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World’s Largest BACK TO SCHOOL Supplies TOWER Wins $10,000 (Worst DIY Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

World’s Largest BACK TO SCHOOL Supplies TOWER Wins $10,000 (Worst DIY Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Let’s go! – Okay, okay! Hey Zam Fam, right now we’re about to meet at our apartment with Rocky,
who left us in Hawaii. – Yeah for some reason,
when we woke up he was gone, and so was the contract. – Daniel! – Daniel! – [Daniel] Hey I got that text from Rocky. He has some information for us? – Yeah, he said he had important
information about the GMI, which is why he wants to meet us here. You guys.
– What? – The door is unlocked. – What?
– What? – Maybe Rocky’s inside. Peanut, Blackjack, what
are they doing here? I thought they were with
the dog sitter Matt? – This doesn’t make sense, I’m texting the dog sitter right now. – What is going on? Look, look! There’s something on the floor! Rocky set this up? – [Daniel] Rocky?
– Like, a piece of wood? – Yeah, I mean he said he
was meeting us here, so? – [Daniel] Yeah, he’s not here now, but why is there just wood sitting there? – There’s a card.
– There’s a card you guys. – [Daniel] Is that a GMI card? – It looks like it is. It says tallest back to
school tower wins $10,000. – $10,000 – [Daniel] Whoa! – That’s awesome. – That doesn’t make sense. There’s just a bunch of
pieces on the ground. – [Daniel] Yeah, how do you make a tower, and back to school, what
does that even mean? – [Daniel] Is there anything else, like. That would help this make sense? I just, I don’t get it. – You guys, if Rocky works for the GMI, then maybe he set this up for us. – [Daniel] I don’t know. He said that he worked for
somebody else, not the GMI. – Daniel, another card. – [Daniel] It says longest
word equals biggest budget. – Biggest budget. – [Daniel] And there’s
cash here, what’s the cash? – This, this isn’t $10,000.
So, $100, $80, $60. This might sound crazy,
but the Norris Nuts, they’ve done challenges where
they get a budget, right? They get a budget to spend at a store. And this says, longest
word equals biggest budget. – This is scrabble! – This is scra–
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. I’m just gonna flip over one and see. Scrabble pieces! – Scrabble pieces, okay, Morgz did this! Morgz with Morgz mom, and his dad. – Wasn’t it, I’ll buy
anything you can spell? – Longest word equals biggest budget. – So this is a challenge
before the challenge, where the longest word
equals the biggest budget, to buy school supplies. – Yes! And then the tallest
back to school tower, wins $10,000. – This is awesome! – How tall is it gonna have to be? – Well it’s 30 feet in here,
I think Rocky set us up! – Yeah!
– You think so? – Yeah, he’s trying to challenge us! – He said he had some
important news about the GMI, this could be it! Maybe this was all to get us back here for
this $10,000 challenge! – A challenge? I feel like he’s gonna get
in touch with us later, about something else. This doesn’t feel right. – No way, this is it, right here. – No! He’s gonna be meeting us, okay. – Okay so let’s play then, right? – Yeah, okay Zam Fam! I am challenging you right now, to smack the thumbs up button, subscribe and turn on notifications in five, four, three, two, one! If you did it in that time, comment below back to school squad and comment the grade that you’re going to be
going into this year. All right, let’s get started! – Shouldn’t we wait for Rocky? – No I think it’s fine. If he set this up for us, it’s good. – Yeah, and he’s probably
showing up any minute, right? – Yeah, he’s gonna be here,
so we can just start picking. I say, I don’t really
know how to play Scrabble, but let’s each pick 10. – [Daniel] 10 tiles. – 10 and then we have to
spell the longest word. The longest word gets the biggest budget. – I’m the tallest one, I’m gonna win this. – On your mark, get set, go! Okay. – [Group] One, two.
– [Matt] Can’t look at them. – [Daniel] I’m not looking! – [Rebecca] Three, four, five, 10. – I got 10 too.
– Okay. – [Matt] All right, here they are, oh, oh! – Okay, now we have to go make
our longest word you guys, and I wanna win that $100 for the back to school supplies, let’s go! Okay Zam fam, so I have to
figure out the longest word. Right now, I see I have an
S, I have a C, a G, an O, an E, a U, R, F, G. Okay you guys, comment below what word
you think I should spell. Okay, I know I can spell
