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hello everyone my name is Ricardo Lno
and I’m a wheel addict welcome to skate talks number 31 and my
guest today is super special but before going to the guests let me tell you
about this promo code that I have for you basically you can use the promo code
lino and you’ll get 10% discount on every skate product that you buy at or in hedon-skate shop duck I’m sorry
or in the links will be in the description and now let’s go
to our guests so and now let’s go to my guests so my guest today comes from
Atlanta he is right now 31 years old it doesn’t really look like 31 years old
and he’s been skating for 22 years it’s it’s I’m gonna stop just saying a lot of
things but you know what it’s an honor to have Julian BA
as my guest today I mean it was a pro for rollerblade he was a pro for razors
he’s now a pro for adapt he skated for so many other brands and let’s just call
him and see out the whole thing a bit and what he’s up to nowadays so let’s
call mr. Julian pop know also what step are you doing you doing well man how are
you I’m good I’m like every time that I do this I feel like I do this
differently I don’t know man sometimes I use what’s up sometimes that you scribe
sometimes I use whatever I just every time it feels like it’s different so
it’s funny for me that’s a good thing yeah it’s it could be better but it’s so
good it’s getting there are you doing tell me I’m great man so early I had to
wake up a little bit early but it’s all good I’m an early bird anyway so yeah
it’s perfect for me okay that’s cool I heard good I heard good things from you
about you from from the boss from their dead boss Peter okay so for those of for
everyone listening to DS that don’t know why is saying that is the earlybird
basically Julian is right now in Atlanta and I’m in South Africa we have I don’t
really know how many hours of the difference it is I know that it’s 3:00
3:30 p.m. and it’s 9:30 a.m. so that’s the difference between me and Julian so
let’s go what are you doing right now you what do you do as a full-time job
nowadays so I’m working on clothes like first most mostly that’s my latest
endeavor mm-hmm sobbing yeah just making a mostly
clothes I’ve been trying to build the brands called J fallen Julian Bond if
you guys haven’t checked it out and yeah man I got this cool do you have yeah
site up its jayvon Co okay I’ll put it in the description too so it’s gonna be
on Soundcloud and it’s gonna be on YouTube whatever whoever is listening to
these they can just go on the description there will be the the
website for your clothing brand own appreciate that yeah so please check
that out and yeah other than that I just got this part-time at this really cool
zipline in like ropes course it’s been like really fun if you guys follow my
Instagram you might see me like zipping around on these supplies but yeah that’s
what I’ve been doing it’s like Brooklyn’s my place and uh yeah really
cool people really cool job it’s called treetop quest shout out treetop so yeah
and just do it where do you put skating in that uh yeah that was that was what I
was but I need to before you like skating obviously I’m still skating yeah
I’m about to go to New York for bocce’s comp yeah I’m about to go to California
for Julio’s comp or blading Cup that’s probably all the traveling
doing that’s cool right now are you filming something that I know of
are you filming something or do you have any other projects skating wise
yeah we’re also filming for the forever video
the Eric’s making it’s a new bladder gang project that we’re all working on
and that’s coming together really great actually
I’m really excited about that piece let me dope okay that’s cool I just saw that
you’ve been skating some different colored skates that I haven’t seen
anyone scared in a while like some green skates they look really nice a lot like
any and pro model coming or it’s just like a custom yeah those are just yeah
those was just a custom one I had never built a custom one before uh and I just
went for it and picked that one and it came out really cool and a lot of people
really liked it so I don’t know it could be something but I don’t notice anything
yeah that’s cool maybe maybe if people are interested in if they start
contacting contacting adapt they might make a Julian bar – is there plans for a
Julian bar to skate well yeah there actually was a – that came out so I had
the first won’t come out I think it was 2014-15 maybe okay and then I had
another stuff come out 2016 okay so there would be the Julie I’ll tree the
j-3 yes oh good okay I didn’t set it yet but I always said it to my guests so the
thing is man I’m really really sorry to you and to everyone listening to
these if I ever interrupt my guests the thing is I just can’t like I get really
really excited and then not being in the same place doing these through Skype or
not not being sitting or not being speaking with you in person makes it a
lot harder especially for me because I just get super excited so if I ever
interrupt you I’m sorry and to everyone listening to this if I ever interrupt
Julian I’m sorry guys gonna get yeah that’s that’s the best way to do it
anyways get in there just I don’t let you talk man the one that I did with
Billy I just I couldn’t stop talking man it was it anyway so
let’s go I remember seeing you for the first time in him so I don’t know if you
know but I’m Portuguese so for someone living in Europe I don’t know if if a
European guy saw you at the same time as the guys from America but it was already
the internet times that’s where it was one of those skates pal competitions and
I remember these tiny I don’t know if I can call you black kid I don’t know like
this tiny kid I mean this big 180 gap do you remember that I do remember that is
that the video where I like fell on my hip and I was like good move do you
remember that I do remember the 180 I have to I have to to be honest I don’t
remember the rest I do remember from the whole video I remember the kid doing the
big 118 that big gap in landing it I was it and I think you wanted my brother won
a li honestly what I what I jump over I think it was a big set of stairs it was
like this skate pile companies competition organized by skate pile and
there was these kid doing the big 180 and that was you it was a street cop
though it was a street comp okay yeah so that was the yeah yeah so that was the
first time I remember seeing you and then not too much time after that I saw
you skating for physics I saw you skating I don’t know if it was I think
it was first rollerblade then raising anything so what was your first sponsor
so I started skating for rollerblade first when the TRS Azur with the ones
that the skin on them yeah yeah I remember those yeah with the flaps open and everything
yeah I saw you skating back then but weren’t you sitting here skate pal too
weren’t you on Team skate right so yeah so back then you needed to have like a
shop sponsor to be able to get skates you know and they were said they would
send this case to the shop you would get this case so that was like a deal with
skate holiday put me on to the skate pile team and
then through that I was able to get yeah get sponsored by rollerblade like on the
amateur team and then so yeah I was getting this case ever since then she
rollerblade until the next gate it was it was raising yes right before you go
to racers he skated for for physics right yeah and now was the whole physics
thing was it like just because you’re on skate was it because you were in skate
partly started skating physics or um yeah they were just making a team and
they yeah they really like my skating they’re like my homies I was always up
there with Tom and Andy and Aaron and everybody frankly Scotty oh no he’s
doing now David shut up Franklin scoff yeah but yeah yeah they thought I was
like you know the little next up-and-comer so they’re always trying to
like push me push me ahead and put me on yeah that’s how the rollerblade sponsor
even came it was like through Tom like telling them yo you need to you need to
send this kid some skates you know okay shout out Tom – but yeah same thing with
physics he was making the team and he was like shit I wants you on the team so
I was like testing the prototypes a lot and ya see that he was you just told me
let me ask you something about our prototypes did you guys broke a lot of
frames during those prototypes because I do remember skating physics frames and
at first I started by breaking the let those suspension arms the plastic ones
then they come with right that came out and then I thought my frames too right
yeah there was I think there was one like run of frames that they kind of all
broke and like those were the only ones the frame that actually broke but I
broke a lot of rocker arms before like when we were testing them and then
that’s when he made the aluminum ones mm-hm and then who tried to put we put
him in the whole skate first but it was just way too heavy and so he ended up
because everyone always broke the back rocker arm you
noticed us yeah sort of Morris at first and like that helped out a lot and then
we put them in the back in the front you know hey okay so for someone willing to
do that for someone listening to this just let me explain you why you why
would you put it in the background obviously when you land most of the
pressure goes to the hill that’s why if you do a lot of gaps the wheel that you
brake the most is the back wheel so obviously if you need to put like a like
a stronger harm on a suspension frame that would be on the back wheel I do
remember skating those kids and that was like the first time that I went to
California I was skating physics frames freestyle I don’t know like I don’t know
why I thought it was a good idea but I was getting physics friends without any
wheels or any hardware in the middle and that’s obviously why they broke two so
yeah I was gonna say that when they broke yeah that was yeah but I wouldn’t
blame that I got in that era everyone was breaking frames because we
were just skating exactly yeah a lot of people were skating a frame it was
before brands start making freestyle frames so right that was a demand for
that that’s why brands started making those type amps and a lot of people
nowadays complain about the frames were ugly and were not needed and all that
but this was before the MOOC frames and all that so we wanted to try some newer
tricks and we thought that not everything was in the middle would be
cool but all the holes for the hardware that were just creating a weak point so
right and you are like an amazing video part and so thank you and someone was
asking about the someone was asking about the truck wasn’t it in the physics
