Xiaomi Electric Skateboard Acton Blink? KNOW EVERYTHING!!!

after I saw some information that Xiaomi
is going to release the market and new electric skateboard and the $200 to be
more specific one hundred and fifty five dollars I decided to do this video for
you guys and you understand that this is a killer of the boosted board is it the
boosted board under $200 is true or not so I’ve been sending some emails to Xiaomi and
some emails to Acton and I get some information and I will clarify to you
guys what is happening right now with this new board but right now let’s roll the
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to talk is about this new electric skateboard is it new
I don’t think so and I’ll let you know why so how start the idea to do this
video for you guys basically my girlfriend send me a whatsapp message
saying oh you have to see these Xiaomi is releasing a new electric
skateboard and it will be very very cheap so I opened the website and I saw
Xiaomi crowdfunding lists an acton smart electric skateboard for 999 yuan
one hundred and fifty five dollars and I know it that’s quite interesting and I
started scrolling down can I look to this image and I was like I have already
saw this somewhere this is an acton board this seems the blink s2 and I started
scrolling down and starts reading the post and it was almost like a blink s2 but
the specification was inferior so I was like a bit confused I scrolled down a
stroll down I read everything and all the image was from the blink s2 from
acton so I was really really confused so the next step that I’ve done it was
basically jump inside YouTube and going straight to the channel of Xiaomi and
trying to find if they release a new video above this board and when I reach
here I really found a new video about acton smart electric skateboard on
crowdfunding but when I start the video I have already saw this video somewhere
and this is the video of the blink s2 and it was not making any sense so the
information that was on the website is related with the blink s the video that
you find on youtube is the blink S2 the information that is on the bottom is
once again related with the blink s so I was a bit concerned and confused about
it so I thought maybe Xiaomi is just giving some shout-out to this company
maybe Xiaomi decided to buy Acton I was not understanding they are
going to join you board they are going just to change the brand on the board
and put Xiaomi, Mija, whatever all the brands that Xiaomi have so I was
really really confused so I decided to start sending some emails to try to get
some information to be honest with you guys
Xiaomi don’t want to say anything basically the only information that they
passed to me is yes they are producing something but it’ll be just for the
Chinese markets but it was the only information that they wanted to share
with me and I received an email from Acton and it told me that they was
developing a new skateboards with Xiaomi and the only thing that they send me
more because they said they don’t have a lot of information that is quite strange
but the thing that I received in the end was I don’t have too much information
about the Xiaomi board you can contact our Chinese partners site for more
information so
basically when you reach the website of Acton in China I had all the information
that I needed and when you open you can see that you have a board called x1
another one called blink s2 another one called blink Qu4tro so the only
difference is the one that is the x1 is the one that is in crowdfunding and it’s
basically a blink s but the design of the deck on the top is the one from the
blink s2 is the only difference but the specifications are all the same it’s not
a new product Xiaomi don’t say that is a new product because is not so when
you open this you’re going to have more information all in Chinese I can’t read
this but I can see 999 yuan and when you press buy now you go directly to
another website there is the crowdfunding one yeah you can purchase
this here if you are in China so if you are seeing this video from China buy it
is a good buy because the price is amazing okay but if you are not in China
and you want to buy this board you don’t have to wait until they release in
China and after you are not covered what I recommend now they are on sale on the
website of Acton you save for the blink go $100 you
say for the blink s 350 and for the s2 $400 also you can buy the blink Qu4tro
but the price is exactly the same there is no sales related and around
this product but this is the information that I have to you guys let me know in
the comments below do you think that was a good move from Xiaomi in my opinion it
was a good move accent if you think about it it’s a bit similar with shale
mean with Segway they have a lot of leads and everything so I think they are
related and in that case is just a rebranding of the board from accent and
in the end my opinion is what Xiaomi wants with this is you have the
knowledge from acting to start doing the boards I hope that they don’t take the
knowledge that act and have read the controls because the controls they are
horrible so they have a lot of issues and it looks quite quite cheap but
normally in the products from Segway nine-volts the quality it’s amazing and
if you think about it Xiaomi it’s already in the market with the Segway
with the new z10 that is amazing if you don’t so I will leave in the description
below link so you can see it but let me know in the comments below what you
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more specific more specific

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