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What’s inside a TOPGOLF Golf Ball?

What’s inside a TOPGOLF Golf Ball?

(saw buzzing) (excited shouting) – [Dan] Yes, my car is driving by itself. – His health and safety is fine. – It’s pretty good, I would say. – Welcome back to what’s inside. I’m Lincoln, Dan is– – Hi. – Yeah, he’s right there. Today we’re gonna cut
open a Topgolf golf ball. I bet most of you don’t
know what Topgolf is. – It’s really cool. – It’s really cool. – Topgolf, if you have not heard of it, it’s like bowling for golf. It is pretty cool. It’s like a driving range
that uses these balls that have some sort of chip inside of it that talk to the driving range to all these targets that are everywhere. Really, really, fun. – Topgolf has taken
over the United States. There are multiple Topgolfs all over. I’ll put the number right here because I don’t even know how many it is. – I think it’s like five or six. That’s my guess. – I think it’s like 20. How does the ball know which hold it goes into?
(phone buzzing) Oh, my phone’s ringing. We have come to a Golf Lab. Actually, I don’t know
if Golf Labs are a thing, but this is actually called Golf Lab. – Yep. – We got the Topgolf golf balls, we’re gonna test and see
what your swing speed is and see if that impacts the distance and compare that to some other golf balls. This is a machine that,
when you hit a golf ball, it will measure the ball speed, your golf club speed, and all that stuff, the spin, all of that. And then, it’ll come up
here on the computer. I know I’m an amazing golfer, but we have our friend Corey,
a professional teacher, he knows his golf swing, he is gonna be the one
hitting this golf ball. We have a Titleist Pro Vix 1X. This it the ball that I love to hit with. And then, we have the Topgolf golf ball. Can you see it on the TV? Oh, look at that. Nice swing, seven iron. – [Lincoln] Whoa, that’s
a lot of analytics. – [Dan] That was a lot of data. Okay, let’s hit the other one. A little to the left, but the same. – No.
– Oh, that went further. 13 yards difference. – That’s gonna come from the ball speed, 126 with the Pro Vix and
119 with the other one. – So, you lose seven miles an hour. That’s probably about what I’d expect. That’s a club, maybe a
club and a half difference. We’re gonna do it again and just see, so we have a couple of sample sizes, but that’s about what I thought. Three times with the Topgolf ball, three times with the Pro Vix 1X (upbeat electronic music) We are finished. Here’s the results, we’ve
got them all graphed. This is the three combined, so these are the averages. The red is the Pro Vix 1X. You can see where that Topgolf
ball just kinda died off. – [Corey] The Pro Vix
1X had 126 ball speed, but the Topgolf had 121.2. Eight yards of carry, nine yards total. The spin was slightly lower
with the Topgolf ball. – So, do you feel like that golf ball, like if you mishit it, you
could tell the difference between the Pro Vix 1? – It definitely had a bigger dispersion when I mishit that compared to the Pro Vix 1x. – Okay, there you go. Are you surprised at all by this? – Yeah.
– No? – This is kind of what I expected, but rather than just
guessing, now we know. – So, if you go to Topgolf
and you’re hitting your irons and it says it’s 150
yards and you wanna hit it right in the target to
get the most points, make sure that you think about which club you would usually hit and then, go down an extra club. Would you call it down
a club or up a club? What is the right verbiage for that? – More clubs.
– Hit more clubs. So, what you wanna do is
use more club than usual. Maybe increase it by one club. So, if you typically
would use your seven iron to hit it, say, 160, then, you probably wanna
get out a six iron. So, get out a six iron and hit that. Now, we’re gonna go cut
this Topgolf golf ball open, dissect it, see what’s inside of it, and see if we can find what is the magic that talks to the TV? – Right. Magic. It’s magic. – Here we are. Topgolf golf balls. Two Topgolf golf balls.
– Golf, golf, Topgolf, Top balls.
– Topgolf golf balls. (hands clapping) We have a couple of tools. We have this angle
grinder, we have this saw, it’s not a saw.
(silly laughing) We’re gonna cut into it a bit, hopefully not damage
whatever is inside of it so we can take it out and find it. – I think it’s like a
cheap inside of the ball and then there’s gonna be
the chip in the very center. – Let’s take this thing
apart, find the chip. – Ooh, what if you dropped
a golf ball on side of it when it’s spinning?
– While it’s spinning? (saw buzzing) There it is. That’s what happens. All right, my strategy
is to cut all around it, but not too deep so that if there is something in the middle, maybe I can get into it with a hatchet and not just cut right through the thing. (dramatic music) We’re getting in, buddy. – Yay! (excited shouting) What?
– Pick it up. Let’s see.
– Look, there used to be a chip right there.
– Oh. There was something in the middle. – [Lincoln] I see it. – [Dan] What in the world? Where did it go? – I have it. Look at that. It’s like metal layering on the outside, there’s a circle and a square. – Look at the inside. We did not cut open the actual RFID chip. It’s in the middle, though. – Yep.
– Look at that. Do you think we can get that out of there? – [Lincoln] I think we
can get that out of there. – How can I get this out of here without hitting my fingers? Look at that. (laughing) Look at that! It was just inside of there. It was just set right in there. Bloop! Hard, clear plastic. – Cut into it a bit, but I’m surprised you didn’t
completely chop through it. – I’m surprised I didn’t
chop through it also. That was very good work by me. It looks almost like tinfoil. – Yeah. – This is what goes through and signals, it says, oh, this ball belongs to Lincoln. – It’s like, no.
– So, it’s really interesting, this does not need a battery. It is just this little,
tiny foil RFID chip. Part of it was harder than others. Like, the bottom part, where
it was nestling down into it was kinda like softer urethane. You can tell and that
it’s harder at the top. So, that makes more sense to me now because when we were hitting it, it was really inconsistent, the ball flight of this ball. The urethane has gotta be in a way that they can actually
somehow place this in there while it’s wet and cool
and then, let it harden. I would love to see the
manufacturing process, like how they actually put this in there. – So, invite us Topgolf. – Topgolf, if you want us to come by and go down into the belly
of your Topgolf place and check it out, we’d be happy to do it. And if you have one near you or if you’ve ever been to Topgolf– – You should go there. It’s amazing. I love it. – Whether you golf or not,
it could open your eyes. Let us know in the comments
if you’ve been to Topgolf and what you thought of it. I think it’s gonna rain on us. It’s night time.
– I’m just gonna go do my homework inside, so I
can get ready for something. – Lincoln’s gonna go do homework. – Bye!
– I hope you enjoyed Golf Studios. Lincoln’s out of here. (upbeat electronic music) (dog tags jingling) There’s the dog. The little dog. – Hi, there. – I’m out here in the dark all by myself. Throwing a hatchet. (woman screaming)