video that you were on that truck yes which truck was that who was the truck
from so that was a crazy like Frankenstein truck it was actually a
Ford it was an f-150 and this guy that worked at this crazy like custom shop
made it into a mercedes-benz so like but it was like seamless it really looked
like a bed but they never made a vens truck so
that’s why everyone’s like yo what is this been struck in your video so a long
time everyone but yeah so you were at first people thought it was yours and
you would just leave with it we just say yeah it’s mine
yeah a lot of times I’d be like yeah that’s my Tuesday car I’d take it out it
was the rollerblading money you know like big bucks anyway no no no but we
can’t really complain wait let’s let’s go to the big bucks back
then you still get a good salary from rollerblade didn’t you um back then no
but when I got back on rollerblade yes okay and why did you left rollerblade
for razors was it because they gave they make you better offer was it because you
want to make a better street credit I don’t know just why did the whole thing
so be honest it was it was the product I started skating skates and I liked them
better and I told I talked to Tommy about it since he got me connected
through rollerblade he wasn’t working for rollerblade at the time mm-hmm
he was just strictly skate pile at this time and um he told me go for it he was
like I mean if you like them I could pry I could talk to Andy and probably get
you you know the same same deal with razors and so yeah so yeah like the
product more a big model thing twice yeah and the team was like back then the
razor’s team like I was sick I think what was the day that what was the
razors video that you had your first video part uh ego yeah it was that part
it’s like it’s still someone was even making like a comment about her which is
like let me just read it there was that was Jake you know Jake from local skates
Jake Healey yes well Jake so Jake was making the
following question are Julian you’re one of the few pros
still consider as new school even through you were prevalent in a lot of
classic old school material what’s our view on how the on how the
way people skate has changed over time do you prefer old school hammers or more
refined more than skating do you feel the way you skate has changed met over
much over time or also have you ever even considered considered the decision
to skate a certain way or it just all naturally oh wow that’s in depth a great
question um I would say to start my skating has definitely changed over the
years and and transitioned into what it is today and I definitely agree with
with with me being in this kind of weird limbo where I kind of fit in this like
og like category but like I’m also like pretty relevant nowadays due to talking
about someone we’re talking about someone doing a gap to rail every cane
topsail that’s the stuff that no one is doing nowadays so yes like and as far as
like how it’s changed as far as like their skating itself what I prefer I
feel like what I prefer is what exactly what what I’m trying to do I try to
portray it exactly how I see it being the best for for for skating and for
everyone else involved even people that aren’t involved and that’s that’s what
I’m trying to do with my skating is get people that aren’t skaters like into it
and I think that’s the best way to skate like in the best way to do that it’s
kind of corny but like everyone loves flips that doesn’t skate oh and it’s
corny and annoying but like for people to even ask you that especially like
after you do one and then it’s like the whole time you’re at the park let me
just but but yeah try to mix that with like very like
stylish like maneuvers if you will yeah I’m always been by huge on like
like the way my skating looks so like I’ve never really been into people just
trying to do tricks like just to say they did them like if it doesn’t look
good like like why are you doing it in my eyes you know like that that’s what
I’ve always tried to like do with my skating like just make it look really
cool and like I’ve even had to change my skate I get the end of the question I
have ever consciously thought about like making my skating a little different and
like only recently like and that’s just because of what’s so popular right now
in skating you know and it’s it it kind of sucks to kind of want to dump your
stuff down like even but at the same time it’s like it’s it’s it’s good and
bad you know what I mean and what do what do you mean might be popular right
now what do you feel that it’s popular right now in skating more like quick
fast maneuvers is like the thing right now yes and I’ve never really like just
been good at that I think hey like my transition has been trying to figure out
what I can do there’s not exactly like people like look at me and be like oh
he’s following the way if he’s trying to do exactly like I don’t want people to
see my skating and think that you know so I’m trying to find this like nice
medium where I could still do like big hammers and also find some like cool new
things that I haven’t done that I haven’t done you know so people that are
fans of me they see it like oh he’s still doing new interesting things on
the blades like that’s that’s that’s my goal is to do like cool shit you know I
mean at the end of the day man you definitely have the skill to do whatever
you want on the skates and then I think you’re thinking the right way by trying
to make it to make it as appealing as possible especially in the time that we
I guess people get more concerned about trying to make skating look
or more more achievable to two more people so somehow when when skating was
just like the I have this kaleidos conversation with a few people before
when skating was all about do-or-die the big hammers it was amazing in between
our industry and people would actually share that a lot if I can say it the
material that the content that we were producing everyone that used to skate
for companies or whatever was a lot more shareable if that makes sense because it
was more shocking but at the same time shocking doesn’t mean appealing for new
skaters can you imagine like well you have a nice right yeah so if if your
niece wants to start skating would you show her like someone jumping off a
building or would you show her something someone doing something in control you
know right it was like ways to bring people into
skating there would be it and then what you were saying about the fast skating
becoming a more popular thing nowadays one of the persons that I saw doing that
first I would say was Richie Isley and the way that Richie explains it makes
total sense to me which is I mean you do the tricks in bigger spots but in a
bigger spot usually unless maybe Alex Brosco is doing in a bigger spot with a
really tiny reaction time but in general people do it with like a big like with a
lot of space to land and you landing that’s it that’s one trick but if you’re
doing multiple really small tricks but really really fast you need to think
fast you need to act fast and you need to be in control of every single trick
to be able to do it and like you said to make it look good so yes Richie is
amazing at that he’s definitely one of my favorite skaters of all time like
he’s he’s another one like in the same category as far as like being very like
like a og in the game but awesome very relevant right now and like he’s brought
it to another level like with this shit did anything go shout out Richie Furst
or yeah you can see that you know he did that flip video just out of nowhere yeah
it’s amazing I was just when to start doing
all the foods like you were saying yes it’s a building solid very and I can do
it soon but then the artisan flips I think you
gotta battle him with the flips man you’re going flips like you need to make
a flip at it too if you thought about making a battle to God like that’s
that’s just he’s already done it like man yeah you did it’s actually like you
said it’s at the same time it’s something that can be appealing and
obviously not as dangerous as the type of stuff that Jeff dollars was doing you
remember those triple King trails with like I don’t know the size of the drop
of that type of stuff I don’t know Jen’s dollars when it came to drop rails if
you’d like some of the craziest stuff that I remember yeah anyway so then you
started skating for razors going back to the going back to the wake to worry like
you started skating for razors and for how long did it get four razors um I
wanna skate four razors I remember honestly I started I started
in like uh oh no I was on the protein for like two three years I think and
then did you let them because rollerblade made you a better proposal
or was it well before that I was just um on on the em team for I forget how long
like price anything like a couple of years or so and then with with
rollerblade yeah it was like at this point
tom was team manager he was creator he was like doing a bunch with them and so
he created these skates wanted me to skate him he had a prototype size and it
was like a little big for my foot and so I was skating him and I was telling I
was like man honestly I can’t skate these like he’s like I think you’ll be
able to like if you when we get your size like but I have to know you want to
do it like so we’re going back and forth because like
this time I was still like I really liked the racers like and that’s that’s
all I cared about the time was like that’s why I switched to racers because
I you know I liked them you know so mm-hmm you know that was the time when
the the new after the TRS the solos came out was that it wait say again so you
the the prototype that you’re talking about the product form challah bread was
the solo is that it yes okay right it was a solo and yeah which is big and
bulky on my foot and but Tom really wanted me a part of the team he wanted
me Rob G and Sizemore and so he’s really pushing for me and like so razors was
paying me just a little bit at this time so he was like what you call a little
bit as far as forests we have an idea would it be like 300 500 something I
have no idea it was like yes whoo 300 but something like that as an answer to
do something like you did okay yeah yeah exactly but this is when I was on em
it’s like this is before I was like on protein but anyways so Tom knew that and
was like whoa I could pay you more and I was like I told him straight up I was
like Tom you got to pay me a lot more so he said okay
yeah you know he gave me what I asked for can we talk I just like to think
that number who see all these jobs just to be curious no we’d like as an example
with Tom I asked Tom how much you would used to get paid from k2 basically you
