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Wheelz in the Air: Hitting the Skatepark on a Wheelchair

Wheelz in the Air: Hitting the Skatepark on a Wheelchair

(chill rock) – Kinda like a skater has a skateboard, or a BMXer has a bike, I just saw the wheelchair
as something fun, so why not take it into the park? I’m Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham and I ride WCMX. WCMX stands for Wheelchair Motocross. It’s, you know, taking your chair into the skate park and hitting ramps. Kind of the same thing as
BMX, but with a wheelchair. I first started going to the skate parks when I was eight years old. And I’ve been doing it for 16 years now. The wheelchair’s definitely
just an extension of my body, because skaters aren’t
always on their skateboard, and bikers aren’t always on their bike, but I’m always on my chair. So that gives me like an unfair advantage to just practice everywhere I go. I feel like I’m lucky that I always have my wheelchair with me, ’cause I can just jump whenever I want. I was born with spina bifida. I’ve had 21 surgeries throughout my life. And I spent a lot of
time in the hospitals. And yeah, it would be easy to
just be bummed out on that, but I was, for me, I
just found the positive. The wheelchair’s just
always been fun, and, it’s wheels, stuck to your butt. How’s that not a great time? (wonderous music) In 2008, I got the Guinness World Record for the first back flip on a wheelchair. And that was at a local competition here in Vegas called Am-Jam. That was a pretty cool day. One of my favorite tricks
is just a simple hand plant. Because I always loved watching skaters do it when I was growing up, and, you know, watching the pros do it,
it just was something I wanted to learn. I’m very blessed to be
able to do what I love and what I’m passionate
about for a living. A lot of the time, the wheelchair comes with the stereotype of “you can’t do this” or whatever, because
it’s a medical device. I just always think the
wheelchair’s a great opportunity. (simple tones)


Okay this is freaking awesome. I wish I could do this, buuut MD, so… Seriously though, I need to go see one of these competitions! ^

Good Job man for all them haters why don't you try and be through that and the way he changed from being a ill person to having a great life it really touched my heart 😉

Utterly inspired Aaron. Thanks. I will be showing this to my Pupil Support Class this week to teach them about positive mental attitudes.

Kinda surprised there aren't any references to THUG2 in the comments, come on people, but this is really nice to see someone overcome a disability

"This gives me an unfair advantage."…… this guy is……?……?……
I'm having trouble finding the words to say how cool this guy is!!!!!!

hey! I just started a wcmx vlog featuring wcmx tricks! please come check me out and subscribe

I have spina bifida to and so does my mom and I have had I think 13 or 14 surgeries so far and I probably have to get another surgery I also used to live in Las Vegas Nevada before I moved to Richmond Virginia

Well he don't have to worry about getting paralyzed. Fucking idiot. Yeah squander the little piece of life you have left. Just because you want attention. Haha

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