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Which YouTube Stars Slide into the DMs? | MTV’s Teen Code

Which YouTube Stars Slide into the DMs? | MTV’s Teen Code

– So if your confused
whether or not it’s a date and you wanna find out it’s a date, then go ahead and say this out loud: ‘Is this a freakin’ date?!’ – I guess the first date is
like opening up a carton of milk where the experation date is rubbed off so you don’t know when it expires. Does that make sense? That was so gross like milk is so gross. – I feel like a date is like 1950s like lets go to the drive in. Get like the shake with
the fries like I just say like lets hang out then its more casual. – Anything can be a date
like sitting on a couch and like just talking to each other for a few hours can be a date and so it kind of setting it up to be one makes it dramatic for no reason. – In my opinion it’s
like somewhat like a guy like really likes you then he
needs to put in that effort. Even if it’s not like a dinner
like I don’t necessarily like love dinner dates
especially for like a first date just because like I don’t
like everyone watching me eat. – I think that in today’s
society a lot of people are just kind of getting
to know each other and aren’t putting a label on it yet. – It’s hard to tell if it’s a date if you guys are growing
out with a group of friends like lets say you go to
prom with 12 other people but you and this other guy
are staring at each other from across the room. That may be a date or
it may not be a date. You may just have a staring problem. – Personally, it’s always
kind of hard for me to know when someone’s crushing on me. My friend’s always like ‘he likes you’ and I’m like ‘no he doesn’t’. – One of the signs that
someone is crushing on you, they’re out there sending like 30 emojis, a hey with ten ys at the end of it. – Being slightly more
aggressive as a person, I don’t know why but
people tend to I don’t know – I love you! – Where you at?
– You should get a punch. – Ow! – I think that’s just a British thing. – I usually know when I
have a crush on someone when like I’m playing video games and I’m super into this game right now and for some reason I’m wondering what she smells like right now. – I really can’t talk to them at all. I can’t speak, I don’t know what to say. – I talk way too much to
the point where it’s like oh you’re just oversharing now and making weird jokes that aren’t funny. – In my own head I’m like
oh they have to know. When really like they there’s
no way that they would know because like I never
given any signal or clue. – Slide to the dms and ask
them a stupid question like oh my gosh like I saw you went to France. How was it? – I am very straight forward. I will just be like listen
I think you’re really nice and cute and smart and
I have a crush on you. Like do you want to go out? – You could definitely tell it’s a date if their armpits are sweating, if they have pit stains, if their cologne is not strong enough to cover up the smell
of their stress sweat. – They become very noticeably
like trying to be formal if their trying to make it a date. It’s like really awkward sometimes like don’t sit yet I have pull
out your chair for you. – One time a guy asked me to hang out and I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not but anyways I ended up being a bad person and I showed up late and
I like ate right before so when he was like ‘do
you wanna eat something?’ and I was like ‘no I
just ate right before’. I actually think I had
fries in my hands still. I was like ‘do you wanna get ice cream?’ and he was like ‘I’m lactose intolerant’. It was just all these things
that were really awful and then I found out
that it was his birthday and he wanted to go you
know go on a date with me and it was really awful and I feel very bad about it. – Some places that can be
confusing to consider a date would be like going to the movies, going to a football game, going to a party together, going to get frozen yogurt together. I like to think frozen
yogurt is a date always. – You always wanna be prepared
for every possibility. If you just prepare to go hiking, you’re probably gonna end
up in some sweaty socks, like you don’t have a change of underwear, and what if after he’s like ‘oh that was a great
hike wanna go to dinner?’ You just wanna be prepared. – After a first date
if you like the person then do not harass. – Don’t scroll all the
way down her profile and like her photos from 2012. She’s gonna know. – If the date was good I’m
texting you while I’m in the Uber on the way home. I’m like ‘so how was it? How was I?’ – If your date doesn’t
follow up afterwards just accept it and move on. If someone doesn’t follow up within like honestly I’d say a day, it’s canceled, it’s canceled. Like it’s canceled. – So mom what do you
think what do you think the yellow heart is? – I’m going like the