don’t need to say numbers like right away like just have an idea like would
it be enough to leave from skating uh no okay that’s nicely by educating but I
wouldn’t want to leave from skating anyway at this point this all I want to
do you know I I’m talking about angle and when when you check when you moved
from razors to rollerblade you weren’t doing anything
right you were skating basically mhm okay but it was enough to be comfortable
I would say I was I was definitely happy I was like okay this is tight okay this
is cool okay you know me so so yeah that that happened I was on that team for a
while got kicked off yeah that’s the next thing that I’m gonna ask you for it
to ask you what happened it was like rumors I don’t know if it’s rumors or
not back then that’s when you started dating Coko right yeah was it when you
were in rabaa door you were still on razors when you start dating her I have
no idea me neither honestly it’s a long time ago but yeah
we were dating at the time then I was on row but I know that cuz that’s when I
got kicked off um but yeah what happened with it was weird like it was just like
a different thing like me and Tom were like really good friends wait just a
second I think there’s an Ellie copter somewhere around here that’s making like
such a bad noise I’m sorry everyone man come on okay um hey it was just kind
of weird like we we were really good friends like going into this like this
role but like the roles kind of changed with him being my manager and like that
had never been the case before mm-hm and it was just different you know
it was weird and like like our friendship kind of like tarnished over
that like which kind of sucked you know I yeah we weren’t like friends anymore
for years after that but like we’re cool now like yeah there was a while there
where like was just shitty like he he’s just like was doing things that just
what a friend wouldn’t like really do like it seemed in my head at the time I
was alright for you to understand where where the friendship ended and business
exactly yeah it’s and so it must have been hard to I’m not defending anyone
but it’s sometimes it’s no exactly yeah when you work with
friend that okay so and then so uh so yeah it was just like he I signed a
contract with and so there was like you know stipulations
throughout you know clauses in the contract that I had to meet you know um
so they were one of them was like I had to do a edit every month I had to put
out an edit but there wasn’t like that was it it wasn’t like you get a filmer
you get a budget to do this and that to ride drive around so nothing it was just
like you you have to produce the edit get somebody to film it but the Edit was
really it’s just like a social media or you need to send it to them or I was
there no this was like you had to put this on youtube it was like a little bit
before social media was very popular you know wasn’t it’s before Instagram you
know I mean so like like I was doing it but like it came to the point where
sometimes would be like a little late like and it’s like you got to understand
that type of stuff like but he would be like writing me up for things like this
and like I could he also had to go to the skate park every Tuesday and it was
like 30 40 minutes in traffic from my house you know but it’s not like he paid
me extra money to go up there I just had to be there you know and skate this
session with the bladers and it was like that was cooling off because I would go
up there anyways but like once it came a thing where I had to be there and like
if I miss one I would get written up like it was crazy like everyone at the
same time if I if it’s a profession you know it’s hard I’m not defending anyway
we must be weird it’s it’s just but it it goes against all that freedom why you
start skating but but the thing that really got me like that like I missed
only one of these Tuesday night skates right but the reason why I missed it is
because I got locked up for skating took film for the monthly video so you went skating you got you got
arrested and then that’s how I got locked up for eight days where were you
scared where were you skating I was skating
this little this little ledge in this in this parking lots a big parking lot and
this lady came over and asked us if we seen anybody breaking into this car that
was in the same parking lot and we look over to where was that and it wasn’t
that far from where we were right so like she’s just actually she didn’t come
at us like like acting like we did it though cuz I kind of think she knows if
he did it we wouldn’t just been sitting there skating and you know in the
parking lot yeah so she’s kind of nice you know why she’s like did y’all see
anything it’s right over there and we were like sure no sorry like no we just
been skating here for a little bit like no sorry and she me massively she’s like
okay cool like and then so she goes inside and then the cops come up and
they’re like asking for everyone’s IDs right so they get my ID and they run it
and then they start laughing they’re like mr. BA I’m like yeah and he’s like
looks like you got a warrant out for your arrest and I’m like for what and
he’s like looks like you missed the court date oh my you sidenote this court
date was for skating as well I locked up again this was some like upset about is
because all this is because of what I had to do for this you know for this
sponsorship basically you know what I mean like everything boiled down to like
I was doing this floor rollerblade right and so was it like the first thing Gold
is also a wrong but I’m like oh this is for road but like they’re gonna
understand everything like you know so I was trying to explain to the cop that no
I actually went to that court day I was out of town and they we changed court
days but I literally just went this Monday he was like uh-uh look he was
like locking but he’s like put him in cuffs he’s gonna get fighty I can tell I
was like okay put me into cos and then they took me here right and ya locked up
for eight days and then at the end they were like oh
this is a mistake sorry like you already went to the court for this issue I was
like oh my god that’s literally why I’m in jail cuz ya’ll said I didn’t go to
court and they were like oh well sorry and I’ll still locked up for two days
afterward bro oh my god so they find out they found out like six days later but
they still got you in for two more days right yeah it was it was horrible it was
like one of the worst experiences of my life I thought shit okay and then and
then you miss the Tuesday so I missed the Tuesday right if I get up and I tell
Tom I explained everything you know what I mean like and he’s like all right
Julian like you know I’m have to tell corporate and I was like what do you
mean he’s like I mean you can’t get locked up like that like and I’m like
Tom did you hear I just told you I got locked up gating we’re trying to film
for you like what do you mean and he was like I mean I understand but I mean I
still have to tell him and I was like okay hopefully you can tell him and I
can give me some extra money or something cuz like I need to pay – he’s
like fines and shit you know Courtney and uh so I literally asked him that
month like I was like yo can I get a little extra because of this and he was
like let me see what I could and then took money out of my check and then
that’s what I was like man this ain’t for me bro that’s what I knew in my in
my heart of hearts yeah but he still stayed with relevant for a while and I
still kicked it with him for like it like it was it was shortly after that it
was like a month or two afterwards and like the last straw for him was like
when we whatever we went to bitter cold I think it was some competition that
that he didn’t even pay for he he told me I asked him to fucking go and he
was like was that um I asked him if I can go and he was like now we’re gonna
send a Sizemore cuz he wins all the cops and I was like ok fair enough
and so I just I just got my own ticket you know cuz I wanted to go you know
what to go see my friends and shit and it was cool because I felt like I don’t
really have to skate like rollerblade then send me like I’m just chilling
right so I fucking I went I got my own flag
I’m on hotel room and so yeah this one me and me and coke over dating so we we
had our place and uh we got an argument and like the whole hotel like it just
hurt like blew up out of proportion and shit and like Tom came over to the hotel
I was like what’s going on I’m like literally nothing but I like why you
even find me out he’s like you can’t be doing this I’m like I’m not doing
everyone else is doing if it wasn’t for everyone in here would be fine but like
the more people kept coming out and like it was it just yeah I got blown out of
proportion like and and so we talked the next day he was like cool about it you
know kinda he was like you know I understand like you know honestly I
thought I might have to kick you off the team for this like it I was like oh shit
like glad you didn’t thanks bro a fuck and he’s like yeah but you know you know
you just can’t be doing shit like this I’m like alright I got it man
we were good yeah and then so we get back home and then that’s when I find
out he changed his mind and he like wrote me a letter told me told me like
yeah I was off the team but the thing is let me tell you the idea that the idea
was that there was some violence in it it wasn’t just that that’s what I had
maybe I was yeah that’s that’s that’s what I’m saying how I got blown out of
proportion it turns from an argument like you know hotel room in our hotel
room like and her like leaving out of the room and like just being mad like –
oh you did you beat her up like no no y’all would have known if I beat oh
she’s right there front of you look at her – you fine like what are you talking
about like it got crazy like the cops came and
everything that’s why I got so blown out of proportion cuz like there was just a
competition you know if like her friends were in there like Fallon was like
what’s he do – like she’s yelling his shit you know and so they’ve been the
cops didn’t show and didn’t she defend you or something like that I mean she
was mad at me like she she said like nothing happened but she also was mad at
me you know obviously so like she wasn’t trying to be like you know she was
trying to leave and go home and shit and I was I was trying to get her to stay I
was like don’t what are you doing the cops tomorrow okay like yeah like yeah
that’s that’s fine I was came and like they were like alright they not
explained the story to them and they were like okay well you know you just
stay in this room don’t leave that’s fine but just don’t know anywhere else give you any good to court for that –
