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Why I Picture People Naked

Why I Picture People Naked

Matthias:Last Time on Youtube Genius. Matthias:This series follows me and my crew behind the scenes- Chad:Neh Matthias:This series follows me and my crew through what it takes to make a successful Youtube channel. Chad:(Scoff) Matthias:(Really… stare) Matthias:(Laugh) Matthias:I miss doing sketches. Matthias:(Sigh) (Chad and Gunner have trouble walking through the door) Matthias: (“What’s wrong with you?” stare) Gunner: (Chivalry) Chad: (Nods knowingly) Matthias: So I’ve been thinking. I think its finally time that I–that we–you know, set up a formal business on YouTube. You know? Legitimize what we’re doing. Gunner: Does that mean I finally get paid? Matthias: (Fart laughter) (Evolves into normal laughter) Gunner: What? (Painful laughter?) Gunner: Yeah, I’m an intern. In film industry terms a P.A. Production Assistant. Or a gopher. Not to be confused with the animal. (Depressing stare) Matthias: What? You didn’t store enough nuts for winter? no way stay away from my lawn that’s
clearly a fake laugh I never think anything everything I do is real all my videos
real I keep it 100 it’s true I’ve never seen him 99 my name is Chad
I’m the producer around here someone over normality coach from
Matthias essentially i coax out the relatability out of his eccentricities
the go / didn’t want an hour am i right haha so this part here where you tell a joke
and laugh at your own joke and then proceeded to make silly faces for the
next three minutes yeah just cut the silly faces out what
thats you to gold I just think you might lose the viewers
after about the tenth face you’ve always been jealous of my face
talent it’s true I can’t make half the silly
face as he can my sub count is proof of that so back to
business would you have in mind so I was in the shower yet are you
picturing that I just want to make sure you’re picturing that got it studies show that when you picture
someone naked it releases tension in difficult situations so I like to have
people picture me naked as much as possible that way I feel like they’re
more receptive to my ideas so this mall on my inner thigh that’s
right visualize it come on man and it’s been
growing recently so it got me thinking how can i grow my YouTube Empire as fast
as that mold growing you should probably get that checked out
no no I have a growing national long time I’m safe so I thought some additional
ways to increase our revenue streams like potentially multi-channel Network
you know creating one of those then I realized I hate multi-channel networks
and that I don’t want to be sitting on like 500 million from disney and just
hate my life so many empty promises are you saying
that someone offered you 500 million for your channel secondly I thought about trademarking
something generic like let’s place and I realize that’s not how that works you
can train our challenge videos not generic enough about challenge good work what about consulting but you don’t know anything I know some
stuff useless stuff valuable stuff what stuff how about how to be the top rated most
awesome youtube channel on all of YouTube official be verified that’s with awesomeness TV in the
running yes I do work from home however youtubers bigger and smaller do
consult with me often because I am an expert in writing shooting video making optimized up up to
him up to analyticals so i’m going to be teaching these youtubers optimization if you like money I do love money not as much as I love this job truth is
I do it for free but don’t tell my thighs though i do need money for
incidentals ok so consulting not a bad idea we have any prospect bad idea to invest
in fortune tellers did you think I said profits to really
talk about money let’s stick to find the clientele okay focus you know I’m sure your
YouTube friends would love more beer in sight true there are dramatic punch hey you
never know could open up some connections shed some light on some new
talent it’s never gonna happen to Omar no I’m
not allowed to be on camera or in any main channel videos because Matthias
thinks that my childish good looks will detract from his childish humor I think that’s a good base and really
think we should use that name is Robert De Niro what are you talking about being the
same shot as me out of my chair that’s my chair anyhow for the state of California we must set up an official title to
register our business as a legal entity about how about my nickname you know what people what people call me
behind my back the nickname gooshie think YouTube
genius that’s the nickname my peers use for me
behind my back it’s a lot to live up to and honestly a
big responsibility but you know who better than me right I will take this title for myself in my
business in the most humble way because i am a YouTube genius in the most humble
way next time on YouTube genius yeah yeah
hello mark mark mark markiplier mark mark players sir I 00 your voice is deep not no i’m not i’m not a fan i’m home
definitely not a fan I and I mean I’m a fan of what you do I like like that one
video the the the one where you playing that one game with with the guns


In these videos, I love Gunner's part. Chad is the Ben Stein of the group. (How does he keep himself from smiling and goofing around enough to do his scenes though??) And Matthias' part… Well, I don't like his part, but I know that that's not how he is in real life. He does it so well though… Hmm…

the problem with this is that chad is to dead inside. Also matt neads to get cut off more and get more triggered. Also dont do the stupid jokes and do more of the acctualy funny. Do these things and it will be funny and you will get more views, trust me.

Poor gunner! we need more love for gunner! and why did the style change from vidio? No hate! i just want to know.

Im way behind on this channel. Been binge watching for over a week. Love the old and the new. This video was hilarious!

2016 Matthias: "I hate multichannel network"
2018 Matthias: I have a 7 channel network

I bet the only reason this ended so fast was because youtube was like "NO! It's youtube red for this or it doesn't exist at all!"

Heard you weren’t feeling great about your original ratings on this video, and may I just say you do an awesome job and we all appreciate it.

I love Chad Wild Clayβ€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŽΉπŸŽΉπŸŽΉπŸŽΉπŸŽΌ

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