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What’s inside the Apple Pencil?

What’s inside the Apple Pencil?

– Let’s try not to blow
ourselves up with a pencil. – I’m going out of this room.
– Okay. Oh, yeah. Today, we’re gonna see what’s
inside an Apple Pencil. We’ve never done this before. I’ve never even used an Apple Pencil. Rather than just get
your boring Apple Pencil that’s white, we reached
out to our friends at Slickwraps. They’re the one’s that do wraps on phones. They had some cool ideas and told us they were gonna send us a special box. – I have no clue what they look like. Just tellin’ ya. I just saw this iPad, I’m like whoa, this is really cool. – One of the biggest
tech YouTubers in the UK is Mrwhosetheboss. We talked to him and Slickwraps and they decided to send
us some extra things. There’s a couple things,
there’s a couple things. (upbeat music) Look at this, four Apple Pencils. Five iPhone 10s. Five Galaxy S9 Samsung phones. Because Slickwraps sent us
these, they probably customized every single one of them. – [M Deep] Probably customized
every single one of them. Look at this. – Trick, trick, trick.
– No, no, no. – Trick! – These are for a giveaway. – No! – You’re supposed to say yes, we love giving things to people. Let’s get to the pencil time. I’ve never used one of these before. – Me too. – In the old days I used
to have a palm pilot and that had a stylus that you would use. I feel like you’re kind
of going back to the past to be able to use a stylus. But, I did see Tinker Hatfield when we made the Nike video, he designed a Nike shoe
right there with the stylus. I think it was an Apple Pencil. – It was. – So, I definitely think there’s a utility in having this for certain people. Let’s open up these Apple Pencils. See what they look like. – Whoa, it’s like an actual pencil. – This is the way to do an Apple Pencil. Oh, this looks cool
too, Retro Apple Pencil. – Can I have one of those
too, like the retro thingy? – Here’s the other one here. This one looks like an actual pencil with an eraser on it. With the white lead on the end of it. That is so cool. Alright, we’ve got more of those. Let’s keep opening them. – This one looks really cool, it’s like an actual
pencil with a white eraser and that’s what I see on normal pencils. – We’ve got one more. We have four of these here. I don’t know how many Slickwraps has. Maybe you can look on their website. To see how many Apple
pencils or apps they have. – Whoa.
– This one’s cool too. Alright, so we’ve got four pencils. Let us know which one you like the most. The one that looks like an actual pencil? Or the one that looks
like the Retro Apple? So, the Apple Pencil, how does it work? You do have to charge this thing. And in order to do it, right
here what looks like the eraser you take it off.
– You pull if off and there’s an actual Apple charger that you can just plug in.
– Lightening adaptor. You can plug it into your
phone, which looks really silly. Oh, sorry into your iPad. Look how dumb that looks. It’s just like connected to it. But, it is charging it. And it does, it does
help you connect to it. You choose your color on here. We’ll choose blue. You can see… This is a picture of Lincoln. What’s this thing? Oh, wow. And I like how it knows
when you’re turning. Watch it’s like all straight, then I turn. See that. No, that’s part of the technology, to know that you’re actually turning it. It has sensors in there to know. We’re gonna turn this away from you. Lincoln’s gonna draw you
the most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen with an Apple Pencil. (upbeat music) – Done.
– Alright. The master piece is done show the world. There it is. – I tried to right Apple. – That apple on the shirt. – I tried. – You can take this off. – It kind of looks like lead. It’s like golden. – This is the sensor,
this is the metal sensor that actually talks to the screen, and knows where it’s at. It just has this plastic cover on it, so obviously it doesn’t
scratch your computer, or the screen of your computer. This thing, if the battery
dies on you forever, or something breaks inside of it, there’s no screws on it. It’s really difficult to get into. I think the only way that we could do it, we could try scratching
like this for ever. Try that one or we can do the Dremel. Let’s try not to blow
ourselves up with a pencil. – I’m going out of this room.
– Okay. Dremel, Apple Pencil,
seems like a good idea. This is a fully charged Apple Pencil, you probably don’t
wanna try this yourself. Before I cut into these,
these Apple Pencils are so cool that if you
