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What’s inside a Self Balancing Scooter?

What’s inside a Self Balancing Scooter?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside? Today, we have nano scooters! – Woo, these things are awesome! Some people call ’em hoverboards, some people call ’em nano
scooters, . I just call ’em awesome, and fun. – So, we’ve got two of them thanks to our friends at NanoScooters, and we’ve been riding this thing around, and it’s so much fun. Here’s the scooter, has
the two different sides. This little plastic part
that senses your weight when you put it on there
and then the light turns on. And then if you lean forward or back, it works, even with my hand. The little green light tells
you if you’re on or not. (wheels whirring) (playful yelling and laughing) When you’re ridin’ it
you just kind of lean. Sometimes you go over the bumps and you just lean back a
little bit and slow it down. But, if you just kind of lean and it goes where you want it to go. (playful music) – [Lincoln] Full speed ahead. (laughing) Look, a train! – [All] A train! – That was a lot of fun, we
rode it all over the place. It was a blast, we kind of
damaged it a little bit. It’s kind of beat up a little
bit, because we rolled it on the asphalt going down
some of the hills (laughs). – Yep. – So, we had a good time,
and it’s time to cut this one in half, take it apart. There’s a lithium ion
battery inside of there, so, I don’t know that I want to just cut into it with a big saw. But first, maybe we’ll
just take off the guards around the tires and take off a bunch of this plastic and
see what it looks like. (techno music) – [Lincoln] You’re so close. Whoa!
– [Dan] Woo! – [Dan] Got it. I kind of cut the tire a little bit. Check that out, woo! Exposed wheel, still working great. Wouldn’t be good if you got
your shoelace stuck in there. That was fun modifying it but really, there’s a battery inside of there, I don’t want to mess with it too much. I’m gonna take a screwdriver and take the whole top
off and see what happens. (techno music) – [Dan] Ba, bada, ba,
bada, ba, bada, baaaaa. Oh my gosh, it takes off the bottom part. I thought it’d take off the top part, oh! Whoa, what the heck? Look inside of that thing. Look at all that stuff.
– [Lincoln] Whoa! – [Dan] Can’t really
read the writing on it. It’s, ah, pretty much just in Chinese. But there’s, like, the motherboard. Okay, here’s the bottom part off. Now, without the bottom
let’s see if it’ll ride. That side workin’? Yeah, it still works! – This is crazy. – [Dan] Well, that side
doesn’t even have much in it. This is where you charge it, right here. And the power button is right there. But then the battery’s
actually on the opposite side. – [Lincoln] So, I think
that these red cords go… yeah, the red cords go through this and then they plug in
the battery right there. – [Dan] Well, once I unplug this you’re not gonna be
able to ride it anymore. This is the power. One thing I like is, this
little bar goes through, it connects to this one, and then that way when it goes back and forth, it has a limit to how far each one can go. There’s the battery. – [Lincoln] I wouldn’t! I think that you should unscrew these, so that you could, like,
open up the motherboard. – Ta-da! Oh, look at that. That is neat. When you lean forward or lean back on the other side, it pushes. You can see this bouncing
forward, beep, beep, beep. And this one at the other
side, beep, beep beep. So, if you lean forward
too much it’s gonna tell… It’s going to push on
this button right here, and it’s going to tell
whatever it tells over here to balance and to move, and it
talks to this at the same time. But this is the thing that you’re steppin’ on the other side. See, see there’s the little platform. And when you look on the
other side, there it is. Beep, beep, beep. – [Lincoln] Wow, that is amazing. – [Dan] That’s really neat,
this is still very heavy. Even without all of these motherboards, the top part that we have on it– – The battery, the battery is very heavy. – Watch, it turns now, weee! That’d be hard to balance on it, try it? – Uhh yeah, you’ll fall. – I’m going to hop on it (laughs) It just wobbles like crazy! Before I go, I gotta to do one more thing. (water splashing) – [Dan] (laughs) If you’re interested in buying
one of these nano scooters, we have a link and a discount code in the description below
where you can go buy one. Check us out on Instagram
if you want to follow us and the things that we’re
up to, where we’re going, and what we’re cutting open. – That’s what’s inside of a nano scooter.


You know when you cut open phones and there is like a bunch of green plates and stuff? What’s inside those?

I've been riding hoverboards for a year now and I found out that my hoverboard was made by the original company

They are not hover boards….the proper name for them is handless swegways.
Hover boards have not be invented yet……the movie "back to the future II" features a real hover board

Put the battery in the other one, kinda surprised they didn’t utilize the other spot for a second battery.

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