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Ola my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a
wheel addict today’s skate talk is with the one and
only Jon Julio so we all know that over the last few months a few things
happened in the skating industry that made us all think what’s going on in
here I’m really really excited about my guests so I guess the best is just to
call him let’s not just talk too much before this so let’s just call John
Julie let’s see what he has to say about this I’m a little bit nervous the groom
it inside me hey what’s up are you doing John so we’re recording right now
already oh not a pro I am you’re not Thank You mentee No No thank you for a
setting to make this I’ve been like I have to tell you that probably I was
using the wrong way to try to contact you but I’ve been wanting to do this but
I guess that’s actually the best time to do it so anyway it doesn’t matter we’re
doing it we’re doing it right now so that’s all it matters yeah like I said I
guess that’s the best time to do it so Wow let’s do this so if that’s something
that I need to tell you if I interrupt you any time when you’re saying
something I’m sorry I’m gonna try to not make that happen but it’s something that
sometimes I can’t stop myself it’s gonna be an interesting one yeah let me I
guess most of the people that is listening to these they listen to the
one that you the podcast that I’ve done like a few weeks ago with the guys from
mushroom blading so yeah before we even going to the old John Julie that I want
to go a little bit to that part – yeah what’s the status on them
what’s happening oh man it’s gonna be great
rollercoaster continue in a good way everything is going off then you know I
mean there’s bumps in the road for sure but everything is on time for game
delivery once I got a warehouse now so that’s a big change
I anyone’s have heard the muttering podcast I got I was gonna store the
first thousand tears I had ordered at my home which lets let’s see how many
skates are you getting now so I know that it was more less than less than a
week right you got the 1000 sold escapes you have come actually it was the first
day is awesome yeah I mean unbelievable you know like that day actually I was in
Europe when it all happened obviously we’re clash and then I stayed I stayed
an extra time for my coffee right now at a coffee shop do it I stayed in Europe
for the extra you go to two weeks later so really I was it was kind of like I
was I don’t know in this kind of European mindset you know I wasn’t at
home so like every day every day I was there you know my wife I wake up their
head hurts my in-laws my all fatherfather nothing I woke up every
morning with them you know having breakfast like oh they’re really
happened it like did the launch actually we really sell like that many see it’s
the one day out pinch myself I swear man it was just unbelievable so anyway I
guess I guess I’m trying to say is yeah we well really want to say it’s thank
you to everybody who’s listening that actually supported them in the law and
it’s just been unbelievable overwhelming all
when we you know this is crazy like I don’t know how to put it in words how
thankful and appreciative I am to be able to still you know to talk to you
about this and be able to have a real brand a real skate brand that’s you know
I mean like it’s it’s really unbelievable I can’t imagine I can’t
imagine I still can’t believe it’s really like a dream come true and I
appreciate every everyday I you know even now I’m here exact in America and
you know it’s it’s just ill o surreal so yeah so I have I doubled my order going
back to your question and and it’s it’s it’s funny because having the first
thousand sold so fast it was really unbelievable but but then then knowing
that I’d have to have to double the order it gets increase Li the expense
basically that I mean but of course now I gotta pay for more and so I got in
that respect nothing’s really changed I mean it
happens a lot but we don’t get me wrong but my my the wrist is still affected
the risk factor basically doubles of course and now we always it going the
second thousand pair you know I mean we were still moving a bunch I mean far
from sold sold out but I’m in a good position or the brand is in good
position and to be a to be you know successful
through the next round like we’re gonna be okay
you know I mean so no but to be honest if I was gonna sell a thousand pairs in
one year I was gonna be I was already shocked you know like I was already
gonna be like oh this is a you know nobody will be okay so now not being in
this position where we could potentially sell the next round like you know like I
think I mean you come true you know I mean like
and they can happen you know beyond this and and I mean I’m sorry anything but
meeting you know sky’s the limit we got to keep away keep pushing and and a part
of the most insane thing at the product isn’t here yet so that’s it like like
you said if you would be in one year would be amazing and you did it in 12
hours but yeah a lot of people that listening to these
they don’t know it how bumpy it started for you because I was with Robbie I was
at Robbie in Amsterdam and then Robbie just Rob yeah Robbie got a phone cut a
message saying that the Shawn I think was Shaun and like the two damn team
riders they lost their plane or something like that or there was some
problem with the plane all the states weren’t coming or something like that so
yeah yeah yeah so it started a little bit bumpy but
then less than two days later you were selling all this kid so I crotch shoot
Shawna Cruz Satine where we’re stuck in Iceland actually and they he’s stuck in
Iceland I don’t think never even left sorry they never even left their Lake
and yeah they didn’t let their flyers there in the end
and Robbie skates Oh Robbie’s back Robbie skates got lost particularly but
Arlo missed his flight as well so there was a just in general Americans were
kind of stuck in America for an extra day now you’re just waiting for the 12
hours experience anywhere so the question that everyone has been doing is
and what’s next I like it’s crazy that people are already asking about what’s
next when the skate is not even what’s next this is this case coming to America
you know what I mean I cried this is where I’m at right now like I’m so happy
I mean I when I got home so I obviously I’ve stayed in Europe like I said for
two weeks and the whole time I’m like how the hell I’m going
did all these gates in my house no because I had measured had none in my
garage right inside of my house and there was a way to do a thousand pairs
you know it would not be comfortable living you know what I mean whatever you
have you flooring up there would be I’m tell you but I got home and I was like
and I measured my house again obviously and I was like dude there is no work if
you’re a thousand parents in here you know I mean it would be a way but like
we could not live you know so thankfully because of obviously selling out and the
support of everyone and the brand I financially being able to pave it of
production and and and now with you know a little budgeting was you know I was I
was like yeah you know maybe I can’t afford to do a small warehouse small
space and so basically for two weeks I was just thinking how it would work and
how I got you know how I could budget it of course and where I would have to go
and what what kind of pricing I can email forward so I when I when I got
home I I drove all around in my town here in Santa Ana and there’s a lot of
business financial complexes around there’s a pretty you know industrial
area as far as like those plans of warehouses so I luckily found you know
something it wasn’t that easy either add a nose like I didn’t realized how
complicated it would be to actually find the location with the right price with
the right space in the right zone know I don’t want to drive too far from my
house so I also don’t want to get too big of a space when I want spend I
really want to throw on lying is when you’re careful with the money so that
took about two three weeks and I got home so my whole mission wants to find
this place as soon as possible you know because my plants bison my new son is
arriving and maybe end of this month you know early next month and in this month
so I got home what and of early end of February early early
marks right now but anyway much you know I mean yeah like I knew I think I had a
month at least to like at least like be be able to set it up get ready to you
know get a racks there because you know you’re gonna be out in the end of the
yeah yeah I gotta get you know insurance and I got a move in and you got a quota
pop in the bank knows what kind of China China thanks unit that I rented so
that’s actually gone now unfortunately because I we have racks in there now for
the stage I knew I could have it there for maybe a week and that’s basically I
