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Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino
and a wheel addict Greg Fraser which I already said it’s my
favorite videographer and you can find Greg’s Instagram right here
Greg posted a little video of our weekend not really weekend because we
skated Friday and then Sunday morning and then on Friday I skated with my
Imperials everything went okay I used no protections and then Sunday we went for
a little downhill session the main goal was just to get some some slides and
then I started going going going and of
getting more confident and more confident and then there was this time
there was a car coming up and I don’t know what I was thinking but somehow I
thought I could car behind the car and then push the slide like really fast but
right after the car what happened was that I got stucked and because I got
stuck I ended up just spinning all the way around and flying and falling on my
back I did add my helmet I thought at first when I first of all I thought I
ate my head and I did it but I was lucky that I didn’t eat my head well did you hit the reason why I’m
making this video is I might have said a few times in this channel and you might
have seen me most of the times using a helmet that ailments are really really
important that they really can save our lives
few times I’m the one lacking on it and a few times especially lately
I didn’t skate with us the thing is it doesn’t matter what level of skating we
have it doesn’t matter if I skate for 35 or 36 or 37 years it doesn’t matter or
if you started skating yesterday accidents can happen it can happen if
you started skating yesterday but it can also happen if I’ve been skating for
twenty years or thirty I’m still gonna make mistakes so the goal here is just
to make you all understand that protections are important and all of us
even the best kind of world we get tired that’s one of the things that I’ve seen
in my downhill video sometimes we just go for a downhill and we never know when
to stop you always feel like we can do another one or we can do we can do this
streak one more time and that’s sometimes when shit happens so please
use a helmet if you don’t care about yourself care about the ones around you
care about your family your girlfriend your wife your daughter your son
whatever use a helmet make sure you get back home healthy that’s the thing over
the last week I’ve had a few Exeter’s like I felt these that these one time in
my bag now today I got back I just got back from skating I didn’t film anything
for any vlog or anything I was filming with Greg and again I fell again so
Sunday I fell on my left side today I fell on my right side in today’s Tuesday
so shit man I just felt like I should tell you that so anyway if you guys
enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and by the way
follow Greg cuz I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like his stuff other than that I
hope you like this video if you didn’t like this video give you some thumbs up
if you didn’t like the video give me thumbs down but let me know why tomorrow
I’m gonna have a cool video so it’s not really a video I have a
surprise for you my next guest on the skate talk is going to be someone really
really interesting so I’m about to record it and you guys should subscribe
to the channels to listen to that one tomorrow I’ll internet which folder
without falls just don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys you soon


True that brother. You are a dad now remember just think if something goes wrong that one time you don't wear a helmet you might be leaving two two wonderful people behind. I'm always wearing my helmet even out for a rec skate. Stay safe brother 👌🏼👌🏼 we all love ya 🙏🏼

Well glad you're still with us ! You should do an updated video on saftey equipment buying and usage if you ever get the chance!

So happy you made this video. People please use helmet. Always.
I do swimming, inline skating and climbing. Lately I largely focused on swimming because it is so less traumatic and I fear of vehicles when go long distance. But even in the pool I managed to jam my finger in the wall at the end of the lap when accelerated with a stroke and I think I cracked the cartilage…Being in soft media like water… When on skates, my knees elbows and head are covered. I don't care what someone could think. At the end of the day I want to stay trauma free. For myself, for my family, for my children. Thank you for this video again.

1:59 RIP urethane boot slider. haha Thanks for emphasizing the importance of helmets. Literally 99.9% of the time I don't crash, but those unusual times that I do, I'm sure glad that I wore protection.

I noticed too especially with the camera. It's easy to get caught up in the moment. Always trying to chase that next level. I've become satisfied with a comfortable flow and if I can't envision myself doing it when I'm 70 that I don't need to be doing it. And I'm okay with that 🙂

Funnily enough, I was on 100mm skates for the first time yesterday, and was just wondering if I should get a helmet (as I felt kind of wobbly when I picked up speed).

But a part of me went, "no way it's so troublesome to get all geared up".

Think you might have convinced me otherwise!

Great Video, Lino… Coming from you with your abilities and experience, I hope everyone listens to wisdom- and lives to skate another day!

Totally agree with you. I am not a aggressive skater, but I always have a minimum of wrist and head protection when I am on the road.

that was the question i suggested for the glowicki interview……whaddup with the lack of protection. so heres my video i guess 🙂

recognizing when your legs are spent is as important as wearing pads. its like you mentioned, the mind wants to keep going but the legs say otherwise and aren't as nimble. recently I came to a red light and just fell. I thought, I just did all that and then fall here like this, time to go home walking

Just a question pops into my head; are you doing some Warming-Up/Cooling-Down before/after you go skating? 🙂 Also, a nice video! Protection is so so important! Keep it up! 😀

I would rather deal with the time it takes for me to put on all my protective gear, than have to spend a lot more time away from skating while healing from an injury.

I feel it's always important that the pro's, like yourself, advocate for wearing protection actively. Those promo videos are great stuff but done by people who are well practiced and even they take a spill that may just put them out of action for awhile if not permanently, I'm looking at you "Cityhopper World" and parts of "V5" (which are 2 of my favourite blading vids). We, as a community, want to see more people enjoying what we enjoy and not be putting themselves in danger. You go Lino! I always wear gear on my sessions and I'm so glad when I do take a spill. Thanks as always Lino!

ANOTHER REASON TO WEAR A HELMET: SET A GOOD EXAMPLE! At first I didn't wear a helmet because I was always a careful person growing up. Never broke a bone nor went to the hospital so I didn't think I needed one until I realized that alot of kids in my neighborhood and even around town look up to me. Make helemt wearing a trend!
This is especially if you're still in school, sometimes wearing a helemt makes you Abit more popular. I use to be a nobody but now everyone recognize my blue helmet and blue skates. I get strangers from around campus (and high school) coming up to me with compliments because I'm easily recognizeable with my helemt

Hey man! I just found this channel, I saw a lot of your videos before but didn't realize you had this channel! I watched two of your vlogs already and I love them! thanks for the amazing content!

Gotta say Lino, in your video where you were skating with the two guys from the UK, when you did that steep downhill I was worried for you man.. That's way too fast and also somewhere where anything could happen, for you not to wear a helmet.. That said, I don't always wear a helmet myself, and I should, I mostly just wear wrist pads, but if I'm trying new stuff, or skating fast I'll put the helmet on. I've had some "OH SHIT" moments myself and been lucky. Be careful friend!
We all need to remind ourselves of how easily things can go wrong, especially when you're confident in your skating! There are things that can happen that are outside our control.

Got my knee, elbow & wrist pads in January, Zetrablades 3 days ago and getting a certified helmet next month….

Hi Ricardo, hope the fall didn’t hurt your back. I wonder what will happen if you wore better protection? I have seen guys fully suit up for their downhill skating. And I think it is way better to have your protective pads taking the impact than your back. It’s always better to come out of an accident ok then to stop you from skating. Who knows what will happen. We love to see more videos of yours. So, be safe, not sorry…

Jk. I did just update my helmet to a 888 cert sweatsaver. The. Ennui knees sleeves and wrist guards. The good shit from loco skates cause they’re instock. #notanad

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