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I have to admit that I love my inline
skates a lot more than these and it’s a lot healthier but Olá YouTube my name is ricardo
lino and a wheel addict and today i’m not skating I’m skating but I’m skating
later because before I put my skates on I’m gonna try to get my way of
transportation if you stop if you saw my video yesterday you saw that I made I
went to NAS house this kid that skateboard that he
skateboards is Right scooters and inline skates and his father is one of these
things Electric skateboards so let’s see so here I am going take this let me see if I want to stop basically
it stops and now here it goes it’s Saturday morning and I’m going and I’m
going to the shop I’m not really a good skateboarder I know it’s nothing to do
with the skateboard because basically you just
it’s the latest gate board oh it’s quite fun
the thing is I’m planning on using my roller skates today there’s a concealed
and if I’m going to use my roller skates my roller skates they’re really really
hard wheels so with such hard wheels I can’t really morning with such hard
wheels I can’t really skate in these pavements
that’s right also I serve a scooter and my spirit is
broken so as the scooter is broken and I have
no way of transportation I’ve been using a lot of uber
if this thing you go for a few days they think they’re like a 40 kilometers
range I just hope I don’t get any little as like a 40 kilometers range and goes
up to 40 Cades per hour 40 keys bro it’s quite fast
let’s show just weird and then on my way to work I
think I’m going on and there’s two different modes on this date and I’m
going on the slow mode so let me see if I can get the fast not working so I was on the festival
hey I see I don’t even know if I got battery to
get there and it’s windy stay there thumping oh my god hyoma I almost pressed it to go
this thing goes and this thing was going to the middle of the road with like lots
of cars comments okay when is so the thing is when you
stop it slowly goes squared okay I see check this so I’m stopped
look what it is goes so what happened here was like I just talked in a in a
green light and this thing just went into the middle of the road
but they’re safe and see here I am going okay so if I put my feet on the thing
when I stop then it actually stays in the same position again like
oh my god I have to admit that I love my inline skates a lot more than these I
need a lot healthier butt if I need to go to a place without
sweating this actually works really nice smell lake technologies weird it just is
this little thing it’s like a pistol you click on it and just go ahh it’s just
from a friend huh it goes like 40 cavemen yes and it can’t
stop it when it stops it’s like dangerous cause it feel like you’re
gonna fall forward okay Oh I suck it is
see if this goes up a little huh girl cuz I mean it goes like slow but after
that after this uphill is going to be the downhill to where I did the skates
test like the speed test we like for with the different sizes and that should
be fast so it’s not the fastest it’s actually quite fun at least the
good thing about it is that you have to wind in your face and I love that thing
that’s why escapes I love to feel the wind in my face but with these four I’m
scared chicken I never know what I’m gonna get stuck
again it’s just a good thing about it it like
now I’m going downhill so when I go downhill
if I stop like here stop
this thing is charging the battery that’s the cool thing about it and I go
– why – fast matter if you can see it but I think I go like maybe like these
decays per hour it’s just different and it’s fun they got away move people are gonna be like if I’m like a
weird thing and I am I know I’m sorry see you at the skate park


one day i was blading fast in a local park, and a young boy came to me and asked, "are your skates electric? that's why you are so fast?" and after watching this video, it makes me think electric inline skates will probably come out pretty soon 😀 or will they?

Awesome video 🙂 I tried skateboarding for a day and fell flat on my face almost every time haha. Not for me I don’t think

Where are the electric inline skate frames you talked about before. Those were awesome. They were still in proto type phase. The guy was riding them around in xsjado skates so he had shoes when he go places

Electric longboards are legit. They have the wheel contact patch to drive significant weight and you just get on and go. Motorized inline skates will always be limited and inferior. I like inline skating and longboarding, but for motorized, longboard is the way to go. Mischo Erban has gone 95 km/h on an electric longboard…on flat.

TRAITOR! Just kidding 😄
I had zero interest in skateboards, but since skating, those downhill longboarders are fascinating. I'll probably get longboard in 2018. (And it will be probably gathering dust 😅)
Inline is legal in UK on streets and pavements, skateboards or boosterboards are not…AFAIK

I was actually wondering why I haven't seen you on skateboards before. I've been looking in to these electric boards for a bit. Because bringing skates to work is a lot harder than a skateboard. Since you don't have to change shoes and bring an extra bag. It's never going to replace inline-skating, but it's sure more fun than biking. I'm just worried on how bad weather will influence it's performance. Man all these wonderful gadgets and tools on wheels I still want to have and try, all dreams no budget 😀

I want one! Looks like a lot of fun! Hopefully eventually someone will figure out a way to make electric in-lines of this quality. I’m hoping within a few years we’ll see some decent e-skates. Keep up the great vids👍And watch out for those crazy cars!

One of my friends has a board like that. It seems like a lot of fun 😀
Btw, what is the setup you are using for filming? I saw the shadow of your camera on your shirt in the beginning of the video and I was wondering what you are using 😀

Great! But why electric? I started skateboarding in the city for commuting 3 months ago, basically cause I need to drop a kid at the kindergarten on my way to work. Before I skated to work as much as possible and didn't want to switch to car. Got a cheap cruiser-the biggest skate before it's called longboard, and it's great for that. I can use it in the bus, even got the kid to stand in front of me when going to/from bus stop. Chunky wheels, good when going on wet/slippery pavement and when it's too fast/bad situation, you just step off. Just great option to get along with the skates 😉

Is it reasonable to say such a thing as roller-skating, skateboarding, biking or scooting 'culture' exists? In doing so, is it reasonable to defend our loyalty to a transportation brand?
Like when you skateboard, skateboard till you are dead and buried. Don't get caught red-handed pedaling a BMX or lacing up inline skates.

I’m getting into aggressive inline skating cuz I ski terrain park and can’t skateboard in a park, but when it’s not winter you can find me out bombing hills and ripping slides on my downhill longboard! Skating for commuting can be cool too, get a low pusher board like the Pantheon Ember for that

Hey Ricardo, good vibes bro. How do you put your skates on your backpack? That looks cool. I have been searching for a backpack for blades but I couldn’t find it.

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