a four letter word. But I don’t think that’s
gonna be long enough. – [Matt] I could do this, it’s not bad. What if, we change this? Do you know what word that is? Comment down below. – Okay what if I switch that? O, I could do this. You guys, comment below if you
think that should be the word and if you think I’m
gonna win this challenge, with that 5 letter word. – [Daniel] It’s like,
you know, in college. Wait, this is kinda scary guys. The red hoods, what!? – We all have our words you guys! And now it’s time to reveal them. Should I go first? – Yeah, Rebecca. – All right guys, you
won’t be able to beat this, because I spelt a five letter word. I spelt frogs. – Frogs, whoa, that’s
pretty good, pretty good. – Yeah, I’m gonna get that $100! And win this challenge! – I also got a five letter word. – No. – And this was kinda scary. Hoods. – Hoods!
– Hoods. – Like red hoods. – Red hoods? – I guess, look, it’s a red– – They were never real, of course. – Yeah true. – Well, we don’t know. – The GMI just made that up. – Okay anyways, hoods. You have 5, I have 5. – Okay, so we’re tied. – I have a 6 letter word. I got moment. – Moment! So Matt has first place then. – I won $100! – Okay well, you know
what that means Daniel, we’re tied right now. – So one of us gets $80
and one of gets $60. How are we gonna separate the tie? – Rock, paper, scissors! Okay, are you ready? – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – I got second! I got the $80. So Matt is in first with
the $100, I get $80, and Daniel gets $60. – We all have our budgets right now, what store are we going to? – I think we go to Target! – That’s great! – They have great back to school supplies! – They have a whole
section of back to school. – Yeah, and then we’re
gonna come back and see, who can win the highest
back to school tower. – Comment down below who
do you think is gonna win. – Me, me, okay, let’s get to Target. So we are here at Target
and we only have 10 minutes to get our back to school
supplies to make the tower. So use your budgets wisely and let’s go! – [Matt] Rebecca’s going
to the wrong section. We only have 5 minutes! Back to school is on the other side. Let’s go, let’s go! Here we go, it’s not
that big of a section. Gonna get a cart. – What do I do with $60? Where is back to school? Matt’s ahead of me, Matt’s ahead of me. Home stuff, home stuff. Oh my gosh, here it is. Back to school right here. Oh, okay so we’re good. Okay, what’s Rebecca gonna get? – You guys know, I have $80 to spend on back to school supplies. I think we need to donate these after. Bins you guys, I need to
make the tallest tower. I should definitely get this, this is kinda back to school. You always need a bin
for back to school right? Here we go, and then I can put my supplies inside there! It’s perfect! I think I have, like, a
little less than $70 left. So, I’m gonna get some other
back to school supplies. Binders. Okay, I love post it. I might just get these
gel pens, just to get ’em. Just realizing, I need to get a cart. So I can put my stuff in. Only 10 minutes! You guys, so, I just talked
to the guy, I have a new idea. He said there might be boxes in the back, that had back to school supplies, which means it’ll cost me
$0, but I’ll be able to make the highest back to school tower. And it’ll be the tallest,
and then I will win. – Bins, and I have some binders, but I think I need some
tape, to try to like, get it all together. And some pens too. Let’s
get out, let’s go check out. – So I just sneaked over here, so that they didn’t see
exactly what I was doing. ‘Cause I’m gonna take Rebecca’s
idea and get the bins. These are the big ones here. Too big. This makes more sense, right here. All right, let’s see. Come on, come on. Stay in there guy. Oh! Okay, that’s it, that’s it! All right, so looks like I’m the first one finished right now, and now we’re just gonna
wait for Rebecca and Daniel. I spent $99. – This is working out so well! I’m so excited to get the box! Also you guys, stick around until the end, because I’m doing shoutouts
of people that tagged me on Instagram that wore a Zam Fam merch, and people in the Game
Master Network that scored 100% on the quizzes. You guys, if you haven’t
taken those quizzes, it’s at, trust me, you will want to. We will be revealing
something very soon, okay? I’m very excited. I hope I got enough with my budget, and I didn’t go over,
because I really don’t wanna have to put anything back. You guys, I’m already at $39. $43, oh no! Okay so I
