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What’s inside the prize bags?

What’s inside the prize bags?

– [Angel] Hey guys,
what’s in the prize bags? We’re gonna find out. – [Crystal] I hope it’s something good. – [Angel] In these prize bags it can be anything from 10,000 points to a choice. The choice is the thing in the
back, that is a hoverboard. – Hmm, what do I go for? – [Angel] One of the prize bags, duh. – Probably this orange one. – [Angel] So hopefully
she can win one first. First thing you have to do is win one. – [Crystal] I hope I can. – [Angel] She’s going for
this orange one right here. – [Crystal] Here I go.
– [Angel] Good luck. Hold on to it, oh, aw man
I don’t know about that. What do you think about
the blue one back there? – [Crystal] That baby blue one? – [Angel] Yeah, maybe you’ll slowly be able to pull that one over. – [Crystal] Let me see
if it goes that far back. – [Angel] Does it, oh
it kind of does, maybe. – [Crystal] Maybe,
this is going to be a risk. – [Angel] Yeah, there is a risk, but sometimes with risk
there’s a big reward. And there’s no reward with that risk, don’t do that one again. So there aren’t many that you can actually get
from this claw machine. Because I thought that
one but you said no, and this one it’s like
the only one, right? – [Crystal] I know,
it’s like the only one. – [Angel] All the other ones
are pretty stuffed in there. – [Crystal] I’m gonna break my neck on this hoverboard anyway
if I was to win one. – [Angel] I don’t think
either one of us need that. – Ooh, c’mon, c’mon, aw man. Now these prize bags look awesome. – [Angel] I think they’re really awesome. – [Crystal] Yes, look in the back, you can get a Nintendo Switch. – [Angel] That is right.
– [Crystal] Oh my gosh. – [Angel] I want the choice.
– [Crystal] Yes, definitely. – [Angel] I mean, I could
take 10,000 points as well, but choice is what I want. How’s that looking, I’m
going for the red one. – [Crystal] Okay the red one,
I think it looks pretty good. What do you think? – [Angel] I think it
looks pretty good as well. – [Crystal] Yeah, drop it like it’s hot. – [Angel] You could actually technically keep the bags, you know? – [Crystal] Oh yeah, and just not get the. Oh man, ooh, ooh, yeah. – [Angel] They have an instant replay on this one so it can
go straight back down if you wanted it to. – [Crystal] Yeah, I would
not wanna do that though. – [Angel] No?
– [Crystal] No. Just because it’s like, what
if you did it wrong you know? You don’t wanna instant replay it. – [Angel] But what if you did it right and you wanna instant replay it? – [Crystal] I’ll take my chances. – [Angel] Oh that was bad. – [Crystal] Oh man it
stabbed that pink bag. – [Angel] That pink one’s in the way. What do you think about the orange one? – [Crystal] The orange one? Ooh that one might be good, yeah. – [Angel] You think I
should go for that one, or go for the red one still? – [Crystal] Even that pink one as well, but that one looks really bulgy like there’s something in it though. – [Angel] That’s the choice. – [Crystal] Yeah that’s
the choice, probably is. – [Angel] Okay there we go,
there we go, there we go. There we go, I got it. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, oh my
gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – Okay, what’s in it?
– [Crystal] What’s in it? – What do you think’s in it? – [Crystal] I think it’s
gonna be 10,000 points. – Yeah I guess at minimum
it’s 10,000 right? – [Crystal] Yeah, oh my
gosh yes, you got it. – Oh there’s like a block in it. – [Crystal] Oh a block, that
might be, that might be choice. Oh my gosh.
– That might be choice. If you’ve ever seen the claw machines with a box they’re choice. – [Crystal] What is it, what is it, ooh. – It says number 17 on it. – [Crystal] Number 17,
number 17, what’s in it? What’s in it? Angel, Angel what’s in it? – It’s 10,000 points. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh
