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Will your toe stops fit my plate? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.9

Will your toe stops fit my plate? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.9

Will your toe stops fit my plate? So we often get inquiries about the
thread on our toe stops, I can confirm that they are an imperial thread, which
fits most Derby plates out there in the Derby world. They are Imperial, so it will.
Whatever plate you have, if it’s a standard kind of imperial thread,
you’re all good with our toe stops and vice versa, you can also put the Imperial
toe stops in our plate. Just a quick note about the toe stops also, while
we’re on the subject: We sell both short and long stem, as do most brands. There
are reasons for why you might want one over the other. The longer the thread,
obviously the closer to the ground you can have your toe stop. So once you
go up onto your toe stops, you’ll be on to them really quickly, whereas the
shorter your thread, they’re gonna be higher up, so the distance between the
toe stop and the ground is gonna be larger. Again, it’s just personal preference,
for Derby people tend to use long stem, for Park & lifestyle & street,
people tend to like short. Our toe stops are available in the long stem &
short stem & in a whole range of bright & colorful colors and if you
click up here, it should hopefully take you to the website where you can see all
those colors for yourself. OK, that’s it! Any toe stop questions, let me know,
comment below!

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I have the white skates, white with green and purple, and it's about time for me to replace my toe stops but they won't come off…

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