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WTF is Augmented Hearing?

WTF is Augmented Hearing?

WTF is Augmented Hearing? WTF is a Hearable?
Hey, what’s good, guys? Keaton here. So if you guys don’t know this about me, I’ve been
getting super big into virtual reality and even augmented reality as of late. So this
just showed up. It’s the Here by Doppler Labs. It was on Kickstarter in 2015. And basically,
it is augmented hearing. Boom. Mind blown. And drop a like rating on this video if you
guys have heard of this before. It’s like the first product that I’ve seen. So what
augmented hearing is is basically you can control the surrounding environments around
you. So if you’re on a plane, you put these in your ears and you can kind of tune out
that plane noise. You know what I’m talking about. Or if you’re at a concert, you can
kind of just customize the experience. It looked really cool from what I’ve seen, so
let’s go and check it out. All right, so let’s go and check this out. Box feels pretty nice.
Got some stuff on the back. Volume control, real world EQ, and some audio effects. Here,
that’s what the product’s called. The box feels really nice. It reminds me of some other
products. You probably know what I’m talking about. So we have what I’m assuming is the
plastic case here, where the earbuds in. Oh, the earbuds are in here. Cool, we’re gonna
set that to the side. Digging a little further, I haven’t done an unboxing in forever. We
got a sticker. I do likes the stickers. We got, what else we got, we got some paperwork,
getting started. I think I’m gonna have to read the manual on this one. In the past,
I haven’t, but this augmented hearing, I’m gonna have to read it on this one. So in here,
we got a micro USB cable, pretty standard, and then we have the candy that you cannot
eat. Don’t eat it. You will not, your parents won’t like me. Don’t eat it, please don’t
eat it. These are some ear tips, so you’re definitely gonna need these if you want to
get a nice and comfortable fit. So let’s go and check it out. So we got the Here right
here. The Here right here. The Here right here. So, let’s take the plastic off. So we
got our earbuds, and one thing I wanna mention to you guys is these don’t actually play music,
but rather they adjust the noises around you. So again, if you’re at a concert, you’re gonna
be totally all good. You can get that nice customized experience. Or if you’re like me,
who flies a ton, these are perfect. So let’s go and download the app. It’s for Android
and iOS devices. So we’re just gonna search “here doppler labs.” Boom. I’m getting it.
It’s downloading. So the app is all set up. I put the Here back in my ear. So many rhymes
in this video. And I’m smooshing my hands together just ’cause I wanna make sure I get
the best seal, since if you don’t have a good seal, you’re just wasting your time. So I
got a pretty decent seal on there. And I kinda like this scroll-y wheel. So right now it’s
at zero decibels. So I kinda hear how I’m normally talking with just regular earbuds
in. Let’s move this all the way down. Oh my God, oh my God. I’m gonna have to shout to
hear myself. That is pretty insane. All right, let’s take her all the way up. I feel like
I’m shouting. Matt, am I shouting? He said no. Sweet. Go to live EQ and play around with
those, some presets. All right, so let’s take this out to the real world. So we’re here
in downtown L.A. There’s tons of noise going on. We got buses, garbage trucks, and just
general L.A. traffic. So we’re gonna check out the Here and see if it actually works
and can kind of give me a more peaceful environment than this noisy setting. So I got the earbuds.
They’re at a full charge. We’re gonna take ’em out. Left one’s going in. Little noise,
let me know they’re on. Right one going in. Gonna get a pretty tight seal. Got a good
seal. Now, oh my God, there’s trucks everywhere. Literally, this is Los Angeles at its finest.
Like, so much noise. All right, we’re gonna fire up the app. She’s at zero decibels right
now. So, I hear noise kind of like how I normally would. It’s a little bit lessened because
I have earbuds in. So we’re gonna take it all the way down to negative 22. Wait, wait
what? Whoa. I don’t hear anything. I hear myself talking. I don’t hear any noise around
me, honestly. Now we’re gonna check out one of the preset settings. So we’re going to
the tune-out section, and it’s actually in beta right now, but we can adjust it with
city noise. There’s tons of different modes, you got airplane, bus, car, city. I’m gonna
try out city and see if it makes a difference. Pretty good, I mean I can still hear it, it’s
not as good as the manual control, but it’s nice. It’s quick and easy. Just set it and
you’re good. One thing I really like is this charging case. So in terms of battery life,
I’m getting around four hours. I’ve been using this for, like, the entire day. And when I
don’t wanna use it, they go right back in the case to charge. Super practical. And at
first I was kind of sketchy on this design, but I think I’m a fan. So in conclusion, I’m
a huge fan of the Here. Being able to go out on any street in Los Angeles, have it be as
noisy, because you know, it was like 10 AM, all the buses, garbage trucks, cars honking,
all that stuff was full-blown, and just kind of tune all that out, that’s pretty sweet.
And since I travel so much, these are perfect for the airplane. And I’m a huge music festival
goer, so I can tweak the certain types of music that I want, and just kind of based
on the band I can get that precise fit, and just go a step further. So augmented hearing
is the real deal. And I didn’t really know what to expect, but I am super stoked about
these, and I’m gonna be bringing these everywhere. So go and check one out. Hit the link in the
description below and you’ll sign up to be on their waitlist. These are super exclusive,
and if you’re picked they’ll send you an invite to go and pick one up. But lucky for you guys,
I have an extra to give away. So all you have to do is again hit that link in the description
below and then I’ll go and announce the winner on Twitter. So that’s pretty much it for this
video. If you guys enjoyed it, a like rating would be really awesome. Go ahead and get
subscribed if you haven’t already, and follow me on Snapchat and Twitter, because I literally
freaked out the first time I put these in my ear, and that’s kind of like every video,
so definitely hit it up on Snapchat. Thanks again, guys! And I’ll see you next time. Peace.