well that’s still awesome. – Man, I was hoping for more. I still have some plays, so I got to play. – [Crystal] Okay, that was so awesome and he still got 10,000 points. – [Angel] I guess that’s not bad. – [Crystal] That’s awesome. – [Angel] I was hoping for the Switch. Alright, let’s try to switch
it up and get this Switch. – [Crystal] Switch it up, switch it up. Aw man it stabbed that pink bag again. – [Angel] I think I need to go further back and to the right. – [Crystal] Yeah, Angel I’m still so happy you got a 10,000 ticket. – [Angel] You know I’m happy too, but I’m a little disappointed. – [Crystal] It’s okay,
well when you got that box I was like oh my gosh guys, oh my gosh. I think he got the choice. I didn’t wanna get too excited. – [Angel] I didn’t, no. – [Crystal] Aw man. – [Angel] Aw, I have one more
play, I have one more play. – [Crystal] Stop stabbing that pink bag. – [Angel] I’m gonna go for the pink one, forget those over there. – [Crystal] Okay, going for
this pink one over here. – [Angel] I bet the choice
is like this one right here. This one way down there,
no one’s gonna get. – [Crystal] That one right
there. (excitedly laughs) I agree with you Angel. – [Angel] It’s got to
be one that you can’t get, it just makes sense. Here we go, ooh that was good. – [Crystal] That was good, oh man. That one’s tough, that is so heavy. – [Angel] I have to go again Cris. – [Crystal] Angel, I told you
that one was really plump. – [Angel] I think you’re
right, I think that might be. Why is that one so plump
compared to the rest? – [Crystal] I’m telling
you. (excitedly laughs) – [Angel] I believe you Cris. – [Crystal] And it’s so tall
compared to the rest of them. – [Angel] It’s got to be something big. – [Crystal] Yes it does, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, woo, oh, oh. I was like shhh be quiet. – [Angel] I wonder if the
choice one has two boxes in it. – [Crystal] Ooh, to make it heavier. – [Angel] Exactly, it
would make it heavier and much harder to win. – [Crystal] Ooh, here
it goes, here it goes. – [Crystal and Angel]
Instant replay, yeah. – [Crystal] Aw man. – [Angel] Aw, I pressed instant replay, it didn’t do it again. – [Crystal] I was getting so nervous. Come on, win us another one. – [Angel] I’m trying, I’m trying. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Pick it up, pick it up, hold on to it. No.
– [Crystal] Oh. – [Angel] This one, you can win a $350 gift card to Best Buy, an Apple Watch, an iPad
Air 2 or what is that? Is that a Apple Watch as well? I’m not sure what that
thing over there is. I’m pretty sure it’s an Apple Watch. – [Crystal] Look at this red one. I wanna try and put it in the play area. – [Angel] Oh yeah, so you
might have to waste a play. Well not really wasting it,
it’s investing it to the future. – [Crystal] It’s not
hooking, I dunno about this. – [Angel] Somehow you
gotta get it to fall over. I don’t think you can win
any of these down here. Oh so this one has the
same thing, 10,000 points. It says 10,000 points to the choice prize. So it’s somewhere between there. – [Crystal] Angel, I bet you
would love that $350 gift card. – [Angel] You better believe it. But how much does the iPad Air cost? So which one’s more valuable,
I’d have to look it up. – Aw man, (excitedly gasps) oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Angel] All you have to do is tip it. – I know, but I might
ruin this Angel I think. – [Angel] Do you think
there’s a choice in there? – I don’t know, no, no, I don’t think so actually, it’s too close. – [Angel] Yeah, it doesn’t
make sense, it’s way too close. The choice prizes are
definitely down in the bottom. – [Crystal] Okay, please do
not ruin this, here we go. – [Angel] Don’t ruin it Cris, you said it. Oh, oh, yeee, no! More plays, more plays,
it needs more plays. – [Crystal] It’s not
completely ruined yet. – [Angel] She’s gonna win
that big one right there. You know what I wonder? It says you have to bring both the bag and what’s inside it
to receive the points. What if you just wanna keep the points? because I kind of like these bags. – [Crystal] I know, these