didn’t plan this well, and I’m over, so I might
have to take something back. – [Cashier] Plus, it’s fun. – [Rebecca] It’s not fun. Aww, but this is a good one right? – [Cashier] Yeah, I have one of those. – [Rebecca] Those are, okay. I still have a lot, and I got the bins, so I think I’m going to
still win this challenge. So we have all our back
to school supplies, what do you guys think? – I won already, it’s super easy. – Look at all of his bins! – Throw it in, dunk, swish! – But, did you get packing
tape for your boxes? Cause you can only use
back to school supplies. So if you have no tape, then
you can’t build the box. – Wait is packing tape back to school? – Yeah, tape is tape. – Okay, cool, then I’m good. – We’ll find out when we get back home. – Okay, lets do this! – So we’re back at our place,
and we’re about to build our back to school tower. But, I just got a text from Rocky, and he should be here any minute you guys. What’s supplies did you guys get? – For that, okay. – I had the biggest budget,
and I went more box heavy because the structure is already built. – How do you use this many
boxes for back to school? – Well, I was more, like,
going for a college student. – [Daniel] Oh, college back to school. – Hey, that’s not fair! – It’s not, it is fair! There’s no rules that
say you couldn’t do that. – [Daniel] Very very true. – Back to school for college? – So, I got a lot of that,
I got a lot of tape in here. – But no students use duct tape. – Yeah, every student uses duct tape. Comment down below if you’re a student, you use duct tape. And I have some other
surprises in here too. – $60 went pretty quick, so I — – So you got containers, that’s it? – I’m not, no I’m not knocking him, ’cause I did get containers too. I had to give up a container
because I went over budget. – So, I actually asked the workers, if any of the school
supplies were in any boxes, and a lot of them were
already packaged up. But I got this free! I got a laundry basket, because I was like, you know what? Y’know, kids need to wash
their clothes for school– – What kid is doing laundry at school? – Hey, college Matt! – Okay, okay. – And then I thought, you know what? If I’m gonna win this
tallest tower challenge, with back to school supplies, I’m gonna make it colorful. We’re gonna be donating these supplies, so I wanted to get good ones. – Are you gonna calculate how
many boxes you’re gonna use? – What, and you had the middle budget? Look at all that you got! Okay, so what are the rules? – Okay, you can only use
back to school supplies, and we only have 10 minutes to build the back the school tower. And tallest wins!
– 10 minutes? – 10 minutes, that’s it! – All right, and here we go! 3, 2, 1, go! – [Daniel] Doesn’t this
remind you of that challenge, where we had to build a
bridge across the pool? – Yes! It’s almost exactly like it! – Oh my God, except this–
– [Daniel] That was a fail! – This ones gonna be way better than that. Yeah, that was a big fail. Do you guys remember? On that one, we had to combine all of our bridges to make one giant one. What if we combined all of ours, and made giant world’s tallest tower, using back to school supplies? – [Daniel] Would we still win the $10,000? If we work together? – I don’t know, we’ll have to ask the GMI. I have no idea, but Zam Fam, comment below if you wanna see us
combine all of our towers to see how tall it could be. I wonder if it could touch that ceiling? – Let’s get to building. All right, so I don’t
have a ton to work with, but I’m gonna at least
stack up these bins, and try to get it up there. I’m hoping I can try
to reach that section, then maybe they’ll kinda
stand on their own? They won’t fall over. I, I don’t know. – So Zam Fam, my strategy is
to stack this high as I can, but I’m hoping to get up
to there, to the wall, so that it can help
balance this giant tower. But, look, I just realized,
this is a little bit off. Like, it’s a little bit crooked, so it’s like the Leaning Tower
of back to school supplies. – [Daniel] What’s gonna go up here? Some more school supplies? – Um, some more school supplies, yep. I’m just gonna keep stacking. – [Daniel] Matt, how
are you doing over here? – I’m doing okay, I’m trying
to keep out of the way. So that nobody knows how tall my tower is, but it’s already pretty tall. – [Daniel] Look at this! Look at all that you have to work with, compared to mine, mine’s kind of like, where it’s at, I don’t know