had it for so I tore that down and now we have the racks in there for
first case and product so and now the other thing is figuring out logistics
face so that you have and and I got a really good space really good price but
it’s not huge you know so you know I also was doing the math in there and
it’ll barely work you know what I mean so for for the the amount of skates that
we’re ordering they’re coming in like it’ll it’ll work yeah but they wanna
they gonna go fast and for those of you listening to these so I was talking to
John yesterday because I have a little shop in South Africa and until now our
shop started like I would say like almost two years ago it was in May yeah
thousand and sixteen and like this month I moved to a bigger place out of a skate
park but into a bigger place which is way better because I have a lot more
freedom but yeah John’s brand dam is going to be the first brand that I’m
gonna sell which is in power slide which I’m quite excited about it and thank you
man I really it’s not it’s really a way after like seeing all these progress I
just want to be part of it somehow and I want to help somehow so I appreciate
goes but you know I’m excited like I mean thank you first and I’m excited to
I’m so crowd actually to be able to say damn
yeah you can get my skates stop Africa you know it’s great I know I can imagine
that it’s like a it’s like it’s different now
having this is you know them as its own thing as a house of mine but you know
independently on its own and and having being able to to be captain of the ship
you know and and in a lot of right a lot of aspects the sales part is is so fun
for me and also challenging but also the most fulfilling you know because I talk
to you at the shop owner you know and and and you’re buying my product and
it’s insane it’s a it’s a big accomplishment you know and to be able
to get this overseas to you is going to be another huge you know deal like I can
see that for a lot of different places also like Australia in Australia you
know like I never we never had a ravallo like we never have at were able to get
I mean people made probably oh you know that’s like never maybe one on one time
you did get a shipment into on stater HQ and oak City are London’s but it was you
know you and far between and and now like I mean we were 15 years so like and
now I am just three stores that that you’d be able to get them from and
that’s base side blade skater HQ and an hour limit and that’s incredible you
know and so but tell me are they buying straight from you or you’re going
straight from Roma distributors oh no every shot everything is coming straight
them good from me yeah okay so they’re wanting them distributed distributors
there will be the main distributor which is you and then everyone will buy from
you everything okay exactly yeah right now we’re not big enough for no way yeah
exactly that’s cool so my question about the
future didn’t have to do exactly I was another problem no I wasn’t
expected I wasn’t exactly expecting you to tell me if you’re gonna put skin on
top of the skate or whatever I’m not I really wanted to know what you had in
mind for the brand and let’s that’s what I’m asking like right now I see that
you’re trying to organize the whole thing what are you gonna pack the skate
and you’ve been like selling all over the world you’re trying to distribute to
as many places as you can and that’s awesome to see
but now going to something that people keep asking a lot okay of course we all
we all know that you wish you could make like more sizes and all that but yeah
obviously you were reduced on budget yeah do you plan on making like a
smaller skate of the things that I spoke with you at the winter clash because
it’s one of those things that a lot of people spoke I need to say the word a
lot of people a lot of people said shit about rachis but that’s one of the I was
probably one of the ones to say like I don’t know what happened yeah if you
want to talk about it you can talk but the truth is we need brands like roaches
because they make skates for kids and we need kids but I agree again if you’re
gonna make skates for kids we also need what you gonna do so I guess you
understand what I’m saying Zoli I was one of the initial things where you
started this whole thing it was a goal it was my goal to be able to offer
smaller states and that’s definitely that’s definitely on the to do it yeah
as soon as possible really as soon as possible like Potomac yeah or that
smartphone for the mold that you using will you have to produce a mold from
scratch to young exactly it would be a brand new mode but we’ll okay and would
you keep the shape so that you have to all be online it would be it would be I
mean I was going back and forth on it but I think it would make sense to be a
similar shape say it safe so plates yeah it’s definitely I feel like in the line
it needs to it needs to coordinate with the line definitely but that’s awesome
that means that you’re super super comfortable with the way they look like
and people are giving like yeah a really good response on it right I mean I think
I would obviously be sceptical and give a different answer if I didn’t feel so
yeah like the response I mean the sales and and yeah the response of the mold I
think initially was definitely confusing maybe
you know and then I think people people used to see that it as a cheapskate or
something yeah and you see it like treated completely different with the
approach with a different marketing and yeah you know I feel like you the edits
that we’re making and we’ve made and they’re skating and we do and the way
we’re branding it and I think it’s obviously it’s a it’s a solid skate now
and but there’s all you know like I do I do want to expand it smaller size and
and I’m really just taking it step by step you know I don’t want to also say
something that I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to do you know like of course they
don’t want to make big promises exactly but we didn’t meet names like yeah I do
wanna I think I said this word this term a lot you know I’m in real time I’m
working on real time and and right now is what I said earlier is I’m just
getting this case here you know what I mean and then when that happens in June
and I’m ship they’re shipping and they’re shipping all out and and I can
you know celebrate the rest of that’s gonna be the real you know the birth of
the brand and and I’ll be a very happy man a lot of people will you know and
that’s gonna kind of work you have like a super solid team it’s like thank you I
like the team I like I like the guys that you chose like they have their own
personality and it I really think it’s awesome it’s like they don’t think they
don’t care about anything else that’s awesome but everyone keeps asking the
same and we all knew that obviously budget wise it wasn’t as easy for you
but now with you making a second order with the budget increasing a little bit
would you be presenting any new team riders anytime soon Oh anytime soon
probably not no that’s fucking real time in real time yeah like I don’t have like
I would I would I can’t say I am developing a program but guys my
first thing is first like I wanna get the skates here I want this I want to be
able to shit and and and offer a good service you know I mean and and then
deliver and then and then see where I’m at act there is this like a business
welcome to it and it’s looking like I’ll be okay good I mean it’s like when if I
can sell a little second round you know what does that mean like that
means hey you know like we’ll be able to offer another stay for Christmas
you know that’s if this is the case then holy shit you know like this is
incredible you know I mean so that’s kind of where I’m at like in my head
financially with team-wise I mean family wise because that’s what it is it’s like
that’s that I don’t have a I mean I have ideas you don’t have goals and again
like I said about the product like I don’t want to you know say stuff that
that is like I can’t I’m not gonna promise yet because I’m I don’t have
skates here you know like how am I gonna have anything in my head about the
answer if I don’t even have frog here you know and you know a lot of ways a
lot away it’s like it everybody you know it’s quite it’s quite an incredible feat
yeah good sorry no sorry you can keep going sorry I’m no
good so and unfortunately some brands experienced some problems with factories
and I really really yeah that nothing goes wrong with it because we all want
we all want to succeed but if something goes wrong can change along so we hope
it doesn’t and we really hope that you who were planning on having on having a
thousand skates sold in a year we really hope that you go for two batches or four
thousand and make a new sketch for Christmas I really hope so I really hope
it all goes well I mean I already been through you know bumps in the road like
and it’s it’s been an experience and already
