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Why This App Got Banned

Why This App Got Banned

(slow bugle music) – Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So I made a video last Friday called Get This App Before It Gets Banned. And wow, like wow. I was not expecting that and the reason why I’m wearing sunglasses
is ’cause I know a bunch of you are gonna ask. My eyes are really aren’t adjusted to the light right now, I don’t know why. And I got beat up on the
playground yesterday. So, lets talk about this App. Alright so I made this video last Friday and guys, I gotta say thank you. Seriously thank you so much, the video’s at like two million views and around 120,000 likes which for me, I have never seen that ever. And I’ve been reading
a lot of your comments saying that you hacked
this comment so it can’t get any likes and apparently the like button also is hacked so you can’t like this video, I don’t really know. I’ve just been reading a lot of your comments recently but basically this video went crazy for me, so seriously thank you. So if you haven’t seen that video check it out, link’s below. And basically what happened, my voice just cracked,
my voice is cracking a lot guys I’m questioning my age at this point, like seriously I am. But I made this video on this App. So this App is no longer available, this thing will never be available again. And what this App did is it records your screen, very simple, like you know not crazy, it’s not allowing you to call you know, friends in weird parts, weird countries or anything like that. It’s just a screen recorder,
that’s all it does. And I thought it was pretty cool you know, I really like it and that’s kind of why I made the video on it. I thought you guys would like it too, apparently 120,000 of you liked it. So this App was awesome
but here’s the issue, this app is illegal. Any App like this is illegal. I’m reading this article here and it’s a similar App that allows you to record your screen without jail-breaking, it was five bucks, mine was free, got you guys, balling on a budget. And this was like in January and it got pulled too. But the reason why this App gets pulled, I kind of read up on this is, Apple doesn’t like you tricking Airplay. So how this works is your phone, when you record your screen, it tricks Airplay that’s why I talked about the original video, seriously check that out. You see that little icon right next to the Bluetooth sign
there, right up there. That’s letting you know,
that’s like tricking your phone into doing Airplay. And you guys have seen
Airplay if you wanna put your phone on a screen or like your iPad on a screen at school, that’s how it does it. And that’s kinda why none of these Apps are allowed. So of course I read all your comments and I saw on the comments that Android can actually do this and do this legally. So I’m really jealous of you Android users out there, the iPhone can’t really do this unless you plug it into your computer or kind of do the official Apple method. But that’s not fun and this is the App that I really wanted to be around. So I think this App was around for like maybe a few days. As soon as I uploaded my video, if you have post notifications turned on or like notifications for when I upload a new video, seriously do it, this is a reason why. After the video was up for about an hour, I was getting tweets from you guys if you’re not following me on twitter there’s Keaton up there. Saying that you can’t download the App but the App is still there. And I saw this, I was trying to download it on another device that I have. But yeah, then I knew it was kinda going down so after around two hours the App was trending on every single App store worldwide which thank you. I’ve never had that happen, so that was pretty cool. And it’s directly because of my video and I don’t wanna be like, I’m the best. ♫ You’re the best around – But no-one else made a video about this so thank you guys for making that happen. And then about hour three the App was officially removed from the App store. And what’s funny is, you go into the App store here. We go to BB Rec, which
was the name of the App. Oh, okay yeah, yeah. Look at these free-boaters, this App just wants downloads, don’t download any of them, I haven’t checked any of these out so I can’t really recommend them. But like none of these record your screen guys. It’s just kinda funny cause BB Rec was the only App to like,
have anything come up. And now we have a bunch of others that are just trying to, trying to get you guys. See I don’t know, I kinda wanted to post like a response video to this and just let you guys know to turn
on notifications when I upload a new video. I’m gonna be doing more of these Apps, I have a lot more that I wanna just talk about and show you guys cause they’re gonna get banned, trust me. So definitely turn those on so you can download the App next time, but yeah. Seriously guys thank you so much. So yeah that’s pretty
much it for this video, if you guys made it to the end let me know on Twitter, I’m
just @Keaton over there. And I’ve been re-tweeting and following a lot of you guys back. If you don’t have twitter let me know in the comments that
you made it to the end and speaking of comments, Levi Woolliss, that’s the first name I can actually say, he asks, would you eat fried cabbage? Is this a thing? What’s the point? Cabbage is like a vegetable. It like, defeats the
purpose of it being healthy. I guess you don’t know until you try it. So yeah, that’s gonna do it for this video if you guys are still
around here make sure to get subscribed, just click the button right up here. If you’re on a phone you can just tap it. Check out my last video right here and follow me on
Instagram right over here. I’m really active over there posting like a lot of cool stories and
yeah, I’ll see you guys soon. Hi Grandma. – Hi.


So NONE of you found this hidden comment in the previous banned app vid don't blame yourselves, it was very, VERY hard that time I almost can't find it This time. I need you guys to pay attention. This time, we may have prizes find all FIVE (5) Hidden comments in this vid and 1 hidden app vid. Comment them all down below in this video become the BEST of the BEST!

Love Always and Forever

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