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What’s inside an Electric Skateboard?

What’s inside an Electric Skateboard?

(music builds) (mellow techno music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan and today we’re with friend Sam Sheffer. – Hey. – And today we’re going
to cut open Inboards. – Inboards.
– They’re electric skateboards and I’m so excited. – These things are pretty
sweet and thanks to Sam for bringing this all the
way from New York City. – Yeah, first time in Utah. – How do you like it? You like this? – It’s beautiful. The mountains, I can’t
get over the mountains. (intense music) – I don’t know, maybe
this is a new beginning. Maybe this is our first of
many collabs with Sam Sheffer. – Yes. – So if you remember one
of our first ever collabs that we ever did with anybody and it was the Boosted Board. – Welcome back to What’s Inside – [Dan] What is it that’s
unique about this thing? – Alright, so I’m gonna turn this thing on and you’ll notice it has
headlights and tail lights. – [Lincoln] Wow, that’s cool. – [Sam] It’s got motors inside the wheels. Now listen to what it sounds like when you rev this thing. (small motor revving) – [Dan] (laughs) Sounds like a video game. – [Sam] It makes seriously
crazy robotic noises. It has a removable battery. You just pop it out
like this, grab the one from your pocket or book
bag, pop it back in. It’s nuts.
– [Dan] That’s cool. And Lincoln, what’s your
favorite thing about this? – It comes with a bag, a bag! – [Dan] He’s pretty excited about the bag. Last time I was in New York
riding on an electric skateboard I crashed it into the East River and it wasn’t even my board. – [Man] It went so far down. It was you! – I had the wrong remote, number two. So, this video isn’t sponsored by Inboard. This is just Sam brought these boards and got them so we could try them out. – In a bag. – There’s a bag, if you
didn’t hear already. There’s a bag. We’re gonna go and try
it out on some trails and give you our honest opinion about what we think about this board. And then we’re gonna bring
it back and cut it open because look how smooth it is underneath. There’s some wires right there
but that’s pretty much it because you have the motor right there. It’s different. This is a Boosted Board. Lincoln, jump on this one,
and look how bouncy it is. – And notice the Inboard is
super stiff and will not flex. It’s made out of some super
strong composite material. – Ta da. Ta da. – But enough talking, should we go ride? – That’s great, okay.
– Yeah, let’s go. – Let’s go test them out
and see how this thing really works in the real world. (mellow techno music) – [Dan] Lincoln’s first
time on a different type of electric skateboard, let’s see it. No big deal. There’s Sam.
– Yooo. I’m pretty sure I have the fastest one. (mellow techno music) Aw, don’t spit on them. He tried to spit on the camera. He tried to spit on you guys. Give him a thumbs down for that. Thumbs down for Lincoln spitting
on you, that’s what I say. (whimpering) (mellow techno music) Woo hoo. I’m gonna be honest. This feels better than the Boosted Board. It just feels so smooth. I mean, this road doesn’t
have any bumps on it so I think a board that’s stiffer is going to do better on flat ground. Where if you’re in like a city
where there’s lots of bumps the Boosted Board might
dampen the cracks a little bit because of the flexibility
that’s in the board that we saw Lincoln show earlier. So far, ugh, there’s bugs. Do you see these bugs? Ugh. I like this, I like it a lot. – Get off. – [Dan] (laughs) What
do you think, Lincoln? – So, sometimes on the Boosted Board I just like letting go and just cruising without any boost but it just stops you. So if you pull off the
trigger and stop going – [Dan] It slows you down fast. – It will stop you so fast
– [Dan] This will? – Yeah. – [Dan] The Boosted
board you can let go and it saves energy and it just rolls. See that, see how you can’t spin it? – [Lincoln] I can. (spinning noise) – [Dan] Well, I know, with that. What I’m saying is this is what
regular skateboards are like or like the Boosted Board. This one, since it has a motor
in there, you can’t do that. But the battery still lasts longer. This is a secret, I think. Lincoln does not weigh very much. Where, Sam and I do weigh a bit more. Me, a lot more than Sam. So if we let off the
brake, the wheel can still spin because of our inertia.
– It’s more heavy, right? – Yeah. – Lincoln, it’s like he’s
not even on the board. – It’s like he’s a feather. Mystery solved. Come back. (skateboard rolls) – Woo hoo. – Whoa, that was fast. (laughter) (skateboard rolling) – I’m worried about you, Sam. – [Sam] I’m a professional, Dan. – [Dan] Not a good idea.
– [Sam] Oh, man. – [Dan] No, I’m not doing that. – [Sam] Ha ha ha. – [Dan] Alright, that’s
the end of our little trip. We’re heading back, let’s
cut this thing open. I wanna see what is under this
nice, smooth, platform part. I don’t know if it’s fiberglass, plastic. You can see where it’s
put together right there. – [Lincoln] Inboard, we’re going to see what’s inside the board. Inboard, we’re gonna see in the board. – Lincoln pun city. Goodbye, Inboard. It was a nice two hours riding you. – So let’s see what’s inside. – [Dan] Awesome. Look at this Boosted Board. Look, it’s just wood,
on all of it right here. And then you have this compartment which we learned is the batteries in there. And then this is part of the motor. Everything is on the outside and then you just have this thin board. This is sleek and smooth and aerodynamic. Saw time. We have to do this for science, right? – Science purposes only! (sawing noise) – [Lincoln] Fussy!