nah nah they didn’t yeah they didn’t arrest me or anything that just okay so
then they had to come cuz I got called or whatever you know but and then you
got and like I said nothing happens so they couldn’t there was nothing and
Chinchin if something would have happened she would have I would got
arrested go to the police man if she if I think if she wasn’t happy like if
there was a reason for it I don’t know maybe just I think if there would be a
reason she would have gone to the police or she would have said no police right
so again I said you have been arrested no after that you’ve been without
sponsor or you went back to Razer’s again what happened after that so after
that I was home I literally thought I was like just super depressed I was like
man and I’ve kind of lost everything at that point like cuz cuz I got locked up
the job I had I just didn’t hit me back you know and uh you know I was off
rollerblades I didn’t have that income either she was losing everything I lost
my dad that year-long girlfriend you know I was just like depressed as hell
like and I didn’t think I would skate anymore honestly I was like um don’t
dump this you know like so did you stop skating for a little bit after that no
no I’m just leaving the way you helped me together brother that’s what I was
going to say for me it’s like if something is not right dude skating is
the way it’s it’s the only yeah like in my head I was like fuck this right but
it wasn’t like Tour skating itself is just towards everything else right
surrounding it you know I mean mmm so like at that point like I still had
razors at the house old once I like just put them on and I was skiing races you
know I’ll go to the parts and stuff and um yeah well just gain racers what know
what razors were those that you were skating back then you know what I don’t
even remember it because there was someone asking something that I need to
ask you someone was saying that was a time that you were skating some razors
Genesis that you had them all reached him up and they said it was so yeah
there was a lyrics of a song and they were asking what song was it oh my god you know what was that I know it for a
fact it was a little Wayne song I was narrowed down a little bit um what would
you oh my god I remember it was it was the Burt Hong Kong it was on the Carter
it was number four on the Carter Birdman something Birdman
I don’t know it looks like little Wayne skateboarded I can’t listen to liver and
I know but you remember if that thing was before rollerblade or was after that
you had that the genesis that was probably before yeah okay so now you
skated the razor’s for a little bit and you were like really mad that the
whole skating star the skating industry whatever you want to call it live that
you were living I wasn’t really mad I was just like yeah I was just like oh
great you know like I was just like I couldn’t win you know I was just like
man really down down and out bro was going through it and then I went to I
forgot where I was that I went to some competition and I had the razors on
mm-hm and I think it was a powwow if I’m correct I might not be but um but so I
had two razors and randomly Andy was there at this conference on reason and I
remember John Eliot was there and like Dre was there and I was hanging out with
Drake this Dre was my homey like so we were hanging out and I remember we
needed ride back to the hotel sign hopped in their there their van and so I
randomly hopped in and Andy just happened to be sitting right next to me
and so this is after we skated like after the day and so he’s like I Spit
down next me he starts like feeding me all this way crazy shit about California
and like how dope it is and like how sick it is just the wake up and like
look out the wood he was it was kind of weird honestly I would I think back on
it it was like was at the time of the race house it was that twin razors at
the razors house that Trey was leaving yes they just bought like nobody had
moved in yet okay and he had just got it right and he was telling me the idea
about the racer house basically yes and I’m like in my head I’m thinking like
why are you telling me all this shit like I’m not even on your team he told
me nothing like and uh yeah he’s just gassing me up and I was like that was
that would be tight you know so yeah I think that night he put me on the team
like he was like yeah he was like he was like would you do that would you move
out to California I was like yeah he was like he’s like alright let’s do it
and I was you got back to raises bro oh yeah so like well nah cuz I don’t
remember exactly well I think he invited me to come out there first
mm-hmm I believe if yeah yeah that’s right cuz there was another comp coming
up and he yeah he wanted me to come see his house he wasn’t like fuckin brag and
boast about his shit like really like why me and you don’t have real me in you
like I he had this shit set out he was like okay I’m gonna bring it to my house
so like the live is the razors play at the new radar hoste day
Andy’s house is yeah yeah you know laughing yes
did he went to show you the bowl that you have to exactly yeah we went over
there and skated Bucky’s Bowl and shit fuck he comes out wave did you saw that
brother anymore side doors like the lean side he had those big cats I don’t know
oh yeah yeah they’re like I forget what they’re called I think they’re either
that or they’re called this a couple different ones that are big cats like
that I feel good he had him back then though – mm-hmm and then I heard that
did you end up everything did you end up going did you ended up starting skating
for razors after that or never really happened yeah yeah I started skating
after he was after that it wasn’t right then where he invited me to join the
protein but he invited me to come you know to come check out everything on
that tour and then while I was there he invited me to be on the protein and
moved to the house okay and it was it was weird it was random and was it like
let me ask you something that has not to do with that I’m gonna go with
numbers again were you going to get paid more that you were getting paid with
razors at first or yeah absolutely and rollerblade okay was it better than
razors in better than rollerblade yeah that was good yeah because if you were
happy with rollerblade then you had ours and you had a good set like I’m not
saying that like I’m an amazing sir but you had a okay salary so right and then
yeah I would what went wrong um so it was very strange like I I was
in New York and we were doing I forget what competition it was like a
meet and greet we had to go up there and like talk to the blades
was it the Billy O’Neill event or it might have been that but it but I’m not
sure it might have been something else but either way like Mac was there and he
had there like he was just a tour manager right so he was supposed to just
you know drive us around he was supposed to go meet with the shop and you know
sell the product you know it’s his job that’s all he had to do and he’s
literally like the worst because he comes out with his wild turkey and he
just fucking drink he uses these trips it’s like an excuse to just like turn up
yo like and just you know just get drunk as hell like really honestly
and so like I remember we were coming back from the after-party and Matt is
talks he drunk as hell and he gets in the car trying to drive him like bro
let’s just get a fucking cab or something for like this he’s like not we
need the van I’m like bro he’s driving at this point I’m like man this is
fucking unprofessional bro Hey and then so tre sees his shit and he jumped to
but he can hold his shit I guess I don’t know he he wasn’t his drunk his fucking
you know Mac so he was like I’m gonna drive fucking move so he moved just let
dray Drive so we got we got back safe don’t drink and drive
ladies and gentlemen and yes oh so that was the shit we had
to deal with and we’ll by the way when we went to the shop to sell like his
other job to promote the company like we went out to lunch with you know the
owner of blades and like we were the ones chopping it all he said was hi and
bye and that’s it he didn’t have nothing to say the whole time we were the ones
explaining everything about the new stuff about this new tech about the
skates and everything and like really selling it you know like this one that
sorta s house Kate was that for the SL than you SL 1 sl came out yeah uh-huh
yeah I believe so and so like we were the
ones doing lunch and like Mac was sitting there literally and I was like
why is he even here like he’s getting paid to be here bro we could be getting
this extra check like you know what I mean I’m not saying under the ship I’m
thinking it you know like and then so we get back and I pull up to the house it
was like that same week and and II was just there like I just got in and out I
was like really ready to have my burger I was excited and I pulled up and I see
Andes there and I’m like oh wonder what Andy’s doing there so I go
in the kitchen I’m like take first bite of my sandwich I’m really very excited
about it hey Amy comes in from outside he’s like
hey Jillian I need to talk to you like oh like right now he sees I’m eating and
he’s like you know whatever you know and I’m like but I see he’s pressing me like
I see he was already there waiting for me so I’m like let me just I’ll just go
talk to him and now finish my burger no no big good you didn’t know what was
about to happen so what a big oh my god yeah we go out to the deck we sit down
and he’s like so what happened in New York and I’m just like what do you what
do you mean like it was fun like you know we skated a la he’s like I mean no
like Mac says you know you you weren’t very nice to the to the kids and you
didn’t come to the autograph signing and I’m like what up he’s like you didn’t
skate I was like all that Andy we literally
had video of me doing everything you said like did you watch the video and
he’s like I mean I don’t know like he just says you you you just I don’t know
I think I jumped the gun put a young pro team I’m just like what I’m like what do
you mean it’s like I’m like so you you don’t want me on the team and he’s like
no I don’t think so I’m like wait I know where someone is poor guys we were
searching for someone listening to these that never here nd speaking and I’ve
been I don’t have anything I love India I don’t have any problems with anybody
it’s like Andy is German and the way that he speaks is a lot like your say
it’s just like it’s amazing okay so then yes IIIi don’t know you jumped the gun
put me on the protein so he and then you had to leave the house was that it and I
