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Whipping Out My Banana Prank (police shows up) | ChecoTV

Whipping Out My Banana Prank (police shows up) | ChecoTV

what’s up guys this is check on TV and you want to see my father you look cute too so you look cute say I look cute yeah you’re on the second is banana I’ll tell you what you want to suck on this foot okay yeah wanna suck like to smoke yeah like you like some smoked bananas I don’t smoke no no now is it funny so much oh look at my banana bro look at it bro you’ll see my banana you want to see my banana hey hold on hold up hey hey hey bruh like a bananas Oh you gotta see it you gotta see it though you wanna write on this banana liqueur leg bra leg bra oh look bruh hi how’s that your girlfriend yeah I just wanted to say she’s really pretty you know I want to show her my banana Hey and sort of took offense to it go to Auggie and actually pull out the real deal but yeah in fact that you get that recalled its back now so try to avoid you all had to rest my girls people when I start back me on anyway night okay yeah I think you should find someone in your age no oh those are easy Oh


jajajajajajaja no mames we esta ves si me cague de risa jajajaja buena ese video eres bueno en esto we :v

Bruh I seriously tried to follow you, but you are being soooooo creepy man(not in a good lawhf way for example) , levanta el carisma bruh, deja de seguirlas así jajaja

You look creepy for some people since you confirm the stereotype to them. You must be a registered sex offender to pull out a prank like this. Nothing to lose LOL

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