– Like the rainbow? – No the street light. – Not like slow down. – Yeah slow down . – Actually the yellow one
means like we’re friends. – So I wasn’t too far. – What do you think the pink hearts mean? – So often we associate
pink with soft, delicate, friendship maybe. – It’s like I like you
but we’re not dating. – Yeah what does it mean talking dating? It uses different words
for the same thing right? – Well like yeah but it’s not official when you are talking. – How what is official mean? – Official is like the red heart. The red heart is serious. Oh my god so all these steps
to get to the red heart. A lot of work. – Well like people your
generation they all know. What was that face? – I used punctuation, I like
to write the whole word, I don’t do letter U for y-o-u. – But that takes so long. – I’m sure if you did it like I did, SAT scores in the whole
nation would be better. – Oh really in the nation? – Having a first kiss
meant to me that I was gay. Wait you just first find out your gay just like, ‘Oh!’ – Everybody else had
their first kiss but me and I was like, ugh, let’s just
get this over with I guess. So like it was kinda sad I guess I mean it wasn’t sad but it’s like it wasn’t meaningful to me. – I have not had my first kiss. I’m not really in a rush. I’m waiting for the right person. I don’t want to make too many mistakes. – My first kiss was during
a gaming of spin the bottle and then someone went ‘Iowa,
was that your first kiss?’ and I went ‘yeah whatever’. And then I went to the
bathroom and was like ‘oh my god I had my first kiss during a game of spin the bottle”. – I don’t think I
necessarily good practice. I think like would like kiss like my hand to see like what was it like. – I mean I’m pretty sure everybody
practiced with the mirror until I realized I wasn’t
who I wanted to kiss. I mean would want to kiss
me but not like, ‘ugh’. – We’ve all practiced kissing, we all got the stuffed animal that we used to practice kissing and then it’s a completely
platonic relationship between you and that stuffed animal. – You can only get better
once you kiss somebody so I guess you’ll never really
know how to kiss somebody until you just kiss somebody. – A good kiss is one that
you’ve been wanting to have for a very long time like
we all have those people where every time we’re having
a conversation with them we kind of start looking
like that at their mouth and we look back up and we’re like ‘oh god like I hope they
didn’t see that happen’. – You know a kiss was really good when you feel more then just a kiss. You feel something internal
that makes you be like ‘Oh my god! Emotions! Hormones!’ – I think it’s like the eye contact after like when you lean out and
you’re like ‘that was a good’ like you and the person know. – This guy just starts shoving
his tongue into my face and like swinging it around like a dog like literally my dog
kisses better than this guy. All the like neighborhood kids were like ‘oh yeah like you kissed so and so, he said you’re a bad kisser’. I was shook and then I
kissed someone after that and he was like ‘you’re a great kisser’ so I was like. – If you’re kissing somebody and it’s bad I would advise you to just
act like you gotta pee and when you go to that bathroom if it’s not a window in that bathroom… … may God be with you. – As soon as a headbutt
happens that’s where – Or its just like or
it’s just like really bad like really bad timing or something. – What you mean really bad timing? – I don’t know. – Its not a race. – Bad kissers of course
bad kissers can be helped because everyone’s first
kiss was probably bad. – Concent is when both parties both mutually and vocally agree on what they’re about to do. – If someone wants to kiss you but you don’t want to kiss them just exit the building, exit the premises before
they even have a chance to like get that moment alone with you. – You could just walk away and be like ‘there’s a mosquito
it just bit me in my ass and then you could be like
ow it like hurts really bad. I need to go to Rite Aid
and like get a Band-Aid. Success rate is amazing. – You just swerve the other way
and you lean in for that hug and you give them a nice pat on the back and you’re like ‘great job
sweetie you’re doing great’. – If you’re kissing somebody and they’re being a little
bit weird about it, just stop. They ain’t worth it. They don’t like you like that and you liked them way
more then they like you and you could just leave. You could just go. There’s billions of people on this earth, find somebody else who’s
gonna like your kisses. – If you’re ever unsure of
whether or not you’re on a date do what I do ask them – I should of killed it. – That was so scary. That was a bug, that was not the question
you were suppose to ask them.


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