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What’s inside a Self Stirring Mug?

What’s inside a Self Stirring Mug?

(robotic stirring) – Yep, that’s right, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan and today we’re gonna cut
open a self stirring mug. – We were in Japan, on
our Gold Play Button trip and I looked on Amazon, and we were like on Amazon Japan and this thing popped up
as one of the top sellers. Self-stirring mug, I was fascinated. I’m like, yep buying that. On the back it says, what every man wants, maximum taste, minimum effort. That’s all that’s in there. You don’t even have to be stirring it to show it off to people. You can just like, be in the office, hey how’s it goin? How was your weekend? Was it good? Yeah. Self-stirring mug. Okay, the bottom opens,
you open it down there. And we need, looks like
two triple A batteries. It’s like this little tiny airplane wing, and when you push the
button, it just spins. – It smells like, delicious chocolate. – Cocoa in it. – Hoooo. – Hot, hot water. Here we go, ready? – Oh! (chuckles) It looks like a tornado. Woah. – Do you hear that? It’s powerful. It gets all the way to the bottom. – Woah, you can see the middle of the fan. – Dude, are you kidding me? – Does that mean it’s done stirring? – Oh, I just stopped it, I just stopped pushing on it. This is amazing. I am not joking there, like I’m not being overly
excited about a product. It’s pretty amazing. – This is not sponsored. – This is called trick shots, marshmallow hot chocolate edition. (chuckles) Two marshmallows, three, four, five, six. Oh, no keep pushin’ it, seven, eight, nine, 10. How many marshmallows can this thing spin? 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. 16, 17, 18, that’s powerful right there. Can your spoon do that? Can your spoon stir 17 marshmallows and hot chocolate perfectly? I don’t think so. – I want to take a sip,
I want to take a sip. – Okay, Lincoln gets the first sip. I don’t know how hot it is so if you burn your
tongue, it’s your fault. – Okay. Oh that’s hot but delicious. It’s very well stirred. – If you suffer from chunky hot chocolate because you don’t know how to stir, this is the mug for you. (laughs) The mug that we did in our last video that was, the one that doesn’t tip over. – That one was really cool. – That was really cool,
but if I had to choose one or the other to have in the house, it would definitely be this one because stuff settles,
like, we don’t drink coffee or tea but I know
that people that do, they sometimes complain
because all the stuff goes down to the bottom. I also think it’s funny how it says you can put soup in here. I don’t know, I’d like
to put a giant container of Spaghetti-O’s in here and turn it on and see what it would do to that. That’s not really soup, but that’s my idea of soup. – That’s your idea. – Should we try that? – Yeah, let’s try it. – Ohh. Yep, it’s definitely somethin’ to do here. – Soup stirring time. You ready for this? And the button is pushed. I hear it trying. Oh man, too many O’s. This is kind of gross. (laughs) It just reminds me of, if there’s a shower
where the drain has like, a bunch of hair on it and
the water won’t go out. – You just made me, not feel very good. (chuckles) – That’s what this sound is making. Can the self-stirring mug beat an egg? All right, push the button. – [Lincoln] It does. – [Dan] Keep on pushing
it down, check that out. Success, it is beating the egg. That totally works. – [Lincoln] That looks so cool. – That’s an egg, that is ready to put on the pan and make some scrambled eggs. Okay, that was awesome, it totally worked. And then you drink it. Do not drink raw eggs. – No, no, no, my friend Alex, that’s what he does,
that’s his like, main meal for most of the days, is eggs. It’s true, it’s true, it’s a true story. – Alex, true story,
Alex does that, I guess. – He told me he likes eggs so much. – That’s good, Alex likes eggs hashtag in the comments, Alex Likes Eggs. Do it for Alex. (chuckles) We already showed you in here that it has a little airplane wing, when you push it and that spins. Down here at the bottom,
you unscrew this plastic top part and it has two batteries. It does have some screws on the bottom, that’s super boring so
I got this little tool that might help a little bit. So, that was actually really good. Oh, no look at the plastic
thing even made a hole and I totally damaged that. – [Lincoln] Oh no, Mommy’s
not gonna be happy. – Listen, let’s tell her
to not watch this video and tell her it’s super
boring and she’ll never know. Okay, good plan, good plan. It says self-stirring mug. Err, err, err. Okay, so the motor is
down inside of there, it goes up to the airplane wing. Unfortunately we lost
one of the propellers of the airplane wing. So that’s the two wires
that go up to the button. Oh that’s the shot, that’s the shot. (Lincoln screams) There’s your motor. I mean, that’s what you
would think would be in it, is a motor and a propeller, in the self-stirring mug. This one will not be
functioning any longer. This mug week is turning
out to be really fun, this is our second mug
video that we’ve done. – We’ve got one more comin’ – One more comin’ and this one is gonna get hot. Don’t forget, we want
to see Alex Likes Eggs trending on Twitter by 12 hours from now. So make it happen What’s Inside fans. – Make it happen. – Go for it.


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You should really be wearing safety glasses or at least having your son wear them when you hack away at stuff!!! It’d look pretty cool, way cooler than partial blindness from a shard of metal in the eye


What starts with X that fits ( you can change words too)


Initial: ALEX

Does it go anticlockwise as well? I can't think of anything dumber, oh wait, unfortunately, I can, a self button pusher to push the button for your self stirring mug. How much did you pay for this? And you destroyed it, good. Actually good! And for your information, tea does not go to the bottom, or if it does, you want it to stay at the bottom!

After I watched the video I just bought one of those to know what's inside MY mug…🤔😐☕️

I might not be the first to say it but can't you guys wear safety glasses? That makes more sense when pieces are flying off and I can see Lincoln closing his eyes while flinching. Please wear safety glasses.

I love videos that you make keep up the good work and if you guys do shout outs I would like it. love , you biggest fan

Rofl the typos on the box
"The Self – Stiming Mug"
"Have the hard word done for you"
"Keep small batteries out od the reach of your children."
"Seek medical advice in believe the cellhas been swallowed."
"Exhausted batteries should be removed disposed of in accordance with the mark recommendation"
"Replace the cattery compartment cover and twist to close"

Who else paused the video to read what was on the box when he held it up and saw that there was a lot of incorrect spelling

Wouldn't a better design be to have a sealed motor powered by an induction pad? Like wireless phone charging. So it would only work when you pushed the button while the mug was on it's "power pad", but the flip side is no batteries to replace, and you could make it dish-washable that way too. Build me one of those and I might be drinking chocolate milk out of it daily 🙂

Damn man are you so lazy that you cannot unscrew the 4 bolts with fucken screwdriver unbelievable and that process is called disassembly and when you see what's inside of it you can assembled it and it's gonna work like before perfectly fine.
And also you gonna to learn others how to disassemble something on a proper way.
But you decided to go on a dangerous and dumbest way and that's point without back once when you damage it you can throw it and also you giving a wrong lesson to others.

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