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[SXVXN] Okay, so what I was thinking was if we do
something like well I could do is I could set traps down over there and then
I don’t like work really well. [SKUL] Why would you do that?
[STORM] Nice try. [SKRONEX] Wow! [SXVXN LAUGHING] [SKRONEX] Wow [SXVXN] Just give up, Shane. [SXVXN] Goodbye! Nooooo, Shane! [STORM] Byeeee! [SXVXN LAUGHING] [SXVXN] Give up, Shane. [Introductory music] [SXVXN] What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video, but in today’s video. We’re doing something completely different. We are in
save the world so if you guys want to see more of this please do let us know.
I’ve been grinding it out with it with Skronex, the guy we know for trapping in
a rooftop. We have Storm, who I’ve been working with like continuously and we
also have SKUL, who’s an old friend of mine who used to make a lot of Ghost
Recon videos with me, so we’re all gonna be bouncing around in her world today.
I’m gonna be looking at a giant Hover board track. We’re gonna all race against
each other similar to the tournaments we’ve been doing on the channel and now
you guys be loving them and all the funny videos so guys and girls are you
ready to rumble on this track? Oh boys [STORM] I was born ready!!! [STORM] You’re going down.
[SKUL] Are you scared? [SXVXN NOISES] [SKUL] I’m so very scared! [STORM] Alright. [SXVXN] It’s massive. It’s just so long it’s very complex
there’s loads of holes so Shane loves it. Haha. [STORM] Yea.. [STORM] It’s very big. [SXVXN] Yeah, it’s massive. [SXVXN] There’s also a v-buck
somewhere hidden in the gameplay. If you guys find it send a screenshot to me on
social media it won’t be too difficult to find but by sending me a screenshot you’ll be able to actually enter for a giveaway. [SXVXN] If you want to ask anyone I’ve gifted a
giveaway to, I’m the legit. I’m on invisible hoverboard that’s how legit I am. [SXVXN] Yea, boys! [EVERYONE CHEERING] [SKULL] I’m so excited! [SXVXN NOISES] [STORM] Are you all ready? [SXVXN] Okay. How game one is going to work is. [SXVXN] Okay. How game one is going to work is. [SXVXN] Shane is going to set that wall off. Once that wall repairs. We’re allow to go. [SXVXN] Okay, let’s do this! [SXVXN] Go, Shane! [SXVXN] Ooooo [SXVXN] Alright [SXVXN] Once that [SXVXN] Get on your board, Shane! [STORM] I am. [SXVXN] Come on.
[SKRONEX] Boards against the wall. [SXVXN] Yeah. I’m back. (x3) [SXVXN] Ready. 3, 2, 1 [SXVXN] GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [SXVXN] HAAAAAA [SKULL] Let’s go!
[STORM] No cheating. [SXVXN] No cheating.
[SKULL] No cheating. [SXVXN] No cheating.
[SKULL] OMG. We’re just running into each other. [SXVXN] Hahaha [STORM] This is scary. [SXVXN] We need this in Battle Royale, man. [SXVXN] Oooo. Someone almost went off the map. [SKRONEX] Noooooo [SXVXN] Who was that? [STORM] It was Billy.
[SKULL] Someone is dead. [SXVXN] Who just died? Who fell off? [SKRONEX] Marty, you knocked us off. [SXVXN] Did you fall off? [STORM/SXVXN LAUGHING] [SKULL] GG
[STORM] Bye Billy. [SXVXN] Woowaa [SXVXN] Look at for this gap.
[STORM] SXVXN is in first place at the moment. [SXVXN] Yeah. I’ve got this gap over.
[SKULL] I’m on your tail. I’m on your tail. [SXVXN] We put so many little finer details in this. I’ve already
