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Wristband that Charges Your Phone | Did I Mention Invention?

Wristband that Charges Your Phone | Did I Mention Invention?

(whoosh sound) – So I’m here at the Henry Ford
Museum in Dearborn, Michigan I’m at the Invention Convention. I’m here with Abigail. Now, you created the E-BAND. – Uh huh. – Tell me how it works. – So, the problem I’m trying
to solve is when your phone or electrical devices are dying down, or they are already dead and there’s like no outlet in sight to put a charger in. So, my solution is a band
that’s supposed to use human motion to create
energy and then stores up and recharge your battery. – So, this E-BAND
harnesses kinetic energy– – Yes. – Takes that, puts it in
a battery, and you can charge your phone with it? – Yes. – Which also encourages
you to probably dance more. – That’s true. Probably, yes. – Tell me where you got this idea. Were you stranded somewhere
with a dead phone? – I actually got the idea
when I was at a party at my families house, that
it was like really boring, and I was like on my
phone and it was dying and I couldn’t find an outlet anywhere. – (laughs) Now, do the
people who hosted the party, do they know that their boring party inspired such a great invention? – I don’t think so. – Okay, it’s probably
better that they don’t. That’s fine, we don’t need to tell them. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say, let’s start a band, and have
it be as cool as this one. (laughing) So, way to go. This is kinetic energy, right? – There you go. – Could’ve just charged our phones. – Boom. – Wasted high-five. (upbeat music)

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