how I’m gonna get it taller. – Well, you should’ve
picked your letters better, and done better at spelling. – [Daniel] Okay, you’re right.
– Do good things at school. – [Daniel] Okay. Whoa, look at all these! – Yeah, so I’m trying to
connect all of these folders, I can build a big wall
up to the wall here, and hopefully lean it on them. – [Daniel] Look at Matt over there, man. You know what, we’ve been
building for a while, and didn’t you say that
Rocky was supposed to be here like, any second, but he’s not. – He’s gonna be coming, but, I don’t know if we should trust him. All I remember when we did the last to drop the phone challenge, is that we had Starbucks, right Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, we drank Starbucks, and then we all fell asleep. – Fell asleep, and then we
haven’t seen the contracts! Well, I don’t know if Rocky signed it. He said he was going to, and he got that text message, right? – [Daniel] But the Zam Fam’s saying that he talked to the camera. He’s saying that we had to fall asleep for our own good. – It’s for our own good, so I don’t know. We just, we really need to talk to Rocky, so I’m glad he’s gonna be here soon. He can also help pick the winner. – [Daniel] Very true, good point. – Him and the Zam Fam. You guys are gonna pick a winner of this. Also, I forgot scissors, so I have to use my teeth for this. – [Daniel] Oh man, okay. Whoa, don’t let it fall! – I know, I know. I just need to get it against this wall. – [Daniel] Okay, but, I
don’t wanna discourage you, but look at Matt. – [Rebecca] No! – [Daniel] What, whoa, whoa, whoa! Matt, how tall would you
say that is right now? – I would say, right, okay, so
the top of my hand is 8 feet. – [Daniel] 8 feet?! – And look, that’s already,
I think at 10 feet. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – But Rebecca’s going so high! – [Daniel] Whoa, look at that! I think, if she can get that
to stand, she is ahead of you. Guys, I don’t know, look. – [Matt] Whoa Rebecca! – [Daniel] I don’t know about mine. – Oh my gosh, you guys! I’m about to win this. – [Daniel] Oh, oh my gosh. – Thank goodness for the PG folders. For balancing over my head. I just have to figure out how to tape. – This is looking like a fail. It’s as tall as me. So, I don’t think I’m doing too good. What, you’re going up the stairs? – I’m going up the stairs. – [Daniel] What, he’s going up. – It’s all strategy. – [Daniel] Whoa, okay. – Right now, we’re about tied. Just so you know. – [Daniel] Okay, what do you guys think? Comment down below, who is
at the tallest right now? Looks like with Matt placing this box, this could be the tallest right now. – If I can get this to stay. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Matt] Look at that, okay.
– [Daniel] What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay Rebecca do you have any more tricks up your sleeve? Are you gonna be able to get this taller? – I’m gonna have to go
for points for decorating, and make it look back to school like. Cause Matt doesn’t have
any back to school supplies for anyone, whereas we’re actually using back to school supplies. – [Daniel] Very very true. – So I’m decorating mine. – [Daniel] Okay. – I think I might have this one. – [Daniel] I think you do. – I have mine done, Daniel’s got his back to school tower done. – I’m just mesmerized by these two, look at this, this is crazy. – Yeah, but, but mine is so colorful. Zam Fam I think that you
guys need to vote for mine, because his might be higher but– – Whoa, whoa. – I knocked the wrong one! – I, I just lost the
pens, just lost the pens. I think we’re okay. – [Matt] Honestly
Rebecca, it’s really hard to tell right now, which one is taller. – It might be yours. – [Matt] Yeah, I think we might
have to go from the stairs to see which one’s the tallest. – What if I give Matt
just a little help here? – [Matt] No, no, no! – [Rebecca] Oh Daniel! – [Matt] Oh it’s swaying, it’s moving! – Hey, but now you have
a back to school supply! – That’s the only back to
school supply you have Matt, that doesn’t count! Mine has construction paper, pencils, crayons, markers,
a calculator, pens, and I think that we should
give one of these away, at least one, on our Instagrams. You have to pick.
– [Matt] That’s a good idea. – Some supplies. Stick around
until the end, we’ll tell you how you can win some of
these supplies, okay? – [Matt] Okay, do you wanna
see who got the tallest one? – Yes, okay, so we’re
