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Women Try Roller Derby For 30 Days

Women Try Roller Derby For 30 Days

– [Woman] I just really want
to do well at this sport. – [Woman] I’m expecting
to feel really good at the end of this. – I’m ready to conquer something that not a lot of people know about. For 30 days we are training
to be LA Derby Dolls and I feel overwhelmed. – Sports are not my
thing, I’m not athletic. I go to the gym and run on the treadmill and call it a day. – I know how to maneuver
myself on roller skates but this is a whole lot
of woman coming down. So I’m not planning on falling. – I’m the most nervous actually about the time commitment. Being a mom I feel like you do not do things for yourself. – We’re all going to a sport where we don’t know what’s going on. We’re not very skilled at it. – I don’t know much about
roller derby honestly. (guitar music) (whistle blowing) – [Woman] Stop stop stop stop! (whistle blowing) (derby instructor yelling) – What our league does is that you can borrow skates, a
helmet, protective gear, until you can actually afford your own. No one’s paid. We do it because the league needs it and we all want to help
out in a certain way. – I didn’t know what I was getting into. I’m walking in and then I hear screaming and yelling. – There were so many people there which I was not expecting and we were just thrown into it. – The beginning of day
one to the end of day one was just like an emotional roller coaster. We were just like some kind of crew. – [Woman] Derby is a very demanding sport. You definitely have to commit to it. – It was really a lot for
me to take in that first day like I was damn near ready to quit. We had our first derby practice today and I hated it. I cried, I felt so unfamiliar. I just felt like I was
thrown with everything today and it’s not what I was expecting. I expected to inch into this one at a time but we went over t-stops today and I don’t even know how to t-stop. I’m a joke, I’m a derby joke. – I need to work out more. I need to train more. I’m in so much pain. – These adults come in and they’re so full of I can’t, they’re full of decades of you can’t and decades of I can’t. And they come in terrified and they do it anyway. And to me that is so beautiful. And suddenly they realize
they’re capable of so much more than they ever thought they could be. – If you come here and
you put your skates on and you tell yourself, “Today I’m going to try something new.” And you just go for it, it might not work out. You might not pick up a skill that time but you will eventually. (bright pop music) – The second week came and we did jumps. – I fell a lot. I learned about falling
and just getting back up, just get back up. It’s okay, it’s okay. – I felt like for the first
time since I was a teenager I lost the fear. I got up on that bank
and they tell me to just pick up as much speed as I could and I pick up as much speed as I could and I aimed straight for the cement floor and sometimes I jumped
the cone and I’d be fine and sometimes I’d fall on my ass but every time I would get up. – I definitely was sick a
lot more often than not. So it was definitely difficult ’cause I felt like I
was sick the whole week. I feel really sick ’cause
I was sick the night before and I was like wobbling around and then my TMJ kicked in. This is getting real. – I feel great. I had a great day. (laughing) I loved it. This is so much fun. I went on my own pacing. I went on my own time. I eased into things, I
challenged myself enough. – Just fight a lot of anxiety. I didn’t wanna come and I’m glad that I did it because now I don’t feel anxious anymore. (cheering) – What I find really interesting about my experience in derby is how it is both informed by and informs my professional life. I have learned to speak up for myself, say in a meeting at work because of the confidence
that I get from derby. – I was really getting
into the groove of things with week three. I was getting used to it. Okay, I got this. I still fell, I think I improved. – Certain teachers it was harder for me to learn certain steps but with other teachers I
just learned it like that and it was sort of an
awakening for me in a sense because I had realized that I learned differently
from different people. So I learned to be less hard on myself. – Being that my expectations weren’t the biggest for us anyway, there were a lot of things that I did that I did not think
I would be able to do. – Today we learned how to break and our foot has to go this way. It’s so strange. – I want to go to this
place where women are free. I want to go there every week. – I talked to the woman that
was instructing us at the end because I feel like
I’m holding myself back but I don’t feel comfortable being on the actual round part but I think next week I’m
gonna have to try and do it because I’m not pushing
myself hard enough. – I learned a lot about
the sport in general. I learned that it’s sort of like a relay race which is kind of fun but on skates. – I think it’s just important to put yourself outside of your
comfort zone and try new things because I think a lot of
the women that skate here never thought that they
could even roller skate let alone hit and fly and
block the way that they do. I’m really lucky that those women stuck around and tried this ’cause some of them are my best friends. – Common misconceptions
about roller derby, we don’t fight each other. I think a lot of times when I meet people and they find out I play roller derby, the first thing they do is go “Oh elbows.” And it’s like, no, that’s illegal. It happens but I try not to do it and when I do it I feel
really guilty about it. – They’re celebrating what
their bodies can accomplish. They’ve worked really hard to
get really good at this sport that’s not gonna elongate their muscles that’s not there to like
give them a dancer’s body. It’s there to make you (bleep) strong and kind of hardcore and give you some tools I think to really take up space in the world and not just on the ring. – I would definitely say that one of the biggest things in derby is just empowering each other and encouraging each other. Yes, I was skating fine and the coach even came
up to me and she was like, “I think you’re ready for that track.” And it was great but I
didn’t feel like I was until the end practice
where my partner was like “Hey, let’s go up on this track.” And I was like, “All right.” Well I’m not about to
bring this other girl down. I just feel like we
needed that encouragement to be, “Hey, you don’t
have to be amazing at this “but you can push yourself.” – I was afraid that if I make a wrong move I would just cause everybody to fall but one of my partner’s was like, “If you fall and we all fall, “that’s okay, we got you.” – Right off the bat
they want to support you and help you because eventually you’re gonna be skating with them, eventually be on the same team. So everyone wants to help each other. There’s no competition like
there’s X amount of spots and only X amount of people
are going to make it. Eventually we want everyone to be skating. So there’s always this
camaraderie, this sisterhood. (upbeat music) – Derby for a month, it
was a lot physically. I think it was a lot mentally but at the end it was very rewarding. – To get to see other moms
who make time for themselves and have this cool hobby. To get to see working women
who make time for themselves. All of us had a day that we were like “Oh god no, this was horrible. “I can’t do it.” All of us had a day where we were like “I’m in so much pain, what
am I doing to myself?” And all of us loved it. Ultimately, I think there
was something about it that all of us loved. I’m gonna take my life one week at a time but I’m going to roller
derby again on Sunday. – I’m not the kind of
person that falls down and then gets back up again. I’m the kind of person
that’s just like I’m down. But this required me
to fall and get back up and to praise me in my falling, to praise me in my failure, to fail big which is something that I need to learn in general. It’s okay to fail big and you can always get
back up and try again. You can try again as
many times as you want. – Don’t let stereotypes or people dictate what you do. If you have a dream or if you have a goal or if you have a sport
like derby you want to do then just do it. Just freakin’ do it. – Everyone, please support
your local roller derby team. We are doing amazing things not only physically and athletically but also we are fostering
a community of strong girls who know who they are at 12. – Ladylike is moving
to our own new channel. – Where you can find more of the great videos you love. – Click here to subscribe!


