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Wheelchair Skater Breaks SIX World Records | BORN DIFFERENT

Wheelchair Skater Breaks SIX World Records | BORN DIFFERENT

Aaron: I think with just a little persistence, can turn a negative into something really cool. Everything I do in life revolves around riding in one way or another. I’ve had a couple of bad crashes definitely hit my head a few times. Charlee: It is so scary to watch him do his tricks. Aaron: My favorite trick in the skate park is either a 360, or a back flip. Many of the scary ones tend to be my favourite. My name is Aaron-Will Fotheringham, and I’m a professional WCMX rider. WCMX stands for wheelchair motor cross and it’s pretty much taking skate board tricks and BMX tricks and doing them on a wheelchair. I have six official Guinness World Records. Female Speaker: Okay, ready? one, two, three, cheese. Aaron: I was the first person to land a backflip, a double back flip, a front flip, a back flip 360, a back flip 180. On a wheelchair. The most difficult trick that I have landed is the double back flip. Male speaker: You did it. Aaron: I was 14 at the time, when I landed the first back flip on a wheel chair 8:57 PM. July 13th 2006. I think that was when it really opened my eyes like what is really possible. Aaron: I ride a wheelchair because I was born with spinal bifida. The most challenging thing about life with spinal bifida would probably be the way other people treat me because of it. Yesterday I rolled in to a skate park and this guy was just like staring at me like, “What are you doing in here with a wheel chair?” But then like by the time I was leaving he was just totally pumped. Male Speaker: Before you know it, it starts moving out into the house. It becomes a trophy house and … Aaron: We hooked up with some people I know so I can do a back flip off of a bulldozer Bracket. Male Speaker: Oh really? Aaron: Growing up I spent a lot of time in the hospital. That was rough. Aaron: This was one of my hospital visits. This was one of my least favourite casts. Male speaker: Aaron, say hi. Aaron: Stuck in that thing for months. I feel like riding has given me meaning. Pretty much everything I do in life revolves around riding in one way or another. My biggest supporter is my wife. She always there to support me. Charlee: When I first started dating Aaron the concern of me taking on a lot of responsibility was a concern of my family members. They actually vocalized that they were worried that I would have to do a lot more of the house-hold duties or just anything. They didn’t understand maybe Aaron’s mindset. When it came to disability. Aaron: Sometime I do need help but 99% of the time I’m totally cool. Since meeting Charlee I feel like I have become just even more motivated. My tricks have progressed so much and I think just overall as a human like my life has just gotten so much better. Charlee: it is so scary to watch him do his tricks. He’s not going to give up and sometimes I wish that he would stop, but the successes are so much greater because he … accomplishes them after all of the hard work. Aaron: I have had a couple of bad crashes. Definitely hit my head a few times. You’ve got to just kind of weigh the risk versus reward and just kind of go for it. Charlee: Look at this one. Aaron: I think Social Media is really important. I feel like I definitely handle the negative comments a lot better than I used to. It still bugs the crap out of me but you’ve just got to realise that the number of positive nice people far outnumbers the negative trolls Male speaker: I found him on Instagram and just the fact that he landed the world’s first ever double back flip on a wheel chair. Which is so amazing. Male speaker: He’s an inspiration to us all. Charlee: If you watch him, you watch the way he moves with his chair and its literary looks like they’re one and the same. and it’s beautiful to watch. Aaron: I can be as creative as I want and I feel like I never run out of things to do. Like when I land something that’s been on my bucket list for ever, something else pops up. And I just feel like the possibilities are really endless. I feel like I never, in a way I feel like spinal bifida has given me everything. The opportunities I’ve seen because of my wheel chair have just been been unreal. I wouldn’t change it for anything.


That’s epic!! What most people don’t think about is unlike with bikes and skateboards he can’t “bail” from a trick mid air. He is literally strapped to his chair. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

This guy is awesome.

Just thought of something – we have videogames celebrating all kinds of x-sports…skateboarding, BMX trick riding, inline skating, snowboarding, extreme ski stunts, and hell, even Razor scooters…I think he should have his own Pro Wheelchair game.

And if it didn't risk offending the people who use normal and custom 'chairs, there'd be appropriate names for the stunts. The Boneless would become the Spineless, slides would be named Coccyx Grind and Footrest Slide, and a Special coming off a ramp to perform a midair barrel roll with a Superman-style forward-leaning posture would be dubbed Air Reeve.

I also have a disability and I absolutely love you wheels. I seen you Proform in Wollongong New South Wales (Nitro). You are so awesome at what you do keep it up #inspire

Dude, you are friggin amazing! I hope you know how many lives you’ve touched by having faith in yourself and not letting anything stop you from achieving your goals. You’ve inspired me to push myself past what I tell myself my limits are and not let my physical limitations define me. I hope I get to see more of your talent and I’d love to see competitions. So proud of you💜🙏💜

I’ve always been a Nitro Circus fan and I think it’s crazy they took this long to air him. Saw them during their first USA tour!! Nitro Circus fan for life!

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Im a wcmx skater from Israel. I have skated with Aaron in germamy last year in world cup.
He is awesome!!!!
#wcmxgod #wcmx #dropinforgettherest

Been following him for years, since his first world record. Cool to see how much he's grown up. Well done! Here's to many more years of success.

Omg anyone from UK remember my life on CBBC where there was an episode showing wcmx scater kids in wheelchairs? This guy was on a bit of the episode.

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