gonna go up on the stairs, to see who has the tallest tower, using only DIY back to school supplies. How tall do you guys think this is? – [Daniel] What do you think Matt? You said, at one point
you said it was 10 feet, do you think it’s taller now? – [Matt] I think it’s way taller! – [Daniel] Okay. – Oh my gosh, this things swaying. This is not gonna stay. – [Daniel] Careful, careful. – [Matt] It’s not gonna, don’t touch it! – [Daniel] All right,
here we are at the top. – I think we know who
the winner is you guys. – [Daniel] Oh man! – [Matt] Yep, it’s me! – [Daniel] No. – Daniel, you definitely got third place. – [Daniel] Yeah, definitely. – Okay, now I see Matt’s is right– Okay, Matt’s is right here. Wait! – [Matt] No, no. – I’m the winner! Matt! – [Matt] Let me get
down, I forgot my shoes. – Matt, you have your shoes on. – [Daniel] Wait, wait,
wait, what, what, what? – Matt.
– Which one is better guys? Three, two, whoa! – No, no!
– Oh my gosh. – Okay, so Zam Fam, I
want you guys to comment who you think won. Is it me who used back to school supplies or Matt, who’s was higher,
until I accidentally hit it off. – She only hit it three times! – Okay you guys, I know, but I used the back to school supplies. I’m clearly– Oh, oh, I guess he’ll
decide who’s the winner. – [Daniel] Oh okay, let’s go! – All right, here we go. – Hey, Rocky, you’re here! – Okay hey, hey. – Here’s Rocky! – Okay, you’re okay you got my message? You got called over? – Yeah yeah, so, so, what happened? I mean, you left us in Hawaii,
did you sign the contract? – No, no, I didn’t sign the contract. – What?! – I can’t sign the contract.
– You lost the challenge! – I know you wanted me to, well I didn’t– I kind of threw the challenge. Let’s say, because I got a message, and– – [Daniel] Yeah, we
noticed that text message, it came out of nowhere. – Yeah, and, and you remember you kinda got sleepy after that coffee and– – Yeah, after we had the Starbucks. – Yeah well, my employer
did that, you know, he, he said that– – Wait, wait, he said he. – What? – Rocky, are you, who,
who are you talking about? – You know, he, she,
same thing really right? – No, it’s not the same thing! – No, what? – But listen, I did it
for your own safety. It was to keep you safe. I was assured that if you
did that, you would be safe, and so obviously you weren’t harmed. – I mean, you guys know that Rocky does dog rescue, so, I
mean, I trust you Rocky, but who is your employer? – Well here’s the thing. I can’t tell you that. I cannot tell you that. But, I brought someone, to answer any questions you have. – Are they here right now? – Yeah, they’re here right now. Guess and see who it is, – No, no, Rocky come on! – All right, all right, okay, okay. – Okay, who do you guys
think it’s gonna be? Quadrant, it’s a quad– – [Daniel] Cool, wait, wait wait. – Hold on, wait, Q, is that you? Zamfam, we are doing a 24
hour back to school challenge on our Instagram stories, so
go to our Instagram stories and comment from the video right here, what the name and number
of the book we are on from this video. Do it in the next 24 hours for a chance to win different items from each of our Instagram stories. You guys in the Zam Fam
can help out my channel by checking out the video right here, making sure you are
subscribed, notifications on. Shoutout to you guys that
tagged me on Instagram, have got my Zam Fam merch and you guys, that scored 100% on the
Game Master network. All right, I guess we’ll
do a face reveal next time.


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I never use duct tape in school Rebecca is right so just give up Matt no one uses duct tape you know what not even Rebecca bye-bye

Blue is blue
Red is red
Leave a like
If you think
This is wrong

Back to school Squad I am out of school I don't be going back to school anytime soon I'll be going to college I don't know when have fun love Grace

Did anyone else see the barcode next to the spiral stairs? 5.11 could be like the same one from the GMI people’s hands

rebecca because come on matt back to school usually means big colorful supplies and markers and scissors and glue and stuff so rebecca totaly won

I'm honestly kinda happy that Rocky put then to sleep because I really think that he must not sign the contract no matter what!!!

I’m going into second grade and his big sister is going into third grade and hit his little sister is going first grade School supplies squad

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