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Will an NFL Lineman Fit Inside a Tesla Roadster?

Will an NFL Lineman Fit Inside a Tesla Roadster?

(upbeat music) – This is the original
Tesla Roadster, 2010. You guys have seen this
in a few of our videos and I’ve told you that
it’s small and it’s tiny. I’m 6’2″, I fit inside of it but it is a tiny car. Today we’re gonna do a
bit of an experiment. We’re gonna see can an
NFL offensive lineman fit inside of this car. The car right now maybe doesn’t look as small on camera, but this is what an NFL offensive lineman drives. A Ford Raptor. So if you remember a while back, we did What’s Inside University of Oregon football facilities and we had our friend Tyrell Crosby for
the University of Oregon. Well, he graduated college and he went to the NFL and started this
year on the offensive line for the Detroit Lions. So, Tyrell Crosby, right here. All right, first thoughts on seeing this little tiny car. – I think I can squeeze in (laughing). – [Man] What are your measurements? – 6’5″ 315. – 6’5″, 315. That’s bigger than me. So we’ll see this and
then we’re gonna check with some other YouTube’ers and see if they can fit in here. I’m gonna let you go in first. How about that? – Tryin’ to figure out the
best angle of approach. – Feet first inside. – [Tyrell] Is this sturdy? (jovial music) (grunting and laughing) Oh my gosh. – Now look at this, there’s no separation in between the two seats. So our shoulders touch (laughing). Hey, the doors shut, yeah, there we go. – I’m stuck. – Your arm’s stuck (laughing)? Can you get the gas pedal? Or the pedal? Yeah, you can do it, okay. This does have a key,
I’ll put it in for ya around your knee. Okay, this is crazy. So we barely fit in here. I’m not even gonna try
to put my seat belt on. We’re gonna actually
try to drive this thing. (laughing) All right so this is
where you put it in drive. Right there around your knee. It doesn’t have power steering either. So you gotta get moving
before you turn the wheel. (upbeat music) – Oh my gosh. – Yeah! It still moves. I thought that our heads
would be sticking out of it. You’re pretty close. – Like…
– Oh you are out of it. Kind of. – I’m dunking so I can actually see. (laughing) – We’re squished into this little car. You survived. – You talk about getting in/out. Get out. – Getting out’s the actual hard part. All right, this is Tyrell’s brother and he is 6’8″. You’re tall. Played professional
basketball in Europe, right? – France. – In France?
– Yep. – [Man] Yes. (laughing) – Oh boy, yeah, I think we’re right here. Real intimate. – [Man] You guys have never been closer. – This is how mom would
put us in time out. Oh jeez, let me just… It looks like you’re driving a go cart. (laughing) We can almost touch the ground. (laughing) – [Man] All right, ready? – Ready. – [Man] Three, two, one, go! (engines revving) (upbeat music) – That Tesla’s so fast. – You didn’t look too far behind though. – I wasn’t too bad. – I was impressed actually. I knew I would win but I
looked in my rear view mirror and you weren’t that far behind. – I was a lot better than I thought. – Oh this car is so much fun. I love this car. Even though it’s not as
fast as our other ones, it is so much ore fun due to it being a convertible and
being so low to the ground. I barely fit in it. So does Tyrell, but it’s
still a dang fun car. – [Man] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – Woo! We beat him, we beat the Tesla Model 3. So yes, the Roadster
can beat another Tesla. That makes me really happy. Not ’cause the Model 3’s a bad car, but because this is a fun car. I wanted to be faster than something. So there you go. I am faster than some of the Model X’s and S’s and Model 3’s. It just can’t beat the performance models. So that race that we did the other day was not indicative of what this car is actually capable of. All right Mr. JerryRigEverything, first time in the Roadster. – I’ve been talking about this for a lot, so I’m pretty excited to
finally get a seat in it. It’s about time. Dude, this is weird. It’s like freakin’ Tetris
trying to get inside of it. (laughing) Oh my gosh dude. Oh and then you’re sitting on the ground. – [Man] Reach your hand
down and touch the asphalt. – Right here dude. That’s crazy. – [Man] Just gun it. – Where’s the seat belts at? – [Man] Oh come on, where we’re going– – Safety first usually. (upbeat music) It’s cool seeing both
humps of the wheel wells in the front, like that’s legit. – That’s probably the
fastest that car’s ever gone. – He was like gearing up, like his smile was just getting bigger and bigger and then as soon as he’s passing by he’s not even looking at the road. He’s like… Is that all you got? – I need one of these. (laughing) – [Man] It might have been the fastest this car has gone. – Really? – [Man] I don’t know
what you were doing but– – I don’t know how fast I was going. – It looked fast.
– Really? – [Man] It looked like it was over 100. – No, there’s no way. From there to here? – [Man] Maybe because
this thing is so small but it looked so fast. – I mean if we want to hit 100, I’m not opposed to it. (laughing) – [Man] Okay, Ben’s never tried it. I’ll let you guys go on a ride. You still have to
freakin’ wiggle your legs up in there. – Yeah, it is easier if you put your legs in first, for sure. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Man] All right, what do you think Ben? – Yeah, this is, I’ll take it. – [Man] It’s like no other Tesla you’ve ever ridden in right? – The funniest thing, we go to back up and I’m like where’s the camera? I can’t see. – Yes, the Tesla Roadster
won both drag races but Tyrell and Zack
wanted to make it a point that there’s one thing that the Tesla Roadster
cannot beat the truck at. Off roading. (upbeat hip hop music) All right Tyrell, thoughts on the 2010 Tesla Roadster. – It’s fun, it’s small but it’s fast, which I like. If I could fit, I’d get one. (engine roaring) – That is the new water
bottle flip challenge. Jump your truck, the water
bottle flips up and goes… Did you see that? I hope we got that on camera. I hope you enjoyed this random video of us showing you cool
Tesla and Ford Raptor stuff. Check out Tyrell Crosby next year in the NFL, he’s awesome. Follow him on Twitter. Check him out. We follow him
so if you need to find him, just look who we follow. He’s one that we’ve followed
for like two years now. And then Zack, thanks for your help today. – No problem.
– [Man] You like the Tesla? – It’s great. – [Man] You need Santa to buy you one. – Santa will buy me one. – [Man] Teslanomics, Ben, thank you. You’re awesome. Thanks for letting me be you. I know you let off the gas pedal. Thank you, that was kind.
– I try to help you there. – [Man] I didn’t even
ask you about the race. Tell me about the race. – There’s something about
the Model 3 that I have. It has a little hesitation so maybe we’ll have to do
an upgrade or something. – [Man] Right at the beginning. – Yeah.
– I guess a software update would fix that. – It could, yeah, it has a take off but then it stalls for a second and I think that makes all the difference between yours and mine right there. – [Man] Hunter, good job
on getting the shots. – Yeah, you know, that’s
what I’m here for. – [Man] You guys are awesome, high fives. Thank you. – Thanks for having us. – [Man] He’s so tall right now. (laughing) – [Tyrell] This is
actually really difficult. One leg. – [Man] You’re gonna have to
put your butt on the road dude. – [Man] Need a hand? Yes! Yes.


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It is the same version of the Roadster (2.5) that Rafael de Mestre drove around the world in 3 months in the Summer of 2012.

it looks like they are trying to put the car in a FLAT position it is already low enough. The big guys looks like he is trying to ride a remote controled car.🤣🤣

5:49 people are still surprised by the 2010 roadster's performance so that their fisrt wish is to get one of it!!! come on man, 9 years after? Elon Musk you are a genius

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