– [Dan] Smoking. (sawing noise) (fast-forward sound) – [Dan] Dude the blade
is just bending as we go. It’s so incredibly hot,
that it’s just melting. The blade is melting. I didn’t make it all the way through. Look at the underside. – [Sam] Oh. I wonder if we just stomp on it. (stomping noise) – [Dan] Oh!
– [Sam] Nice! – [Dan] We’re done. Alright, let’s see what, oh. Oh, so there is wood! – [Sam] That entire thing is wood? Are you kidding me? – [Lincoln] What? – [Sam] What, no wonder
the smoke was going. (ripping noise) – [Dan] Smells like wood too, whoa. (ripping noise) – [Sam] Wow. – [Lincoln] That literally
is the entire bomber. – [Dan] Dude, look at this thing! It looks like, this entire thing is wood and then it just has a layer of fiberglass that surrounds it.
– [Sam] Whoa. – [Dan] Why do you think
they would make a board with that thick of wood? – For sheer durability, I guess. – [Dan] Maybe it’s
because on the other side is the battery and they
have to make a hole for the battery, for it to sit in. – [Sam] Ah, maybe they could just. – [Dan] Like how deep
is that indention go? – [Sam] Oh yeah. – [Dan] Okay, so there’s the battery. That’s how low it goes. That’s almost to the bottom. This right here is the little tiny line that goes to the LED lights. – [Sam] Ah, that makes sense. – [Dan] One right there, one right there. – So it’s probably just one wire that connects to there
through the whole board. – [Dan] It comes with
this fancy tool thing. Which is called what,
in skateboarding terms? – A skate tool. So we’re just gonna
take the back truck off to make this cutting process easy. So, this is the bushing right here. And then in theory this should
just come off like this. And then we can disconnect
these wires that are coming right out of the board. – [Lincoln] What do you call it? – Woah, okay. So part one is this. – [Lincoln] There’s no cars. – [Dan] We’re in serious need of a company to provide me with some tools. Because every time we need
tools, I don’t have them. All we need is the little
tool that you put in there and you twist it and then
this tire would come off. Instead, we’re going to
use a different tool. (sledgehammer hits) – [Dan] Woo! It cracked the rock. (sledgehammer hits) – [Sam] Wow! Okay, it’s not going
to roll around anymore. So, that’s helpful. (shatter noise) – [Lincoln] Oh, you shredded the rock! – [Sam] Oh! What’s inside our rock? (laughter) I think you did make a
little bit of a dent in that. – [Dan] A little bit,
being the optimal word. (shatter noise) It didn’t move one bit. (shatter noise) Okay, I think that’s enough. My rock is in like 20 pieces now. This is a lesson on how to make gravel. Now you just pull it off. Why didn’t we just do that the whole time? What?
– [Lincoln] What? – [Dan] Look at the wheel, that’s it. – You can squish it. – This is the motor. Look at how it’s protected
with this hard, hard steel. That’s the move right here. I think Sam needs a turn. Used a sledgehammer before? – I actually have never
used a sledgehammer before. (sledgehammer hits) – [Dan] Ha ha ha.
– [Sam] Did I miss? – [Dan] I think you totally missed it. – [Sam] Did I just totally
miss and destroyed your rock? – [Dan] Thanks a lot, Sam, thanks a lot. (clapping) – [Sam] You’ve been hitting this thing. You’ve been doing a good job for these. Ah man, alright, another try. Sam Sheffer, sledge hammer, take two. (sledgehammer hits) I definitely hit that. – [Dan] And you didn’t even hit the troll. – [Sam] Take three. (sledgehammer hits) – [Lincoln] Yeah! – One thing that we are not, is we are not a channel where you learn how to use tools properly
and do things the right way. (mellow techno music) Almost there. Could’ve done this at the beginning. (sawing noise)
(mellow techno music) – [Sam] Okay, so we
basically just cut that off and the motor is still on there. Oh, that’s really hot. That’s,
yeah that’s dangerously hot. (sawing noise) – [Dan] Got a jumper! – Whoa!
– That was.. – [Sam] That scared me! – That’s good enough,
we are in this thing. Alright, this is, you see
the motor right there. The bearing was on the back. Are you ready for this, Sam Sheffer? – [Sam] Yes, yes! – Are you ready for your mind to be blown? That’s what an engine looks like. – [Sam] Oh, wow. – It’s actually really cool looking. – [Sam] Wow.
– [Lincoln] Yeah! – All through, you have those
coils that go through it, that make up the motor. It looks like there’s
magnets all along this, do you see those little
metal squares right there? – [Sam] Yeah, yeah. – And then you’ve got the coils
that kind of work together. Somebody that understands
motors really well will understand what this looks like. They’re probably just like, yeah, that’s what a motor looks like. (mellow techno music) – [Dan] So here’s your awesome
look inside of the motor. – I’m still surprised that
this thing is just one thick piece of wood. Man, that motor is tough. – This was a lot of fun,
it was a crazy project. – If you wanna see the
behind-the-scenes of our day, go to Sam Sheffer’s YouTube channel. He filmed our day and
his experience in Utah, first time in Utah. Subscribe to his channel,
check out his stuff if you wanna see some
awesome tech reviews, vlogs from New York City – I like New York City
– And then hopefully, we can convince him to come back to Utah and do something else crazy with us. Maybe something a little
easier to cut open, though. – Yeah, this was a bit complicated. – We will put a link in
the description to Inboard, this M1 board. – We did it. Ha! (yelling) – Go check out Sam
Sheffer’s YouTube channel. We’ll link it at the end. N-card, see ya. (techno music winds down)


