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Why the ONEWHEEL is the BEST electric board!

Why the ONEWHEEL is the BEST electric board!

(upbeat electronic music) – Peter’s not here today, so I gotta practice a
little bit with this. (upbeat electronic music) I have now been doing YouTube for about a year and a
half, a little bit over, and one of the best
things about this whole YouTube journey so far has been meeting great people, of course,
but then also building these connections with different companies and meeting the people
behind those companies. For example, Aputure.
Great lighting company. I think every single light in our office is an Aputure light. And I was already a big fan of Aputure before I started doing YouTube, so it was really cool
getting to know those people and they actually sent
me some more lights. I’ll show you guys. So, this is the light that I use usually for all of my YouTube videos. It’s the 120D, except this one
now is the 120D version two. And so far, I’m really liking it. There’s some big differences. Well, I don’t know how big. There’s some differences. So, for example, this is now one piece. There used to be two different pieces. I really like that it’s all part of one. It’s more powerful, it’s a stronger light, And then also, it’s easier to tighten now
with this little thing. Just those little differences make a big difference in the end, especially when you use
a light every single day. It matters. So yeah, 120D mark two. Really liking it so far. I haven’t used it a ton,
but I’ve been using it for like a week now and
I’m really enjoying it. It’s just really nice to
meet these different comp- Softbox. It’s really nice to
build these relationships with different companies
and then we can kind of work together and it’s like
a mutual benefit thing. Also, Peter got me a knife. My very own knife, because he gets sometimes
annoyed that I use his knife. It’s called a Squid. I feel like it fits for me. I like this knife. It’s a microphone. Did Aputure make the new company called Deity? Datey? Deity? Am I saying that right? Hu, I’ll have to check this out. An Amaran. I think this is the light that you can literally shoot and
it’ll survive a gun shot. Like actually shoot, not
like video camera shoot, but actually like shoot with a gun and it’s supposed to survive. I’ll try this later. Thanks Aputure. But one of my favorite products that I’ve ever used in my life, is this thing. (upbeat electronic music) It’s the Onewheel, but this thing isn’t really meant to be ridden inside, so I’m gonna take it outside. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, I gotta admit, I just love riding these things around. The Onewheel is just so much fun, but it’s also a nice filmmaking tool. It’s a good way to get from scene to scene without me just walking
from place to place. It’s kind of a more fun way to get from one location or one thing to the next. But I wasn’t always a fan of the Onewheel. I remember first seeing it
in a Casey Neistat video and I just thought it was kinda dumb, like it looks stupid,
didn’t look like that fun. I don’t know, it didn’t seem that cool. And even when Peter got one, like a year ago or whatever, I even tried it and still
I wasn’t really sold. I still didn’t think it was that great. It wasn’t until I actually rode it around for more than a few times I really started to understand why the Onewheel is so much fun. And every single time I ride it I just like it more and
more and more and more. And it’s not just the fun factor, it’s also good for filmmaking, not just for the
transitioning between scenes, but also it’s kind of a stabilizer, which we can talk about it a little bit more later on in this video. And a little bit of background for me, I was never really that into skateboarding or anything like that, but
I did like snowboarding and surfing a little bit, but we don’t have a ocean here so I don’t get to surf that often. But I really like
snowboarding and this thing, the Onewheel, is the closest thing to snowboarding on dry land
that I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried some different contraptions and this one’s definitely
the closest to that. And before I talk about why
I like this thing so much, I’ll actually show you guys how it works because I don’t know if
you guys actually know how it works and how
simple it is in the end. Alright, so … This is a Onewheel. It’s because it has one big wheel. It’s kind of obvious why
it’s called a Onewheel. Car. Back to the Onewheel. So, we have a big wheel here. There’s a motor inside that, so it’s an electric kinda
like skateboard thing. It’s not really an electric skateboard, but it’s an electric skateboard or an electric board at least. And then the back pad is whatever, you just put your back foot right there. And then the front pad has this little pressure sensitive thing and you have to put even pressure with your foot on the front and back between
this line kind of thing. Even pressure. And then when you put it
to horizontal, it engages. It’s basically like
standing on normal ground. There’s nothing to it, except
when you start leaning, it starts moving forwards. If you lean back it slows down
or starts moving backwards. And that’s how the Onewheel works. I’ll demonstrate now. So, here’s the demonstration. Back foot on there. Front foot, even pressure. Get it to horizontal, and
then we’re good to go. And it’s literally that easy. It’s super easy to ride
once you get the hang of it. It takes a little bit
to kinda get used to it. The biggest thing I’ve
noticed is that new people, people that are new to the
Onewheel, sorry for the wind, people who are new to the Onewheel, they try to balance
themselves and so they’re … They’re kinda shaking it back and forth ’cause they think they need
to balance the Onewheel, but you don’t need to do anything. You just let it do its thing. Let it balance you. You just lean forwards, chill,
relax, just ride, enjoy it. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, but let me
tell you the big reasons why I like the Onewheel so much, so much. The first off, is that it’s quiet. It doesn’t make … It almost makes zero sound. There is a little bit of a
sound if you listen carefully, but almost zero sound compared to something like the boosted board, which has the belt system,
which is much louder, and it has this like “eee”. And you’re riding around and
people are looking at you. I don’t … It disrupts other people and it disrupts your riding experience. The Onewheel, you don’t really notice it because it’s so quiet. And then number two is this reason. No controller. I don’t need a controller
for it to go anywhere. I can just lean. My hands are free. As a filmmaker, that’s
a really handy thing because then I can have
two hands on a camera or a gimbal, or whatever it is. I don’t need a controller
to be controlling going forwards, or backwards, or braking, or any of that. I just tell it what to do with my legs. And that leads me to number three, which is, it’s like an
extension of your body. It literally feels like you have a wheel for your legs, instead of your legs. It’s so intuitive, it’s like the most intuitive thing ever once you
start riding it for a bit. It does take a little
bit time to kinda connect your brain and the
Onewheels brain, and you … It takes a little bit of time, but once you got that, it’s
so intuitive, I love it. And then number four, I talked about this
before, it’s just so agile. It can turn on a dime in
just such a small radius. Let me show you guys. I can literally do little turns
here in the tiniest space. I would never, ever be
able to do that on a boosted board or other
electric skateboards. They don’t turn as well. The Onewheel is super agile. I can do little donuts all day long. It’s just really fun
because you can go exactly where you wanna go and
it doesn’t feel like the board is taking you
wherever it wants to take you. And number five, kind of
going along with that, is that it can go anywhere. It can ride on grass. It can ride on asphalt. It can ride on bumpy
roads, gravel, anything. I’ve even gone on sand with it. It can pretty much do
anything, whereas, again, other electric skateboards
can only really do smooth asphalt type ground
and that’s a big limitation. Onewheel, just take it wherever you want. And then the last big reason, you guys know, it’s just a lotta fun. And I can’t really explain that without you being here and trying it. It’s really the only way to
really explain how fun it is, especially if you like snowboarding, surfing, anything like
that, even a little bit. It’s so fun. And lastly, the Onewheel is actually a really cool cinematic tool. You get a really nice stable, kinda like gimbal type movement shots, really long movement shots, without an actual gimbal or stabilizer. Let me show you guys. Okay, this is me walking
as smooth as I can. I’m going pretty slow right now. Now I’m running, trying
to keep it real smooth. And now this is on a
Onewheel going a slow pace. And then we’re gonna
go a little bit faster. No stabilization, just the Onewheel. I’m actually surprised more filmmakers don’t use the Onewheel, especially with something like a gimbal, where you want two hands and you don’t wanna be holding a remote. I think the Onewheel is
a really under utilized tool in the filmmaking world right now. (upbeat electronic music) So, that’s why I like
the Onewheel so much. And this video, by the way, is not sponsored in any way by Onewheel. Unlike a lot of people think, not every video on YouTube
is sponsored by some company. Sometimes it’s just
really nice to talk about a product that you actually like and promote them just
because you like them, not because they’re paying you
money or any of that stuff. Yeah, I honestly just
really like Onewheel. This is not a sponsored video. I genuinely just wish
that everybody could try the Onewheel and find
out how much fun it is. Also, I don’t know if you guys
noticed, we got a new wall. Peter was busy this weekend, he helped out with this wall and … Wait for it, wait for it. (laughs) Sometimes it kinda just feels like being a little kid again when you
have a place like this. It’s a lot of fun. Oh, and just ignore this table for now. Just microphones. Okay, I’ll see you guys in the next video. See ya. Bye. (upbeat electronic music)


