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Why I love to Skate, Skate memories

Why I love to Skate, Skate memories

Why i love to skate and the winner of
the free socks. Why I love to skate. Shaun here at shop task YYC. Super exciting for
me to be here again today. I get to share a little bit more about myself and maybe
articulate a little bit on why I love to skate so much. Now there’s a million
reasons. One of the big reasons is the nostalgia. For me skating brings back so
many good memories of growing up. Those wonderful teenage adolescent
years of just being free. Such a good feeling; such a good time in my life.
For me I truly grew up on skates. This past weekend I was down in
Lethbridge Alberta. I am here sitting in front of my parents house putting on
my skates. There is a Shop Task sticker on the
light post outside. We will tour around Lethbridge a little bit and
see some of the spots where i grew up skating. Here we are at the Lethbridge
Regional Hospital where my mother worked for much my entire life. She still works
for the hospital now but just in a different building not exactly the same
location. This was a few blocks from my house and lot fun things to skate around here. I first got a
pair of skates, well let’s rewind a little bit. The first
time I tried a pair of skates. 1992, a neighbourhood girl had a pair Wayne
Gretzky Ultra Wheels. She let me try them on this basketball court that we will see
that in a little bit. The pavement was rough, it was terrible. I was blown away!
Could not believe that the skates actually worked. I could skate around. I
went home immediately and told my mom, “I got skates!” “Please please please i need a pair of
skates.” Here I’m actually at the hospital where I was born. This is the
St. Michael’s Hospital in Lethbridge and My mom said, “yeah sure Shaun. It would
be great to have skates but you need a place to use. I am sure they’re
awesome, if they have a place to use them. I say, “mom there’s a tennis court two houses down from where we live. Right
across the street. I can skate there. It is too perfect and I know it seems rough. The wheels smooth it out. It’s amazing.” Sure enough, I recieved a pair
that year for Christmas. This is the tennis court that was a literally two
houses down from where I grew up. That Christmas I got a pair of skates and I was
down at this exact tennis court at five a.m. that morning. In lethbridge the snow
comes and goes. Even Christmas day I could be out
skating. There I was, skating right there. Hockey stick in hand. My brother got a
pair of skates that same year. Some friends got some skates. That was a good year.
This is the basketball court where i first tried on a pair of skates. It was a lot smoother. Haha. It was a lot
smoother today than it was when I first tried. The pavement has been redone
As part of the tennis courts there’s this park and
that’s where I learned how to stair ride. That set of stairs right there. A
perfect set of stairs when you’re learning stair riding. If you can find a
nice wide laid out set. That would be the perfect place to learn stair rides. Here, I am downtown Lethbridge.
This building is actually the one of the original fire halls. I am sure that is where
the fire trucks came from when I burnt down and neighbours fence. Haha Good memories. Once I got a pair of skates
I skated everywhere. I remember being in grade five and bringing my
skates the school. I would skating around at recess. In junior high I would skitch cars on the way
to school – the greatest rush ever. High school I would go home
right after class to do my homework so I could go skating for the rest of the night. Skate
was a big part of my life. Skating was my identity. It gave me
like a culture to belong to. People at high school knew me as the skater. I had sponsors when I was in high
school. It gave me some prestige. I would wear my cool
Solomon gear to school. I had a Solomon product testing team shirts. It gave me an identity through those awkward teenage
years. Skating gave me an escape from the anxiety of growing up and
being a teenager. It is hard growing up. Skating gave me an outlet. Teenage boys need something positive
do with all the energy. Skating was my life. It was great! Here, at the Gult museum in Lethbridge.
This is one of the oldest buildings that I am just rolling in off. This is a pretty cool line. I do
that drop in – through here is a tricky little jump, coming up – onto the
leg – gap over to the following ledge and have to duck underneath. There’s a couple rocks here
that i get to skip across, in a fun little pattern. Awesome!
Whenever a young teenage boy comes into the shop and their parents tell me that their son has saved up his own money to get skates, I never
charged full price. I try and give them as many free things I can. I even try to give
them second pair of skates. If I have a used pair
that I can pass on to them. Something they can give to a friend so they have someone to skate with. That is very important to me to pass on everything that skating has given to me. Here I am bombing down what we call the westside hill. This path is the width of a road. Lots of room to slalom back and forth. It is a big long down hll. This hill is pure
joy See me smiling. I’m really excited. Loving it. Bombing down this hill. I could not put a speed on it but
you get going really fast. Lots of room to maneuver. At the
beginning of the hill, I missed pointing it out I was slaloming back and
forth trying to slide my wheels so I could find out where I had grip and I
needed to slow down if I could bust out a parallel slide. At this point
though, I can see the bottom. No one in my way so I am just
enjoying the speed. Bombing down. There is a headwind so I could
stand up to speed control my speed nicely with an air brake. This is sketchy part you have to skip onto this pedestrian bridge. And of course what goes down must come back up. I am at the top of the
hill feeling like a champion. Excellent. Thank you so much for watching!
Oh geez, I almost forgot the draw. In one of our last videos, two weeks
ago, I asked people to post their skates size and
measurements of their foot. Then comment on the fit. I took
everybody’s name that enter that information into the comment. I am going to put the
microphone down. Everybody’s name is inside here. We are
going to draw the name to see who wins. ….And our winner is, there it is Krush, Krush 753. Congratulations to
Krush. I will send you a direct message, through the youtube account, letting you
know that you won and asking for your mailing information. I will send those
socks out to you. Thanks again for watching. Namaste, it’s beautiful outside let’s
go skate.