what kind of bumps are we talking about oh there’s like oh here’s a good one you
actually mentioned we actually you actually helped this a lot you know and
yeah it’s funny because we’re talking about the rivets you know and okay
remember you member talking to Sean I didn’t talk to you stop Hashanah body
and it’s pretty awesome because it’s like you helped to this you know you you
actually may help us make a decision and as as I said earlier everything has been
real time so like to get the skates here on at the time you have to make
decisions pretty fast because everything is being made the molds are being made
and my order has been made you know I mean like a lot of serious decisions
have been made to get it ready to get here on time so one of my quick quick
answers I would say which school now hasn’t been a it has been on the mind
was do we do the rivets or do we do this group of boots you know and and we had
both samples and and we knocking rivets through through through bhalo before and but in any case something in a
production in China I had to decide you know we have we’ve been testing the
screws you know since day one and we haven’t had any problems and and the
screws if something goes wrong can always change but exact weight it’s a
whole different process exactly I don’t know if you know but there’s
like a lot of brands that did with the lead rivets and yet that’s what I was
telling Sean at the window just some brands that problems with that which is
like at first it’s amazing but then it start getting a little bit of yeah –
Lawson one yeah so I guess your best choice and people like to customize
their skates exactly and now is the biggest plus and that was a lot like a
lot of direct messages on the emails were in regards to that oh man I didn’t
come with screws because I would love to see the white soleplate black boot and
white cop you know or the vice versa with the white weight through the black
soul black out so and at first we were I was
personally pushing for the rivets so with Sean and then we decided I be
pursue that it was the best thinkers from the brand and her for her the
product performance that screams word the right way to go so I wouldn’t say a
bump in the road but obviously stuff like that is another kind of decisions
that yes I just need to step back and just see it from a different perspective
and transact from the before the brand okay thank you
thank you like you you’re the you were at winter class you mentioned that to
Sean and you’re actually one of the reasons why we were you know I’m
second-guessing don’t you that means a lot to me I’m gonna use that the sales
kids at the show no I do I do I do work with bars like when it comes to that –
Alex yeah so I do do I love to do that and I keep saying the same I keep I talk
with every brand out there in the market and I don’t want any of them to fail I
want all the brands to succeed and the more I can help every brand man yes I do
work with powerslide but I don’t want powerslide to succeed by having the
other ones failing I want them to succeed but I also want all the others
that means that the sport is yeah it’s kind of grainy we need a competition you
need more brands – no yes build off each other competition just makes us better
exactly I agree yep so now again I’m gonna go again to
the team come on just tell us is Alex Brosco going to skate with with dance
case or not I’m going through my facebook basically I made a post about
it and yeah so many people ask the same I just didn’t need to ask you straight
to the point so yeah I guess he won I guess he wants
it I guess he wants it but at the same and you want it but I get I that’s what
I think you know yeah it’s a like everything that’s happened
with with data team is that Valerie I’m definitely stoked and it’s just our own
organic thing you know like and right now the brand has to organically go and
grow and and it’s just kind of like how Gonzalo started you know like we started
when I was there it was just you know with Eric and and star and then Martino
and and that’s what we could do you know and right now this is what the brand can
do and right now the brand does need have skates on the market so it’s it’s
just as we all know like we already talked about it it’s the budget allows
to do what it can do for the brand and I’m actually excited to just be able to
develop the program that that’s going to be growing this way you know and it’s
nice to really embrace this control you know like and be able to develop it and
and that’s the exciting part about this whole thing is to be able to fulfill
this skate pro skater dream and and and there are plans for stuff but it’s just
it needs to grow organically and I don’t want to give anything away not a way but
say anything that isn’t gonna happen yet or it’s not okay maybe I’m capable of
happening yet I’m hearing you talking yeah and I’m thinking about something I
don’t know if you’re gonna get it or if people gonna get it but it’s not like
you’re talking and it you’re reminding me Wow all myself a few years ago
basically I’ve studied to be a sports teacher okay and once I finish my
graduation I really thought that’s what I wanted to do and back then I used to
be I used to skate for parts like for USD and other brands yeah I’m not end up
thinking right no that’s not what I want to do I want to start working in school
and I want to teach kids and I really thought that’s what I wanted to do but
wow I had so much rules I’d like if if I wanted to take the kids
out for a day I would need to to plan like ears in it like no not ears but I
would need to plan months in advance and go back and forth with his parents so
that the whole thing could happen like imagine if you’re gonna add in December
to happen in June and somehow I guess that’s what you had to go through your
whole life when you’re working with other people which is not and you’re not
your own boss so you need to ask this one to this one to that one
everyone needs to prove so that you can make a decision and write you yeah I
decided and you make it happen tomorrow and that must that’s that must be the
reason why using the real-time expression the whole time but I’m
listening to you talking and I’m well these thought just came to my head I
just have to share it yeah it’s very like I’m very
appreciative of this situation I’ll say it over and over and and I’m also trying
to be very careful you know and and it’s funny because it’s a funny crazy
situation to be here and be supported by so many people I so dumbfounded but I’m
also want to be very careful you know and and and every day’s you don’t want
to go to the post you don’t want to go to the post office
yeah don’t go on the background you know I mean hey no actually asking for
interviews so I mean I’m happy it’s still there you never know you know I
mean in a couple years maybe things aren’t growing or you know and anyway
it’s always good to have a back-up plan but I guess my point is it’s just gotta
be I gotta make sure every move is very you know well planned and and and right
now I don’t have skates here they’re coming you know anything that’s how I
keep telling everybody it’s it’s been a it’s been a lot of you know the only
persons and asked all those questions and I totally understand but uh that’s
the best answer I can give until until the ball is really rolling maybe we
should have a podcast out there doing whenever you want Julian for the first
of July wait wait once I get the skates once I
get the skates oh yeah skates in Miami and we can make another women yeah I
mean I would love to help grow whatever you’re doing over there as well you know
like that’s another conversation like you know interesting interesting to see
you know what I keep saying the same it’s interesting to see what happened or
the reasons why skating went down or skating didn’t went down in some places
some places they’re still super healthy and we know it there are some places
which is good but it’s it’s funny to see when you go when you travel to places
where and you stay in places see what happens in different places like yeah
it’s weird like I moved to South Africa and I moved to South Africa three years
ago and there was a guy selling skates that had nothing to do with skates and
I’m not talking shit on anyone it’s just like basically so a business opportunity
and that’s why I did it and that’s what happens with a lot of people and that is
the reason why a lot of times we don’t succeed all right nice because sometimes
but a lot of times those people have a better business experience and they also
make it work I’m not saying it’s always the same but in South Africa what I see
happening is a few years ago skating used to be huge
Roach’s was big I remember like yeah and you were on the roaches team Yeah right
before you left to the USD it was a South African guy Clifford do you
remember it was amazing in Cape Town it every now and then but he became like a