bags are so awesome. – [Angel] I wonder if
they’re worth 10,000 points. I gotta think, if it was in a prize area would I pay more than
10,000 points for it? Oh, ye, yes, oh. – Oh my, oh man. – That one’s heavy,
that one is very heavy. You have two more plays. – [Crystal] This is hard, Angel. – [Angel] Come on, I think you can get it. Wait wait, no, I think
it’s out of the play zone. Wait no, you moved it over. – [Crystal] I’ve got it a
little bit toward the right. – [Angel] Yeah so, you have to
get a really good grab on it. – [Crystal] Angel I’m ruining this bag. – [Angel] I think it might be ruined. Maybe try going a little further back because you keep grabbing
too close to the top I think. – [Crystal] Right there?
– [Angel] I think so. – [Crystal] Alright, let’s do it. – [Angel] Here it is, here it is, here it is, come on, come on. – Oh my gosh I got it, yes I got it. – [Angel] Alright let’s see what’s in it, let’s see what’s in it. – Ooh. – [Angel] Okay, it’s a mystery prize bag. – Yeah I feel the mystery prize. Oh, there’s something in the
bag, yes something’s in it. – [Angel] Okay what is it, are you gonna open it
towards me or towards you? Okay, it’s a secret, it’s a secret. – Ooh, 10,000 points. – [Angel] Oh she got 10,000 points, now we’re both winners of 10,000 points. This one could have iPad Pros in it, that’s a choice prize in this one. – [Crystal] I wanna try
to go for this blue one, and try to put it into the play area. – [Angel] Alright, that works, oh? – [Crystal] Oh I don’t
think so, oh my gosh. – [Angel] Yeah, you did
get into the play area. You got it right into the play area. – [Crystal] I thought I was
going to win it, oh my gosh. – [Angel] You know what
we should probably do? Maybe try to get another one to hit that and it might tumble in. – [Crystal] You think so?
– [Angel] Yeah. Try to go for some. – [Crystal] But none of
them are in a good spot. – [Angel] Maybe try this orange one. – [Crystal] Okay I’ll
try for the orange one. – [Angel] Did you notice that some of them have rubber bands on it? – [Crystal] Just probably
they lost the little cord. – [Angel] And that probably means that they win those the most. – [Crystal] Oh you’re so right. – [Angel] So that means the ones with rubber bands probably have 10,000. Because yours had rubber band, right? Oh it’s not gonna pick that one up. They all have numbers on them as well, I wish we knew which
number went with what. – [Crystal] It has numbers on them? – [Angel] Yeah, you didn’t notice it? On my box it said 17, and this
right here says three on it so maybe that three means not a winner? – [Crystal] I’m not gonna risk it, I’m going for this one Angel. – [Angel] Alright, don’t risk it I guess. Crystal just wants to win
more than me, that’s not fair. – [Crystal] I do, oh
man I stabbed the chute. – [Angel] It might
actually be in a bad spot. – [Crystal] Oh don’t say that Angel, no. – [Angel] It might
actually be in a bad spot because of the prize chute there. From right there and
then it comes this way. Just get it just far enough back to where it will pick it up, only that. – [Crystal] Man this is hard. – [Angel] You have plenty of time, so time’s not an issue, oh you got it. – Oh, oh, oh, oh man,
that’s a bad spot now. I put it in a really bad position. – [Angel] You think that’s a bad spot? I think that’s a pretty good spot. To stay in the claw machine. – [Crystal] Wow Angel, really? – [Angel] Yeah that’s a bad spot. – [Crystal] Okay, I’m
gonna for it right here. – [Angel] Alright, here we go, that was. Oh you’re right, it is a bad spot. These are really fun. – [Crystal] Here I go.
– [Angel] Here we go. – [Crystal] Oh bop om bop om oh my gosh. – [Angel] No, I think you
have to play that again Cris. You have to play that again
because I think you can get it. Here it is, that was better. Nope, but it’s still staying in there. – [Crystal] Now it’s Angel’s turn, he says he’s gonna go for the green one. – [Angel] I’m gonna try.
– [Crystal] That’s risky. – [Angel] I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hit the prize chute like you. (excitedly laughing) – [Crystal] Ooh, oh you