completed this fully once like. Legit, only once. Souly, the one that knows. It
all in her world. [STORM] Ooo. I’ve gone underground I have. [SXVXN] Have you? Fair play. Fair play. [SKULL] I’m so scared.
[SXVXN] I’m just roaming around this part here. [SXVXN] There’s so many holes and bits and bobs.
[SKULL] I’ve messed up. Nooo. [SXVXN] Ahhhh.
[STORM] Ahhh. [SKULL] SXVXN is so far ahead of me, now. [SXVXN] This is. Woah. Hang on. [SXVXN] Do a 360 because I can.
[STORM] I forgot about that spot. [SXVXN] Haha [SXVXN] This is where we are now. Like half way through. [SXVXN] Is Billy out of this one completely, this round? [STORM] I think he’s still going.
[SKULL] He’s going. [SXVXN] Is he still going? Yes! He’s trying, man. Bless him.
[SKULL] He’s trying. [SXVXN] He’s trying.
[STORM] He’s trying. [SXVXN] Alright. This is where it gets difficult. This is where I start making mistakes [SXVXN] Oooo [SXVXN] Unlucky, Billy. No.. I fell down. [SXVXN] No. I’m back. I’m back. I’m back. [SXVXN] It’s okay. It’s okay.
[STORM] I have a chance to catch up. [SKULL] Nooooooooooo. I fell off the map!
[SXVXN] Oooo. [SXVXN] No. I fell down here. [SXVXN] Ahh. I think Shane…. Shane is catching me. I think Shane is catching me. [SXVXN] Nooo. I keep falling of this.
[STORM] I’m super close.
[SXVXN] Come on, come on. [SXVXN] Come on. Come on. I’ve got to do this! For the SXVXN Squad. [SXVXN] I’ve got to do this for the 7SQUAD.
[STORM] And I’m in first place.
[SXVXN] No Shane.
[STORM] Oh no. [SXVXN] No Shane. [SXVXN] No. I need to. Ah, come on. [SXVXN] Oh, Shane fell off too. [SXVXN] Okay, I’m going along. It’s hard. I can’t see my hover board, man. [SXVXN] We’ve got to go through these pillars. Got to go through the pillars. [STORM] I’m super close.
[SXVXN] This is so much fun! [STORM] I’m right behind him. [SXVXN] Ah, this is the new part that you designed. [SXVXN] Okay, okay. Here we go! [SXVXN] This is where Shane always takes damage. [SXVXN] You gotta land on that boom. Ahh. [SXVXN] I did it. I did it. [STORM] I’m right behind you. [MUSIC BEATS] [SXVXN] OoOoOOo.
[SKULL] I’m coming up behind you guys. I’m going to try. [SXVXN] Okay. Here we go! Here we go. [STORM] Ohhh no. That screwed me over. [SXVXN] Noooooooooo [SXVXN] Noooo [SXVXN] Nooo [SXVXN] Noo [SXVXN] I’m dead.
[SKULL] I’m guessing you didn’t make my jump. [SXVXN] Shane. Won the round one. Dammit. [STORM] Billy, come back! [SXVXN] Okay. [SXVXN] It’s nearly finished. [STORM] She’s got the invisible one. She robbed it.
[SXVXN] Ready? [SXVXN] 3, 2, 1. Gooooo. [SXVXN] Here we go! Here we go!
[STORM] Here we go! [SXVXN] WOO [STORM] Can I make another round in winning? [SKULL] I landed on Billy’s head. [SXVXN] Yeah. If you bash into each other. It’s game over. [STORM] Oooo.
[SXVXN] Ooooo.
[SKULL] Ahhh [SXVXN] This is my favorite part to be fair because it’s all nice and fluid. Okay, here we go this is where some of my mates they couldn’t make it up this far. [SXVXN] Here, here. [SXVXN] Oooo.
[STORM] I almost failed that. [SXVXN] Nooooo.
[SKULL LAUGHING] [SXVXN] I went straight off. Nooo. [STORM] Hey!
[SKULL] You still have a chance. You still have a chance. [SXVXN] You alright, Storm? [SXVXN] Me and Shane are out. We fell off the track. We’re out for