musician and he doesn’t really skate that often and he was traveling the
world but he got back to South Africa like I was it like he got back to Cape
Town like six months ago and I’ve been trying to contact him but it’s been like
wait way too much into music so I haven’t really been seeing him the last
time I saw him was like two and a half years I remember it was really good back
he was amazing a skatepark street it could just it was but back then there
was a brand which was raw cheese and then USD got into the country too and
there was some guys trying to support the sport basically they were bringing
brands and all that stuff but all the main guys like a lot of the not all the
men but I hope that no one gets this wrong but a lot of the big guys they
have like drug problems so yeah parents parents would wouldn’t want
those guys to be their role models role model so somehow this yeah they stopped
bringing their kids to those places which were mostly skate parks and slowly
the cells started going down and it’s it’s a little bit aggressive and
especially to talk about these like here that when you get there when I got here
like three years ago that was 2015 skating was I wouldn’t say it was dead
but it was super low and slowly now it’s been growing I don’t know if you’ve seen
now the there’s these two kids here like really really young we call them the USD
kids because they made like a little video for USD they’ve been getting
really good and like there’s more kids were from the same school as those kids
there now I want to start skating so it’s slowly starting but people are
actually starting to look to take care of their image it’s not about like me
and everyone does whatever they want but there’s some things that people
shouldn’t be doing when there are kids and stuff like that so I try to be
someone I might be a girl might be the one that yeah I might be the one that
calls you out for that and like people sometimes don’t like it especially I
wasn’t a saint and you know it’s oh yeah I was also a party like I used to love
to party and all that stuff like there’s time for everything or whenever you do
it you need to choose to do it in the right place anyway that has to do with
the next question which is I never saw you as a part in any mall or anything
like that I always saw you like that guy that always I’m not saying that you are
or you’re not but I always saw you like knowing out to to be the right role
model and that might be the reason why you’re 41 right now and you’re still
skating like if you’re 20 men experience I’ve done my fair share of drugs in the
past you know I cuz he says kids and you know are you experience I definitely
drink I’ve never been I’ve never been a taker of smoking weed but I’d know I’m
condemning it but you know it’s not my thing but I’ve always taken skating when
I was taking anything I’ve done that you know professionally being word or force
dating professionally or as professionals like
n duty they’re sure you know I think I always had was driven to to want to be
involved in this support eventually after being a professional also so I
definitely tried to be a sponge in every situation that I was put in whether it
be a brand or traveling or or meeting people you know and I think that just
kind of Who I am so I’m not sure what you mean by partier
because that can be I can know this ride is a lot I guess you notice I’m not
talking about like not you are in places it’s not like I’m talking about like the
way that you act with people like okay and I always saw you super professional
like the the time that I met you for the longest like then I’ve been with you for
longest was when you first went to Europe with John Starr and Eric for the
it was your first minute yeah yeah and I stay I stayed with you guys at the
ignition and I said we do guys for a few days but when we stated at the ignition
house I was like that was the time that I used to go yeah that was great that
was really bad drinking man I was bad like I’m not bad to drink our that night
it was a bad night for me that’s all I can say a really bad night but the truth
is you were doing your job I was supposed to be my doing my job too but
if if we compare the way you were dealing with skating and the way I was
dealing with skiing of course I was a lot younger back then even a little bit
not that I’m a lot younger than you but back then it was a little bit more
evident I make it seem professional you always made it seem professional at
least from my side I’m in Portugal you know I see you on the videos I see you
the internet I see you in magazines and when I first met you
you’re that super professional guys so that’s the idea that I do have from you
and I know a lot of people have the same idea which is amazing I think it
ultimately goes back to that and being able to I would never took anything for
granted you know like I always even back then
like it was always like I’m probably never come back here again
you know oh I hope I’ve been able to as great as those like meetings I think
admission guys you know like man I hope I’ve ever forgotten come back here one
day I get you know you never know like you know just in any case yeah I’ve been
doing this for many years but I always take everything I never take me for
granted I always say everything is I’m very thankful and I try to make the best
out of it so that I can come back you know I mean but then there’s there’s
more to do in the future and I think that’s kind of what I always hope yeah
you try you try not to close doors basically yeah in any case with anybody
you know I haven’t got burned through a lot of situations in the past best
friends you know differences conflicts and then
learning hey you know what you gotta you gotta you know you can’t it’s not
healthy in life to hold grudges or or like be negative you know the only live
in this ground once and you just gotta be you gotta be appreciated you know I
think I’ve always had that mentality and anything I do whether it be skating or
whatnot just appreciate everything and just be positive and keep going one to
the next perfect and tell me when you go to the next you completely shut the last
door it’s going straight to the point Roach’s how is your relationship with
Russia’s yeah I think we’re okay you know there’s a there’s just like in any
relationship it’s tough you know like to move on because it’s competition or it’s
because the way you laugh when I left like is it because our tops leave you
mean um in general I think like yeah I can be it’s just like you build
something for this long and you just hope you know you hope that whatever it
can it that can happen ill over overcome you know and we were doing that already
but we were trying to overcome a lot of things for the last three years years
you know so but some point in a relationship and this
specific relationship it just wasn’t working and I think we both knew that so
I think our relationship is okay did it drop you or you decided to leave I
decided to leave we had another budget they offered another budget for the year
like we were on broke a terms but I was like this is like I’m like I said my
other podcast it was the right time to put the development yeah I was very
developing then well I knew like it wasn’t getting
better just everything was just getting worse and specific things within the
brand like financially and needed to square up and and and that’s you know
another day it’s all working out so but I would say right now it’s just really
it just tough to to lose a relationship you know in this in this hour I mean
it’s just hard to it’s hard to develop something for so many years and just be
like that I’m very proud of it as a lot of people were and are and and and but
now looking back at it though you know like now it’s like now where were we in
April now and I look at it I’m like yeah those are really great times and I can
be very proud of those times you know I’m very proud of what we’ve created and
and we had some amazing trips and and I made some great relationships with
grossie’s and this it was just the right time you know it’s definitely the right
time there’s a lot of difference of the things happening if you’re inferior
there is that those a lot of things you know I mean and how things are run and
and but you just got to do what’s in the best interests of like yourself and and
and I guess that’s all I really have to say about it
it was just I think we’re fine and there’s just time to move on you know
great you close the door on that and then move on and that’s that’s the
next step with that okay that’s cool another someone like you like we’ve been
talking from being in a game for so long how does someone like you adapt like the
situation like you come from from being in roaches on the top of the game from
roaches like you were in the beginning of USD like Gupta taught which was like
for a lot of people one of the best videos ever of course probably that’s
