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What’s inside an Electric Bike?

What’s inside an Electric Bike?

(saw buzzing) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, this is Dan,
and today is going to be rad. – Rad, why is it going to be rad? – Because we have ebikes. – Ebikes, you ever heard of ebikes? You ever seen these things? We have some very cool ones for you today. They’re Rad Power Bikes. Now it’s cool, because they
come in three different types. They have the RadRover,
which is kind of like your off-road awesome mountain bike. Your RadWagon, and it’s
kind of a cargo bike, it has things set up so you
can put pouches on the back. We put our girls on there,
and then we go cruising. – This is a RadMini, so it
folds up in half, super cool. – Yes, and if you want to take this thing and put it in a really
tight, confined space, you can undo it right
here, undo it right here, fold it down, fold it over. We have five bikes, and unfortunately, one of them is not going
to make it through the day, because we need to figure
out how these bikes work. You just start pedaling, and
this engine just kicks in, but you don’t see an engine. The wheel is really, really big and fat, and so I’m pretty sure that that is where, kind of the motor and the drive train is. We need to try these things out, go riding as a family with them. I really want to take one of these ones with the big fat tires, the RadRover, up in the mountains, have
Lincoln take his RadMini, and see how well it does off road. (acoustic guitar music) We got the girls out here, and we’ve just been
riding on these trails. It’s about 30 miles of trails. These have a 20 to 40 mile range on them. We can put the girls on
the back of the bikes, and then Lincoln can ride his own bike. And so sometimes they’ll
choose the RadMini, sometimes they’ll choose the RadRover, but, it’s just a lot of fun out here. We get stuff sent to us often, for us to cut open, or
people reach out and, a lot of times we don’t do videos on them, because they may not be
as interesting a product. But this one, Rad Power Bikes,
actually sent us these bikes. And they also gave us a link,
that’s in the description, that if you guys go and click on there, and use the What’s Inside link, you can get $50 off of your own bike, and then also supports our channel. But we’re stoked to be working
with Rad Power Bikes on this. But now, I’m even more stoked to be in the beautiful mountains of Utah, 10 minutes from our house. (laughs) Our house is right down there, and we are all the way up here. That is the Great Salt Lake out there. We got the bikes all
ready, let’s go cruising. (electronic dance music) Lincoln’s ripping up the hill right now, trying to come up here. Did you see how fast he
was going up the mountain? He was just zipping up, like
literally up a mountain. All right, my verdict is, this is my way to mountain
bike, with an ebike. Holy smokes, that was ridiculous. What’d we find, Lincoln? – We found a huge puddle. – When you go through the
puddle, it’s really hard, because you have to go
up a big hill afterward, and the water slows you down. But I just pulled on the throttle, and then the bike just powered me right up and over the top of the hill. – [Lincoln] We’re going to make it. – [Dan] We good? I don’t know, it’s close, it’s close. Put the mirror in, Lincoln. Yeah. Whoa-oh! – [Lincoln] Woah-oh! – [Both] Woah! – [Dan] Just made it, wooh. – [Lincoln] Ah! – I just wanted to try something here. A little experiment, I wanted to see if I can fit all three
of them on this bike, and see if I can still make it work, okay. Lincoln’s on. – I’m on.
– 10 year old’s on. – I’m on.
– Eight year old on. (giggling) Are you guys all on? – Yep, I hold on to everyone. – Okay, let’s see if this bike can do it. – [All] Woah! – Here comes a bump. (girls squealing) Yeah, we did it. We have seen enough Youtube videos of people cutting into batteries that, it’s not a great idea. What really is interesting on here is right down here by the gears, Leifeng, Bafong, I don’t
really know what it is, but that’s where the motor is, the thing that really propels it. It’s kind of like a Tesla, where there’s no engine in the Tesla, but now in the tires, they
have like a little drive train. So giant battery, and then
this little drive train. I would love to cut open a Tesla someday. – Someday, it will happen. – It will happen, but for now, we’re going to go with the ebikes. It can be a little tricky, because there’s all these little components, and parts, and gears, and everything. – But we’re going to get in there. – We will see. (laughs) (saw whirring) All right, time to get into this thing. We’re just going to cut our way into it, I think that’s really the
only way to get in. (laughs) It’s probably not the only way, we could probably
unscrew a bunch of stuff. Nice, that’s a good start. I just was thinking about, actually, probably take off the power pack, so that I don’t get shocked. Cool feature about this bike
is that it has locks on it. When you have five bikes, you
got to find the right keys, and we found them. Now you take the battery
pack off like that, oh, no more juice. All right, I feel a little safer. Wooh. Got ‘er. (laughter) Yow, it’s stuck on there. That was a nice idea, but, – How do you get it off there? Bleh. – Well, there’s our progress. The tube, we got the actual tire that had metal running around the edge. It has this nice protector, so the spokes don’t go up and in. And then you can look. We cut all the spokes
off, there’s the engine, that’s what we’re looking for. Woohee. This is what I want to call the most ineffective way to change a tire. (Lincoln yells) Check out all the spokes
that are still on there. And we just went right
through them, so now, my next plan is to cut right down this. Werp, werp, open that up
with the bike still intact. Sounds super safe. Didn’t want to have to cut into
the metal frame of this guy, but it’s getting too hard, so. Sorry, Rad Power Bike. The bike chain. Take a look at my
clothes for biking today. We got the chain on here,
we got the motor in here. I’m holding it by the kickstand. – So now, it actually is time
to cut this part open, right? – I’ve been trying, though,
I’ve been trying, look. – (laughs) – I tried to cut in there,
and it was too hard, so I just said, forget that. I’m just going to cut the whole thing off. It should be easier now that
there’s no bike attached to it. But I got in. – [Lincoln] Oh, you did? – Check it out. The motor. Maybe. Oh. Look at the engine on this beast. Really interesting because, when I turn the brakes
just a little bit that way, and then I go back, the cuff spins inside. – [Lincoln] Woah. – It spins the opposite
way, but it propels it. See that? Man, it’s pretty intense. Look at the engine in that thing. It looks like there’s
magnets right along the side. There’s the metal, you’ve got all these different cables and
wires inside, these coils. – [Lincoln] Chips. – Lincoln, what was your favorite
thing about these ebikes? – Probably just riding around as a family. That was super fun. Last week was mug week, if you missed it, you can go back and watch our three mug videos that we did. – It was fun. – This week, we’re going to do alternative transportation week, and we’re going to do some pretty random and pretty awesome things. I always see videos at the end that say, “If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up, “give it a like.” I’ve never done that
before, but, let’s ask. If you like this video, give it a like. – Push the Like button. – Ebike meets What’s Inside.


