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What’s inside the World’s Smallest Cell Phone?

What’s inside the World’s Smallest Cell Phone?

– All right, you got it Bud. – Hello, welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. And today we are going
to see what’s inside of the worlds smallest cell phone. – World’s smallest, that’s right. – Smallest, like that’s
a big claim right there. – It is a big claim and
it’s actually backed up. Because, at the same time I think it’s probably world’s smallest
functioning cell phone. So this isn’t a smart phone. It doesn’t have a screen with
all the different devices. This is a tiny, tiny phone. – It’s tiny, tiny. – We bought this off of Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description. And it was only $47, that’s it. And it’s a new phone, as of this year. If you had it turned on,
and it’s fully charged. It will sit on standby for eight days. That’s interesting. If you have it fully charged and then you start talking on it,
it will run for six hours. That’s pretty impressive
for this little guy. It’s got a vibrator setting, silent, ringtone, 13 different
styles of voice changers, 12 languages you can choose from. It’s pretty impressive. It has this LED screen. And how did I even find
out about this phone? That’s the question. – I don’t know. – I read in a article online that talked about how people were taking these phones and when they were visiting their friends or family that were in prisons, or in the jails. They would take these phones and they would hide them somehow on their body. And they could sneak it into the prison through the metal
detectors and everything. And then once they were through they could take it out
and give it to them. And the people in the prison
would have a cell phone. Interesting, right? – What would that do to
the people in the prison? – They would just have
a way to call people. And they’d have their
own phone in the prison. – That’s crazy. – So, super interesting. It’s small enough to be hidden, on your body, to be snuck into prisons. But once I saw that article, I was like, “Yes, we need to get that phone. “We need to go to a place like a T-Mobile, “a Verizon, an AT&T.” Some type of phone service network. And see if they can
put a sim card in here. And see if it’ll work. Maybe a mini sim card. All right, let’s take
it out of the box first. It opens up nicely. Nice, plastic. (laughs) Oh my goodness. There is a scene in, what is that show? – Earth to Matilda. – What is that show where those guys are– – Just seeing someone, walking down. Hello? Oh hello. – Look at the comparison here. We have world’s smallest phone. – I have the Samsung S8. – Samsung S8. There’s the difference
right there, look at that. This isn’t even the S8+. This is just the S8. Look at that size difference. (instrumental music) This is a Flash drive. It is about the same size. So, does this work? We’re gonna go on an adventure right now. And go to a cell phone store and see if we can get this thing working. – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – We’re on the way. We got our friend, Kye back here. What’s up Kye? – I’m doing good. – [Dan] And we’ve got this guy. – Kye and Linkpie. – [Dan] And where’s the phone? It’s in here. I put it back in the
box, just to be careful. Oh no we didn’t! Where is it? It’s out of the box! Do you have it? – No. – Oh wait, (laughs) I feel something. I feel something in my pocket. It’s either a USB or the
world’s smallest phone. Got it. Here you go Lincoln, hold onto that. Treat it gently. He looks just like Zoolander, hello. – [Narrator] Calls will be answered. – A break, it’s really yummy. (upbeat music) – Okay, so we’re charging it. We have it plugged in and check it out, low batte, it doesn’t even have enough words, enough room for the battery. Oh, you scroll down. Scroll down it says, “low battery.” we’re getting it here,
at the Verizon store. Everybody got a good laugh out of it. On the back of it, look
at the instructions. “Insert the iPhone 4 Micro sim.” Whatever in the world that is. We’re just about to come out with the iPhone 10 or X or whatever they’re gonna call it. But the iPhone 4 sim card, “Yeah, let me go grab that
out of my closet here.” But we’re at Verizon. I think they can figure it out. This is what it looks like when it’s getting programmed. Has anyone ever told
you, your hands are huge? – [Man] No they haven’t,
this is the first time. (laughs) – So here’s the deal. It needs to be on this 2G network. Which is something that
AT&T doesn’t offer. And really only Verizon
and T-Mobile offer. And so we couldn’t get the card to work properly in there. It just wouldn’t recognize the sim card. And so we’re just gonna
go to a T-Mobile store. Because we gotta get this thing working. We gotta be able to call people on it and make sure that it actually works, before we take it apart. We’ve been at T-Mobile