one of the reasons why you always put it so much effort into the Val of videos
but how is it for you to adapt from those times that skating was in was the
way it was to skating now or do you bring things like knowledge from there
to what you do now or you try to think of it completely different how do you
see skating nowadays compared to what it used to be level of skating or just the
business of skating or skating in general like everything I would say just
like for shop and finding skates or I like I say this real quick
like like a you’re talking about Rosie’s and the departing and how it is now you
know and then you brought up USD and how I left USD and moved on to Rosie so like
in both most situations they’re both really tough you know because you make a
decision for the relationship you make a decision to leave relationship and you
make a decision to start a new one so like there’s risk in that for there
always has been risking that for me and for anyone’s would probably make the
same decisions so like but my relationship with Matthias and USD is
still great and and I would I would hope that it would be the same with Rosie’s
you know like I don’t just do them I’ll do the blading Cup and I do I do the
forecast here in America and IG planner can you know connect with them Rosie’s
in the hopes like as you said we need more companies to do stuff for the kids
and we do events I would hope they would be a part of
this as well because they also hopefully would agree to it’s important for their
brand and of course skating to support these types of event tomorrow first
so anyway happen I don’t see why not yeah I think so I mean again my
relationship with them is we have good communications though so that’s what
going back to lationship the very top my head like yeah you know like it it’s
like in any relationship you gotta you know you figure things out and you
decide to you know for me personally I I’ve had some difficult relationships
and some best friends that had difficult relationship with not just talking about
Brad you just that work filos thing and and and not the rigid in any that’s what
I that’s the lump out I’m not trying to be rigid I’m trying to move on I’m
trying to keep creating and I just wanted to say that so going back to the
skating looks are good yeah yeah go for the surfs needed speed of skating I
think you asked was it about the industry again or was just about the
work dating in general like like I was just saying like imagine you go to a
shop back then and you go to a shop now you go to an event back then and you go
to an event back now like yeah I guess like twice we’re a lot more developed
and like the level of skating but then it at the same time the number of people
how do you think the whole thing happen yeah I know it’s funny you say that
today I just I didn’t realize how big the NL bandy I just popped my head right
now I said this morning I’ve popped up with my phone and I just love the NL
event in France that uh Matthias Towanda’s III were transfer I I’m not in
contact with my time but and I just looked at his event and I was like holy
jesus this is huge you know I mean Tony Hawk is going Mia honey opens morning so
like so that’s it’s it’s not far off you know I mean I feel like I feel like I
mean that the concepts are there to to grow this thing you know what I mean
like peace is a big deal you know and that’s
gasps probably I would say the equivalent to the a sa right now you
know we don’t have that in America that’s huge
but it’s a huge event I would say that would be the biggest difference in the
scale of events and we don’t have those type of events in America and but you
know what’s crazy John sorry to interrupt you I really need to interrupt
here you know it’s crazy it’s it’s we don’t see these type of events in
America we don’t see like people skating that much from what I heard but the
truth is when it comes to numbers from what Tom Iser told me it’s the place
where rollerblade sells the most kids worldwide and when I look at my numbers
when I look at my numbers in videos yeah I would say more than 60 more than 70%
of my views come from America yeah and everything is I’m not saying
that are not we don’t have luck in winning in America well I’m saying we
don’t have the infrastructure to to create these type of events and I I’m
trying to do it here with blading Cup but it’s logistical II hard you know
when you don’t have enough money and and yeah and that’s that’s the big thing is
like the popularity within big like within the money situation with these
companies it’s hard to do it’s hard to outside Roble it’s hard to to get one
and that’s definitely on my mind you know I mean shoot like obviously them
has been on my mind for the last three years but I don’t plan on stopping you
know I don’t play I mean I have within blinka there’s such a great team with
gates arena I’m Miguel Ramos Tim Franken and his brother like it’s it’s a good
solid core that of people the mi wife sorry how long you got my wife but she’s
a big part of letting go but it’s it’s a good team and and we just need to figure
out you know like a structure of business to really I’ll take advantage of what we have here
in Santa Ana I have such a good relationship here with the property
owner and and he really he always pushes me to happen no matter what you know
happens every year he enjoys it the business the local businesses enjoy it
they love it so and there’s always people here coming you know so the size
the size of the event really is dictated by the financing of the event and if I
can one day get to a point like how like dude that NL event is insane and even
and even the feasts obviously you know I mean I would love to do with a more
street style like we always kind of have but I guess what I’m trying to say is
like it’s just tough to raise money you know Thomas I have you have you been
trying over the last few years with blading Cup have you been trying to get
any sponsors out of the skating industry outside yeah well it’s definitely slowed
down a lot in the last three years because of my focus on them as far as
like actively approaching outside sponsors yeah you kept if you were
checking maybe a few year when we were initially started especially the TV area
or when we were on Fox I was definitely I was acting as many
places as like her and I did race that was the most money I raised for blading
Cup ever I think it was over 20 grand and I like more than half of that was
outside sponsorship so I have done it you know but it wasn’t easy and we also
had the idea of TV as as the you know the the selling point for it so but in
this case TV obviously is not I mean not attainable for me so it wasn’t in the
opportunity of that year and there’s TV that valuable anymore you know like
compared to you know one of the things that we spoke at the winter clash it’s
like yeah a lot of people keep complaining that’s one of the things
that you were talking about it before today it’s like people people keep
complaining about there’s no there’s no TV here there’s no skating on
TV but like this they forget that actually the ways of all of us to put
out there to put ourselves out there are way more accessible than anything else
yeah like these YouTube things things like podcast that’s actually what all
the other action sports are doing he’s just trying to take advantage of their
popularity but so how we leave it behind in popularity but it’s up to us so yeah
I think we’re really in a really good situation skating like the community the
group of people like it was really nice and refreshing to be at winter clash and
see it was really amazing vibe yo-yo that always does an amazing job but this
one was definitely special the outside events with up to the panels and then
AJ’s video retrospective and then they would and then the panels with the blade
ease and then your panel with you know certain industry like I got tail end
about it panel but it’s really cool to see you guys talk nails
yourself span and believe it from Croatia Croatia Bulgaria which is a huge
area well Gary yeah he was really sweet and
it was nice to see organization within different countries and and here you
guys is opinion because it’s really important inspiring it’s also important
to hear what’s happening they different like he said in South Africa it’s really
important to hear what you’re going through and and I’m actually I mean
doing the same thing doing research and and and it that inspired me to go look
at other places and see what other people are going through you know I mean
whether it be that’s a man you anyone in Brazil right yeah I was in Brazil and
there’s a huge scene there – man oh my goodness a place exactly so I kinda lost
my train of thought discussing all this skating skating as a
general I’m really all you had a good conversation with Robbie think about it
it’s a very healthy part right now a point right now and maybe it’s because
