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What’s inside World’s Lightest Laptop? | LG Gram 15

What’s inside World’s Lightest Laptop? | LG Gram 15

– The lightest 15-inch
laptop in the world. I don’t anticipate that should survive. Oh no, not like that! – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we’re going to cut open the world’s lightest laptop. – World’s lightest– I’m sorry, I totally cut you off. What were you gonna say? – We’re gonna cut open the
world’s lightest 15-inch laptop. – Look at this thing, this is the LG Gram. This thing really is light and I don’t know how I’m
supposed to show you on camera how light it is. – I think it’s just
supposed to be me holding it ’cause I’m a wimp. – You’re a wimp? Is that what you said? Lincoln’s a wimp. This laptop is super light. It’s around two pounds,
two-and-a-half pounds. We travel a lot. A lot of times I’m editing on the plane. If there’s no outlets on the plane. – It’s gonna die. – It dies. This had a battery that if
you’re just working on it, it can go up to 24 hours, but if you’re surfing the
Internet and doing other things, you could have possibly 17 hours. A lot of the laptops that
you find that are super, super light, they sacrifice
some of the ports. This one has two USB ports, two USB-C ports, an HDMI. Forget about the dongles. It’s not gonna be the dongle life when you’re on this laptop. – Not the dongle life. ♫ It’s a dongle life for me – We decided to take a different
approach on this video. We brought this all the
way up to Toronto, Canada. Do you recognize this set at all? – Does anyone recognize this? Okay, pause the video right now and then leave it in the
comments if you know what it is. – And then come back. – Yeah, and then come back. Don’t forget. That’s the important part right there. Don’t come back. Don’t come back. I mean, do come back. – What are you talking about? So we need to get into this laptop and we needed to find
a unique way to do it so we called on the help
of one of our friends. – Unbox Therapy, that’s where. – So this is is. I’m backing up. This is Lew from Unbox Therapy. This is his set up, check this out. There’s Lincoln right there and
right there and right there. Alright Lincoln, let’s go find Lew. He’s downstairs doing something. Bring the computer. He’s downstairs working hard. – I think he’s working. What are you doing? – [Dan] Well you said
you were hard working. Is this what hard working is? – You know what? This is like one of my favorite electric vehicles right here. – [Dan] What even is that? – I don’t know. – We have this laptop. It’s supposed to be the
world’s lightest laptop, right? Balloons, these are 36-inch balloons. The biggest balloons a
balloon store would have. How many balloons do think it’s gonna take to lift that laptop off the ground? – Well, it’s a pretty light laptop. Four, four or five. Well, wait a minute. You mean lift off or like hover? – [Dan] Let’s say hover, off the ground. It’s off the ground. – I’ll say five. – Four. – Four? I’m gonna say six. – The answer’s a five. – This is probably not
the ideal way to do it. We have this tape that’s
not even that strong. We’re gonna tape it to
the back of the laptop. The laptop is actually pretty durable. I don’t anticipate that it should survive. (upbeat music) Not quite enough. – I feel like maybe my guess originally was influenced by the availability
of balloons at the time. This will be eight. (upbeat music) – [Dan] Is that the world’s
lightest laptop now? Don’t let it hit though. – Did you see that? – Nice. Balloon number 10. – It could be the ending. – [Dan] Does that feel– – Whoa! Yeah! It’s floating down. – You’re like a couple
away from levitation. – [Dan] Give it a lot of help. Oh no, not like that, whoa! Will it still work? Somebody’s bouncing it on one finger. That’s pretty cool, Lincoln. – Take it away. – We need to see a laptop fly. – We’ve made around 30 balloons. We’re gonna get this LG Gram off. At least 30. – [Dan] I like the look of it now. It looks like a party. – It’s got a little bit of everything. – Wow! – [Dan] Oh, we have levitation. Flotation, I would say. – [Lew] Uh-oh. – Oh no. LG Gram in the air. It is not that the laptop is heavy. It’s that there’s some math
involved that’s above my head. How much helium does it take to lift up something that’s this heavy? If this was a regular