Love that we live in the age, literally the age right now, when cyborgs are, well, WE are already becoming cyborgs, little by little.
And we dont even realize it, or care about it, in fact we're loving every minute of it. Even something as detached as a smartphone is literally an extention of our senses that's ALWAYS with us. Our smartphones are better than the Tricorders in Star Trek. I mean, what the fuck are we living right now? We take it for granted, as if it's no big deal.

Then, augmented hearing, enhanced reality (with stuff like microsoft hololens or whatever the fuck it is called), and of course even just wireless headsets actually qualify. Tech gadgets that enhance our capabilities of what we can do, and what our senses can detect.

We dont even think about it, but we are already becoming cyborgs, bit by bit.
And frankly, it's fuckin awesome. Technology, man. Imo technology is just as much a part of evolution and nature as a tree is. Nature gave rise to sentient beings, us. We build tech from refined natural resources in new ordered forms. We are literally part of the universe trying to figure itself out. Hence tech is a part of nature.

This sounds dumb but I can't for the life of me find a price on their website? Does anyone know how much they cost? (I'm on the wait list now anyway)

I was going to buy it until he said it can't play music. I just thought they were wireless earbuds so…. anyone want my code?

You think they can be used in class? I have a lot of talkative students that sit near me that are VERY distracting, and maybe i can set it to only my teachers voice. Is that at all a possibility?

If you want a pair of Here Active Listening, you can use my code:

How much are they because I am 11 years old and was thinking about buying them but I don't know how much they are

So you have money to pay for $9000 dls headphones but you haven't get a new phone? No insurance? I don't get! I'm so confused, πŸ˜―πŸ™ƒ

This is really dumb ….so basically it's just a fancy anti noise earplug that you can adjust? LOL .. and how are they "great" for planes … DON'T EVER, EVER wear anything like that on the plane .. also no IEM's, other in ear headphones etc .. During the flight it self it is not an issue. But if you fall asleep and and the plane starts descending, (or when the plane goes up) it will create pressure in your ears, because it is sealed you can damage your ears.

One time during landing I had my EIM's on .. I never had a problem with them on planes etc. Thought it was no issue .. when the plane started landing/going down I felt an insanely sharp pain in my ears/eardrumbs at first I for some reason tried keeping them on/covered my ears with my hands and then when I removed them the pressure immediately become normal in my ears … but for like 2 days I couldn't hear shit .. I couldn't hear my own voice or that of others I drove me insane. And it took a few days after than for me to slowly regain my hearing.

you know the "candy" you talk about πŸ˜‚, when I was three I ate 3 packs of those things when I was little πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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