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What’s inside a One Wheel Hoverboard?

What’s inside a One Wheel Hoverboard?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. – And today we’re doing
alternative transportation like we did yesterday with the e bikes, but today we’re doing
One Wheel Hoverboards. So, let’s go have fun with these guys. Whoa. – Let’s go. – It’s gonna be awesome. – If you guys have
watched Shonduras’s vlogs, you’ve seen that he uses
the One Wheel Hoverboard all the time, and he’s actually done it in the winter, in the snow. – It’s fun. It goes off roading. A skateboard can’t go off road, this can. – How do I even get on this thing? – Okay, so pro tips,
starting out with these. Watch out. Don’t do that. They run away from you. When you’re starting, there’s
a blue strip right here. You wanna put your back
foot on here first, and then front foot on the blue strip. The blue strip is what turns it on. So stand on it. Just balance. Okay, good
– All right, all right. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah? – Don’t run into me, Lincoln. – Whoa. – And then if you want to get off, you just take your weight
off the blue strip like– – Like shimmy it off? – Yeah, shimmy your foot off. – See, it’s the first
to fall, that’s cool. I wanna test this thing out,
because the Boosted Board, when we ride it in just
a little bit of water, it kind of dies on us. But this thing’s supposed
to be pretty tough. – We should put it through
water, fire, tornadoes. – Most of it and the fun stuff
is gonna be on Shaun’s vlog, which you’ll have to watch. We’ll put a link in the
description at the end. But, for now, I need to redeem myself, because going down this hill, Lincoln totally beat me up on that. Guy’s going up it. (fun music) (motor revving) (cheering and laughing) – Ow! (Lincoln cheering) (laughing) – [Dan] What is the damage, Shaun? – [Shaun] Let’s see here, okay. – [Lincoln] It’s working.
– [Shaun] It’s working. Look, blue lights on. Do you see that? Let’s see, hold on, final test. I don’t know if it
lived through the water. It’s not picking up. – Lithium Ion batteries
are super dangerous, so I went online and looked at it. And if you hit one the
wrong way with a saw or with fire, they do
explode and it’s, it’s– – [Shaun] Wait, with fire? – With fire. – [Shaun] Okay, just
wanted to emphasize that. – First thing’s first,
let’s get these tools and take off these plates and see what’s inside a
One Wheel the proper way. – [Shaun] Down with real tools. This just feels weird. – [Dan] Yeah, I didn’t even
think I had these in the garage. – [Shaun] Wait, do you
even know how to use tools? – I think you turn it. – [Shaun] Like you don’t
just cut through it. You have to like turn them, yeah. (Lincoln and Dan laughing) This is your first ever One Wheel. – Yeah, I got that, like, over a year ago. That has some memories with me. But that’s the thing. This is like the perfect
ending for the One Wheel, because instead of just sitting
in a closet or something, now I get, like, the full journey. Like, I put it in it’s coffin. – All right, One Wheel
Hoverboard, here we go. Take the plate off. It’s wet. (Shaun and Lincoln laughing) – [Shaun] And we wonder
why it doesn’t work. – Ah, there’s a lake! Should have just got a giant bag of rice. (Shaun laughing) Keep it overnight. – Why would that do something? – [Sean] It’s like when
your phone gets wet, you just throw it in a bag of rice. When your One Wheel gets wet, you just throw it in a bag of rice. – I’ve never seen anyone throw
anything in a bag of rice. – [Dan And Shaun] It’s a thing. – When people drop their
phones in the toilet, they put it in a bag of rice. – Why would they drop it in the toilet? – [Shaun] We’ll, tell you
about it when you’re older. – Okay, I don’t understand. (Shaun laughing) (clanking) (grunts of effort) (Dan laughing) – It doesn’t even move. This cord is running to it. That’s keeping it attached. We’re so close, we’re so
close to getting to that tire. Oh, what? – What did you just do? – I don’t know. – What? – This thing came off. – We’re sitting here off
camera trying to figure out how do we do this? Do we have this tool? Should we cut the thing? Dan’s like I don’t know,
we’ll figure it out, just turn on the camera. And then it just falls off. – Every time you’re riding this thing, everybody’s like hey, what is that? And you’re like it’s One Wheel. – Yeah. – Well, what’s it called? You’re like, it’s One Wheel. And they’re like, yes
but where do I find it? What’s it called? – One Wheel.
– It’s One Wheel. But it only takes 20 minutes
to charge this thing, but yet it will go for six or seven miles. We’re so close. Look at that thing. – Whoa! – Oh, also noted. It has LED lights, so you
can see where you’re going when you ride at night. So, it’s actually cool. If you’re going this way, this one is a light, that
one’s a red brake light. If you start going the other way, it swaps and that one turns into a headlight, and this one turns into brakes. (clanking) (cheering) – It’s kind of cool. If you just hold onto it, it’ll just roll. – Whoa, okay, I wanna do that. – Dude, it’s a exercise– Wait, I demand Dan do one of those exercise push ups right now. Here’ I’ll do one, I don’t even care. (rock music) – Oh man, that is smokin’ hot. – Wait, there’s air in the tire? – [Dan] There’s air. – I honestly thought it was
a pure rubber race tire. – [Dan] No, it’s this giant tire, and look how nasty it is inside of it. There’s pink goo in there. – [Lincoln And Shaun] Ew! (saw motor humming) – Are you happy about what
you’ve seen inside of this thing? Are you surprised? – Think we should first
talk about the part that Lincoln fell asleep on the couch. – This is a giant motor. And it’s interesting
because we’re able to cut it in so many different ways, so
that we can see inside of it, and it’s very similar to
what we cut open yesterday for our transportation thing
with the electric bikes. – [Shaun] It still looks like that. – [Dan] You got coils, all that stuff. – For like all the stuff
the one wheel does, like good time off-road,
like two horsepower, like it just has these
little pressure plates. – So we had an awesome day with Shonduras, and you can see the entire
adventure on his channel. You can watch that video, and then you can watch the entire playlist of One Wheel adventures that
Shaun has done on his channel. – Uh, the end. – [Shaun] Yeah! – [Dan] Touch your belly
button to the ground and then come back up. (Shaun and Lincoln laughing)


its hilarious because they just used a hatchet to unplug some unpluggable cables. Its like using a hammer to remove a usb cable.

Are these pouch lithium cells ? As in the one that are easy to puncture and are inherently unsafe compared to 18650 ?

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