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Wicked Bearings ABEC line – Speaking Specs

Wicked Bearings ABEC line – Speaking Specs

Welcome back to another episode of
Powerslide TV today again we’re looking at Wicked bearings as you can see
Matthias likes to be wicked what we’re going to focus on
today is a little bit the ABEC series of bearings so our ABEC series of
bearings is kind of the first step into the world of aftermarket
bearings it’s for people that have maybe got their pair of skates and they’re just
looking for something to make them feel a little bit like new again
and bearings are quite a nice upgrade so you don’t need to spin the
world to do it but it’s just quite a nice upgrade so talking
specifically about the ABEC bearings Matthias what does ABEC mean anual
bearing engineer committee so he’s been rehearsing that all morning it’s
actually written on his hand but no seriously as Matthias said it’s kind of
like a guide for the tolerances let’s say just to put a bit of regulation and order on it it’s actually the American regulation basically in Europe
we have a similar system it’s just a little bit upside down it’s like P1 to P5 and so the actually the good ones are like considered P5 are like ABEC 9
basically standard or so so it’s a little bit reversed but it’s a similar
system and it matches on some points with the ABEC system so yet discussing that
so we basically focus on three of these tolerances let’s say so ABEC 5 is
kind of the the very very entry level and then ABEC 7 and ABEC 9
actually all of the bearings are very similar construction in terms of
materials they all focus around the chrome steel balls so it’s kind of you
may have seen a little bit before when we described all the different kinds of
balls and the bearings this is kind of your medium level of balls yeah and also the outside and the inner ring basically they’re made also out of chrome
steel and a good way to test the quality of a bearing is actually you put
pressure against the inner and outer ring so you push the inner ring up and you push the
outer ring down and then when you have tension you turn it
and the smoother it feels the better is actually the Raceway so it’s smoother it’s
better honed so you can really feel and check the quality by putting the inner
ring against the outer ring and feel how nice and finished the bearings are and all
the bearings of the ABEC series they have a one sided covers with our RZ with a
rubber coated shield and on the inside basically it’s a little bit covered by
the nylon cage which is reinforced with fiberglass and they’re all lubricated
with Kyodo grease I guess that’s it basically we’ve got a little bit of
packaging options so basically with because we’re like you may have heard we
have such a vast collection with wicked that’s actually transferred to all the
roller sports so starting right at say you’re a skateboarder we start
with an 8 pack or say you’re only feeling you need to upgrade half the
bearings on your skates we also start with an 8 pack and then if you’ve
entered the new triskate world and you don’t need 16 packs we offer a 12 pack
as well and then on top we obviously have the 16 pack for quad and people still on
full wheel inline skates and things like that so we’ve got all your bases covered
and like I said bearing is a great way to upgrade your skates make them feel
like brand new and remember: Always be wicked!


What kind of grease is used in wicked bearings? Would like to know the OEM grease used in the bearings. I have ABEC9 wicked bearings that came with a powerslide set of skates

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