ya. – [Lincoln] No! (laughs) – [Shonduras] So this
processes, feeds into there, feeds into the motors,
tells the motors to go. Oh it’s the band, okay. Take that off. – [Dan] So earlier, that noise
we heard at the skate park, was because this band
somehow got off track, and it was not fully gripping the wheel. Look at this. It just exploded at the end. – [Lincoln] Whoa. – [Shonduras] So that’s the encasing? Wow, it’s still hot. – [Dan] There’s the
motor, that goes around. Let’s take this– – [Lincoln] What?
– [Shonduras] It’s tiny. – A couple of different long
boards that we could get. Some of them have the dual motor, some of them have a single motor. I’m glad that we got
the two motors on here, because we actually broke
one while we were riding– – That was my fault, but it
was fun breaking it, right? – Yeah. – You’re just not
supposed to spin on these and land backwards and
it breaks the motor, but that’s okay. – Yeah, I guess not. So, one thing that you
guys have asked for a lot is to show “behind the scenes” and so we’re going to
do that on this video. But it’s not gonna be here. It’s gonna be on
Shonduras’ Youtube channel. – I filmed the whole “behind the scenes”, it was crazy. He fell, got a crazy bruise. Dan rode the longboard
around in the skate park. I did some more tricks. It was a lot of fun, and, what’s happening on
the “behind the scenes”? – We are gonna give away
a free boosted board. – Yep. – We’re gonna give away
one of these for free. Where do they click? On my head, to go see the “behind the scenes”. – So click here, go see all the funny “behind the scenes”. There was a lot that went into all this, and it turned out awesome, and then, if you can’t click this, if you’re on your cellphone, just click the link in the description, and that will take you there, and I hope you win a longboard. – Thanks for much for watching, guys.


hi I love your videos can you subscribe to my channel my channel name is Jeremiah hare click on the high video and subscribe to that channel because that is my channel I am subscribed to your channel ps I love your what's inside videos

I want one so much and I just feel so bad they just destroyed one,even though I know they made much more money compared to what the spent

This is not educational, this is unsafe. This is 2 men and a child recklessly tearing apart a piece of equipment that they have no prior knowledge or understanding of how any of it works. Lithium batteries can be extremely dangerous if treated improperly, which they very much are here. Especially with as large of a pack as the boosted board has. Please do some research before you start to chisel into random electronics.


Soo why do these things cost $1300 for a regular longboard with two electric motors, some wiring, a pcb, and a standard battery? I’ve always wanted one of these but I really don’t understand how these simple components makes it cost so dang much

Мда зажрались ребята даже учесть то что это сделано для Ютуба всеравно взять и сломать вещь стоимостью 1500$ у нас в стране нужно пахать больше года чтобы отложить на такое и то не у всех получится отложить

Вандалы..)) лучшеб мне подарили 😂.. да, России конечно далеко до такого уровня жизни. Сейчас большинство жителей России живут, за чертой бедности, как африканцы. До такой спокойной и счастливой жизни, чтобы ради обычного дворового блога разломать вещь за 1,5к$ .. боюсь нашему поколению не увидеть

I saw Dan with the screwdriver and I'm like that's not the what inside way then I saw Shawn with the saw and I was like wait what .

аМЕРИКОСИ Вы там что ахуели 2к баксов ломать, интересноим блет, что внутри, я херею

They should destroyed mine boosted board… I´m Brazilian and send it back to the factory the fix the issue is too expensive… if you are thinking in buying this board search in You tube "boosted board problem or issue"

Just got the boosted stealth! Kinda makes me feel sad seeing the board torn apart but super awesome to know what I'm riding on. thanks you guys so much for doing something I could never do!!!!!!

Đụ má mấy thằng phá của… tao muốn mua một cái mà đéo cò tiền… còn lũ ngu tụi bây thì đem đi đập….

"you guys like that channel what's inside, its this great channel where this guy who doesn't know anything about anything, na this kid who also doesn't know anything about anything, but into random shi…"

You people do realize that in Detroit, we say that something that has been stolen, is “boosted”. I’ll bet that a lot of these get stolen. So, I wonder if whoever named that thing, realized the irony of calling it boosted.

This could have ended so poorly in so many different ways. Those tinned copper braids under the grip tape looked like they were directly connected to the battery. That could have dumped 100+ amps if they touched making one nasty spark. Thank god there was a BMS to protect them from seriously damaging the battery and causing a fire. Then they just started prying at the battery and its exposed connections with a metal crowbar! Before the BMS! That could have shorted two cells, instantly spotwelded the crowbar to the battery, and it would have dumped as much current as it could until it reached thermal runaway. That would have been a very bad day.

Let's also not forget that the Loaded Vanguard (the deck Boosted uses for this board) is bamboo laminated in FIBERGLASS. And they just ripped through it with an angle grinder! Fiberglass releases a nasty dust when you cut it like that, everyone present is lucky they didn't suffer the consequences of that oversight, or any of the other electrical incautions.

And as many other people have pointed out, they wrecked a $1400 board for nothing. That is ridiculously wasteful and they didn't have to do that.

Did you guys do womething with this board? wondering if you might be able to sell the board so i can use the parts for a diy electric board!

I do not like electric skateboards because they blow up and y'all can go to Sam and Nia and beside that put electric skateboards explosion and this is my first video I whached of yalls

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