went too far to the right. – [Angel] Yeah, I don’t
wanna go not enough. – [Crystal] I know because
then it hits the chute, and then you can’t get a good grab. – [Angel] Do you think it’d be okay if I hit the chute on this one? – [Crystal] It could be,
because maybe if it picks it up just enough it’ll tumble in. – [Angel] Oh it did hit the chute. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, oh
my gosh. (excitedly gasps) Yes, oh my gosh did you see that? Oh my gosh, what’s in there
Angel, what’s in there? – Well it’s green so
there’s gotta be money. – [Crystal] Yeah, okay,
okay, okay there’s the box. What is in it? – Congratulations, you’re
a winner of 10,000 points. – [Crystal] Yes, we got
another 10,000 tickets. Angel’s hype now, oh my
gosh, he has to go again. Alright, you’re going for
this orange one in the front? Ooh, oh man, okay, that’s okay. – [Angel] See it says number three on it? – [Crystal] Ooh, yes, yes. Those numbers have to
have some significance. – [Angel] It does, it must. – [Crystal] Alright,
going for the bag again. Cross your fingers guys, get another one. Oh my gosh. (excitedly gasps) – Oh, but I won the one from right there. So this has to be a good spot. – [Crystal] You’re gonna
have to put another play in there if you don’t get it this time. – [Angel] I’m gonna get
it though, don’t worry. No, yes, yes, no, I gotta put more. – [Crystal] He stabbed
the blue bag behind it. You have to go again, that was so close! Now bag number three, bag number three is gonna be the iPad choice. – [Angel] I think that one
says three on it as well. – [Crystal] Oh man, you oh, I
know what the three goes to. – [Angel] Oh do you, tell me. – [Crystal] It goes to the claw machine. – It says it right there. (happily laughs) – [Crystal] That’s the significance of it. These bags belong in claw
machine number three. (happily laughs) I should be a detective. – [Angel] You should be a
detective, definitely, here it is. – [Crystal] Right here, right here guys. Oh, oh my gosh that was so close. – It hit it and bounced. – [Crystal] That was so close. – I’m so mad. – [Crystal] I am so mad right now, oh my gosh, I’m going to punch it. – [Angel] Here we go, I got it right here. – [Crystal] Right here, right here. It’s going to fall into the prize chute, oh my gosh another one. – Alright let’s see, what
do you think’s in it? – [Crystal] I think there’s
going to be another 10,000 tickets. Er, 10,000 points, sorry. – Alright, please. Aw it’s 10,000 points.
– [Crystal] 10,000 points. We’re still excited about that. – I guess a little bit excited. We almost completely missed this one. It has a Xbox One X as the choice prize. – Ooh, I want that. – [Angel] So she’s going
for the black mystery bag. – Yeah, because it’s the only one in there. – [Angel] That has to mean something, there’s no way that cannot mean something. – [Crystal] I know, oh
man it is so heavy too? – [Angel] Appears very heavy. This one right here is
right by the prize chute, do you think could win that one? – [Crystal] I might have to try them. – [Angel] She’s like I can’t
give up on the Xbox One X. – [Crystal] Maybe give
this one another try. – [Angel] That’s the only prize in here is the Xbox One X or
10,000 points of course. – [Crystal] Yeah, here we go. – [Angel] Instant replay,
no okay, you got it? – [Crystal] Oh my God, no. – [Angel] It’s really
heavy and it’s in the back, it has to be the choice prize. – [Crystal] Do you think
I should go for it again? – [Angel] It’s up to you,
whatever you think you can win. – [Crystal] I think it’s out
of the play area, but I’ll try. – [Angel] That’s because it’s the rare one, that’s the only thing it can mean. It can only mean it’s the rare one. – [Crystal] I hate not knowing. Oh man, I think I dead zoned that one. – [Angel] You’re going to give up on it? – [Crystal] Yeah, I’m going to
try for this green one. I’m pretty sure that
one’s the Xbox One too. – [Angel] Yeah, I’m