laptop that’s four pounds, which is double the weight of this, it would still be on the ground right now. – I mean… A laptop that floats? (upbeat music) – It took more than we thought, but we need to get into this thing and so I think we need a drop test, but a severe drop test. Throw it up to me. Alright, drop test time. Oh! – It looks good. – [Dan] Look at that. I see LG. – Life’s good. We’re back home. – Look how nice this looks. This is after we dropped it. This is outside. It still looks good. I’m impressed that this thing still works. It survived. The touchscreen part
of it works just fine. The only thing that got
damaged from that giant drop, which is like 25 feet, is the back has a little bit of a gap on this little part. – Just like a little time gap. It’s crazy for a 25-foot drop. – Huge thanks to LG for
sending us this laptop and sponsoring this video, but now we need to cut it open
and see what’s inside of it. This is not aluminum like
a lot of the other laptops, but it’s still really strong. Nanocarbon magnesium alloy material. They evenly spread the
microscopic nanocarbon powders and it improves the laptop’s
strength by about 25%. Science. Okay, so we know this thing is durable. It almost feels fake, it’s so lightweight. With it being so light, how much stuff is even inside of here? I’ve got my helper with
the beautiful fingernails to hold this. Screen time. (saw buzzes) is it still working? – [Leslie] No. – [Dan] Oh. (saw buzzes) Check it out. We’ve got a disco party
inside of the screen. Disco party! We definitely messed it up. The other computer that we cut
open was not a touchscreen. Whoa, look at that. Oh, that is cracked. It looks super cool. Look inside of the screen, I love it. – Oh, it’s so bright! – [Dan] Look how bright that is. Are you seeing this? Look at that. Look at the inside of this thing. There’s a few different layers. – Ow, it burns my eyes! – [Dan] Here’s the
touchscreen, look at that. You’ve got the second layer, which is kind of like a grayish dark one, another component of that, so we can’t really get
into the light part. It’s just this one chunk right here. Looks like a light saber. Alien gooey stuff. – [Lincoln] Like oil. – This is the coolest screen
we have ever cut open. Look on the backside. You can see the connecting
cable right here. That’s it. This is the one cable right here. A front-facing camera right there. This goes right there in the hole. – I want to cut open
the bottom part of it, like how it’s so light. – [Dan] Alright, let’s take off this. There’s the fan on that part. I am strong! Ah! – What is that, is that a fan? – That’s the fan. So they were able to take the fan and compress it and minimize the parts that they don’t really
need inside of a laptop, because this is all the components. This is one of the smallest
motherboards I have seen and we’ve cut open some pretty
small and light laptops. They really tried to
maximize the space in here so that they could fit this battery inside of it. Check out the size of that battery. That’s a big battery. This is a 60-watt-hours battery. The motherboard is just that tiny part. Like all the chips are
underneath the keyboard. This uses the Intel Core
i7 seventh generation chip on it, super science-y. – [Man] Yeah, science. – And you guys saw how lightweight it was. We lifted it up with stinking balloons. – Ba-loons. – The lightest 15-inch
laptop in the world. There’s never been anything
like this seen before. Big thanks to LG for sponsoring this video and giving us this laptop. Then also, huge thanks
to Lew from Unbox Therapy for letting us go to his office
and film the balloon part. There’s a in-card here
to some of Lew’s videos if you have not seen Unbox Therapy. Then also, there’s a
link in the description if you’d like to learn more
about the LG lightweight laptop and let us know what else
you’d like us to cut open. – [Lincoln] Bye bye!


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what's inside a light laptop?

chips and some advanced tech.

unless there's a freaking unicorn inside that's like 1 pound

you should have kept the magnesium off the computer if you get it hot enough with a blow torch it lites on fire and no water will put it out and it burns really bright

there is a thing that the civil society calls screw driver.. u can use that.. instead of being the new world tarzans..

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