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Woman Flies Drone!

Woman Flies Drone!

Mariah is a Badass! We did one take no edit! And off she goes! Just a Beautiful day! Airboard is very maneuverable Anyone can fly it with some training! Feel free to share this video! Airboard is all electric no fuel! The maximum altitude is still not determined But we try to keep it under 100 feet That can be hard to do with so much power! want a few stats? Airboard has 18 batteries! It has the potential to create 15,120 amps of DC current! Yes that was Ben on the Jetblade! That is our pilot Mariah! She is an amazing woman to say the least! If you want to get your own Airboard Contact Jeff Elkins Email [email protected] We will get you on the list! Fly High Brothers and Sisters!


OMG ! I've always wanted a flying carpet. This would work. Living in the backwoods of Arkansas, 70 yrs old this coming July. You have just hit the top of my Wish List and the top of My Bucket List at the same time. Been concerned about what I will do, if or when my drivers license gets taken away. Haha Love it.

MUSIC ALL WRONG! Steppenwolf ' MAGIC CARPET RIDE'' followed by "BORN TO BE WILD'' I bet that LITTLE LADY rides side saddle, not to mention bare back boyz, ""Head'em up mov'em out! , Rawhide's calculat'en we sure will be wat'en, wait'en at the end of that Little Heifer's ride! Heat-up ur Double Deuce Bradon Irons' Boyz !

Hi! Good job with the design and stabilizing of the platform. Does she do all the stabilizing with her feet? or is a stabilizing controller board used? Thanks and keep up the work. We want to see more

I dont like to spoil it for everyone, but if this is real… why in this forum is not mentioned the type of parts that has been used? I looks good though.. and hope it can be made.. i like to build one for sure.


Your video has always inspired me! I think it is so beautiful!
In a time of technology, you shared something so fun! Thanks
Ps. I loved the drone shooting her. I love the upbeat music too!
Could you do another with drones covering her from different shots. I thought this was so cool on one long shot too!

I am just waiting for someone to post a video of them flying to an altitude above 1000 feet.
These things do have the battery power necessary to do such, right?

Just watching her stance you can tell its fake. No leaning or swaying.She would have bent those ski poles or ripped them out . Looked like a barbie doll glued to a drone.

This is all so exciting i just can't wait to see and get involved preben in south Africa and soon in Denmark

Good Computer Graphic Images. One from best on YouTube. Very impressive. Maybe small error in 1:54. The shadow is too sharp. In real should by more fuzzy.
By the way, hat down.

I believe she is on drone.. And the drone also running its blades… But all this setup connected to a crane with some cables 🚡.. And controlled by the operator. 🤔

Anyhow you who posted this, must have filled your tummy with pizzas 🍕 and burgers 🍔.. By the amount credited for this video viewership. You must be thankful to all those as they fed you. Take care of them but don't try to fool nor betray who gives you food… Have a great day dear. 🙏

Jeff, we wish you would continue development and commercialization of your prototype into saleable product. Can the prototype reach average ~3 minutes of flight duration? (micro het engine jetpack getting too much attention – 😉

Actualy a "Drone" is a vehicle controled remotely. Thus, this is not a Drone……………

This vehicle has a center of gravity this is just on the brink of being lethaly to high………………..

The pilot should be standing on the same or possibly a few inches higher than the landing tubes are on. This symple modification will build in automatic self correction fetures in this vehicle…..

All the dude’s on here talking about how hot she is—this. This is what’s wrong with society and why we don’t have hover boards yet; or why we haven’t cured cancer.

It’s also the leading cause of your loneliness and your inability to talk to women.

It'd be really easy to prove it isn't fake, to the non believers.

Multiple camera recording of the exact same flight, from start to finish.

Different angles, including on board.

100% uninterrupted, unedited.

It would be easy to do that to show the doubters.

The left hand off the controls, for a hair flick? That's bizarre.

Here let me bend over and show my ass, cos it's not about the flying machine…why it's about me my ass bending over for the attention i get and the dumb guys that can't think past their little dicks or anything else but sex! that's why we women can con the bimbo guys right out of all his money…yep beta males! Eaziest prey for A women to scam these little dick head thinkers, much harder with brain head thinking alpha male thinkers though!

I love that thing Jeff, personally, I’m broke, but I hope you manage to find investors for it. It’s happening, and you are one of the first in the door.

Agreed this is still the best drone visual performance by any operator / pilot to date. Next need thrust props for forward speed tractor type for positive speed around the course.
Pusher type would be viable but would require a bit of tilt back on the blades to keep the nose up. Less cooling to the motors and a bit more stress / heat on the case.

This video is my favorite freeing the soul video of all time for me! I looked at for days and tried to figure out if that was a real lady or if it was CG. The drone following her with just music gives the video a fantastic dream like quality. Could you produce another inspirational flying video. With sweet dance music? She is so athletic and youthful and this video lifts me up to new possabilities! Please make some more on the lake following with your drone!!!!!!

The amazing this is that she is flying like she has hundreds of hours on the drone.. she clearly doesn’t recognize how risky and dangerous it is.. but clearly she is confident. Further more, she is flying the drone. No one on shore is flying it.. you can examine all the folks in shore and they are watching in amazement. No one is controlling the device remotely..
Amazing Jeff!!

I would love to understand more of the story about Jeff and how this was created and how she became the pilot..

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