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Whats inside a Mexican Jumping Bean?

Whats inside a Mexican Jumping Bean?

(upbeat salsa music) – Welcome back to What’s
Inside, I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we have something
I have not seen yet, as usual, jumping beans! – Mexican jumping beans,
because today is Cinco de Mayo. Happy Cinco de Mayo. – Yay! – (laughs) Cinco de Mayo. – Cinco de Mayo! – If you haven’t heard
about Mexican jumping beans, they’re inside of this bag. We’re going to take them out. We bought 200 of them. So let’s grab a few of them, let’s put ’em on Lincoln’s hand. There we go. Go. Maybe these are dead ones. Oh, and where do we get these? No, we did not go to Mexico. – No.
– We tried, but it turns out the city that it’s in is not the safest place
to visit at this time. So, we bought these online
and got ’em sent to us. – Why aren’t they safest? – I don’t know? This is really cool, if
you’re a school teacher, this would be a really cool
thing to buy to show your class. – Oh, it moved, it moved, it moved! – What, in your hand? – Yeah. – It moved just a little, tiny bit. This one right there, see that one? Right there, that one
moved, for it was facedown, not up like that. Ooh, it moved, look at it! Look at it! – Oh, it’s totally moving. – Get me outta here. Maybe that one’s the only one alive. – Look at that one, it’s happening. – Oh, this one just moved liked crazy. Oh, another one moved in there. – Look at that, it’s going, it’s trying to get away from your hand. There is something inside of these! We didn’t get completely ripped off when we bought these off of the internet. That is crazy. – Oh, another one just moved. – There are things inside of here. Hey, dog, dog.
– Dog. – I’m surprised it’s actually working. They are a little seed on
a bush in Sonora, Mexico. It’s the only place in the entire world. And these moths come and
they leave their larvae, whatever it is, inside of the bean. And as it grows, it eats
the inside of the seed, to one point it falls off onto the ground. And then when it’s on the ground, it can sit there for up to a year. They’re very sensitive
to temperature changes. If you put it in your hand, it feels the heat pretty
quickly of you hand, and it realizes, “Oh my
gosh, this is too hot, “let’s move.” Because if it gets to
hot, it gets dehydrated, and then the worm will die and it will never turn
into a moth and fire out. – That’s interesting. – There ya go, there’s
some history, background. We need to cut these open
and see what’s inside of them to see if there’s actually
some kind of worm in here. This is kind of weird. – Do they live in creatures? – Yeah, they’re living
worms, little wormies. – Will they die in there? – If they get too dehydrated they will or if we cut them open. ♪ In the arms of ♪ – I’ve got an idea to try to accelerate this
process a little bit. – I’m nervous. – Fire. – Oh, one’s already moved. – Alright, we gotta heat. They did say– – Oh, that’s hot! – Yeah it’s hot, don’t touch it. So what I did read is that even enough heat of
turning up the air in your house will be enough to stimulate them or the temperature from you hand. So this is pretty hot, right here. Over a long period of
time, if they’re too hot, then they will die. But it is definitely
a long period of time, so let’s see how much they move. This is definitely working right now. Maybe you think jumping bean, you think it’s gonna jump
five inches in the air. I don’t think that’s the case here. – [Lincoln] No. – You know, there’s a lot of animals and things you feel bad about, I don’t know if this
is one of those things. I feel like I’m a government
official right now, interrogating somebody. Tell me where you hid the bombs? – In those. – Hot day to be a bean. (upbeat salsa music) Okay, that was a really good experiment. I thought it was a good experiment. We were able to see them
accelerated and start moving. Some of them didn’t move, but
I would say 70% of them did. – I made a face. – There’s definitely
something inside of here and I wanna see what it looks like. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – The first living organism
that we’ve ever cut open. – I don’t really think of this as living. – Okay, well, I’ve got a few knives. How do you pick one? Who’s the lucky one? – They wouldn’t be very lucky
if they were being cut open. – This one, right here. – Okay. – This is one of the biggest
ones that we have, right here. And it’s been moving a lot. Let’s wait and make sure
it actually still moves. I wanna cut one open that moves. These guys are loud. – It moved! – It moved, did it really move
or did the wind push it over? – I bet I hit it. (upbeat electronic music) Yup, it moves. – We are about to set him free. There’s this hard, brown
layer on the outside. And then you look on the inside, and it’s green on here with
this little tan looking spot, right there. – That’s probably where the worm is. – Okay, I’ve made a small hole in there. There’s just a little, tiny hole. – It’s probably so bright
– Worm. – for his eyes. – Wormy, worm, you comin’ out? – Tryin’ to be gentle. I don’t wanna just cut his face off. Okay. I’m just gonna crack it open. – Can you? – I thought I could. – Is it even in there? – Okay, I can hear all
these guys jumping around. – Oh! It’s living! (laughs) – [Dan] Look at that. We got him. – [Lincoln] And we didn’t kill him! – Not yet at least. – [Lincoln] What are you doing? – Look at him. – Buddy, I’ll catch you if you fall. – [Both] Oh! – It’s got a string! – (laughing) It’s like a spider. – Yeah, he’s gonna
build his little cocoon. When you get some rotten
food from the grocery store, and it has maggots in it, you don’t feel so bad
about killing those, right? Should we eat it? Let’s put a poll question, right there. Should Lincoln or I eat the maggot guy? – I think it pooped. It was like, bwah blah blah, that’s what it was doing in there. – Is that what you do when you poop? – Yeah. (laughs) – He’s still alive. He’s lookin’, let’s put
him in his little home. Let’s put him back. Look how many, we have all these worms. I don’t want these in my house. I don’t want them to turn into moths and then wake up in
the middle of the night and there’s moths all over my face. – Aah! – So a Mexican jumping bean
does have a little worm that will turn into a moth at some point. – And it has a little string thingy. – I hope you have a good Cinco de Mayo and I hope your chips and
guac don’t have little worms or maggots in it. – I’m gonna cut ya. – If it does, you can think of this video. – Should I touch it? Look, it’s back in its home. – Kind of a cool thing for teachers, if you wanna have ’em for your classroom to show
students Mexican jumping beans. And if you do wanna buy some of these, we bought ’em off of eBay and they only have them in the springtime because that’s when these come out. These fall of the bushes, and they’re able to get ’em to Mexico, bring ’em to the United States, ship ’em out. I think they ship these from San Diego? They don’t actually jump super high. They just kind of shake. They’re more like Mexican rattle beans. – Yeah, that’d be a better name, but it doesn’t sound as cool – Or Mexican rattle worms. – I would think that it would
actually look like a worm. – We will have a giveaway, if you would like one of
these Mexican jumping beans. Let’s say, we’ll give away, how many, 30? – 100. – 100? – Yeah. – Okay, I don’t know if we
have it, do we have 100? I think that’s what I bought. – You said you bought 200. – Okay, we’ll give away 100 of these and actually mail them to you. 100 stamps, 100 envelopes, we probably have to put some
protective covering around it. – I thought we were just
gonna give 100 to one person, but yeah! – No, like 100 different people. – Yeah, let’s do that. – This is gonna be our biggest
giveaway we’ve ever given. If you guys want one of these. – One. – Let us know, and we
will send 100 people, in the United States, a jumping bean. Cinco de Mayo.
– Cinco de Mayo!