I was unfamiliar with this channel and only found it because Rad links to it under the About Us in the Press link. Seeing this video and knowing Rad Power donated the bikes for this senseless destruction gives me pause to want to purchase a bike that helps to support this. After all, somebody has to cover the cost of these "free" bikes.

WTF dude.. where's your helmet? Your setting an example for millions of kids that it's ok to ditch safety and ride a bike without a helmet.

I don't understand why you didn't try to teach your kid how to take something apart the right way, so he could have some kind of comprehension of how it works. The way you did it, you might as will teach him how to do graffiti. Like someone said one time, It's your bag, do what you want to do, I just don't get the logic. well, that's just me I guess.

Эта просто пиздец,велик болгаркой,как так можно, да ещё и электро вы ёбнутые!Возьми ты блядь папаша ключи и разбери нормально велосипед.За такими богатыми дебилами,вырастают дебилы,сынок весь в папашу пойдёт,с меня вагон дизлайков!!!

back hub driven ebikes are cheating. Bottom bracket driven ebikes are closer to better but still generally considered cheating by most people. also seth's bike hacks is seeing this

You have so munch money to just cut open a bike instead you could have donated it and opened it the right way….. Btw that cycle should not be used for up hill . If you really wanna do it do the old fashion way with a trail bike those can be used in cites to get to work and stuff. i am really disturbed by the way you open the bike

I’m working for a e bike I did not get a birthday present because we don’t have money I still happy bc i have food I’m 12 🙂 go thing I have a phone tho

You know, I saved up to buy this bike and then you come and just slice it up!! Although, I have to admit, there's something satisfying about tearing things apart!!

anyone else agree that they needed to jump the bikes? I'm a mountain biker and love to jump my bike.

So theses bikes go 20 miles a hour but I can do that on my 20 year old mountain bikes so what’s the point of theses

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