Hi Shawn. I have recently gone back to skating and it was actually for the very same reason as yours. For me skating is extremely nostalgic too. I'm in my thirties now and I used to skate day and night during my teenage years in home country. unfortunately since 15 years ago which I moved from Iran to UK, I did not have the time and luxury of skating. But I am now planning to seriously get back to it and in fact I bought a second hand Seba and while I'm practicing my old skills, I'm waiting for a new three wheel inline skate from Powerslide; KAZE super Cruiser with trinity frame. I am so excited to begin skating on three wheels since I have heard so much good stuff about them. I enjoy your videos. keep up the good work.

Beautiful! What a cool video thnx for sharing that, i had just arrived on earth when u got ur first wheels hehe
Btw that hill was insane 😮

Dude your speed on that hill was nuts!! What kind of Advice do you have for someone riding on a 4x80mm or a 3x110mm setup for keeping stable and not wobbling?

I want to try the wizard frame with 100mm wheels, I'm currently on 76 76 80 80, should I expect a huge difference in speed?

Man do I love your videos. I've been skating for some time now through my town to get to school and work and what not….can you give me a suggestion on what to buy to make my experience skating better? What ever you say I'm down, just something that won't break the bank, you know?

Wow, man, seeing how passionate you are about skating can really motivate someone to skate. Real good vibes comming out of you. Also you skate sooo damn good, so fluently, it's really enjoyable to watch. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Bulgaria. ^^

Thanks for putting up this video. I use inline skates to get to class at college (of course, I do tricks and such). It gets discouraging seeing everyone use longboards and no one else skating. So your video gave me motivation to keep doing this.

thank you! love your videos so chill and calm and one of the reasons i get hyped to go skate. first time i won something, now i can go skate in style! 😀

so nice finding your channel, i am someone who really like skating as a kid, but i could never afford them. it is not common where i live, so if there is, the import and shipping price from shops are extremely expensive. skateparks were minimum, hardly any. not so good roads. i started skating recently, its so much joy and more to come. edit, oh yeah the hill part was really cool. i like speed on freestyle skates.

