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Women Learn To Skateboard For 30 Days • Ladylike

Women Learn To Skateboard For 30 Days • Ladylike

– When you were a little kid, was there ever something
you’d wish you could do? – For me, – [all three] it was skateboarding. – We might not be cool or athletic, – but for the next month, we
will skateboard every day. (spirited hip hop) – I drew blood. – My leg fucking kills. – Skateboarding! – When I was a kid, anyone I knew that skateboarded was a boy. – There weren’t any girls
around me who skated. So, I was like, hell no. – I guess I’m worried about
not being seen as tough enough. – I think that it would be a really great mind exercise to just try and psych
myself into doing things that I’m afraid of. – I want to be fearless on a skateboard. – I’m doing this to
fulfill a childhood dream. – I hope I don’t die. – We’re at LA Skate,
about to get our boards. Pretty excited. – A lot to choose from. – The type of boards you want, if you want to learn how to ollie, probably the best choice for you is not to go bigger than an eight. So, we’d go eight, seven,
seven five, seven, eight, nine, and then seven five and seven six. – [girl] I think I’m into
the black and white strips. – [other girl] I’m gonna
go with baby-daddy. – [third girl] I’m drawn to this paisley. – We got our boards! – There’s a lot of people
skateboarding out there that are really good, and we’re gonna be better than them. In just four short weeks. – We’re taking our first
skateboarding lesson today at the skate park. – Skateboarding’s definitely something that you know you’re gonna fall. So it’s all about learning how to use your pads. – Everyone else is really good, and we’re getting driven around. – Cory is embracing us in his arms. – We haven’t had any major falls yet. Cory walked us through how to do an ollie and pop our boards which we’re gonna practice
after this lesson. – No, we’re not. I’m not gonna practice that
for another couple weeks. – It was great! It was scary but it was less scary than I actually thought it was gonna be. – We all feel pretty good. Shantel’s bleeding, but that’s fine. – Yeah, I’m hardcore. – Yeah. – Don’t laugh so hard! – It’s day two skating. In the parking lot behind Buzzfeed. I would say that we’ve gotten
a little bit better already. – Jen is already ollie-ing. – I’m just learning how
to ride a skateboard. The difficult part is riding a skateboard. – Shantel’s learning how
to tic-tac right now. – Saturday, I’m about to skate. It’ll be a pretty intense
skate session today. – When I first got here today I definitely felt still really unstable, but now I’m actually starting to be able to go at cruising speeds. – I feel a lot more comfortable
popping my board up. Every time I try to ollie, though, I just completely fuck it up. – I’m actually really proud of myself for being able to
improve in a couple days. – I’m not discouraged. Again, I just want it so
badly. I want it to happen. (energetic music) – Today, we just gathered as many woman skaters as we could around the office and we went to an old parking lot and were just trying to
skate together and have fun. – Even if I haven’t gotten
astronomically better, I feel like my confidence has completely surpassed what I thought it could be. – Before I was just, every
second of it was scary. But now I’m starting to have fun. – [Cory] And forward, forward! Stay low, stay low! One, two, look the new way! Yes! Stay low, stay low! That was awesome! – Today’s our second lesson with Cory. Our first lesson, we
were in the baby pond. So, maybe try skating something a little bit more adventurous. – I’m pretty inconsistent. There’s some days I’ll have
and just be really comfortable and really feeling it. And then the next day I’m
falling all over the place. – Right now, big challenges is getting more comfortable ollie-ing. Basically, I’ve wiped out a million times in the past two weeks. I’ve fallen a shit-ton. – [Shantel] I’m looking
forward to this class to help me just really feel OK and feel stable. – The skate park is full of really, really experienced guys that know a lot about skating, and so there is, for all of us, a little bit of self-consciousness. – Stick to it, persevere,
skating’s a cool thing. A lot of comradery, everyone’s kinda there to pump each other up. – [girl] Great! – What’s up! We’re starting a shred posse. – A shrosse. – Today we are at the skate park with some amazing lady skaters. So empowering, so great. Love them all. – Hello, my name is Tara Jepsen, and I’ve been skating for seven years. I’m a 43 year old woman. Live in Los Angeles, California. And that’s my friend Ham. I love skateboarding
because it’s outdoors, it’s freedom, it’s interpretation. Everyone belongs here. Every kind of person. Every ability level. – [girl] How’d it go? – [other girl] Not good! – I’ve received my first sticker. Several percent skateboarder! – There’s this tiny little slope in this new parking lot that we found, and it’s the fastest that I’ve ever gone by myself. (energetic music) – We did it. – We did it! – [all three] Yay!! – On day one, I was terrified. I was just so afraid of everything. – Now, I feel super comfortable just riding my skateboard anywhere. I feel really comfortable turning. I can ollie a little bit. – It was more than just
trying to master tricks. It was more-so proving to myself that I could do certain things and just get over my fears. – I feel for sure skating is something that’s going to be a part of my life. – Honestly, I came a lot further than I ever thought that I would. (inspiring music)