round two. [SXVXN] Okay, Skull. Oh, she’s over here. [STORM] Hey, Billy! How’s it going, man?
[SXVXN] Dude. Let’s head down. [SXVXN’S MANLY SCREAM] [SKULL] I’m making it.
[SXVXN] I nearly fell. [STORM] Oooo.
[SXVXN] I nearly fell. [SXVXN] I thought it was a double stairs, it wasn’t. [SXVXN] Okay, Souly should be coming around here.
[SKULL] I’m going. I’m going. [SXVXN] Is she coming along. Has she made it along? Ah, She is. Right here.
[STORM] Hey, Skull! [SKULL] Hi
[SXVXN] She made it along. [SXVXN] Skull has made it along.
[SKULL] Bye. [SXVXN] She should be dandy. [SXVXN] She should be getting the win. [STORM] She’s on the 2nd pad to the 3rd pad [SXVXN] If she misses it. It would be hilarious.
[SKULL] Don’t die (x4) [STORM] She did it.
[SKULL] I made it. I made it.
[SXVXN] Ayyyyy! [SXVXN] There she goes. She wins.
[STORM] GG [SXVXN] Billy nearly had it though, dude. [SXVXN] He nearly had it, Billy.
[STORM] He was super close. [SXVXN] Stop trying to get on my head, man! [SXVXN] She won’t get off my head. [SXVXN] Get off my head. What are you doing? [SXVXN] I’ll get on your head. [SXVXN] Get on Shane’s head. [SXVXN] Are you ready, boys and girls? [SXVXN] For round three so currently, we have Skull and Storm. They are our winners so far. Let’s confirm this and get ready. [SXVXN] Oh, wait. [STORM AND SKULL LAUGHING] [STORM] You failed with that.
[SKULL] He wasn’t paying attention. [SXVXN] Three, two, one. Let’s go! [BACKGROUND MUSIC]
[SXVXN] Arrrr. I’m running over. [SKULL] No, Billy
[SKRONEX LAUGHING] [SXVXN] Not fully go. We’ve got to wait for the wall, mate!
[SKULL] Trying to cheat. [SXVXN] Alright.
[STORM] Everyone ready?
[SKRONEX] You did say go though. [SXVXN] Ready? [SXVXN] Go (x8) Goooooooo [STORM] I see that little head start from you. [SXVXN] Yeah. It makes no difference. I’m gonna be dying. [SXVXN] Look at that man! [STORM] WOAAA!
[SKULL] I just went straight over. [SXVXN] Yo.
[STORM] How did you go that far? [SXVXN] I just got knocked off? Who knocked me off, man? [SKRONEX] No idea. [SXVXN] You’re knocking me off, man. [SXVXN] It was one of your ninjas. It was either Billy or Shane. [SXVXN] That’s not fair.
[SKRONEX] It was Shane. It was Shane. [SXVXN] You suck eggs, mate!
[SKRONEX] Ahhh wow! [SKRONEX] Ha ha ha. [SXVXN] Did he knock you off as well? [SXVXN] Oh, Billy’s out. Billy is dead. [STORM Laughing]
[SXVXN] Noooo
[SKULL] Nooo, Billy. [SXVXN] Ahhh.
[SKRONEX] Ahhh. It just feels real. [SXVXN] Ahh. Billy’s out, man. Rest in peace, Billy. [SXVXN] Unlucky mate! Unlucky mate! [STORM] Ah no. I just did the same.
[EVERYONE LAUGHING] [SXVXN] Shane just died too. [SXVXN] Okay. [SXVXN] I went under the underground. [SXVXN] It’s only me and Souly left in this round. [SXVXN] Okay. [SXVXN] Okay. Here we go. [SXVXN] I’m coming around. I’m coming around. [SXVXN] This is the dangerous part. I put all these traps and stuff in like these holes and different edits but I mean it could easily work against me. If,
I make the wrong mistake. [STORM] We’re ninja cops here. [SXVXN] Ninja Cops? SXVXN: I’m coming over [SXVXN] Alright. [SXVXN] Alright. We got this. We got this. Come on. I need to I need. [SKULL] I always mess up on this bit.