had lead it was crazy because everyone was in the house and so at that point I
just like I was like alright Andy if that’s what you want man like so I guess
I’m gone like he’s like yeah I’ll get you a
flight back home whenever I’m like alright man so I got up and I left and I
went upstairs and like I was just didn’t I was just like kind of wandering around
I like went up in my room as shit and and Brian was up there I was like I
walked in his room I was like well I guess I’m out bro I’m gonna pack my shit
and he just kicked me off the team and he’s like what and I was just like yeah
and he’s like no wait what are you talking about like and I’m just like
yeah bro he kicked me off the team like for this trip to New York you needs
like no ain’t nobody understood cuz they nothing happened Mac was just hating on
me cuz I was like I don’t know why it was the weirdest shit like he literally
lied like I was I don’t understand why he did that to me like that like it was
the weirdest shit and I don’t understand why like when I was telling Andy what
happened he didn’t even like he was just like no I think I’m good like it was
just like very strange like and I didn’t understand it I was like so
I and Mike didn’t actually live there Johnson at the time but he would be
there every weekend so he was there too and so him and Dre were in the same room
I thought came in told them and they were like yeah right like no that’s not
happening like let’s go talk to Eddie so I I was like okay like yeah all right
yeah so everyone came downstairs we all went out on the porch to talk to Andy
and like yeah they were like so what happened what’s going on and Andy said
his little two cents and at this point he was like a little more upset he was
like not quite yelling but like he was getting red and like you know he was
like and I’m just like and nobody said nothing but what blew me is nobody said
shit Mike everybody just sat there and as if they didn’t know that like he’s
just like bullshitting like they they were there like they knew that this
isn’t like what happened I was acting with autograph signings I was at the
comp I was I was there like and so when when nobody said nothing I was just like
I forgot what I said I think I blacked out honestly I started like cussing Andy
out and I was like man fuck you I’m out like I’m leaving right now
like I packed all my shit and I fucking I hit up Coco and I was like yo I got
kicked off the team and she was like what’d he mean I was like yeah I’m about
to go back to Atlanta and she was like oh nah don’t do that like what do you
mean she was like come here come live here see you like in Long Beach like
this was like a couple hours winner so she like she just came to pick me up I
was like I don’t know I’m no income I’m just chilling with you like she’s like
it’ll be straight I just just come like I don’t want you to go home I was like
boy you still with her at the time um we like I was at that time yeah but we had
split up and then when I moved out to California like she was living in
California at time so yeah yeah I got back together yeah okay it’s like from
what I heard like from Andy the last time that I was at when I said that I
was at Andy’s house he had a conversation with me and one of the
things that he told me back then there was no
there was no razors anymore the razor’s house became as the scooter house yeah
he told me that at first when he first made house his whole goal was to to have
you guys all living together so that you all guys could be more productive and go
to the parks and together and somehow create like a presence a different
presence and somehow from what he told me that wasn’t happening but maybe the
whole thing I’m not saying he’s right or that you are right or that I don’t know
I mean I’m just saying that probably the whole thing wasn’t too explicit for all
of you guys so basically according to what he would tell us we just
straight-up wouldn’t do the shit we’d be like yeah we were yeah thank you guys
blu-ray hello guys thank you guys it was crazy because he would he would come in
and tell us one thing and then the next day come and say the complete opposite
thing and it was it was crazy like he would literally come in and be like yo
guys what are you doing throw a party why are you guys just here chillin like
he would want us to party and film it like to make it look as if we are living
the life you know he wanted that but then like I did the same in the same
token he would be like y’all gotta wake up and go fuckin skate like what do you
do I’m just like well you can’t have it all are you like this is not working so
you think that after a while he got hold up you stop T taking him serious and
there was one of the main reasons why the whole thing died cuz like like it’s
probably yeah yeah I think I think yeah everyone was kind of fed up with and
even going into the whole thing like I I knew Andy’s reputation you know so like
I kind of have my guard up the whole time anyway you know so you know what
happened it’s not a huge surprise to me it was surprising the way it happened
but the fact that it happened it doesn’t blow my mind that much you know like
he’s you know he’s a business guy yeah can you hear me
some money you know yeah I thought I stopped hearing you after business car
you said he’s a business guy and then I stopped hearing you yeah at the end of
the day he just wants you no money really he you know he doesn’t really
care about you know his team or anybody else so and then and then you said that
you lived in Long Beach for a bit and then you got the up to two Atlanta was
that it or when did you yeah when did you contact it because I know that you
first contacted adapts right when was that right now is it or anytime Western
or uh it was yeah after after Razer’s that that’s what I really I’m fell into
another depression I was just like all right now I’m really done for like no
team is gonna want me like it’s a wrap for me for skating at least like I could
skate on my own and have fun but I’ll never really be you know on team I
thought at that point and what skating back then and I think I was still
skating racers cuz that’s all this case I had and I wasn’t gonna buy skate so
yeah I was just getting what I had and and then I went to bitter cold I think
mm-hm and I seen the picture online first of the the box of the first the
one the the adapt yeah and I was just like yo what is dad it was in this
wooden box and I was just like carbon and leather and I was just like this is
sick whatever many are Medicaid right wasn’t it right yeah exactly yeah so um
so I was already intrigued like I’d seen it was a picture of the box at the comp
that I was at you know I just didn’t see it yet cuz I wasn’t there and so when I
got there I got to check it out and then I realized that my buddy was the
American rep for them and then I was like oh shit cool okay I thought like
for sure I’d be able to get a pair at least you know mm-hmm so cuz like here
pretty close and like yeah yeah he would want me on the skate so try asked him I
was like you know it was Brad Anthony by the way shut up breath
what’s up breath so I asked him and he was like oh my god that’d be awesome I
was actually thinking about you like for the team this be cool I’ll let them know
so he sent them an email asking pretty much
and then he cc’d me like on like on the way back with the email like of what
they said and it was just like crazy but I was just like ah damn my best
everything that I was thinking about like how the industry like looked at me
was like right in my life cuz I was reading it from what they don’t even
know me you know and they were just saying but you know no no or you know
now that Peter doesn’t really have filters so if he thinks of something he
was just telling you straight through which is cool but yeah sometimes might
be hard to hear especially if you’re like you know I was gonna be reading
this probably too you know I’m very open with what what he thought about me you
know mm-hm and so I just like confirm like
what I thought in my head already but like I didn’t realize it to that that
you know like how much people really like took these like videos of me and
like just my online persona and like make a person in like theyd and and it
took me that’s reading this email to really realize like you know what I put
out like a lot of times is all these people know or see about me it’s like
it’s not necessary kind of like it’s not necessarily like me you know like and
and that that’s what I had to like really like step back and realize like
when I wrote them an email back my kind of like so they were saying stuff like I
don’t think he’s a right fit for the team like he’s already been kicked off
these teams um he’s just like just kind of like the bad boy at skating like all
this stuff and like it was just very like I open in to read all this coming
from someone that doesn’t know me you know and I mean like and yeah just
realizing damn this is probably how everybody sees me like you know what I
mean like this guy lives in Europe but it wasn’t you know not an emo for you
that was an important email for your future somehow absolutely yeah very
important you know it took me like seeing that to really like you know step
back and and see this what I’m doing and like see like everyone else’s point of
view on me to like so it was good so I’ve sent him an email back because at
the end of the email it said it’s still up for discussion and I took that as my
my window and I jumped through it I was like I sent him an email back just
directly to him since you know had the email address at that point and I just
left and what have you everything that he was saying I kind of had an
explanation for and like I just I was just trying to just be real with him and
like try to explain how like just kind of how I just did to you like how you
know everything online is not necessarily exactly like how I am you
know I like portray this online persona that’s a little different than like you
know my day-to-day like but at the end of the day like if you it’s like if you
could just look through my eyes and see like and once I explain like how you
know some of these things happen with with some of the sponsors and then in
the past like you know he just he he was for me after that he was like he saw
that email was like okay it was like the saint he was like very quick – quick
response time he was always like really like that like I’m always like on it
anytime he sent me email hit him with a response really quick he’s always like
super famous actually this works and like our relationship has got even
closer over the years like after that like it was just yeah it was saw history