Who else loves the worsttttt eeeeeveer vignetting from an ND filter??? 😂 Ugh high base ISO on Sony sucks 😓

Matti, pleased to see you so excited about something. I'm happy that all the years of hard work have put you in the position to collab with companies and get free stuff. What some people forget is that you just didn't wake up one day and companies said "give him stuff, really cool stuff". You have worked hard for what you have and achieved. I for one hope you continue as I have learned some really nice tips and tricks. It has made me better not just in photography but how I look at things. Keep up the good work. 🙂

I love that you mentioned you’re just promoting them because you love the product. That’s so neat and I wish that happened more often on YouTube.

2 Things. 1 – I started skating and filming at the same time so skating on a board whilst filming has always been second nature; I still use it today occasionally for commercial projects! It's like the best kept secret right now. 2 – That studio is SICK!!

One wheel = awesome. Anyone else getting deja vu like when all of a sudden every YouTuber started selling Dyson vacuums…

OneWheel is 27LBS! If you're after a remote-free electric skateboard with minimalist design and at half the weight, you should check out Zenboard Technology. They're launching a Kickstarter soon so you can get one at a great price.

Hi Matti, in one year and a half you are a very famous Youtuber! In the same time i reached 323 subscribers! All the best for you.

I couldn't get past how much vignetting was happening on the outdoors sections of the videos. Pretty distracting.

