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I don’t even know why you came here, You are Fired!! Ola Youtube
my name is Ricardo and I’m a wheel addict I’m about to get to work
it’s I don’t even know it’s Thursday I’m about to get to work and the door is
open mo mo where’s moe
he left his phone here where’s mo no mo mo why just he left everything open this
guy left the door open like did he’s playing videos check this my dupe skates
we’re here oh where the hell is mom through this early morning skate bitches so basically I got to the shop and my
otters actually is burning to the ice skates
might end up in trouble I’m going to make this mission here so place we dislike so few days ago like two days ago I think actually I had a little skate on
the dupes the old dupes from think it’s and then didn’t really enjoy it and
escape to so flimsy and most importantly it did in our
vicinity mine system frame system so he’s a Timothy mount city fathers skates and I just blew it down there
take it out of his office this morning and take it out to a spit like I said I
might end up in trouble Hey so basically this gets up into the old
tubes man of man the skates are shined and reduce by four
yo I don’t even know roughly so one thing I can tell you that this
skates is super comfortable thirsty and also because the literary demands and it
feels like super super rigid so the cause of the sketch being a 10-8
demand system I can tell you that I certainly feel our lower this is because
either one under in ten millimeter will so this gate is significantly lower and
I can actually feel that good it’s nice I just ended up in the same street so Dakota doesn’t know I think he skates his files were scared and I thought the
skate these perfect for commuting and just like
you’re having it and putting it on and going so if I should company this dudes
through the previous model which isn’t a trivial demand system and where this one
is stokeley amazing super supportive all
boo that is basically open to where you have to actually use your own shoes it’s a very good skater so I’m actually breaking a but the
persuader think I’m out to do something before I hit back make a pit stop good morning you skate can I please know
sugar to say what I said was just by that guys actually field escapes I’m robot
you hit back but take
actually wanted to hide on some snips you just actually the skates is really meant for jumping
and like like I said it because Trinity man system a pretty sure
can handle like two three scales hey Dakota are you dating that whatever
you breathe all right that was good what you mean reviving why do my skates Chris then you do Trinity and they are
so awesome don’t be mad at me bro nah man I don’t
even know why you came you’re fired like you need to tell me where to do
those things but it was like just like 15 minutes like yeah but the shop was
like fuck you no one was here I didn’t know you’re gonna get anyone in this 15
minutes so far dude I brought you a coffee this guy knows me up okay you can stay
hello was it I hope you guys enjoyed this video this was obviously just
parody can see parody yeah is it he wanted to try the skates why not show it
to you guys so hope you guys enjoy most kidding I haven’t seen it yet so you
guys tell me did you like it you did it you can let us know in the comments can
give us a thumbs up if you like this video if you didn’t like it well you can
give us a thumbs down but then you need to tell us what did you like about this
video other than that hmm that’s a good coffee yeah it’s a good coffee
you know what subscribe to this channel that’s all I gotta say and do not forget
why we all started skating because it’s fun
matches guys is it wait


I have been fooled! I thought you would have posted legit drama. Thank God it was just a little joke XD

I really appreciate the story telling element. Adding a narrative to the already great content made this really enjoyable to watch.

Great review, These skates seem pretty agile and responsive on and off the curbs upon incoming traffic and all, they must effuse confidence.

Way to scare us! I’m glad Moe got his full on own episode. I really do hope to see more of his own episodes for the channel. As for the doops, I’m reeeeaaallllly thinking bout them for my 2nd pair. The no jumping thing is a bit of a turn off but the rest is totally up my alley. Uuuuggghhh….so many wants, not enough cash…

Moe reminds me of Trevor Noah. BTW, nice skates love how the wheels or bearings sound when he turned around to go back.

Lol….. U guys are cool!!!! Moe's skating was good!!! This is my favorite YouTube channel hands down!!! Til next time friends!! Keep on skatin'!

Now that's a nice flow video from Moe!

You guys are not winning an Oscar for best performance or comedy movie but there goes my thumbs up to see if Youtube does give you guys a prize!! 😉

When is Powerslide hiring Moe??!!! He's damn talented! We knew him from downhill skating and he now does aggresive and freeride as well!

Keep it up Ricardo & Moe!

I love watching your videos especially the videos where you skating with your wife because i'm trying to get my girlfriend into skateparks and into the sports with wheels so i see you and your wife as me and my girlfriend but just in the future. I'm hooked on your videos 🙂

Hi Ricardo! Hi Moe! I enjoyed your video, guys, thank you!
What will you suggest more: the Doop Swift 110 Trinity 2018 or the good old Xsjado Team 2.0 Skeleton + Kizer Powerblade Trimax Frame Set ?

Cool dope "I'm in trouble" video of Moe on the run on PS Doop tri mount skates. …. Ricardo Lino speakings :'Moe, You are fired" scared me a bit."
Thank god. Moe can stay anyway. Enjoy the coffee, BOSS.

My wife is getting me these skates for our wedding anniversary. Love my Boots, but these seem much better for outdoor skating, plus I like the idea of being able to wear them with shoes.

How hard is it to turn doops into xsjados? Just slap a soulplate on that bitch? Get a decent frame and you good?

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