anyone with a Half-a-brain would probably cut a golf Ball on a band saw, NOT squeeze it in a clamp and try to grind it……
……sometimes the technique of some grown-ups are like they didn't go to school at all…..

I love going to Top Golf, I do think it's a tad on the pricey side though….however, I wish there was one in Southern California.

Just got a TopGolf in Pittsburgh. Its an absolute blast…and ive never shot a round of golf in my life. The balls seemed different than a typical golf ball too…a bit softer. I was wondering what all was inside them. Thanks for the video!

I am an associate at TopGolf in STL!! This was very interesting because I see how the ball works on the outside. But not the inside.

Interesting video, one question, when you were in the GoldLab, they had a layout of Baltusrol Golf Club from the 2016 PGA Championship. What was the connection since you are in UT. Ken

I just got back from my 2nd trip from Top Golf… lots of fun but definitely could tell i had to hit more club. Great video I liked and subbed

I go to top golf in Hillsboro which is technically Portland, their balls feel alot different compared to a Titleist or a noodle for instance…

I swear on my life I am not lying I went to top golf with my uncle and his friends and we went to meet woah Vicky I am honest

I have been to top golf. I’m a big golfer myself. I love top golf!! It’s awesome!!! For the people who have no been. U have to go!!

That's probably why the cost of top golf prices are higher, because people steal golf balls to make a video you already know the answer to.

The new top golf in St. Louis is amazing and I kept a couple balls and was always wondering what was inside of it

I want to thank you and your channel for getting me through the hard times I have been going through lately. I have been going through severe depression and coming home to watch your videos every day has been the best part of every day for the past month. If it weren't for your channel I probably wouldn't be alive right now. Thank you for saving my life, What's Inside.

I'm so glad you very careful not to cut it in half, because like you said, "There might be something inside it." And then, a moment later, you wack it in half with a wedge.

I've been to TopGolf, I go there 5x a week…. Well I sorta work there. I've worked for TopGolf for almost 3 years, and I have never seen the chip. So that was new to me too see.

Just went for my first time. I didn't have as much fun as I do at a normal range. So that was my last time going.

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