after that yeah okay just so that you know the last time I was in Amsterdam I
stated at the laundry which is your room so yeah I’ve been told so watch out what
you do because that’s that’s Julian’s room they said that not a lot of people
I stay there and that’s your room so whenever you go that’s where you know
like from what I know from the conversations that we had it really
likes what you’ve been doing in the amazing and it’s cool it’s cool to see
how the whole thing did like you know when people say like it does a 360
degrees I always thought that wouldn’t make sense because I always thought that
people wanted to say 180 so the whole things went the opposite way but this in
this case it’s actually did 360 basically you went right one sponsor to
no sponsor two to another sponsor again but you learned a lot while doing the
whole full spin show it seems like for you it’s been working for the brand that
works that you work for they’re really happy to have you on board and it’s cool
to hear your story about all these things and now yeah what do you think
about the product if you would compare it like if you would need to compare it
at that skate and please let’s not I’m not trying to get you saying good or bad
just like be as honest as you can if you would have to compare it with like you
were saying that you used to love razors if you had to compare the three skates
that you had to skate like the rollerblade the razors and adapt what
skate would you choose if adept could make any of them which skate which skate
would you skate I was good at that for sure okay hands down like but that in
that same sense like they’re not for everybody and I’ve noticed that and I’ve
noticed why like I didn’t know at first but now I’m starting to realize why like
adaps are like the most high-end professional
skate on the market like and they’re they’re not for beginners at all like
and there’s like you have to be at a certain point in your skating to be able
to skate these skates it is what I’ll say like because what I notice is people
that don’t skate like that good just they can’t they don’t they don’t skate
them that way but for people that really are like like have a lot of control of
their feet like I think it’s the best skate like because you can they’re just
super comfortable they’re very durable they’re like and they they’re they hit
all the points you know what I mean why do you why do you think
like good for beginners I know that price wise a lot of people don’t like to
spend money that’s a huge thing it’s price if you’re gonna be committing this
much money into something like you want to know that you’re gonna be able to
skate it good and like for beginners is I don’t know honestly why they can’t
skate them as good I feel like maybe the cuff a lot of support is hard to narrow
forward like the forward flex on that skate is a little bit different I like
it I’ve tried it and I didn’t try the
aggressive skate I did try the GTO and all they’re very different yeah but
still I realized that on that skate there’s a little bit of forward flex
that comes from the different it’s not really carbon it uses a different racing
I think that’s it in that place where the regular skates with a cuff of the
cuff bolt he uses a different material there so that allows the skate to have a
little bit of forward flex which is supposed to be controlled by that amount
of that resin that it boots it’s a little bit too geeky but I saw the
skeleton of the skin it looks it looks cool and it seems to work as a GTO skate
I liked it but for a lot of beginners it’s probably weird that when they bend
their knees somehow their heels will come I don’t know I don’t really know
why but I do know that according to what you were saying a lot of times the price
of this skates a lot of people and this is it’s not even my two cents there’s
the kid that works here with me at the shop and he made a video the other day
about it and his name is Moe and Moe made a video about how wrong it is for
people to when they buy their first skates they think they should buy the
cheapest one because they don’t really know if it’s gonna be their sport or not
but when you buy the cheapest one or in the most affordable one usually you
don’t get quality so if you don’t get quality it’s also harder for you to to
actually go somewhere you know like if you’re gonna buy more skate is hard
harder for you to learn something that’s for some reason but there yes there’s
cheap enough skates on the market to get a pair that isn’t good enough yeah
decent yeah but it’s just like that idea that
you have a lot of people have the idea our first pair of skates need to be the
cheapest not always sometimes it’s the opposite way and I’m just like right in
your I’m actually on on the adapt side on this one like many if you I’m not
saying it is skate for beginners but what I’m trying to say is like if you
really like it if it’s gonna boost your confidence come fidence levels because
you like it and that’s really important that you like it and look at your feet
absolutely I do love what you have on your feet right and that’s another huge
huge thing about them is they just look so nice you know I like the looking down
on space even the hyper ones to like and for that like yeah people you know
people shall allow a bunch of money for the Hyper’s in his site
yeah just what you were saying it’s like they don’t have to be the best skater to
like really want something that’s nice you know and then and go for it but you
know it’s the best example of that imagine what’s up do you think that
everyone that buys a Ferrari it’s like the guy that would raise Formula One
they just have the money exactly and they can afford it so if you can’t
afford it if you like it go for it that’s absolutely and tell me something
is there any trick that you feel like easier with your dad skate or any trick
that you feel like it’s harder like I think I could set a lot better in this
you think it has to do with the soul plates or the the structure of I think
it’s it’s yeah perfect attention to detail that that Peter had with just how
the soleplate and the frame line up okay to see metrics frames to you skate this
email right yeah and yeah they’re literally like the best frames like I
used to skate um creates before these and I really like those but these are
better they’re just like they’re thinner but like still more solid than create so
I got broken creates I’m still not broken two pairs here but I just went
every skated the new creates the made in USA ones or because I heard nothing
habits are made in USA to make you a question but I totally
forgot I’m that bad you’re talking about the stretch lines yeah I know it is
sorry I was going to make it something I was going to ask you about gods so you
are also on gods when did you got on god oh my god oh my god it’s like when they
first started Frankie hit me up telling me he was gonna be doing this wheel
company you know he wanted me to be a part of it so I was down immediately
Frankie’s like a really good friend of mine so um say yeah and what do you
think of the wheels you like the wheels yeah they’re great actually
okay just out of curiosity because like I’ve skated some of them they feel like
similar they’re made by by by undercover so the molds are quite similar but I
like that the graphics of the gods real especially the new line it looks like I
just saw your wheel yesterday the newest one I think it’s I don’t know if it’s
out yet or not the new these yeah new blood yeah it just came out
I haven’t got a pair yet so yeah but I’ll get there I’m gonna go to New York
so yeah they are in in the United States and did you never got offered to skate
the boot the gods boot um well they offered it but yeah they knew I was with
adapt whenever same thing I was in California
and Frankie was telling me I could boot yeah ask me if I would be skate it and I
told him was it uh I really liked that you know if you ever try the soleplate
on this on on the boot or either you’re not even curious about it the one on the
Gods game yeah yeah no haven’t even tried it no okay
I just thought out of curiosity I’m like all these questions it’s just like
things that I thought let me just see whatever people add here that they
wanted to ask you let me just wait but did you never do you own a pair of those
I purse Kate’s – yeah this Katie I love cruising on those things they’re dope
okay and are you planning to do any any like
promo video for adapt or something like that or that’s not coming out yeah
actually I’m like in the process of making one right now actually okay the
guy who started filming it has been like super busy and I hadn’t been able to
finish with him unfortunately but um actually just started talking another
buddy and I think we’re gonna do it with him so that should be very soon we
should have a hyper edit that’s cool I’m stoked to see can you do like those
wheel slides cause it’s weird for me to do to see you doing wheel slides because
I always see you’re doing sass light but right on your risk a little bit yeah I’m
not as good yeah I’m sure you can just slides differently but the thing is if
you if you bent your knees and your feet too much if the boot touches you’re out
right yeah okay we have a question here for from Gumby everything Oh Gumby Gumby
was just asking wait wait let’s just go here let’s go down here rough estimate
how many blunts did we smoke between 2003 and 2005 were you leaving on
uncountable account amount Wow that’s hilarious gonna be wow man
yeah he used to live yeah he moved close by to where I was at and yeah we skated
all the time and definitely spoke copious amounts of reefer at least you
still smoked a lot or is it like a lot more common nowadays me yeah I smoked
pretty regularly if you will okay is that is that why you love this case for
company from from Oland legal everywhere is it legally
I have no idea men not no come on don’t get arrested again come on come on knock
on wood over here yeah okay now I have another question man now this one was in
I don’t I don’t want to be that guy putting you in a line so there was
someone saying that it was a winter clash that it’s it’s actually my friend
from Portugal me gosh Rico he was asking like there was a winter
clash that you went with the be unique guys and and suddenly the hotel where
you guys were you guys started like the whole it started a whole fight and then
and then the skate the Dutch skaters and then just run away the Dutch skaters you
guys started a huge fight with their skaters and then just run away or
something like that what happened I don’t remember I thought they were gonna
say something else and I was very confused on how they they know they know
but we don’t so let’s just tell us okay I’ll tell you another story from that