I think i might wanna try this. R u aloud to extend ur arms? do u guys use that word in Roller Derby. Well if it's not, extending ur arms means making ur elbows strait which can allow u to push people and stuff. In soccer you can only keep your arms to a certain extent so your elbows are bent, and ur not aloud to extend ur arms. I love soccer i love the aggression i always use it to my advantage i am just curious if u can foul people in derby.

I was actually banned from roller derby 1 year ago for being intimadating?!!?!?😂 THE HHHEEEEEEELLLLL??!??😂

Roller derby is a sport that takes time…lots of time to get really good at it derby is also a very committed sport also Jaz and all derby is a sport for all body types!!! 😘😘

What?! I live in AL and am chomping at the bit for Derby…where is this sweet home sirens?! I googled but cannot find the team. HALLLP! (I can't believe the Siren reference either, I'm destined) PLEASE contact me 😉💋💋

Hi, I have been a derby player for 2 years now! I had to practice for 2 years just to get laps (skating in a circle) down! I am so happy you tried it! Seeing you all try so hard and getting better each time is amazing! Good job!

I am with Nova Roller Derby. About to hear about team drafts at our picnic in 3 hours actually!!!

I play junior roller derby and I have been for almost 4 years and I love it. It’s so much fun and it has been a challenge but it is amazing!!

I use to skate with L.A Derby Dolls but know I play flat track with Los Anarchists! This made my day in my recommend box 💕✨

Banked track is terrifying. I play roller derby on flat track (Junior derby) flat track isn’t as “Ohmygod” but it definitely still a lot.

Lots of these girls find themselves as a joke but I play the sport and I’m literally the biggest derby joke there is 😂

I'm just about to join a roller derby league where I live and I'm slightly terrified so I googled it and this honestly helped so much. I'm ready to do this!