The first time is skated was kinda funny i used my brother old skates all worn out.
The thing was there was missing one skate
That dindt stop me tho so i went out with one skate and one normal shoe.
I had a blast flothing around the asfalt and balacing on one food

PS:ty for your video's the realy motivated me to get better and learn some tricks

It's just a pleasure to whatch your videos and hear your story of skating. I started skating at the age of 15 and what I remember is that it was extremely hard to find a nice smooth street or pavement to practise skating in my country (Poland). It's been changing throughout last 20 years and now our cities look much diffrenet and skate-firendly 🙂 what's more, skating become more popular last years and what I really like now is that there's an idea of doing a night skating through the city (in some of the bigger cities in Poland) and a lot of people in different age came together to make a common passing through the city on the streets (traffic is stopped for that moment). It's also in some cases the only possibility to skate on the main streets or fast roads where it's not possible to do it through the day. I know it's popular in some other european coutries, do you have it in Canada as well?

That smooth bash at the tennis court was killer.

I love the ease with which you slide. Any tips for getting into learning those basic slides? I can do a powerslide in that t-shape. But can't nail the parallel slide.

Hi I brought my first skates in February on eBay and they were the k2 Athena's, for like 54 bucks on eBay.I usually cleaned them with a toothbrush but My dumb self just put the boots in the washer.I know dumbville and super funny.So, the shell by the foot kinda cracked we'll came off.But I wanna get a new pair.I'm thinking in the 150 range I would be willing to go to 200. I'm a intermiate I think, I can to parallel turns, backwards t stop balance OK.I can't practice that often , but I usually bust them out and skate around the house.So what brands or models wouldmyou recommend for me.Thanks and great bid.

i'm 30 and i started skating 3 weeks ago…i feel sad watching you…no way i'd be able to do the stuff you do, when i fall my bruises heal a lot slower than when i was a teenager so i'm much more worried about falling coz of practical reasons :/

do you think its better to add quality parts to skates your comfortable in or its just better to buy quality skates,break them in etc?

the way you skate in all surfaces like this is what I was wondering when I was a child. I used to skate in smooth surface only because my skate was not design for all surfaces. Is it what you all define as Urban Skate? but the price is so expensive for me. no wonder it can go thru any kind of surfaces.

Greeting from Indonesia

I've been skating for half a year and I absolutely enjoy it!
I am waiting for some gear and can't skate for 2 weeks and I hate it xD

I love your videos! Greets from Holland!!

Great video Shaun , it was a pleasure watching you skate and  listen to you tell your story .I'm 48 and have just bought a set of roller skates(quads) ,as that's what I skated on in my teens at rinks/roller discos in the 80's .I'm going to do some street ,skate park and maybe try derby .Inline looks so quick & free I'm now thinking I need to try it .Do you also skate quads ? or do you just skate inline and why ?

Man, you're so lucky. I grew up in shitty conditions, didn't even know that things like inline skates existed.

Hey Shaun, I had a very similar story to you when I was kid living in Australia, where a girl in my neighbourhood had a pair of inline skates and I got a pair for xmas 1992. I spent so much of my youth on skates, then for some silly reason I just didn't keep it up in my 20's. I'm 36 now living in the UK and have a bunch of guys I do long distance skating with. We will be skating in the Berlin marathon in September!

Amazing content on your channel and the wizzard setup looks awesome – keep it up fella!

OH MY GOD, I HAVE ALMOST THE SAME STORY about rollerblades! I have a girl that say you must try it. So she force me to try it and I like it so fast. I didn't even fell in the first day or skating!

iam a male and i like girls but i can't explain that feel i want hug u and share some love as u share it trough this video.

Thanks for sharing
Sir I have to buy a good skate that which does not be damaged on making stunts.
Plz suggest me

I love watching these vids where he cruises around. It's a lot of fun to watch. Also I love how positive he always is! I'm 37 & am thinking of getting a big wheel setup for my Xsjado's. Anti-rocker is all well & good but I also just want to go cruising!

Got my first pair of swindlers today because of your channel. Been skateboarding for a year and a half now and inline is already that free feeling on my first hour on them. Thank you so much for introducing me to this great hobby/sport

No wonder i can't skate like you you've been doing it your whole life i just started 3wks ago. Lol 😂. Can you share your fails that would help me a lot. I'm having a lot of those.

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