from that event so we were we’re the unique team was in in Europe Germany for
this one it was an uh I forget exactly where new home but it was new housing
yes yeah so it was at that Park and so we went and then we went to this it was
like a hostel I guess to stay there wasn’t it was wasn’t that far from the
park so but we hadn’t gone yet we just got straight from the airport because we
landed in like Munich and it was a dumb long drive to get to where we need to go
so we drove and we got to the park and you know scared of the park a bit when
we went back to the where we were gonna stay we got in and then it was just kind
of weird they like locked us in and we wanted to go get food and they were like
it was it was strange and so like we wanted the leaves but we couldn’t really
so we figured out that we can open the window we’re on the first floor so we we
just jumped out the window right but it’s snowing and like clowns with Calvin
sales was right in front of me and he’s running with his big like Louie
duffel bag and like like huge coat on he’s just running down this hill and
it’s like perfectly lit he’s under this like big like light that’s back there
we’re like running towards the car and at the bottom of the hill there’s a
small creek but it’s like literally like two feet wide like very easy to jump
bike and very visible like I saw from the top to do like just jumps right in
it like directly into this Creek like I guess I don’t know what happened I don’t
know I didn’t see it but he jumped right in it and it was no cold is snowing like we get to the trunk we’re putting
everything in and uh so we’re trying to find another spot or no matter of fact
we were like fuck it let’s just go to the after party straight away he was
pissed cause he’s all wet and so we go up we’re like we we had a the cars had
the GPS going but it was in German so like so it was telling us where to go
but it was still like kind of foreign to us right and I was the only one that
could drive because I was the only one due to drive stick so we’re in these
like brand-new beamers we stopped we were all hot shit we’re like coming up
this hill like and it’s it starts snowing like more and like still winding
winding up this long-ass hill we keep going until we get to like a little
village and I’m like this obviously isn’t it so it took us all the way out
the way up this mountain literally a mountain and so only thing we could do
is turn around and start going back down but at this point it was like snowing by
kind of hard like way harder it’s and so I’m coming down this this curves like
the whole thing is turning the whole time you’re going around the hill you
know and after we’re at the top basically so I’m literally going five
miles an hour down this hill cuz that’s how City the weather is and I’m turning
like my steering wheels just stayed hurt you know but like yeah he’s
goes forward with the wheels turning sideways and just don’t turn is going so
like it literally I popped over some some some snow I guess and I just
started sliding towards the edge like right off the cliff literally like no
and it was a real cliff scary light and we’re just all yelling in the car like
Chris is sitting next to me Chris Brown it like I think Ramona was in the back
we’re just like yelling like but it’s so funny cuz we’re going so slow we were
already going slow but like it’s too high
there’s ice usually there’s ice and there to snow and then yeah we couldn’t
like we were just frozen all just like like looking at the eggs like like and
literally we hit this pole that stopped us hey like it was opposed a random poll
that looked like I had a sign on it but the sign was knocked off in the polls
like bent over the edge so the shit literally we ran into it and it like
like stopped us like literally in the perfect spot we went if that’s her one
there we would have been off the edge for sure like for sure dude and it was
just like we sat there and were like oh my god we had to push the car like
straight straighten it out and get it off and yeah we continued down and we
say fuck the after party he was just like go back and then you had to find
out yo the next day and then his back door of the Beemer was just fucked from
this this pole and like I tried to tell Courtney like it the other brown brother
he bit somebody just you know somebody like open the door and hit our door
he was like bro I go way up fucking going like fire racks to fix the doors
it like that whole time for you to be unique great those guys they always had
like they are the super specific type of skating like all the sweet shops and all
that stuff but they’re really good feed yeah yeah like the whole videos
used to be amazing could be unique videos I used to yeah I was just talking
about the unique videos last night actually they’re so good yeah it was
love the way you know he was editing them and like yeah everything about him
was just and the whole team and everything you know what happened to
those guys what they’re up to nowadays uh yeah well they started doing music
they just they I think they got bought out like I went up to New York one time
and they were literally in Times Square like their office was in Times Square
and I went up to the top looking at the registration Ralph the
ran out of us in there like a bunch of people had an office in this building
and so I’m going to up to their office and I go up there and shit and it’s big
ass office and it’s literally boutique shit everywhere like literally like
racks of all these samples and like they had a whole team and I was like yo what
is going on this is crazy like it was it was next level like I was lost from what
do you mean by music were they like producing music did they do the music
songs or so yeah Chris the one he was making all the videos and making all the
designs for all the shirts and stuff right yeah and his brother Courtney was
business-end you know he was taking care of all the business logistical II you
know and yeah they just they took that and just took you straight to music and
just use that what they had that what they what they learned from the industry
the the skate into the you know clothing brand that they’ve been you know they
built from the ground up you know they but I’ve been doing music music already
producing music right now I think yeah they are so yeah I think they got like a
three million dollar deal with like Interscope or somebody like Sony
somebody and yeah so it’s them to like so it’s the same deal like Chris is
still making the videos and making beats he’s also like dabbling and rap into and
Courtney’s like business and and then they have this this guy Vinnie chase his
rap name that um that’s rapping and that is like a little three-person team and
everything’s in-house and they’ve been like making all the beats
all the videos and like the videos are amazing they’re like really so can I
find to meet the videos what time he goes by kid art now uh Chris does so if
you look up any anything directed by kid art you’ll see it and while the videos
are yeah weren’t you I are you still rapping
weren’t you rapping for yeah I was rapping for quite a while like 10 years
or so but just the Pat I haven’t grat for like three I think like my computer
just I stopped working that everything was like saved on like and at the same
time I was getting into clothing like a lot and I was like buying new machines
for you know sewing so it kind of just transitioned into my energy started
going into the you know sewing okay so I was going to say you need to need to be
any guys to get some some type of deal with it music yeah I sent Chris some
songs and I sent him one song he was like send more I was like oh no like but
I’ll send you let’s see if you like it more like put me on it didn’t happen it
wasn’t enough but now you can send some some clothing samples tell me I was the
whole clothing thing going are you selling are you what what is going great
exactly what are you doing exactly so so right now I’m I’m really just trying to
build brand like I have the website up and there is products on there for sale
and I do have like stuff available but I’m not really focused on that right now
cuz like it’s like I really want to just build the brand so like I don’t have to
tell people about it they just know about it you know what I mean and I
realized that like when I first started in 26 the beginning of 2016 I like just
tried to do everything I was like I made the website and then I try to have all
this stuff like ready and available and I just tried to like sell sell sell like
you know push it on everybody and I was like but nobody really knew about it and
the prices are like a little high you know for for people that don’t know
anything about the company so it was like
I had to step back and be like um what am i doing good what am i doing bad and
so like I really just realized that the website was kind of jumping the gun I
don’t need these things ready available right now I could just have a website
that just like has a lookbook I’m showing people stuff and then I need to
like network you know get get people to know about the branch build a brand
because like anytime I’m out and I’m wearing like here like that’s when I’ll
make sales okay and on the website and if people see it it’s very light it’s
not direct so it’s like oh what’s this like whatever you know but are you doing
like do you want to do quantity do you want to do like per unit you are you the
one doing every single clothing piece or I was the whole thing working yeah so
right now anything you get is 100% handmade by me like all the stuff right
now is just yeah all custom pieces pretty much but like yeah I’m gonna get
to the point where I’m like yeah I’m gonna ever see any more sell everything
we know pieces yeah yeah what do you have Adam armed like do you have like
mainly sure that you have pants what are you producing it yeah yeah it’s mainly
tops it’s all tops actually right now um yeah no pants just all tops those are
longer so you can use the with good you know hoodie use like weird coats and
jackets and shirts tanks and what like if someone wants to buy a shirt would
would be like the price for something I have no idea man all these questions is
for someone who’s curious about their like if I want to buy yeah um shirt made
by you how much would that cost me and how much would it be the most expensive
jacket like from where to where yes ranges from like I think the lowest
price piece on the site right now is probably like 70 and that’s where it’s a
tank with it’s kind of hard to explain if you don’t know what it is but it’s
called a shadow tank and it’s like has like these extra pieces that kind of
like it’s very like flowy and like drapey looking