As a Junior Roller Derby player this was an AMAZING video! It's such a hard sport but i feel like it needs more recognition

This is great, but this is Fresh Meat! Not Derby! I love watching these women empower eachother though <3 If you want to watch Youtubers actually bout/scrim the Try Guys do it :'D It's hilarious. This is much more heartwarming.

I loved watching this video cause I’m doing my first roller derby session tomorrow and I’m sooo nervous but excited. I’ve wanted to try it for years and I’m finally taking the plunge 😁

I'm 16 years old and desperately want to try roller derby…I'm just scared I'm too old to start/try something new. Am I being crazy? I love seeing all these badass women and I want to be one of them. What do you guys think?? Help!!

I used to play roller derby when I was in 5th grade. I moved to another country and there is no team here so I can't join. I was really good and I was on the San Diego Derby Dolls. I was playing for 4 years and really miss my friends. Roller derby has overcome my anxiety. I highly recommend going to the Los Anarchist in LA. They are a big welcoming family with love and support but ca =n be very harsh sometimes.

I used to play roller derby When i Was 10-11 years old but then er moved tonthe Faroe Islands and there is No derby here so this the thing i miss the most

I've been playing for 3 years, just aged out of the 3rd best junior derby team in the US currently (River City Riot 💜). It's such an intense but fun and amazing sport, one of the best decisions I've ever made was to stay when I wanted to quit in the first few grueling months. I've travelled so much, created a second family and became so muvh more than I was before–more confident, stronger both physically and mentally, and a part of something incredible.

I'm thinking of doing roller derby and I have two derby names I thought of using and I want to know which one sounds better……acid atoms or all acid (I really like science and the breakdown of things)

Whats funny is i just started as a 12 year old girl and they had a totally different attitude. I was scared but more intimidated because I knew nobody there and I felt that they were judging me (they weren’t). I am a officially level 1 but can do some level 2 stuff after just 18 hours. Over a span of 10 weeks. And I find it funny that adults were more negative than me at the beginning than a 12 year old girl.

Idk why this made me Teary eyed. I would love to try this out! It seems really empowering and helps boost confidence and helps you meet cool people

Tbh I have not met very many good skaters with a past of roller derby… the only good ones i have met on avg turn to jam dance or rhythm skating. I personally prefer rhythm skating because it requires true balance…basically what I'm trying to say is they rely off of cookie cutter tricks instead of there own. That is why the good derby girls or boys etc do some artistic skating on the side. I just think they need to rely less on expanding there stability out and more on centering it to add some dodge and weave so when they get in a situation of falling they can pull some crazy turn your leg around and catch yourself kind of crap (im to tired to make good example atm sorry:p)

My mom is 50 and doing Roller Derby still. She’s on a team that’s actually accepting men now. They don’t have penalty’s for hitting someone. My mom had a mild heart attack and could not play for a bit. Her 2nd bout is coming up! Anyways, when I went to my moms first bout before they had men on the teams, there was a girl who had on a face mask OVER HER NOSE. Guess what happened. She ended up getting punched in the nose and broke it. And lemme just say, it was a real tough mask. Still kinda bothers me to this day.

Literally have been wanting to try Roller Derby for like 4 years now, sadly, my city doesn't have a league and the nearest one to me is flat track which I'm not keen on.

Also, I haven't actually learned to skate yet and I wouldn't be able to because my city doesn't have a skate rink either 😂👌

I would love that they make a “Women try Roller skate (quad skate) for 30 days” is an awesome sport and at least here in Argentina we are like a family that encourages you and celebrate all the little steps that you make

Seeing them falling on their butts continuously is making me cringe so much your tailbones are crying my tailbone is crying oof

I've always wanted to try derby but I've been too afraid. This has inspired me to look into it for real!

I do roller derby and I love it, it's something you have to work hard for, but it's still great. I'm in a junior roller derby team, the coaches and referees do everything to make sure you don't get hurt. You have EMT's on the spot too. Also, they went straight into things. For juniors you learn how to skate if you don't already, then you start on watermelon (sticky skating) after that you learn your first stop, it goes on from there. Also DERBY IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN, I have a couple boys on my team, and we work great together

I play roller derby and I just came back from practice and I’m so tired, and sore 😫 we jumped the apex, did a bunch of exercise (Like sit-ups, on skates) and way more and I’m just so tired 😓

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