ever are going to get an Apple Pencil, I don’t
know why you wouldn’t want to get it custom wrapped. I mean, it looks sweet. Slickwraps, thank you for this. We’ll add a link to
Slickwraps in the description if you want to get yourself
a cool Apple Pencil wrap. Let’s get this one cut. Oh, yeah. Just don’t hit the battery. I feel like I’m taking the outer layer off of a piece of fruit. That’s what I feel like like
I’m skinning the banana. But, the banana is a pencil. But the pencil is not a pencil. – The pencil is an Apple. – B plus. (operating dremel) Uh oh. We hit the lithium ion battery. Don’t hit the battery. Juices started coming out and it stunk. I saw like some liquid bubbling and then the stinkiest smell. It’s been a while, it
smells better in here. We’re gonna keep the air running even though it doesn’t
help with the audio. (operating dremel) I don’t know what to think guys. Other than this may be not the best way to get into one. (upbeat music) I think I need to cut the eraser off. I think that’s gonna help. Did you see that? Here’s the eraser, it fell into this box. It’s like I just pulled
the brain out of it. Look at this little section right here. There’s some sort of little
chip on the end of it. And there’s a screw, there’s
actually a screw on here. I think it’s like the
one screw that it has. I just pushed the guts
out with the screw driver. This is the thing that all the
stink is about, right here. This is what made the room stink. – What was that? – It stinks. – Yeah, that means it stinks. – That means that’s my definition. – This is your stinky battery. – It stinks so bad. – It’s like fingernail polish. – Yeah, it hurts my nose. – I love how compact it is,
there’s no wasted space in this. You can see the logic board right there. And then, here’s the tip, and it’s cool. Alright, let’s take it off
just a little bit more. Take this metal off. – Just so we can see more of the inside. – If you remember our iPhone 10 video they took the logic board and then they stacked two on top of each other. And because they were able to do that. They’re able to save space and put technology into a phone
that was actually smaller. Similar thing here. There are two logic boards, one right here and one right there. – It looks like medal in between there. – Yeah, they’re stacked together. This is the piece right here that some how – Connects to the iPad.
– talks to it, and tells it… Why don’t we do a test on this? Lets’ do, I like blue and
white, that’s our colors. Let’s do the yellow and will it bend? One, two, three, Awe. Apple, did you know that your
pencil breaks that easily? Right at the top, that’s
a serious weak point. Right before the battery. It just broke right in half. I’m not that strong. The new Bendgate Apple Pencil is weak? (upbeat music and horn) We’re doing a massive giveaway with Mrwhosetheboss and
with Slickwraps to you guys. Look at the link in the description. This is the biggest
giveaway we’ve ever done. Five iPhone 10s, five
Samsung Galaxy S9 pluses. If you’d like this,
– Call our phone. – look at the link in the description. There will be a link.
– Down there. – There will probably be like follow us on some socials. Go watch Mrwhosetheboss’s video. We’ll put a link in the description too. I think he has 10 phones too. So, I think there’s 20 total. I’m not quite sure. Probably the biggest
giveaway we’ve ever done. It’s like 20,000 dollars worth of stuff. – Yeah, most expensive
give away, yeah for sure. – Thank you Slickwraps.
– Thank you, this is awesome – And Mrwhosetheboss. – I need to take my phone, because I need a wrap on my phone after seeing these. – I love the retro one, Retro Apple. – Yes. – That looks dope. And also for what’s inside version, or the jerry rig everything version, whatever you wanna call it. It is pretty cool – Call it jerry rig everything version. – Of course you do.
– Yep. – He secretly wishes he was his father. – I do?
– Maybe not.


I have an Apple Pencil the Apple employee I think he came out of state from Apple headquarters and he said charge say 10sec u get 10 minutes

can i have a apple pencil please? i never got one before and when ever i ask my mom she yells at me and says no that it too much money

Who else (besides me) has a Logitech crayon becuase they didn’t want to waste their money an a Apple Pencil before you know a lot about styluses? Just me? Oh well..

Best wishes

Please give me one ❣ ❣ ❣ I really want an iPhone/ Samsung s9/ anything! We’re quite sad at home because my dog just passed away so even if you just replied I’d be happy 🙂

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