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This is mine ! Hello guys Jumbo here and welcome back to my channel Or welcome back on another episode of potatoshow If you are new here and you don’t know what is this I try to make this kind of video to connect more with you guys As I said on the last video today , I’ll try to answer some of the most questions SOOOOOO… My real name is Endrit ENDRIT I know most of you can’t pronounce my name So you can just call me Jumbo ! I’m 18 years old Where are you from? I’m Albanian from Kosovo But you guys know that I live in potato land Show show them how it looks ! I’ve been doing YouTube since 2009 I think I was like eleven years old I started as a kid And I always love editing videos 🙂 So later on , I start posting short videos Or movies with a lot of visual effect But no one Was wacthing them I don’t know why ! I was working really hard Like a month or more just to make one video Because I was doing more difficult things than I do now Anyway maybe I’ll show you guys some of my old videos Of course only if you want Then last year , this game called came up I was playing it just for fun But then I have this idea , why not start making video some funny videos about it So that’s how Jumbo started I never thought than more than a million people will join this channel In such a short time Now I can show my gaming editing skills Because I know I have you guys And the amazing support that you guys are showing me That’s why I love doing this And i will keep doing it It’s very easy ! I use after effects I’ll show you know Very good question If you want to ask me anything for the next episode Please leave your comment with #potato show One more thing I want to do a giveaway for you guys A hoverboard giveaway Well not this but a brand new one This is how you can win ! I’ll do the giveaway in Instagram You have to follow me there And you have to comment on this pic..on this picture with #potato I’ll pick a random comment And announce the winner in the next potatoshow So that’s it guys ! Thanks for watching this video Good luck to everyone And see you next time ! of course no..


Pershendetje Endrit.İ kam pare videot e tua dhe me kane pelqyer shume.ti the qe kam nisur te bej video qe kur kam qene 11 vjec. Une jam 13 vjec dhe me pelqejne shume te bej edit video. Shpresoj te zgjedhesh kete mesazh dhe ta fitoj une hoverboardin. Faleminderit

I don't understand people hating that he is Albanian from Kosovo I'm from Serbia and I love Jumbo!

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