I’m starting them and I’m feeling like this is like a lot of momentum coming
mr. X in my direction to be able to do more
but more so the state of skating like it’s really nice to see the kind of
skiing is happening the different kind of skating they’re different individuals
and and there are there’s a lot of I feel like there’s a lot of positive like
growth happening in the community out here in America so I think that campus
gonna turn I can only turn into good things so anyway I keep on having lots
of people that come to the shop and just tell me it’s gonna be the next big thing
again it’s not but it’s it’s I’m not talking about like people that come here
to buy aggressive skates even its yeah in general that come to bar skates a lot
of people come here okay the first thing we look at the active role winning and I
see people do on the street I think it looks yeah I mean it’s like whoa he’s
he’s on skates holy shit you know it’s like it’s like
that I mean I’m I mean I’m he buy it but like it’s big you know and then you know
and maybe it’s a lot to do with out here y’all need as much in the street you
know when you see one was doing here it’s really refreshing I don’t know
that’s just mine tell me some hot on that do you ever be real set up after
the old power slot ad after the old power blading thing I do I do actually I
do have yeah that’s cool but is like an aggressive skating and aggressive sárosi
that erosion frame that I like you can have it okay but it’s like a ufs cage or
like a regular free skate or it it’s a training set up another particular model
is I should take a look at no I’m messing if it’s like an aggressive
skating boot or yeah okay that’s clear yeah you know evil from from Amsterdam
yeah Evo is actually scaling the the old rocky street and that’s all
skate if I found a way to get those kids back in his shop and that’s all he
skated skates like we’d say I think it’s 72 millimeters or 76 millimeter wheels
and it skates for everything like he does classes with it skates around town
and the sketch looks so sick but it looks like curiosity can people keep
asking the same so yeah horribly like I said after the whole
horribly what really happened that poor bleeding thing oh man I was like I was
intoxicated and it was one of those apologetic things I’ll say you know I
just happened like I was drunk and and something switched and when you’re twins
in when social media is your answer in a mine State he probably shouldn’t be at
and I’m a victim of that so well yeah you know I mean III I personally you
know thought my favorite kind of waiting but you know I understand fun and and
skating and I appreciate it so you know if your day wasn’t the best day by any
means whatever it was it was I thought it was funny because yeah I didn’t yeah
I never that was myself like a meter that was my interior interior Street
skate since day one ego coming out like ro Eisenberg how many people how many
people really felt that like really yeah both ways huh
some felt that like you know in a good way some really got negative about those
big we love things which I keep saying the same for me those big wheels thing
like what what the guys from mushroom blading are doing yeah it’s amazingly
yeah what Liam is doing is just like I don’t even know to explain like I’m a
big fan in general of innovating and doing your thing fashion whatever maybe
though you know obviously this goes against what I said but I’m a big fan
you know like of expression so and this is a you know
not that people bidding is an expression but like like it’s not my kind of
skating and but it doesn’t mean I can’t be a fan but everyone have their own
thing exactly so definitely definitely I mean
you know maybe I’d like to develop a I don’t know not maybe I’d like to develop
a bigger frame you know one day it’s definitely on the mindset so I mean
again I’m trying to skate here first and then I know okay of course no use my
words to be careful with what exactly would you go aluminum or would you go
plastic um that’s a question for for the guys as well you know like I don’t know
what we have to again I don’t know it’s it’s something that uh on the mind you
know maybe I mean I first and talk to the guys about their ideas and see what
what everyone can agree on also this one when you only mean the the guys are
talking about them all right now it’s dominated yeah it’s it’s such a rod you
know that you said everyone is very different Robbie obviously were rides
with the wish frames and the bigger a big bigger wheel setup and then dark
sands anti rocker and please speak very much like being you know as Street
skating and doesn’t do any type of you know big wheel skating so anyway it’s
discussion we had you know of possibly doing something but but that’s cool
that’s cool that before you do anything you always got go through the whole team
and you it’s I guess like that’s what every big company does there’s like a
board of people that discuss whatever yeah the final the final word will
always be yours because it’s your brand but at the same time you discuss it you
try to stop definitely what’s up yeah the whole branding and everything I
think is is the people involved right now is I think we did it’s a it’s a
collection you know of ideas for sure it’s going great so I figured yeah and
going back to something that was happening and right now most of the
people that know the state of it what’s happening with valo six is it still
gonna be called valo six different name actually haven’t talked to Ivana baba we
were talking about releasing it a new summer they’re gonna have a different
name I believe that’s what we decided but the
name isn’t the name isn’t finalized but me last time I talked to him he was
organizing all the footage and hopefully by the summer that it’ll be out he has
so much great stuff man it’s incredible like I saw last time I was house I saw a
bit of a nose like oh my god you know like this has to be him I mean obviously
I guess that it’s hard for you to see it going on without the stamp of your brand
now it’s a little bit yeah I stay proud which I wish like but it can also be
look at it looked at as a closure you know like it’s like I don’t know it’s
it’s as follows gone I don’t I mean I don’t like I mean II like I’m not mad
about and valo I’m not angry at bhalo you know I mean I’m very proud of it so
I don’t think I don’t look at Bravo as like a downgrade of any of any means I
look at it as an upgrade I look at it like a I’m like you you promise yeah
it’s like a huge accomplishment for my life
you know what I mean so to look at that as like a bummer in any way is totally
totally incorrect like I’m very proud of that
everyone involved in it so if anything like I can’t wait for the theatre amount
you know like I want to see it and it’s it was the last days last year’s or
something be very proud that’s awesome yeah
tell me something know in numbers like I have no idea like I know that some
people from some shops in Europe like miracle
this case that he used to sell aggressive skates some of them that he
used to sell the most were the FlyLo skates how is it right now do you think
shop like you do you have an idea of how many valise kids were being sold do you
think you sold more valo skate more damn skates then then valise would be sold
like in a normal year or like compared to 2017 in that amount of time do you
have an idea about it I mean if I’m comparing them skate sales to wall sales
like it’s very comparable like we would be the same runs and beat their teams so yeah because one model yeah one model so
I would hope I would hope that gun can do the same thing you know like more
hopefully you know but do I know the numbers yeah yeah I mean I’m very oh
I’ve got a very open with over them numbers this is like this is actually
the most open that a very transparent is that I’ve ever been like no you just
need to allow yourself exactly yeah well it’s my decision I guess right
and it’s very important you know like it’s an interesting thing to have this
this brand insulted the world of social media the launch of a you know like
that’s indifference would this and follow its the hugest thing right
because like it was never so transparent you’re never so involved in such a way
where you could see everything that’s happening every day you know you can see
the warehouse we can’t see the development of product we could you know
you can see what I’m doing right now you know like so it’s such an interesting
transparent world right now and and it’s for me I guess what I’m trying to say
it’s like it’s so weird in a positive way because because this is like social
media world helped me build this brand you know in
and and because of that you’ll people are a part of it you are a part of it
and and for me it’s important for people to who are part of it to know the girl
who see it because they are it you know I mean it’s such a difference between
that’s a huge difference between how follow started and how this has begun
