WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard — What’s different? More than you think!

If you’re looking for an electric
skateboard that has a flexy deck, is great for carving, and uses hub motors,
think about what’s currently available on the market. I’ll do a comparison with other boards
another time, but if those are the qualities you’re looking for – again, flexyi
deck, carving, hub motors – I can tell you now that at this time the WowGo 3
is the board that I would choose. The WowGo 3 is of course the
successor to the very popular WowGo 2S. If you search YouTube for WowGo 2S, you’ll see that it got a ton of positive reviews. But the WowGo 2S
has been around for more than one full year. It’s still a good board, but because
there are now so many competing budget boards using almost the exact same
components, it doesn’t really stand out anymore. And also many people’s
expectations of electric skateboards have become much higher.
They can’t just have good electronics that take you from point A to point B.
They need to be good long boards. Well I’m glad to say that the WowGo 3 is
actually a unique product and it doesn’t suck. I don’t consider it an innovative
product but it doesn’t need to be. It gives a lot of people exactly what
they’re looking for. If you want to see my review and comparison of the WowGo 3 to its nearest competitors make sure you’re subscribed to this channel and
join the notification squad… thing… Bro fist. Like the WowGo 2S the WowGo 3
uses Zealous bearings in the front wheels. The deck is still shaped like a
Loaded Vanguard. The motors have some minor cosmetic changes but are otherwise
mostly the same as before. But pretty much everything else has been upgraded.
The deck is now 83% bamboo and 17% fiberglass making it stronger
and more bouncy than before. This is great if you like flexy decks. You might
have noticed that this deck has no handle but it’s actually going to be
optional. If you want a handle just make a note to WowGo when you’re
ordering and then you can mall grab like a pro! The front truck is now an
authentic 50-degree Paris V2. If you’re not familiar with Paris trucks, the Paris
V2 is one of the best-selling longboard trucks in the world because they’re
fantastic for carving and pumping. The rear truck is not Paris but you can see
that the design is similar. The bushings are all stock Paris 90A bushings
and notice that they’re all barrels. This helps the board be more stable at higher speeds. The front wheels are
custom made for WowGo. They’re 90×62 mm, 78A durometer. They have
offset cores and square lips and look very much like bigger versions of wheels
on the Boosted Board. The new remote has an LED display very similar to the one
on Exway and Backfire’s remotes. It has battery indicators for the board
and the remote, a speedometer, a trip meter, an odometer, etc. The WowGo 2S has three speed modes and the WowGo 3 has a fourth speed mode.
It’s 2019 so of course they’re calling it Turbo. But it’s different from
Backfire’s and Exway’s Turbo modes. There’s no extra button, there’s no
30-second limit, you don’t have to enable it. It’s just the fourth speed mode. And
in my opinion that’s probably the best implementation of Turbo. In Turbo mode
the top speed is the same as the third mode, 39 km/h, but you get more mid-range
torque. WowGo now has their own custom enclosures for the WowGo 3. The rounded design matches the shape of the deck much better than the
boxy enclosures that they used in the past. If you need to open the enclosures
you can now undo the screws from just one side so swapping batteries is a
little easier now. And if you buy an extra battery for the WowGo 3 it actually
comes with the enclosure so you’d be swapping the battery and the enclosure
together. You’d have to cut that zip tie though. The reason that the battery and
enclosure need to be changed together is that WowGo has taken extra steps to
make the board more water-resistant and part of that involves gluing the battery
to the enclosure. So far I’ve only encountered two minor issues. Remember
this is a prototype that has not gone into mass production yet. First, the pivot
on the rear hanger is either a little bit too short or the hole is too deep.
The result is that the kingpin is not centered unless I pull the hanger up a
little bit. Once I do that the bushings go in just fine. I didn’t actually
feel any problem with the rear truck though while I was
riding so this might not be a big deal. The second issue that I encountered is
that the hub motor sleeve started making a slight flapping sound. WowGo told me
that the reason is that there is actually a tiny gap between the motor
and the sleeve but as far as I could tell, neither of those issues affected
the ride. So I guess I’m just nitpicking. But in any case, this is a prototype and
WowGo said that they’ll take care of those issues. Again this is not a proper
review. I’m mainly just introducing the board right now. I’ll do an actual review
after I ride it some more and if this video gets 11 likes. But so far I
actually like this board a lot.

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