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What’s inside ANKI OVERDRIVE?

What’s inside ANKI OVERDRIVE?

– Yes I won! I won! Second place MV Easton! – Yeah!
– Oh it’s a miracle! Welcome back to What’s Inside. Today we’ve got a fun
one coming up for you. It’s time for us to find
some toys and some games that you guys might want
to buy for Christmas. For the last year, one of
the very, very common things that we’ve had is to open
an Anki OverDrive car set. So we got one. We have the actual cars over here with the awesome truck,
and we’ve got three boys that are ready to rock it. The thing I like about this is it’s like a video game in real life. You’re playing with your
phones with your iPads, that’s why the boys are
setting it all up right now, but you have actual cars that
go around and have battles and shoot things virtually at each other and disable each other for
different competitions. You can even, if you’re all by yourself, you can set them all up on there and the artificial intelligence will go. So I’m really excited to give these a go and see what the boys think about them and we’ll show you guys
first what it’s all about and then we will go and cut
them open and see what’s inside. – OK. They scan, oh my gosh! – Oh, Wow!
– That’s sick! – Oh! Uh oh! – What? – [Guy In Plaid Shirt]
They’re getting set up on the line, guys. They do it by themselves. – That’s awesome! – I wasn’t touching anything! – [Boys] Go! (upbeat music) – [Boy] No not Easton! Easton! – Oh you did! Oh I was, I’m disabled! – You did! (upbeat music) – [Boy In Bright Blue]
Oh it’s off the track! – [Man In Plaid Shirt] You
knocked him off, good job! – Oh yeah! – Just in battle mode and
the problem is that Easton keeps on beating us. – [Man In Plaid Shirt] What, this guy? – Yeah. – Why are you so good, Easton? – I don’t know. – [Man In Plaid Shirt] The beast! We’re coming for you, truck. We’re going to be cutting you open. – [Boy] So it’s whoever
wins the five laps. (upbeat music) – Yes I won! I won! Second place, MV Easton! – Oh, it’s a miracle! And now, they’re charging
their guys up again because they’ve been playing forever. So there’s still battle and
race modes, like normal, but now they have a time
trial that you can do where you’re racing against the clock, and then you have king of the hill. Do you guys know what king of the hill is? – No that’s what we’re going to try next after the charge is done. – Oh shoot, no! I can’t move! – [Kai] Winner! – You can move this
track however you want. You can like put stuff under it. All right, we’ve got the track all set up. How’s it going guys? – [Boy] Watch right here. Watch right here. – [Man In Plaid Shirt] Oooooh! That’s a nice wheelie. How’s it going over here, Kai? – [Kai] Good. What? – [Man In Plaid Shirt] Game paused? – [Kai] It’s dead! – [Man In Plaid Shirt]
All right, thoughts. – It’s awesome. It’s so much fun. – Wait, what rank are you? – Oh, seven. I’m ranked seven. – Okay, we’re both ranked seven. – We’re tied. – And then I’m sixth. – [Boy In Purple] Tied seven, last. – [Man In Plaid Shirt] All right, it’s because Lincoln
gave him his broken iPad. – Yeah, I know like I
tried to press stuff and. – [Boy In Blue Stripes] You asked for it! – You tricked him, because you wanted to use your fancy Motorola phone. Game play is over, let’s
get this truck, cut it open and see what’s inside, learn
a little about these things. Overall, I think this is
gonna be a great gift for Christmas if you’re still
thinking of something to get. Kids love it, especially these boys. They all had a blast playing
it and we didn’t eat, we have all these other things
they’re supposed to be doing and they’re not doing, they’re
just playing games all night after school. So anyway, lots of fun. Let’s go see what’s inside this thing. That was a ton of fun. That’s the cool thing about Anki is that they’re not a toy company. They’re a robotics company. They do artificial intelligence,
but they made some toys. And they’re pretty sweet. Let’s get to business,
enough talking about this. I wanna find the video camera in this, and some of the sensors, to figure out how it stays on the track. All right, so I popped this off. Check it out. Has a green light coming through. So that’s the light that you usually see at the top. I don’t think there’s anything in here. I’ve got this giant red
sledgehammer and watch your eyes (laughs) Okay. That worked. Here we go. There’s the inside of the truck. It’s basically just a trailer. This is where the brains are. This is where everything is. So let’s get into it a little bit. I’ll try to be a little bit
more careful with this one since it does have more electronics in it. Look at that. It’s great. Those don’t look like sensors, do they? – No. – [Man In Plaid Shirt] Where
are the brains of this thing? – I don’t know! It works! – [Man In Plaid Shirt]
Let’s get into this guy. Took off that screw. – Oh, whoa, yeah, we’re in the brains. – That’s it! That’s the inside of it. I gave it one hit and now
it’s stuck on the hatchet. There’s your battery that’s inside. We basically got into the whole thing. What I’m holding in my hand is not just a chip or a motherboard. This is a tiny 50 Megahertz computer. The little camera is an infrared sensor that scans the little
markings on the track at 500 times a second to
look and make sure it’s in the right position and what it’s doing. We honestly had a great time with these Anki Overdrive trucks
and cars and starter kit. A big thanks to Anki for
sponsoring this video. We have a link in the
description to their website that can take you there and
show you all the different products that they have. – Three, two, one. – Ah, seriously? Yeah!


"hey kidz, we could do a teardown – or we pick our axe und slay it apart"
.. that's how we teach kids the pieceful ways of throw-away-capitalism


Steel axe plus lipo battery = serious risk of fire and personal injury. No steel tray or ppe = not at all clever. Thumb down for stupidity.

Wanted these when I was 9 (im 14), but my Dad said it looked rubbish/wouldn't work cuz these things never do. He reluctantly got me it for my bday after loads of nagging. After 5 years my Dad still loves it more than me

Mate, be careful twatting open a product that contains a lithium short that out with your axe and you’ve got a pretty intense fire on your hands….

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