"the place where they are is not a safe location", Of course, that's why people should let trump build his wall so people like that don't get over here.

So where did you get the billions of dollars to make this channel and devote so much time to cutting things open because you're bored? Oh rich kids.

Another case of a gimmicky child's novelty that leads to the introduction of an invasive species the US. just like American raccoons being introduced into Japan because of a children's cartoon in the 1970's.

My God that man is swimming in soy! I'm amazed he had enough testosterone to successfully father a child. Dude needs to lift some weights and eat some red meat. Same with the kid.

Harry : Crush it, dont cut it.

Hermione : No, its says on the book cut it?

Harry : No really.

Hermione : (weirded out)


my grandpa gave me 3 Mexican. jumping beans in a small snap lock container. I left them on my dresser and forgot about them. I never cleaned that corner where it inevitably fell. I found the container 6 years later with some dead bugs in it.

Worms.. in the late 80s or early 90s when I was a kid I remember buying a little plastic case that contained a few jumping beans form a novelty dollar store in our little mall..
we got home an after watching the beans jump around me and my brother got the idea to break one apart and I remember seeing a very little/small thin thing that looked like a worm

The ones I had as a kid literally would jump.. they would jump like an inch or two and maybe even 3 inches

I have this in my garden and i was like wait what !?!?!? I have those
The thing is those beans are in my garden ar for soooooooooo long lol

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