pretty sure it is as well. I’m kind of sad you’re giving up on it, but that’s okay, it’s your plays. She’s going to go for this one
right by the prize chute which should be pretty good I hope. Wow, it’s because you
got one on this side. It’s really hard for the ones that are close because of that. Like you would think it’s going to be easier, but you have to not hit
the acrylic over here. – [Crystal] Let’s see, oh I hit it again. – [Angel] That’s okay,
that’s not okay actually, it’s actually not okay. – [Crystal] Where should I
put my last play on, that one? – [Angel] I dunno, let’s see. – [Crystal] I’m going to try the black one. – [Angel] The black
one, alright here we go. – [Crystal] Let’s see if I can put it in the play area at least,
maybe I can even win it. – [Angel] No it’s way
out of the play area. – [Crystal] Angel’s feeling lucky, he wants to do one last try on this. – [Angel] I’m feeling
lucky but I’m never lucky. (excitedly laughs) – [Crystal] Ooh, this one
is in a good spot though. – [Angel] Yeah, somebody moved
it to a really good spot. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, what? – [Angel] Hey, the last two that have been there I’ve won them. So maybe that’s a sign. – [Crystal] Yeah, oh my
gosh, he moved it so close. – [Angel] No I hit the
side, that’s my fault. That was my fault. – [Crystal] Aw man. – [Angel] Take it a little
further back a little bit. – [Crystal] Alright here he goes. This is going to be the win, is it? Yes, yes, wow whoa, whoa,
whoa, that was close. – I told you. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, Angel. – Alright, aw it’s got
a rubber band on it. This probably means it’s 10,000. – [Crystal] We’re rackin’
up those 10,000 points. – Yep, it’s 10,000 more points. – Alright guys, so we’re
going to end it there. We won five prize bags. – I am so surprised, I did
not expect to get this many. – [Angel] I didn’t expect us to win one. And then we won five,
that is super awesome. So we got 50,000 total points
if we decide to turn them in. Are we going to turn them in? – Yes Angel, we racked up so many. – [Angel] You don’t wanna keep the bags? – No, we have to get all the points. – Fine fine, we’ll turn the
bags in and get the points. We’ll do somethin’ with the
points in the future I’m sure. Right now though we’re going to save them. So which one’s your favorite,
favorite color I guess. – The red bag, it’s the biggest one. – [Angel] Yeah the red one is the largest bag out of all of them. Nope, it’s not choice it’s only 10,000, just like the other ones.
You guys have to let us know which one’s your favorite prize bag. I mean this is the biggest
one, so everyone say that one. Alright guys, thanks
for watching everyone. – Bye.


Seems like every one they have played has just one of the black bags, wonder if that means anything? I'm so addicted to their channel!

You should have gone onto the duck claw machine next to the prize bag xbox one and see who wins the most ducks from 20 credits 😂🤣😂

Заткнись сучка, ебать ты заебала со своим ебалом свиньи

did you guys notice that there were only one black one in each claw the black one has to mean it is the choose

Angel: gets prize
Angel: opens it 10,000 points😕, nah, I wanted the switch!
Me: 😮, I WILL TAKE IT !👋🏼

I had this weird idea for a proposal to somebody ask a worker to hid your ring ina prize bag close to the prize Shute and you can pretend to randomly get it and the when you get you can act surprised and the go (name]!!!! … will you marry me?

Is it bad that I’m not concerned about the Xbox one X but the rubber ducky machine beside it

Desde España, esa sonrisa enamora a cualquiera! Por cierto si mueves el gancho a los lados antes de caer coge más fuerza

The claw machine said 3 plays for 4$ but its 50c per play if u keep doing individual plays it would only be 4$ for 8 plays wow I'm a genius

You should clean one of these machines out. You might spend $500 but you'll probably end up with over $1000 worth of stuff and a trending video!

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