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why do they call me el Presidente let’s
see who the **** is Eric Garcia y eah shit skating for about 25 years into photography now
JSF crew Bay Area NorCal you know what it is how did I get into skating I
got into skating watching basically television I saw ESPN what was it miss
1994 but before that I was actually playing roller hockey and how I got into
aggressive was watching ESPN roller hockey was not big but it was something
that I saw on TV all the time I saw hockey and I always liked ice skating so
instead of ice skating as soon as I saw rollerblades in it it was a no-brainer
no I don’t think TV is that important I think it’s it’s more of the Internet
that’s taken more more charged these days so I got into photography because
in 2013 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis if you guys are know about
that condition it’s pretty debilitating and what it does is it basically gets
all of your joints inflammation and so you literally can’t skate so within
about a year of that happening to me I didn’t skate and so the first the
first thing that I thought about was how can I stay in skating how could I still
be involved what could I do I didn’t want to pick up a video camera
so I said let me try an actual photo camera digital camera so I picked one of
those up and I haven’t put it down I mean the only experience I had is
watching my other friend shoot photos I kind of want to learn everything on my
own even even with friends around me like Yvonne and Vinny men and you know
dudes that have the experience with equipment like this I definitely have
sought out insight for them from them but I’m the kind of person and it’s
probably some of Tours I love to learn things on my I want to make sure that I
make the mistake so I know what I got to do to correct it why k2 because I mean those are the
skates that I’ve always felt comfortable with I could put on a pair of other
skates you know and other branch skates and I kid you know it takes me five
minutes to realize if I’m gonna like the skates or not and it’s what 2019 I
started skating k2 s in 1996 I still haven’t found a pair where I’m like okay
these are better than k2 why do they call me el presidente let’s see I mean
if you really want to look at it I’m the head of JSF and in the sense of I keep
that I keep the crew strong tight-knit we were family
at the end of the day and we look out for each other and so I just want to
make sure that that always stays prominent with all the homies and that
we look out for each other we ready for this one what’s JSF juiced suck food
this is what happens when you’re a teenager and you’re trying to come up
with a name basically a VG 12 was on the brink and Dave Payne was having you know
battle my crew come out and we already had a crew obviously a phonies but this
was our time to actually now put a name to it it was a three-way call between
myself Rob G and Jared majors and when I say this is it comes back to the teenage
years well that’s what juice sucker flows came from we’re literally on the
phone going what can we call our crew oh we always use the word juiced right
because juice is another term for excitement being pumped sucka this is
where I can’t really explain it but we used to say suck a whole lot so that was
just integrated and then foes was another word that we just used a whole
lot and instead of calling each other a fool because you better not call me a
fool you call me a folk because that’s what we are that’s where foods came from
and then you know juice circle fools it comes together and that’s what you get where do I see skating in five years I
see it being more independent with the individual in the fact that they’re
controlling how they put themselves out there the Internet has been a huge step
with that and obviously yourself Ricardo you’re doing great things with showing
and educating people on what they can do to basically showcase rollerblading so
in five years it’s going to be more Ricardo’s more blading on the brains
more this week in blading more just more people showcasing blading
but on their terms how old am I


I got into blading the exact same way, watching NISS 1994 on television!!! This is also how I know for a FACT that an alley-oop unity does not exist and that EVERY form of a backwards unity is a savannah. Jose "Cuervo" Felix did a trick tip with Brian Smith at the Huntington Beach stop and he did an AO unity down a p-rail and both Jose AND Brian Smith referred to the trick as a savannah. This was WAY before Billy Prislin was doing 270 back savannahs. Those are the OGs, that's what they called it and everyone else can suck it! Respect to Erick!!!

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