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Why the Chinese skaters are so good

Why the Chinese skaters are so good

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a wheel
addict after my last video that I had to run away from the securities of the
biggest skatepark in the world here in Guangzhou China this is my undercover
look I’m about to go out with my heart skates and try to enjoy the streets of
China I don’t know back outside the smell ‘they are really
really intense it’s hard to explain it’s really strong forget what I said about intense smells
if there there’s the place with intense smell that is it for me so different from what I’m just are you doing type of shop that sell everything but
like there’s millions there’s so many of these shops selling everything but they
seem to be going so I don’t think your clothing anyway some traffic over there something that you see over him over
here a lot electric bikes everyone seems to have one
maybe we need electric skates ah first I’m gonna go for some food in a
place that I know I know I should be risking a bit more but staying here for
a few more days I’m scared of my stomach so gonna go for I’m gonna go for some
Starbucks and it goes cool blessed amazing
check this it’s the most amazing thing so they just close this thing right now
and there’s two classes going on that’s amazing hello
are you doing they speak English a little bit English
is it classes than learning that is amazing can I can i film can i
film okay
okay they’re like a film that’s so I told you that I was just coming
back to Starbucks and I got here and then there’s a lot of kids I don’t know
I’m trying to understand what skates they have they all seem to have the same
skate and now they’re just warming up okay
they’re micro helmet we all have Elmas from the brand micro
I’m going to try to see what’s case they go just out of curiosity can I see the
skates just escaped judge not just escaped I’ve never seen this before No
can I get one of those thank you so this is for the rest of the world
I’ve never seen this being done I’m randomly just skating in China next to
my hotel and right in front of a Starbucks I see see this in my back all
these kids just learning so basically there’s the teacher there’s someone I’m
like the rantings case or if they’re just letting the kids use the skates
there’s 6k snacks is going on but it’s amazing good it’s mainly slalom but it’s
I wouldn’t expect the city’s right now I’m gonna get some food so I just
came out of Starbucks and I’m still here I’m like I’m amazed with his kids it’s
like in such a tiny place they found a way to have three different levels of
skate going on like the most advanced kid here next to me are learning to
cross backwards then the one in the middle
I just blew the first cone there’s even four levels in the end just the ones
like really learning how to skate and then on that corner you probably can’t
be putting this kids for the first time and being on top of a carpet just so
that can handle the skates and just to learn how to stabilize the ankle but
look they’re learning already at such a young age out to cross backwards it’s
amazing and it’s cool like you see all these people sitting outside
their parents basically this is the residential area and then you can see
all this building it’s not they’re not offices they’re just like where people
leave little shopping mall and they do this like it’s if you don’t need
anything basically just put some barriers you just to claim that this is
their space then the parents come around sit outside wherever kids don’t have
skates the rent kids over there and it’s amazing it’s really clean I’m really
excited that I came here and saw this randomly I found out a coffee stop for
me to go back to detail and organize the rest of my week gonna be active Oh you can’t measure you can’t control that where’s we gotta finish this video the exact
same way as we started in the elevator I hope you enjoyed this little skate trip
these little skate or whatever you want to call it though skate session in
Guangzhou China if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give me some thumbs up if you
didn’t like it thumbs down let me know what you didn’t like about this video
and if you’re not subscribe to the channel now it’s the time to do it click
on that Bell buttocks and you’ll get notifications every time I upload one of
these and like I was saying more important than anything else don’t
forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys


Just started the video….i guess they are really dedicated to reach perfection and have a good sense of being in a community.

p,s, u really need business cards. gets u more subscribers 😛

Can you go here in philippine there is a best public skate park in manila,that called "MSP" OR MANILA SKATE PARK THERE HAVE A GOOD BLADERS AND ELSE THANKYOU


answer to why Chinese skaters are so good at skating is because they practise a lot harder than anyone else in the world. that's why they can go to the Olympic for other sports

they train everyday and frequently. no slack even if they win the competition. preparation for next competition begins after the day the previous competition ends

Chinese have high expectations of their protege or child , such as 100 marks for everything so that they can get what they want

There was a chinese guy that lived in Brazil and used to skate with us… He was so good! I think that they good like this, because when they are supposed to learn something, they dive in that thing until they master it… Determination, I think this is the point (and a dose of asiatic genetics too hahaha)

Great first insight into chinese skating. Learning young is the way to go but as I took up skating later in life my motto is 'better late than never'!

Thats super cool. I am currently trying to teach my kids how to skate. It would be soo nice to have a place like this so i can let a pro teach my kids 😁

Great video man! Awesome peek into Chinese blading, i would love to make it to China some day to skate or even just visit!

Interesting! Takes some bravada to go to a strange country and skate the malls ( especially the malls), hotels and streets. Awesome.

we should all wake up 🙂

China is a sensory overload! Try the local food and beverages… that's a major reason to travel. I never have a problem traversing malls on skates, slowly, as a considerate grown up, but others disagree – skates can provoke such a strong reaction in some people, quite bizarre! NO to electric skates, but some type of add-on energy recovery system might be cool for hills.

What frame would you recommend more for a beginner in agressive skating? 1. A big h block 2. A small h block. I'm afraid, that with a small block i will get stuck with the other wheels, but I read, that with a big one it would be more difficult to block.

Judging from the liner in those kids skates they look like an offshoot of Flying Eagle skates. Flying eagle is located in china so thats my first guess.

Can you give me a Inline skates 3 wheels just like your skates please because my skates is die right now and i dont how a money right now because my subscribers to me is 48 subscribers right now

Hey Ricardo, if you visited some polish cities, for example Wrocław, where I live, your would probably randomly bump into skating schools, too 😉 I happened to bump into something similar to what you are showing in the video quite a few times in different places, once even in a shopping mall 😀

Great video….what wheels you having there?Also how you can skate just everywhere shopping malls, hotel….without anybody telling you off….

Wow!! I should contact you earlier, I'm a 12 year old skater in Guangzhou city, might be your guide and let you enjoy more fun here, also the best food.What a pity to miss your trip, but nice to watch this video. You are always awesome.

I taught myself how to skate when I was living in China as an expat. Lots of kids learn to skate like this when they’re little but stop when they start getting serious homework at 9 or 10. In my city there was a small but serious community of elder skaters but really no young people. That’s the way things work there- if you have serious talent at a young age you might get selected for a special athletic education and career, but if not you’re expected to focus completely on your studies until you’re old and retired and can do things for fun.
Watching you brought back a lot of amazing memories of rolling through back alleys and old neighborhoods.

Cool to see you've been to China supper cool country it's just so crazy compared to the west right? I love that the kids are so into skating there supper dope I'm going in September to a city about 4 hours from Gaungzhou so I'll keep my eye out

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