because like this I mean them but uh it’s we didn’t have we took it took what
I think three four years for a while to actually get off and speed and in this
case we’re we’re all we’re ready to go you know we’re gonna come over 12 hours
no it’s you know and and yeah so I’d like to go back to transparency like
yeah like it’s very it’s really interesting you know it’s a really
interesting time in the world and and and dammit to the part of the production
duh sorry the product of that the product of the world we knew Ana
Kasparian social media world it’s crazy that’s awesome yeah and you don’t want
to do it are you the one running the social media or someone else is wrong I
am yeah and we’re trying to I’ve always would follow it was like we had time for
like some of the other guys to take over but for the most part I am yeah I’m
pretty I’m pretty much 24/7 on that thing you know I mean wow the posts
actually are approved by everybody you know I mean like III asked everyone like
I’ve had asked sometimes I just put something out to bid something like real
basic like that’s obvious but when it comes to a product launch or
something serious I definitely ask everyone for pay think
you know they were about to launch some new stuff in the next couple weeks some
new clothing and it’s it’s a group effort to to like launch how to watch it
so anyway yeah and tell me something you are the Geisel living in santana
robbie lives in a part of Los Angeles and Sean lives in Ramallah he also lived
in Los Angeles when glendale and what mixing crews
lives in Long Beach but he works in LA but no but you got them you don’t have
them all day at at your office or you saw just a warehouse yeah I called the
office or yeah thanks good office so you’re dead like usually by yourself
yeah and right now like Robbie’s been out a couple of times
but yeah it’s just basically being over there yeah right now until I think I’ll
definitely going to need a crew or help in June and then depending on how the
depending on how the day’s progressed and my busy it is or whatnot
maybe I’m probably gonna have to hire somebody part-time I have a child coming
as well so that’s not take up a lot of my time take care and take care of the
second one little one so I’ll definitely some help with shipping so I can foresee
that happening your planning already then yeah that’s probably better like
the most stressful thing lately it’s just making sure everything will just be
pleased ready for June well everything is already there I think I’m Mike almost
there I’m pretty much done with the whole logistical stuff okay tell me
something why don’t the skates have some protection for for the laces when they
do boardwalks my knees can go that way or it’s kind of crazy there’s no
breathing around so Clark Clark coachman was asking you to bring them back me man
I don’t think I don’t think they were it’s funny cuz that that trick was never
never done correctly they were almost grinding their shins I
was always grinding my booth but not that it makes any look better anything
better but you know a good pool is like knowing that I got so many people to do
it like going back to the Brazil thing that
I was trying to tell us so I was in Brazil in the end of December and I was
a baby I went to yeah and I went to the skate in the beginning of December I was
there with Kelly oh we skated and skated with Carlos it was awesome because I was
the best yeah I skated the same day with Calero
and Carlos and in that day that I was with them I only have like three wheel
skate so I mean you know something runs that I could do with boardwalks one of
them I only had Sol tricks and I was just making fun of it so I just started
doing boardwalk and now that I saw that the question from Clarke Kirkman
but Coolio is like ever seen his new stuff like his new brand yeah yeah Bobby
that’s like really cool stuff like well kind of yeah so for those of you don’t
know clue is these Brazilian guy is from Sao Paulo
yeah probably saw him this really tall guy with really long hair like really
huge I don’t know how you call those things in his years I’m sorry my English
is not the best sometimes like panels I don’t know if that’s a good thing yeah but yes that one dear here’s to
another nice things oh boy there’s like three people in my life that are amazing
people humble like a most amazing skater force and Jesus he’s like the best guy
on top the best guys ever you know he’s amazing people like just amazing guy
yeah Callooh I miss Nick like yeah he lives he lives far from where he skated
and he there was one day that I met him like randomly in such a huge cities such
as San Paulo he was just riding his bike cause he works as a bike messenger with
something and yeah yeah and I ended up meeting him and the next day he ended up
meeting like he ended up making such a huge way just to meet me and then it’s
like I don’t know man I just like that I like so much
he’s awesome yeah there’s only positive prize for that guy I can’t speak highly
enough play inside I miss them
yeah I can’t wait I will came with the scene again hopefully it comes out – and
they’re going back – are you going to bet are you going back to Brazil and not
anytime soon I mean there was a like a guy I’m
working with Tejada and he’s a contributor and I rep you saw him when
you’re out there buddy work I saw him but I heard about him and I know him I
know yeah another great guy obviously and uh he we’re talking about doing a
trip maybe end of the year this year just to help promote he’s been always a
huge supporter of Ivalo and and everything that I’ve done in my life you
know with all the brands and like-minded people you know helping each other out
in it oh yeah maybe if it’s maybe something in
the end of the year and you trying to organize
so hopefully that works out that’s awesome and the reason for everyone
listening to these the reason I’m talking so much about Brazil is like yes
it’s the only country where I visited in South America but I was completely blown
away about the level resilience seen the level is amazing but the number of
skaters like I was there for like ten days and I saw yeah
not just aggressive skaters but I saw skaters every single day and most of the
skills that I saw were like from different disciplines you know like from
racing to slalom skaters to speed skaters to fitness caters and they all
have different groups like there’s at least four or five or six probably
different nine that different groups organized like just to go out and have
sessions and it’s crazy like the amount of people that get together in a lot of
different parts of the city it’s a really nice scene and from what I know
it’s it’s like that in other countries in South America – I haven’t been to any
other country in South America yeah are you selling are you selling dem
skates to other countries in South America right now right now it’s only
Sao Paulo oh sorry oh yeah sorry right now I would
hope so I had interests in Chile but that’s nothing nothing’s progressed
yet I mean I hope so I’ll help could look at help Oakland guard though we
really we’re gonna definitely try to get him down out there yeah make it happen
definitely I’m going to do it as you as I also know it’s a really huge scene for
for skating were you gonna stop all the most there
were you yeah I was I went you know what I wanted to go to a lot of different
places but in ten days I had no time to leave some power I’ll make it something
is huge it’s huge and like I was saying there was something different every
single day you know what you remember when you were in Portugal how small
Portugal is come to Brazil of course yeah you like me drug like you went to
it yeah we go in the car and then you know and that’s the thing it’s like in
Portugal you drive two hours I don’t go from one city to the other and we skate
all the spots inside it’s just crazy and then yeah what surprises me the most is
again the number of skaters it’s it’s amazing like it’s how they deform I’m
not really like a big a big fan of forming groups and closing themselves in
their groups at the same time that just makes more and more skaters somehow I
don’t know how it’s cool okay okay John so I think we’re coming to an
end thank you I’m going to wait for for the update of this one after you getting
the skates and once I get this case I really want to be as honest as I can
I I do as you know I still work with power stylings like what are things that
I really want to support a brand that has been supporting me for so long but
at the same time I also want to support a sport that it’s my passion so if
and somehow give you my feedback and with that help you somehow that’s why I
got there well well yeah it’s like this is along this is the beginning of a long
journey for Bridget company as long as it can you know be in business and and
the only thing that I want to do is improve the product and and make more
product accessible to younger people with smaller sizes but but obviously
