William Spencer: Spider-Man’s Skating Stunt Double

I am a dude who feels like they’re living out that childhood fantasy or at least trying to I grew up in the woods I fantasized the value you know movies and things that I saw and I just wanted to I wanted to live that out and I’m also trying to do two things at the same time trying to see what I can do with skateboarding and seeing what I can do with and in movies so I just moved to LA you know that feeling when you’re a little kid and you first learn kickflip so you’re first on any trick on a skateboard there’s a feeling where you’re like you can’t believe it’s ever gonna go down or if it’s ever possible and then you do it and it’s like this realization and how amazing it feels and how rad is right well experimental skateboarding is that except for you create new situations constantly instead of going yes I can three flip he’ll flip whatever flat ground trick it makes gives you the ability to constantly surprise yourself and you both set it up and then you play it out and it makes you feel like a mad scientist it’s cool what influence is my skateboarding is to take all the things that I like around me no matter what it is and I put it into the one thing I’m doing at that time [Music] I got it’s not worth it for a couple of reasons one because I like skateboarding so much but on the same in the same token I like action and I like action movies and stunts just as much and obviously that reflects on my skateboarding but I think it’s cool to both put them together and then divide them up and so once skateboarding I kind of made some satisfying things with that I wanted to divide up then and really try and like work on stunt work and make that something that I felt as good about as I do so I think the biggest contrast between the two things I’ve been doing while I’m out here skateboarding it’s not working is that in skateboarding the point is to obviously land and tricking yeah you take some bad signs along the way but it’s kind of a byproduct and with stunt work and it’s so rare that you land on your feet that actually the slams aren’t the byproduct but the project itself really interesting I’ve been super fortunate with the way things had gone the the two things I came out here to do if somehow it intersected I’ve had the opportunity to do them both at the same time so hopefully I’ll get to keep doing [Music]

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