Whats inside a LIFE SAVING Watch?

– We’re gonna try to activate
it on your wrist and see – No. – If it goes quickly or not. – (whistling) – Yelling. – [Lincoln] Whoa. – We might have one shot
at this cause I don’t think these other ones are gonna work. – I need to get my feet. I see you. – Welcome back to “What’s Inside?” I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. – Today we have a watch
that will save your life. Check this thing out. – How is it like a watch? – Cause you wear it like a watch. – I know but, when you think of watches, don’t you think of telling
time? Like a watch? – I guess. Okay so it
doesn’t actually tell time. It is big. It has this
giant chrome thing on here, This black part has a compass on it. You take this thing off
right here, this black part. And then you put a CO2
cartridge inside of it. Inside of the box is a CO2 cartridge. You put it in here, you twist it until it’s in there nice and snug. And then in this side
it’s supposed to have an air bag and a whistle.
Air bag and whistle. – There’s a whistle? – Yes. (birds tweeting) I was taking a trip down
to Cancun and I thought “We need to try this thing out, I need to bring something interesting”. So I went down there I got this bracelet, watch thingy,
personal flotation device that you wear on your wrist. I put it on my wrist and I
jumped down in the water. Went down as far as I could
and then what you do is. – Wait, really? – Yeah. I went down and
I started pulling on it, but I started floating up
as I was pulling on it, so I didn’t get as deep as I thought. I was pretty deep at first, but by the time that I pulled it, it just, I don’t know, it pulled me up but, did it pull me up or was it my body? It’s hard to tell from the
footage, but it was pretty cool and you could tell that
it really was full. I brought home the other CO2 cartridge that came in the box with
it. It comes with two, and I want to try it in the daytime. – Daytime. – I’d like to try this in the air, regular air, not the water and see if does it really accelerate that quickly. And where I think people
would use this the most is if you’re surfing
and that’s why they have surfers on the front cover. You go surfing and if you’re in these huge
waves and you get under and you’re just getting
pounded by these waves, if you pull this out it
could potentially pull you up to the top. And the airbag
is orange and it could bring you to the surface
and people could see you, you can blow the whistle and people could find you and save you. – Where’s this whistle
you’re talking about? – It’s a secret whistle. – Lincoln, put it on. – Do you need to activate it on my wrist? – We’re gonna try to activate
it on your wrist and see – No. – If it goes quickly or not. – I don’t even know what this thing does. – Okay, so I’m just gonna. – No. – Put it close to your face. – No. – Right there. (laughing) – Ah. – Ready? – Ah, no. I’m real and I’m scared. – You’re really scared? – Yeah. – Haven’t you ever had a
wristband airbag blow up on you? – No, I’ve never even worn a watch. – He’s never worn a watch,
this is a true story. Weeks. – [Lincoln] (yelling) Whoa. There’s a hole in it. Whoa. There’s a whistle. – Look at how cold it is, you feel it? – There’s like. – It’s so cold. – There’s like. – That took a while to go up. – Whoa, there’s still a seem. – Blow the whistle. (whistle blowing) – That’s so loud. – Loud. (whistle blowing) – Look, we blew the whistle. It’s not just gonna save your life, it’s also good to call
dogs. Go ahead and blow it. – This is our little tiny doggy, Tesla. – Really? (whistle blowing) – Did you hear that? Did you hear it? (laughing) – Get off my table. Dogs. That worked extremely well.
What are your thoughts? What did you think about how it worked? – I thought that it was
really, really cool. So it put pressure on my wrist here. I felt it a bit and then it just expanded and then a bunch of cold air,
I thought it was leaking. And then it got so much cold air. – Down by the nozzle you
can see the frost on there, if that’s what you want to call
it from the compressed air. It’s cold, it’s like ice. – Well I feel like I’m
gonna feel a lot more when it turns into winter here. – If you want your life
saved, you’re in the water you’re like which
direction do I need to go? Oh, there’s north. I don’t know if people actually use compasses anymore. – I think north is that
way. North is that way. – It’s that way. – This is east. – It’s like, that way. See? This is not a video about directions. – It’s about Southwest. – [Announcer] That’s Transfarency. – This is the second
time that I’ve used it and it still works, so I
bought a bunch of these CO2 cartridges. This is a
very unique size, 12 ounce, 12 (doorbell rings) Doorbell. – [Female Neighbor] Good to see you. What are you talking about today? – This is a wristband that
you wear and you pull on this and CO2 air blows this
airbag so if you’re swimming and surfing they’ll bring
you to the top of the water. – [Female Neighbor] Oh yeah. – And it has a whistle
on it and a compass. Thanks for coming over. [Female Neighbor] Yeah, bye bye. – We bough 40 of these from
the Walmart and Target. – It looks really cool,
if you put your hand in it it feels really cool. The only problem is that it doesn’t work. – It’s not threaded and so you
put it in, it doesn’t work. Plus the tip of it doesn’t
break that easily, so. (bird tweeting) – Alright, this is the
shot for the thumbnail. But really, Lincoln, do you
want to poke this thing? – No. – Poke it, let’s get it popped. Give it a little pokey poke. – No. – Don’t cut yourself. – You could do it. – Okay, hold it. – No. – Get ready. – No. – Hoowah hoowah. – Stop. No no no no no. – Poke it with the knife. – Stop. Da da da. (hopeful aquatic music) There we go. – Are you happy with your whistle? – Let’s see. (whistle blowing) I’m happy with my whistle. – I think your scream is
louder than the whistle. – Really? (screaming) – If you ever crash at
sea and you need help, don’t use a whistle, use your voice okay? Deal? – Yup. (half-hearted whistle blowing) – Then you unscrew the CO2 cartridge. And then if I push on it. (air escaping) – Oh my gosh. – That works faster. – It’s like a rubbereesh material inside. – Rubbereesh? – Rubbereesh. Oh look, there’s a nozzle
where all the air comes in. – There is a lot of
water-proofing around it. You see that? – (yelling) – Wow you’re so strong, Lincoln. – (yelling) – Wow, look at that.
The inside of an airbag. It is very soft compared to the outside that feels like a tent material. Check it out, there’s the entire pocket. – Whoa. – There goes the wristband. Okay. – Wow, that is strong. – What if I twist it. Easy. This just screws right in
there kind of like a bike tire and it has one rubber stopper right here. So now we are basically down to this guy. Let’s see if I can pull it. It’s all hard. – Whoa. – Okay, we broke it open. Oh, that’s cool. – Is that a spring? – This is the pokey part, I
don’t even know what to call it, a little stake, a little poker? We’re gonna call it a poker. No? It’s not, poker is not a
good word, that’s a game. – Okay, um. – Basically when you
pull it it will push down and puncture the CO2
cartridge, the metal on it. – You have to pull that hard. – You have to have some leverage. I wouldn’t suggest this for scuba diving because with scuba diving
you need to come up slowly so you don’t get a brain aneurysm, so there are some
different things with that. But for surfing, for snorkeling. – Next time I’m in Hawaii or something I should bring one of these with and make it go boom under the water. – Really interesting. Let us know if you’ve
seen one of these before and if you’re interested in
how much these things cost and where we got it, I’ll put
a link in the description. That was fun. Let us know what
else we should cut open next. So for you that are swimming, be safe. (mellow music) – Where’s this whistle
you’re talking about? (whistling) – Does your audio pick that up? – Yeah. (whistling) – Get that camera out of my face.

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