I don't want to hate or sound negative, but it really seems like every single youtuber is trying to sell me a one-wheel lately

What about comparing a one-wheel to a hoverboard? I've seen other operators use hoverboards for stead-cam work.

start – 0:20 Nerf and One wheel ad
0:20 – 0:36 I have relationships with companies
0:37 – 2:47 Aperture ad
1:51– 2:08 Squid knife ad
2:47 – 10:04 One wheel ad
10:04 – 10:26 not sponsored by one wheel and just talk about companies because they are great
10:27 – 10:34 one wheel ad resumes
10:35 – 10:40 new wall in office
10:40 – 10:54 nerf ad
10:55 – 11:02 podcast teaser
11:03 – 11:08 closing
11:09 – end one wheel ad

Check out R. Cody Wanner and his lastest vlog on his new "OneWheel" such a great ride he had until he wiped out on the road.

wait that weird "amaran" is a malay word that meaning warning/caution so if it can be shoot with a gun, the name does fit

Have you come across any issues riding in Ontario as they are prohibited by law technically? I’ve researched the rules after reading articles of people getting $600 tickets riding their boosted boards in Canada, so this fact alone has kept me from making a purchase. Have you found a way to navigate this law? Thanks for the help!

I'm too overweight right now to stop riding my board (without a motor lol). I can pick it up and walk with it under my arm at the mall, and it charges by way of me eating pulla.

I tried the one wheel. It's kinda fun. Doesn't replace skateboarding surfing or snowboarding but good for transport if you don't mind carrying something quite heavy around inside.

… wish i could get a One Wheel T_T, i love them!… but, too expensive, and also, i live in Cuba… so, im screw… la vida es dura…

Enough with the one wheel ! ! !
I'll double what they're paying you to shut up about it and instead talk about something that's actually informative, which you haven't done in a while. See, this is exactly why you'll never be as good as other guys out there. Passion is what keeps them going, where as for you – it's all about sponsors.

This is THE BEST way of transportation in the city and even though I don’t use it for that purpose it is a great experience riding a forest trail and enjoying the scenery with no effort

Yeah, I think the OneWheel is a great asset in filming. In case anyone missed it, they were using the OneWheel in 'Ballers' (HBO Series) two weeks ago while filming some skateboarding shots. Anyone else catch that?

If u have the $ for a Onewheel, and a place to ride to from your front door, you won’t regret it for one second after 20 min of riding.

I get it – finally got my onewheel a couple weeks ago. I waited to buy that thing for years before I could afford it, and it’s worth every cent and every day of waiting.

how wide was that last shot of you just riding the one wheel? I know you have a full frame camera. I don't thinkI see a vignette with my 14mm…

OneWheel office: "-Should we start with the sponsor stuff? -No need, they will do it for free!" And thats what you get when you do an almost perfect product

Thanks, I appreciate the video! I am going to be a nerd and say this video is for you 🤙(me) for pushing a logical issue. Comparing the cost of the 1W to a cellphone (iphone), that if you are going to buy this then it is logical to buy that?….no way bro. The 1W probably costs them 2-3 hundred dollars in parts and assembly to bring to market and dont forget FREE ADVERTISING on your behalf with YOUTUBE! Then let's talk about very inexpensive software that a lot of companies are using and that is your own personal cellphone as an APP in the app store. Listen again I love the ONE WHEEL ALSO, but the PRICE IS AN OVER ZELIOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY for something that can be found cheaper somewhere else folks so hold on to your emotions and shop SMART. Wait a while for the price to come down (knockoffs 1W look alikes) use your $1800 -$2000 and go buy a really good Electric Folding Mountain Bicycle, make your purchase functional physical or just search the market for other viable fun experiences for a little less? The 1W is just an emotional purchase NOT a reason to just buy one. If you have money to burn because you just want it THEN BUY ONE!, but kick yourself later when something else hits the market that is way more interesting and reasonable in price without all the cumbersome weight to carry and asseories that push your price past the point of no return 😀👍?

When you make a video titled "Why the ONEWHEEL is the BEST electric board!" don't talk about how you feel about YouTube, your connections, your lamp, knives, etc. Talk about the electric board. Pussified, insufferable millennials. SMH.

Electric unicycle is the coolest. I put one wheel on the second place. Next electric skateboard. Scooters for the weak.

I felt the same way about onewheel. Saw it, not impressed. Got a boosted. Tried one about a year later, kinda liked it. Another year later bought one. Last week, just bought an XR which is now my second onewheel 😂😂😂

I found out about one wheels through your company and started looking into them, come to find out they're from Santa Cruz which is where I work. I was super surprised but stoked that you introduced me to them! Getting myself a pint soon 👍🏻

What about safety features? Like what can you do, if you ride to supermarket 5 km and back. How can you lock it in shop?


I do not know if you read this but I would like to thank you with all my heart. Thanks to you Last month I had a reason to leave the house. I spent the last 12 years in front of a computer. Now I only fly the drone and ride the onewheel. all thanks to you;)

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