[SXVXN] I need to complete. [SXVXN] Oh, yeah this is the part where we’re above the hmm…. [SXVXN] Yeah it’s cool..
[SKULL] Ah. I made it.
[SXVXN] We built like the spectator mode sort of stuff. It’s cool. [SKULL] Noo. [SXVXN] Okay, here we go. [SXVXN] That was so much easier. Now, I can see my board. [SXVXN] I couldn’t see my board before.
[SKULL] I can’t see my board, that’s my issue. [SXVXN] Yeah. I had the same issue. [SXVXN] The hardest part on this I would say is the last part. [SKULL] I can’t see my board. [SXVXN] We’ve got this. We’ve got this. [SXVXN] Oooo. We just made it down. [SXVXN] This is the last stretch. [SXVXN] Girls and boys at home. [SXVXN] Oooo. [SXVXN] Okay. [STORM] You could have lost that. [STORM] This is where you died last time in round one. [SXVXN] Oooooooo, boy! [STORM] You almost lost that. [SXVXN] WOAH!!! What?
[SKRONEX] WOOOAAAH! [STORM] Hahah [SKULL] What happened? [SXVXN] I don’t know, but I’m alive.
[STORM] Oh, no. [STORM] I’m…
[SKRONEX] Oh, no. [SXVXN LAUGHING] [SXVXN] Shane, fell off. Haha. Shane fell off the spectator’s mode. [SXVXN] What happened? I think I’ve done it.
[STORM] Thanks, Billy. [SXVXN] I think I’ve done it. I think I’ve done it. I think I’ve done it. [SXVXN] Okay here we go.
[SKRONEX] Yeah. [SXVXN] Second time fully completing it. All I’ve got to do is survive this one last part here. Come on. [SXVXN] I think I’ve done it. [SXVXN] I did it! Ayyy!
[STORM] Ayyy! [SKULL] Good stuff, gg. [SXVXN] My second time ever
completely course but I win round three so at the moment no one’s won two games
in a row okay until someone wins in two games in a row there was no overall
winner. So Skronex here we go. [SKRONEX] Alright. Are you ready? [SXVXN BLOWING]
[SKULL] I’ve got a spot for you here, Billy. [SXVXN] USSRRR
[STORM] “HONEY, WHERE’S MY SUPERSUIT?” [SXVXN] It’s in the incredibles, Shane. That’s where it’s at.
[STORM] Ahh. [SXVXN] Haha. [SXVXN] 3, 2, 1. LET’S GO! [STORM] Go, go, go.
[SKULL] Well. I just cheated. [SKRONEX] Let’s goooo!
[SXVXN] Wooooway! [SXVXN] What? Hahaha
[SKRONEX] Haha. [SXVXN] Billy just went straight off the map. [SXVXN] See ya later, Billy!
[storm and skull laughing] [STORM] Looks like he isn’t going to win the game. [SXVXN] Unlucky, Billy, mate! [SXVXN] He could still make it back up though. I mean. [SKRONEX] Across the map?
[SXVXN] Yeah. I know. [SXVXN] Are you dead? [SKULL] This one will be the winner. [SXVXN] Ahh, so who ever wins this is the overall winner. [SXVXN] Okay, okay.
[STORM] Oh, no. [SXVXN] So you need to catch up, Shane. [SXVXN] This is going to be interesting.
[SKULL] I just hit an invisible rooftop. [SXVXN] Ahh. Sweaty, sweaty, SWEATY! [STORM] I’m having so much issues with this pad at the start.
[SXVXN] Which part are you stuck on? [SXVNX] The one. The rock face one. Rock face? [STORM] Yeah.
[SXVXN] Okay there’s so many
dangerous parts in this it just sketches me out all the holes and the different
edits. [SXVXN] Hey, Billy.You alright, mate? How are you doing, mate? [SXVXN] Are you alrighhhht there, mate? [SXVXN] Bless him, Billy. [SXVXN] I love you Billy. [SXVXN] I love you!
[SKULL] Goodbye, Billy. [SXVXN] Good bye, Billy! [SXVXN] Goodbye, my lover! Goodbye, my friend. [STORM] Goodbye, my friend. [SXVXN] Haha.