going back to the product development input is very important and I want to
make sure people are are happy with the product whatever I can do to improve
what it means is what I want to do so and you know and you have a lot of
backgrounds working with brands I’m sure that you take all the experience that
you you got from different groups cause you work with different brands right I
know on the top of my head I know that you worked with fellow I know that you
work with silica there were a few more brands that you were you part of England
or something like that with broken jazz obviously that’s the I mean so yeah I
mean I I’m looking forward to the future man like let’s say you can’t take
everybody enough for the support that’s already been given like it’s still a
dream come true and and I look forward to getting these brought these skates
out to everybody that’s supported and and well thank you for letting me talk
about screaming for another two out for an hour and a half or something now wait
like in our 20s oh okay I need I need to make you one more question just four
more question you got like ten minutes to answer okay no I’m kidding no it’s
been like it’s I made a video I don’t know if you saw it about the Salomon
skates and people went mad on it like I tried to make a video when I tried to
explain that people need to support the brands that are trying to bring the
products and there are right now being put up there like all the brand’s trying
to invest to make the products or triangle at least to make the sport as
alive as they can and it was funny because the video came out in one day
and then yeah a lot of like the video but at the same time a
lot of people started complaining about it because I I shouldn’t be talking shit
about a brand that make amazing skates in the best case and then the next day
you announce that valo was that and then it smell it was crazy because people
didn’t realize exclamation mark on your points just like and that’s my question
what how do you see it when you how do you feel internally like I don’t expect
you to climb your video support brand that’s existing I mean I think it’s a
good point for sure you know it’s it’s like I think it maybe it’s the people
are mad maybe it’s like a than that the natural feeling you get for this
industry right now you know maybe it’s hard to maybe it’s hard for people to to
understand like what they’re doing or what to do you know what the support
mm-hmm so maybe your video but there’s a good is a good thing for people who hate
it and like it because it’s a it’s it’s putting the point across that people are
scared to say you know and I think I’m in this car that’s yeah smell that
butter just like gonna a what are you I think to me if you hit and you don’t
like it or if you like it you agree with it I think for both points I think it’s
a good thing because it’s something that people are having a hard time well if I
say maybe maybe we’ll you know and are not saying or or hearing and and it’s
it’s it’s brought up a lot of different emotions you know and it’s got people
with active proactive or you know active in general you know to the idea so
whether you hate it or not and and maybe that’s what maybe you’re trying to do
that it worked you know what I do love about would sorry sorry go for it to go
for good that’s all I can say well man I just can’t stop like people are
gonna hate me for this but anyway the thing is that’s why I loved what you did
is like if you’re not happy with something do your thing man and try to
make your thing happen like that’s what you did like there was something I
wasn’t working for you you just went out of the box of course it’s risking a lot
and you’re putting yourself in a situation that you have no idea what’s
gonna happen next but he went for it you know is that yeah no time it’s not time
to complain that’s one of the things that we spoke at the winter clash it
started to do more even it doesn’t matter how you do more even you’re just
going out and teach your neighborhood kid like your neighbor or to the skate
or if I don’t know there’s a million things that you can do that can help
skating somehow rather than just I think it’s like in a lot of ways your we do is
inspiring what I try to do is inspire I hope that what has happened which I know
it has already I know it has it’s like it’s starring them we’re sure has
inspired a lot of people inspire a lot of people to be proactive or inspire
people to skate again you know inspiring people to take notice and and that’s
that’s the greatest thing out of this whole thing you know what I mean and and
also one thing I would like to say is like I’m so proud of this whole it’s
this whole project this whole experience because it’s done that and and I’m not
trying to toot my own horn or hide myself up but I know it has by talking
to people and and if more people can be excited about skiing again or be excited
for it for the first time or want to be proactive and view more stuff then then
the best best mission accomplished to me you know I mean this whole thing is
about that that’s what then is proud so and and going back you know to to your
your problem a single song and saying yeah I think it’s if anything going back
what I said it’s it’s speaking on something that will be here it or not
it’s you know I think it’s a it’s a good thing because
it’s got people questioning or or talking about it right I don’t know I do
agree I do agree that people should you know believe in something for support
but it has to start with wanting to do it you know you’re sure you’re doing it
that’s it and Brooke for exactly what you’re saying I’ve been reading comments
of people just saying like I’m gonna support John even if I haven’t scared in
10 or 15 years just because it’s not unique for so long but now I want to
support and that’s that’s awesome that’s like that’s my goal I want to get there
one day no I’m not saying I want to make I want
to make a brand that’s not what I’m saying yeah who knows never we never
know like I’m not saying that never but my goal is to ever have people saying
that I want to I want to do it because you’ve been doing it for so long like
yeah you’re doing what you’re doing you know like the school clown the classes
and getting people inspired to skate like it’s all on the same you know I
think everyone if everyone knows more than you and me and Neal’s Janssen and
everyone they’re all we’re all out there you know they’re just just uh keep let’s
keep going you know it’s all good stuff I going back to the talking with Robbie
you know because we just think that skating is in a great space and and we
just need to keep moving forward with the great people that we have doing
great things and it can only go go up from there you know let’s go yeah
exactly it’s good stuff thank you for having so
much huh shout out to to everyone out there for
your support thank you again like I can see I can only just say that but I want
to say more thank you John Susan bye-bye good luck with everything much and that
was it I have to admit I’m like super super excited nervous still yes
it’s John Jolley like I guess everyone that loves skating would be nervous they
just talked about John Julia I’ve saw him like so many times I’ve been with
John so many times that it’s still like one of those guys when you speak with
him you get nervous at least with me so I hope you guys enjoyed this one I see a
lot of good things coming for skating after speaking with with people like
John they’re like like we just said like that’s inspiration right there so you’re
a thought of something go for it and that’s it I don’t have anything else to
say I’m gonna go out and enjoy the rest of my day cause I’m happy right now so
if you guys enjoyed this one don’t forget to give me some thumbs up and and
this is really important don’t forget to subscribe to the channel but on the side
of that subscribe button there’s a little bell if you click on that bell
you’ll get notifications when I upload this video so if I upload something like
this you’ll get like a pop up on your phone and you know there’s a new video
to watch and that’s it for today hope you guys just don’t forget why we all
started skating because it’s fun cheers and


Fala, Ricardo. Consegui instalar a base de 125mm nos meus patins. Sinto eles mais pesados, mas ainda assim, mais velozes. Quero ver quando eu estiver habituado novamente as rodas grandes…

hey what's up LINO I love your videos they are great check out my videos and my friends video also we just started filming so check us out @ hockey skate Niko and hockey skate Martinez

Good to hear from Jon again about the progress of Them and nice to hear they are on target for June. Look forward to hearing more from him and Them.

I’m trying to come back into the scene from a 10 year hiatus. What skates do you all recommend in all honesty.

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