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Wicked Bearings – Speaking Specs

Wicked Bearings – Speaking Specs

Welcome back to another episode of
Powerslide TV today we’re gonna be a little bit wicked see what I did there
be wicked but talking seriously well Wicked obviously has the most complete
selection of bearings for all rolling sports from let’s say cheaper or more
budget-friendly ABEC series right up through to the range-topping HCR bearing
it can be a little bit daunting knowing which bearing is the right bearing for
you and I mean obviously if your goal is to win a world title you probably
need to invest a little bit more than a set of ABEC 7 bearings so talking a
little bit about bearings probably the most common question
in all our communication with customers what does ABEC actually mean Matthias
ABEC actually is the annual bearing engineering committee it’s a basically
institute in America and they rating the bearings and the bearings basically are
rated by a lot of different features like the accuracy of the inner ring the
outer ring the balls the cage and everything so the higher the rating the
more precise the bearing does it really matter for inline skating in a lot of
cases it does not matter and sometimes the best bearings in the world don’t have
the highest ABEC rating but they are perfectly made and adjusted for
inline skating but the main features of a bearing like we said we have the outer
ring we have the inner ring we have the balls and then we have the cage and we
have the shield starting with the shield there’s different types of shields here
in my hand it’s a rubber coated metal shield and this is called RZ for
rubber coating basically and then you have the normal shields which are made
out of steel and they are pressed in so these are steel pressed in normally they
call just ZZ, ZZ means is there on both sides are covered if it’s only
one Z, 608 Z it means its only covered on one side and then you
also have like the shields which actually have clip rings so you have the
metal shield with a c-clip ring which you can take out and then remove the
shield and put it on again so it’s easier for washing and for
cleaning the shields and then the cage the cage can be in different materials
it can be steel and it can be basically a plastic a special nylon
or delrin the advantages of steel it’s very strong and it’s holding up really
well it’s taking away also the heat quite well the negative point is when
you do really hard jumps or really hard impacts when steel deforms its deformed
and not coming back while a injected cage like in a Delrin or a
special nylon with fiberglass it is really strong too and has a little bit
less rolling resistance and it’s also like more forgiving when you do impacts
and jumps and it always comes back in the normal shape and then especially the
most important thing actually for the bearing is accuracy and the material of
the balls and the inner and the outer ring the harder the steel and the better
the steel the faster it will roll and then it also depends on how much
actually polishing and honing the raceways and the balls is going into the
whole process of basically manufacturing so it’s been quite a long video I mean
we just saw we would just want to continue and finish up here with the
bearings obviously one of the most important elements of the bearing is the
actual balls inside generally with most ball bearings this let’s say three
grades of bearing the cheapest and most common bearing you’ll often and most
common you’ll find and cheaper skates is the carbon steel balls the let’s say the
middle grade is chrome steel and that’s what a vast majority of all the Wicked
bearings are and then on the top you have ceramic ball bearings which are
obviously the fastest the most high price but they’re also I mean it’s like
a little bit everything you get what you pay for and they’re definitely the
fastest right also for the ceramic balls look for the color the white ones
are okay and the dark ones like the titanium colors these are the really
good ones because they’re harder they’re more round and so they are fast and
longer-lasting than the white ones yeah it might seem like a funny point I mean
looking at them visually they all ball bearings look probably round but the
ceramic ball bearings are actually rounder if that makes sense
yeah and then the last but not least very important issue it’s like the
lubrication of the bearings so a lot of the standard bearings come with a thick
grease so they turn only when they are like worn in so the grease first has to get a
little bit warm to be you know transferred all around the bearing and
then they run quite nice but if you want to have a faster bearing you know then
you have to wash or clean it and put just like a little bit of lubrication
inside like an oil which is the viscosity is very low so it spins very
fast but it also gets out of the bearing very fast and it also collects a little
bit dust on the outside and the other one which is in between the grease and
the oil is like the gel and the gel has a little bit less viscosity than the
grease but more than the oil so it’s like almost a perfect middle where you
have like for Fitness skating urban skating which is really really good so
speed fast you want to go for oil and the more durable you want to be at a
long-lasting you go for grease so thanks for watching that with I mean bearings
is you can talk all day about it but that was just a little overview of all
the different parts to educate you to give you a little bit more information
on what to look for what kind of hopefully what suits your budget
and your performance needs and remember: Be wicked!


First set of wicked bearings ABEC7 with my Vi., I got a few that are already making bad rolling sound after 10km. Now it's just busted.. not even keeping roll more than 1 rotation, awful. I am done with this brand.

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