yeah it goes from that to like I think 250 is the highest price piece on the
website right now there’s other pieces more than that that I’ve sold for more
than that but they’re just you know not up and available because I figured that
was one thing I was kind of deterring people was that price range so I just
you know took that down and just didn’t have them available and just have these
other things that kind of feel a little the other price range you know okay
people calling or sending a message for more
information about the product sometimes it’s better yeah exactly yeah it’s
always good when they’re inquired when they see something and they’re like oh I
saw you and this yeah and I can always you know make something for somebody
like that as well I’ve done that before too like I do you everyone just seen me
in a piece and they’re like I want this I don’t know where I could it’s not on
the website but you think that any good connections we’d like anyone like famous
or anyone like that good Matt not really you know so I’ve just been trying to
like get whoever I can in the gear cuz I know that’s a huge way to get my you
know product out there oh yeah you know but yeah I just have sometimes gotten
and this is really I don’t know man I don’t know how it works with those in
that industry I do know that a lot of a lot of companies that try to come up
with new products especially when it’s a new product but I don’t know about that
they need to do really hire like a PR company you know it’s it’s yeah
especially if you have like a super specific product you need someone that
has the connections to promote it or to take you to places with it it’s a lot of
times really hard and then I see that a lot when it comes to crowdfunding I did
work with I don’t know if you saw last year that was a company that made this
super super basic thing it’s called Lego tape it’s basically a piece of silicone
like a tape and on one side it’s sticky on the other side which is Lego
basically you could build Lego from that Lego tape so basically you could build
in every angle you could build it like vertically you could build it sideways
and that’s like a thing for kids but it’s a really really basic concept but
because they are like a really really good PR company helping them with the
whole crowdfunding campaign those guys made almost two million dollars oh shit
it is crazy man and now this year I saw that there was a company from Brazil not
a company like a guy from Brazil that was trying to produce electric inline
skates and since the beginning he thought that he wouldn’t need anything
like that and there could be a market for it but
it didn’t want any company to help him promoting it because they usually want
percentages of what you do so yeah obviously that never went ahead so just
an idea sometimes those PR companies help you getting to to a lot of clients
if that’s what you want of course yeah I guess we’re coming to an end
do you have anything else that you know I have one more question for you someone
this case from Switzerland just made us a question which is Simon just made as a
question which is where do you see skating and yourself in skating in a few
years let’s say in five years um I would I would hope to see myself I’ve been
doing like like a little bit of film work with skating and it’s been like
amazing and I want to like continue to do that so I would love to like just do
like kind of like stunt work Mike with the skating and have that transition to
like any other stunt work really yeah cuz I got an opportunity to do some
stunt work with um you know one of the greatest in the industry mister Garrett
Warren and yeah I was just amazing and I’m really into it now and yeah
can see it definitely being something that I bunch of skaters would be into
for sure bringing your dangerous you know I mean
your wallet that makes sense man you’ve been a ninja for way too long it’s true
first day and there’s other opportunities in in that industry
through skating which I realized while I was on that set Corey Miller was one of
the filmers and he was one of the guys that he was a skate filmer yeah that’s a
lot a bull operator there’s a lot of those worldwide nowadays huh one of the
best that I’m right it’s a corner of Brian oh yeah yes and he does it just
like strictly on the skates – yeah Connor O’Brien is a really good one and
what’s the name of the other guy from that made breakfast and lunch and he
lives in California what’s his name ah JA dammit I don’t remember it is like a
really nice 720 over the fence I’m sure you know he’s like a really good camera
operator – like a gimbal operator with skates it’s a big thing yeah it’s pretty
big you get really nice money out of it and yes getting industry do you see
yourself like staying connected to adapt do you see like a new skate coming do
you see getting into the company like a little bit deeper and I don’t know maybe
working with adapt in USA or anything like that there been talks um that would
be awesome I would love to do something like that but yeah I definitely see
myself still being with the company for sure like yeah I want to skate that for
the rest of the time I’m skating I think for sure like because they just continue
to grow I really like being a part of something that’s like really ground up
you know I mean they really and the fact that they’re both skaters so they’ve
gone through a lot of the same things as me so yeah I really appreciate and love
working with them they like it they deliberate they make skates that you can
skate even when you’re 60 or 70 you’re not gonna be using aggressive
skates but you can use a pair of free skates hyper skates whatever they call
it now let me make me let me make you one more question I’m sorry I can’t stop
it yet what do you think of the film skates have you seen them the what
the damn skates John Joe is new Brian oh I did see them I think I think they’re I
I really love John and I’ve always loved what he’s been doing for the industry so
in that I think it’s awesome that he has his own you know skate brand now yeah
it’s great would you skate them if you if if you
had to like imagine you were out of you had to buy a pair of skates there
wouldn’t be adapt you had to buy a pair of skates what if there wouldn’t be
adapt what pair of skates would you buy right now if you had to buy a pair of
skates huh that’s a hard one uh I’d probably give them a try if there was
nothing else around okay I totally thought you would go for something like
like the Dems like them the god skates or something like the god but weed
carbon but I don’t know or honestly I think I would try the um what are they
called also carbon stay on the ants I I can see I can imagine you the skating
those because of the flat set up right I would like to try that out
if adapt was no longer company yeah but it that’s not gonna happen so that’s not
gonna happen – okay so I just want to say thank you so so much for this I’m
pretty sure absolutely I’m pretty sure you clarified like a lot
of stuff that people have been talking shit about for way too long and it was
cool it’s the truth man like including myself there was a lot of things that I
didn’t most of them I didn’t knew so everything was basically new for me so
it’s cool that you spoke about those things and
open about all those all that stuff so that’s really cool thank you so much
yeah sure thanks for having me on the show and it’s all good and I hope to see
you winter clash this year maybe 2019 ah I don’t think I’m coming this
year unfortunately but hopefully I’m not there sometime ok I wasn’t there I would
love to go to blading cap I’m still trying I don’t know what I need to do
something I might try to find a way my only problem not my only problem other
than the ticket which is already expensive is that I think it’s on the
3rd or on the 4th and my birthday is on the 6th but now with the baby I just
can’t I can’t be away on my birthday and my wife would kill me so that’s right
I’m actually gonna be over there for my birthday when is it which day is it my
birthday is on how me ok so it’s one week before me but it’s still too young thank you so much ever nice weekend Lily
ok this tomorrow cheers man and that was it mr. Julian bar that was a school this
was a a cool conversation I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did because
it was you know what I’ve been a big fan of Julian skating for a long time and I
tried to never really get into whatever drama was happening and it’s kind it
must be kind of frustrating for this guy to go through all these drama but it’s
amazing to see such a healthy ad with good thinking after all this drama so
I’m happy about this one and I hope you guys are happy about it and I hope you
guys are so happy that you want to go buy skate and if you want to go buy
skates you can buy skates with 10% discount on blade Viacom and on Aaron
skate calm you know all you need to do is when you’re just before paying you
just put coal in oh you got 10% discount on every skate product no if you did
enjoy this guy talk do not forget to give me some thumbs up if you didn’t
like it thumbs down and if you’re not subscribing to this channel now
it’s the time to do it subscribe to the channel click on the bell but and get
notifications every time I do one of these and other videos and more
important anything else just like I always say do not forget why we all
started skating and that is because it’s fun Cheers


Great interview. Julian Bah is one of my fav skaters. It's true that his image was not so good and probably that's why he had hard times. Nice to see he realised and did something about it. I'm Spanish and working in Holland and I can tell the directness is something common from the Dutch people.

Julian is a badass skater….but I mean if you ask someone to be critical of a skate they skate for…or even to compare….how can they ever say anything bad about the skate they endorse? It's difficult to know what the problems with a skate are….or if there are any.

That Razors team was my favorite of all time and EGO still remains my favorite video to ever come out from any company. I'm glad J-BAH is doing well for himself. Also, those Adapt skates look really dope. Continue to grind, bro.

I’m a bigger fan of some of the other skaters you have interviewed, but I definitely think this is the best episode yet. Like Julian even more after this interview, he held no punches/all truth & you can tell he is no dummy. Great episode!!

Love the channel man glad to see what you are doing for blading! Maybe try and do a part 2 to some of these. I thought Julian Bah was also on Dipsets short lived skate team “Team Dipskate”

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