for like 30 minutes. And I think we finally have it. We put the sim card in and it says, “Welcome to T-Mobile.” She has the phone. Get the phone from her. Dial my phone number. Do you know my number? – Yeah. No! What if you click the wrong number? – [Dan] Then press back. – There’s no back. – [Dan] It’s not a smart phone, but yeah, in the old days we used
that as the back button. – [Lincoln] It didn’t work. – [Dan] It erased it, type it again. – [Woman] Type the whole thing again. – How do you? (laughs) – [Dan] Type the number. – I don’t know, you– – [Dan] You can do it, Lincoln. – He’s never had to suffer through not having a smart phone, he’s lost. – What is wrong with you kids these days? Okay, we’re gonna change it up here. Lincoln doesn’t know how to use a phone that’s not a touch screen. – [Lincoln] I know how to use this one. – Most of you kids are
probably the same way. This is crazy. Okay, I’m dialing my number. – Okay. – [Dan] 5-0-5, that’s all you get to know. 5-0-5, dial. I’m dialing. – United States, that’s what it says. Hello, hello? – [Dan] Hello, can you hear me? – Yeah. – I’m going outside. I’m going outside. Okay, can you hear me Lincoln? Oh, it’s working. Oh my gosh, this tiny
phone actually works. That’s amazing, here swap me, hold this. I think what we need to do now is we need to call some fans. I think we’ll go live on Instagram maybe. And just see if some people wanna give us their phone numbers. And we’ll just call them. – Linkpie, that’s my Instagram,
go follow it, woohoo. – Okay, let’s see if we have any people that come on here. See, look, there’s the camera. You guys are in the livestream. We got a number, we got a number. Okay, here we go. We’re calling a fan. And this is a really big fan. – Hello? Are you there? Hi. – [Dan] Is it working? – Hey, thanks for watching our videos. – It worked, it worked. We’ll be honest. It was a little hard to hear the people. And they had a little bit
of a hard time hearing us. But now we need to go home
and take this thing apart. I’m curious to see how big of a battery does this phone have to have for it to function the way it will function. So it’s not the worst phone in the world. The thing about it, it’s 99% plastic. Because of that, it should
be super easy to get into. What do you like more, your S8 or this? – Hmm, I wonder. – [Dan] We spend more for
the minutes, then the phone. So I think if we just hit it
with this guy, we’ll be set. Pry it open right there. Okay we got her, let’s open it up. – [Lincoln] Whoooo, wheeee. – [Dan] Okay, so somehow
I killed the LED screen. But there still is a light,
going on right there. – [Lincoln] There’s these copper wires. – [Dan] Well that was
not hard to get into. As I suspected, the battery
is almost the entire thing. It has a pretty good battery life. You can see why, the battery makes up almost the entire inside of it. Jury rig everything, to tell you more about everything that’s
inside of this thing. Here’s a lot of the chips down here. Here’s where the sim card goes in. If I understand things properly, this is the vibrator thing. This thing just spins around. And that’s what gives it
that vibrating sensation. – This is really strange. If you put your finger on the screen. Put your finger on the
screen, for like 20 seconds. – Oh, oh, ouch, it’s
really hot, you’re right. – It burns my finger. – Why is it so hot? (laughs) That’s hot, that’s a good one. I didn’t notice that. – It’s completely safe. – Just because it’s only fair, we did it to the Samsung Galaxy S8, we brought the lithium
ion battery out here. And we’re gonna puncture
and see what happens. Oh, scared me. (laughs) Well, maybe it’s not lithium ion. I will say, this battery survives better then the Galaxy S8. It’s not even really hot. Well actually, it’s a little warm. It’s getting warmer. It’s getting hotter. You wouldn’t want to
put that in your pocket. Yeah, that’s getting hot. I don’t know what you’d use it for. Other than to just
sneak it into somewhere, if you really needed a phone. – This is definitely one of the smallest things that we’ve ever cut open. If you want one of these, I’ll put a link in the description to Amazon, where we purchased it. Or it you just wanna check
it out, put a link in there. – Everyone use this phone, whoo hoo! – Yep, go for it.


I worked corrections and law enforcement and I can tell you that phones are not just to call someone up to chat. That is a darn small phone and I didn't even know they still existed. Great vid guys.

I used to have a flip phone from 6 to 8I know how to use a flip phone and I am 11 but my cousin who is about to be 13 has no clue how to use one

Verizon: can you here me now

At&t: rethink possible oh I had brain fart can't think derrrrrr

T-MOBILE: I STILL can support 2g network I'm cool 🙂 ps I use T-MOBILE

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