After watching this video, I realized that there is not much inside your heads. So if you would show us please another video like this to proof it again? Thanks…

there is another way to disassemble a board in pieces … but I think you want to open things only in this way. Don't know why 🙂 but …. ok.

The boards are supposed to flex its bad that it doesnt. The flex acts like suspension and makes the ride much smoother

Makes me sad that you don't disassemble things correctly, you just cut into them. Therefor breaking the thing and ruining any chance for education.

Degradation. 3 childs that break stuff for fun, so dumb. Broken brushless motors, batteries and even tracks, what is the satisfaction in it? What is the outcome?

The coils are used for electromagnetic induction which is a way of generating electricity by using a magnet and some coils of wire. This was discovered by the scientist Michael Faraday which on Zach's channel there is a car named after this guy. So basically you just have to move the magnet in the coils to produce a current. The faster you move the magnet the more electricity produced. You can also generate more electricity by adding more coils.

This was a waste of great technology you could easily have undone the screws and put it back together.🖕😒😔😫

In 2018 7 mile range for 1000$ is really expensive especially when you can get double range for half the price now

I make motors guys. Cutting those magnets was exceedingly dangerous. My first thumbs down ever. Why? Because of the kids. That blew your cutting tool to pieces. It could have been ER stuff right there.

Doesn’t the boosted board give resistance when rolling, and I thought hub motors were meant to have less resistance

Well you could just open all that properly buuut when you got a sledgehammer you gotta use it for something right

Its a nice design and swappable batteries are good but the battery is so small compared to other manufacturers like Evolve. You'd have to carry like 3 batteries to make up for the battery size of an evolve or Slik Revolution board. They should have integrated a battery and allowed you to swap out like 1 third of it as a removable. There is a ton of wasted space on that board. Also the use of hub motors means it just won't have the torque of say a boosted board with belt drive.

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