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What’s inside a Rose Gold MacBook?

What’s inside a Rose Gold MacBook?

– That is your audience right there. – That is there. – That is the world. – The world. Okay. – Hello, world. (dubstep music) (buzz saw) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we’re with our friend John from TLD today. – And this is gonna be a fun one, guys. We’ve been wanting to do a Macbook for a very long time, and thanks to all of you
guys that have suggested it. The new 12-inch MacBook, it just came out today, actually. We came down here to California, we got this earlier at the Apple Store. So you’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve seen some videos of you, like, reviewing Apple computers and editing things in 4K, so is this a good computer
to be cutting open? I actually wanted to see last
year’s MacBook open inside, ’cause there’s a lot of
interesting things in here, so this is the perfect
MacBook What’s Inside video. – Good. And I love that it’s rose gold, so that should be a fun one for everybody. – It’s pink, Dad. It looks– it’s not really
rose gold, it’s pink. – Okay so rose gold or pink, whatever you wanna say. – Pink. – The most important thing is let’s open this box and get it out and check it out first before we actually see
what’s inside of it. – I need a knife. – Look out! Lincoln’s got a knife. – Rawr. – He just cuts the box. – I can’t get it. Look at that! Oh, that’s beautiful. – So the unboxing of
the pink or rose gold– – It’s pink, it’s pink. – Let’s see if we can get this turned on. So the first thing that stands
out to me with this thing is this is the computer that I’ve been using for a while to edit all of our videos, to put ’em on there when we travel. Check this out. Look at the difference in size. Look how thin it is. – [Lincoln] It weighs, like, two pounds it feels like. – It is, I think it actually
is exactly two pounds. – Right? – Whoa. – They’re two point one millimeters thin. – Look at all the different, um, outlets that I have on
here on my computer. – Yeah, there’s one. You have two, you have a headphone jack, and then a single USB-C port, which is kinda scary at first. – How does that even work? How do you just have a USB port? – So this is USB-C which will actually give you, like, different variations of USB, so there– obviously the Apple adapters you can plug in like an SD card or a standard USB drive, but a lot of the technology
is moving towards USB-C. – Alright, so we got our gloves, we got our saw here, our grinder, I think this’ll be a
good one to take at it. Little dust masks and glasses, but the important thing is, I want to make sure you guys know this, this computer does work, I mean, I’m on the internet right now. – It’s gonna get loud, Lincoln. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. – You want your earmuffs? What are those? – They’re Shark muffs. – Lincoln’s ready, that’s for sure. – [Dan] Goodbye, pink MacBook. I can’t believe we’re doing this. (dubstep music) (buzzsaw) Look at that! It’s still– oh my gosh. Alright, I gotta stop for a second. Check it out. – [Lincoln] What in the world? It’s like, burnt. – Ah, I dig it, messed it up. (dubstep music) (buzzsaw) We lost it. We lost visual. You can still kinda see it on there. – [Lincoln] It’s dimming. – [Dan] How did it die so much though? (dubstep music) (buzz saw) Lincoln, look, we’ve cut almost the– halfway through. We’re to the Apple logo. – [Lincoln] Ah, you can barely see it. – But you can see, you can still see the screen, even though we’re halfway
through this thing. I mean, on the right side, obviously on the left side we can’t. – I can’t believe it still works. – That’s really cool. – Whoa! – Oh it’s back alive! – Dude, I just turned it and the light came back on. Look at this. I just barely moved it, and the light came back on. It’s so bright. How is this still working? We’re more than halfway through. That’s pretty funny. – Looks like a light saber. – It does, it looks like a light saber. – It’s so bright. – [John] Look at that. – That is so incredibly bright. – I can’t believe it still is working. We cut it this far into it. – Lincoln, so what do you think, how far do you think it’ll go
until it just completely dies? – Right there? – There? – I give it ’til here. – I’m going to try it again. Let’s get almost to the end and see if it still works. Or maybe we’ll get to the end and the bottom will still be lit up. Okay, here we go. (buzz saw) (dubstep music) Lincoln was right. Lincoln, you were right, right when we got to that spot it just turned off. Whoa! Drop the mic. We did it. That’s sad, it totally got cut. – We did it. Feel how light that is, feels like a piece of paper. Alright, well, we know
what’s inside of a screen. There’s something in there. Oh, getting deep inside. Yeah. – [Lincoln] Whoa. – [Dan] Look at that. Has a bunch of oil on it. How many layers are inside of the MacBook screen? Okay, so we’ve got a reflective layer, a protective layer, feel that, Lincoln. – That’s crazy, like, you don’t think about that stuff. – Oh, they like drop down, you have four eyes. – Whoa! – Look at that! (spooky noise) – So one thing that drives me crazy with this laptop, is for some reason, what year is it? – 2016. – There is a 480p webcam in here. – What, that’s it? – Last year there was 480, so I would hope that this year when they announced the new ones they would at least upgrade that to 720, at least. And it’s still 480. So if you wanna open it up and see a potato inside– – Why do you keep saying potato? What is that? – So in the tech world, if it’s a bad camera, you’ve seen this in comments, but like, “What, was it shot with a potato?” – I’ve never heard of that. Okay, that was a thing, I just thought you just made up potato for some reason. Potato– potato equals bad camera. – Okay, so there’s a
potato inside of here. Rather than cut it open, let’s take this little screwdriver here, and just undo it all. What are gonna do with this after we’re done taking it apart? – Kinda wanna frame it. – Yeah. Remember the good times we had when we cut in half a rose gold on the
first day that it’s out? That’s a ridiculous thing. – I think it’d be a cool art piece. – [Dan] Alright, we are in. – [John] So check this out. This is the computer. Everything is here, this is all battery like I talked about. – [Dan] Just this. – [John] This is everything. This is the CPU, it’s the RAM, it’s the storage. – Here’s my phone that I broke today, but look at that. That’s the entire computer right there, and it’s smaller than my phone. This is a 6, iPhone 6. – Yeah, so everything. There’s no fan like I mentioned, and like I said, what was interesting is normally with the laptop there might be a battery where it’s a rectangle or one solid piece, they have it broken apart, so a good chunk of this
laptop is just battery, just these black parts right here, this is all the battery. – [Dan] Okay, so the USB-C has this little cable that
connects to the (inaudible). – [John] Right, data’s going– – [Dan] So that’s how
it powers it somehow, somehow, somehow through this little black wire, this little black plastic thing– – How did that black
wire even do anything? – Tells it what it’s doing, transfers the files, 4K video, and it charges for these little batteries. That’s ridiculous. – Yeah. The downside is that if you’re someone who likes to repair and
tinker and get in there, obviously, like, this is a nightmare. – If you want to see an in-depth review and maybe some more technical information about this computer, you gotta go watch John’s video that he’s doing on his channel. – Plus, if you– it hurts you a little bit inside that we ripped apart this MacBook– – It hurt me very much. – So if you’re like Lincoln, maybe he wants one, we’re actually teaming up, and we’re gonna give away a brand-new rose gold 2016 MacBook on my channel. Links below. – That’s perfect. So, go check out the video on John’s channel, after you watch the video, look in the link in the description you can figure out how you could possibly win one of these rose gold MacBooks that is not chopped up with the What’s Inside style. – That’s it. – That’s crazy that’s it.



Is that an iFixit video? oh wait no, just a bunch of people earning a crazy amount of money who like to screw things up. nevermind!

The next is what's inside in your head. I don't have Money to buyed and you destroy a MacBook of 1500$


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