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Why Skateboards ruled the 80s… (English Subtitles)

Why Skateboards ruled the 80s… (English Subtitles)

Skateboards were one of the coolest things in the 80s. And here you`ll find out why skateboards ruled the 80s… The first skateboards apperead in France during World War II. A couple of years later there were skateboards in the USA, too. These looked more like converted surfboards back then. It took the 80s to make skateboarding the coolest sport around. The tricks became more spektacular, the first skateparks were build, but most of all the look of the skateboard-scene became cooler than ever. Neon skateboard decks, monsters and skulls… …and the weed smoking caterpillar of “Alice in Wonderland”… The decks looked like a mixture of art and comics on drugs… …hard drugs. And even the skateboard-stickers looked awesome! My very first skateboard-experiences were on a no-name board from the local supermarket. From the Multi Markt in Weilheim near Tübingen – you don`t have to know this store… Later I got the Tony Hawk Claw Board from Powell-Peralta. And I still got it to this day. I wasn`t really good at doing tricks, but I was really fast… …and sometimes this was really painfull… When I was riding down a real steep hill in my hometown the front axis of the board went loose. The skateboard dangled extremely. Most of the hill I slided down on my chest… Yes. The very loud scream you heared in 1989 – that was me. If you like the skateboards of the 80s give this video a thumbs up. And if you want more 80s videos please subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much!


Ich hatte Damals Rollschuhe waren auch cool aber gefährlich.Später dann das Skateboard.Auch Ferngesteuerte Autos waren in den 80ger angesagt.

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