How are they still so bad after 30 days. I started skating a week ago I can’t already ollie, pop shuvit, feeble, 50 50 and am comfortable on ramps. git gud

I just realized that I skate weird. I forget the name of what it’s called, but the foot I use to push with is in the front

Feminists take over skatebording but i am not pissed cuz it's something i want even people i hate the most to feel it.

I’m 11 and I know how to skateboard better then them lmao I’m a girl as well but it’s really cool watching this!!!!

I skate and I’ve been doing it for a while now but I don’t have the guts to say that I’m a skater, not because I’m a girl but because so many people are becoming “posers” and only want or try to skate because of the “skate aesthetic” and to try to seem cool, and I just don’t want to be put into that category😕

girl: saturday, gonna be a iNsAne skate session today
also girl: tic tacs down some not steep at all ramp
me: facepalm

Honestly I've been kind of hyping myself up into trying to skateboard again for the first time in like 7 years but you guys are really bumming me out with your comments about Penny boards. I got one when I was 12 because they seemed perfect to cruise around on. What's the big issue?

Can u still do skate park tricks with a longboard? Cause I have one and I want to go to a skate park but I don’t want to look like a beginner for having a longboard.

I applaud these women I’ve been skating for over 5 month and I can’t even do a ollie and I the thrill is such a blast but I guess I need to get more motivated and forget about the consequences and think more about the goal I’m trying to get and the feeling of a achievement.

I love to skateboard but whenever I go to a skate park I get so embarrassed because there were so many pro skaters and I was scared of embarrassing myself so my parents would drop me off at the skate park and I would just stand there and it didn’t really help that there were no girls at the skate park buuuuuuuuut


I’m a girl that’s been skating for about 4 yrs. I’m really good, but it took time 😅
It’s pretty fun haha

I’m ordering my first board, hoping to get my friend into it because I don’t feel like learning on my own

Funny I thought like 2 months ago I was like “ I’m probably never gonna learn to skateboard” but dang I’m getting better at skateboarding lol

I asked my mom if she could buy me a skateboard since my friend lets me borrow his and she said that skateboards were only for guys and since I always wear baggy clothes she told me to dress and act more like a girl :”/

My names Arron kyro I’m a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area and today we’re gonna teach YOU how to Ollie

I’ve been long boarding all my life and recently I’ve switched to a skate board to try tricks but I can’t Ollie. I’ve got the popping and sliding motion down but I can’t seem to get the board in the air. Does anyone have advice or tips

I have always wanted to learn to skateboard
I used to take lessons but never got very far
Then when I try I always give up
This video inspired me to try again I hope I stick with it this time 🛹

“The most difficult thing is riding a skateboard “ boi I learned how to use it the first time I got on 😂 maybe it’s because y’all are some feminist

I got my first skateboard in my 9th birthday now I am 12 years old my birthday was in June 12 and I still skate and I am a girl

buzzfeed workers: skates for 30 days and are already starting to get the hang of an ollie

me: skates for 4 months and cant even tick tack yet

I felt so empowered as a woman watching this, it shows that women can really do anything , and crush the standards and stereotypes if we put our minds to it.

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