[SKRONEX] Don’t leave me, alone! [SXVXN] Haha [SXVXN] At least you’re not getting trapped in walls, this time you know I mean or in roofs.
[SKRONEX] Yeah. It’s always that. [STORM] It could be a lot worst.
[SXVXN] That’s the sketchiest part right there cuz it you could easily fall to death right
there. [SXVXN] Okay. Come on. First time. Come on. We’re doing this. We’re doing this.
[SKULL] Ah, come on.
[SXVXN] Come on. [SXVXN] I’m going through the pillars. Through the pillars. Through the pillars. I’m smashing this. I’ve just got to make that final part work. The final parts is my weakness.
[SKULL] Yes. I finally done it. [SKULL] I’m actually on your tail. right now.
[SXVXN] Okay. [SXVXN] How did you catch me? What? [SKRONEX] Hahaha.
[SKULL] I’ve been with you the entire time. [STORM] HAHAHAHA. [SXVXN] Oh oh oh. I think Souly cheating. Nah. I’m only kidding. [SXVXN] Hahaha.
[SKULL] I was about to say. I’ve been with you the entire time. What do you mean? [SXVXN] Okay, okay, okay. Here we go!
[SKRONEX] But the gap is getting bigger. [SKRONEX] Ohh and I’ve fell. [SXVXN] Ahhh.
SXVXN] I think I’m doing it. That was sketchy. [SXVXN] I hate that last part. That last part
is always getting me. [STORM] Just be careful.
[SXVXN] Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay. Here we go. [SXVXN] Here we go.
[SKULL] Noooo. I fell. Nooo. [SXVXN] She’s dead. She’s dead. She’s gone. [SXVXN] Here we go! Here we go! [SXVXN] FOR THE WIN! [SXVXN] Third time I ever win in this track. There we go. We did it. [STORM] WOOOOW!
[SXVXN] GG to SXVXN. [SXVXN] Rest in Peace, Billy. [SXVXN] Rest in Peace, Billy. Haha [SKULL] I lost on my own track [SXVXN] Yeah. Skull, Skull, Skull. Oh. That’s Shane right over there. Where Skull at?
[SKULL] Hello. [SXVXN] Where are you at?
[SKULL] I’m right here. With you. [SXVXN] How’s it feel to lose on your own track, Skull? Huh. [SXVXN MAKING NOISES]
[SKULL] Hmmm. Screw you. [OUTRO MUSIC]


Shame you didn’t manage to get a video of the 4 of you in playground mode that would of been a hilarious video. 😂 Stupid Epic removed it

Hey SXVXN, i play Save The World too and if you need any help on Save the world just reply and you can add me on epic.

This was sick! Ideas:
1. Areas where you avoid arrows going the opposite way.
2. More areas where if you fall you land on a previous area.
3. More arches like a shalom track.
4. Some sort of mid air tunnel you could fly through.
5. A portion of track with no walls

I am so glad I look at these amazing vids and they help me relax from day to day studies and I am also very happy that seven actually reads all the comments so he’s the best YouTuber in the league currently

ALL my friends watch u and even they think that ur pretty great
Respect from INDIA!!

OMG THIS IS SOOO COOL. Wish I had STW though. I would love it and do it way moore than BR. Great Vid SXVXN. Love your vids.

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please more

I love your videos keep up the great work and u should make more videos like this this one was very good

Wow ive only been watching you for 6 or 7 months now and i am very happy for you mate you grown so much and you still are! I reckon by mid 2019 you will have 1mill subs! Keep up the grind SXVXN

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