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Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter Pro Review

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter Pro Review

Hello everyone, welcome to Geekbuying Today we are going to unbox and review the Mijia Electric Scooter PRO We will focus mainly on its industrial design and user experience to give you a general idea of how it is and whether it’s worth buying or not. Open the box, we see the handlebar and the main body of the scooter, there is a bag with five screws and a screwdriver, instructions, charging cable, power adapter and a hose to pump up the tires My first impression of the scooter is “holy smoke it’s so heavy” but that could be a good thing Because to some extent, weight means quality, and the riding stability is likely to be better Of course, you can say it is not very easy to carry around. It is very simple to assemble: first put these wires into the stem then put the handlebar on the stem, and last screw these 4 screws to fix the handlebar Done! The wheels of the Mijia Scooter Pro are still the same as the first generation: same material and diameter, both adopt – as the official called – “hot-melt pneumatic tire, which generates excellent shock absorption and better traction on multi-terrain roads”. Move to the front, we saw the handle, the brake handle, a bell, a display that shows info crystal clear even under the direct sunlight, we’ll get to that later and the throttle. There is a front headlight and back red taillight, they are bright! On the pedal, we can see there are a lot of protrusions, which increases the friction and safety when you are riding. You can also see a Mijia logo. Finally, there is a charging port and a foot stand on the left side, nothing more on the right or bottom. To fold it, it’s very easy, move the buckle to the right side, use a bit of force to lower the handle down, put down the stem, and the button of the bell will buckle on the protrusion of the rear wheel cover now you can carry it. The whole design feels premium, elegant and refined. Check all these well thought details on the scooter: polished shell, sleek color matching, the heavy metal underbelly engineered for strength and weight This thing is a piece of art! Thumbs up for the superb design! Short press the power button to turn on the PRO place one foot on the board, one foot on the ground to slide a short distance press the throttle at the same time Here you go! Even a person who has never had experience riding any type of scooter can be an expert in one minute. I gotta say the riding experience of the Mijia Electric Scooter PRO is the best of all the scooters I have ever ridden. It is really stable and comfortable on the flat concrete floor, even on a less flat road like this. When going uphill, the powerful motor can easily outperform other scooters as well. More importantly, during the riding we found the sound is very quiet and even soothing, check out. The screen that comes with the scooter making the riding experience even better, it shows all the basic information you need like battery juice, speed mode etc. In the power-on state, short press once to turn on the front and rear lights; short press twice to switch between ECO, D and S modes, the speed is 15km / h, 20km / h and 25km / h respectively. What’s more, you can connect pro to your phone: Download the Mi Home App, add the scooter PRO. After the connection is successful, you can see that there is a Bluetooth icon on the screen. The first time you connect, the app will remind you to set a password. In the app, the home page shows your scooter battery level, average speed etc. Slide to the right to lock, at this time, any operation on the scooter will be disabled, slide to the left to unlock. Click on the top right corner to see some of basic information, such as cruise control, password resetting or firmware update etc. To my surprise, there is also an Energy Recovery Strength option here, whatever that is, it seems good for the battery life, although I have not tested it yet, thumbs up for that if useful. Just like I said in the video Mijia Electric Scooter pro is the best among all the scooters I’ve used bc of its excellent workmanship – it combines the design aesthetics and practicality; its overall safe and stable riding experience, for the brake system is the same as the first generation, the E-ABS on the front tire and disk brake on the rear tire And the long battery life, it can reach up to 45km, which is 15km more than the first generation; Beyond all that, I can list even more about its advantages such as easy to fold, extra bright lights and silent operation Whether you want to buy it as a gift to give to someone or you want it for self-commuting It is definitely a major go. Of course, if you have to say some cons of it then would be it is a bit too heavy? about 2KG heavier than the first generation, that makes even more difficult for a girl to carry up the stairs; second is the tire, the inflatable tire gives a super stable experience but because of that so you have to pump it up few times each year and get a bit worried of something puncturing the tire, however, that is not likely to happen. At the same time, I noticed it’s easy to get worn, the first day I took the scooter out of the box, folded it a few times and then I found I scratched the tire cover! Also I noticed the paint was gone (here) after a few days of use That sucks! In terms of price, it is about $150 more than the first generation on our site (Check the link in the description) but the range was increased by 15KM. If range is important to you, the Miajia Pro is worth the extra cost. But if you are satisfied with a range of 30KM, the first generation is just fine! So to conclude: If you ignore those small flaws and the price is not what you consider at all, then go for it! You won’t regret it! But if price is your major concern then I would recommend the first generation of Mijia Electric Scooter or the KUGOO S1 They are not bad at all! Alright! That’s it, thank you for watching If you do have other questions about the Mijia Electric Pro Just leave a comment below and subscribe to Geekbuying channel I’m Sami, see you next time!


So its the same as first gen, just heavier, better battery and the display… Not worth the upgrade from the 1st gen

Thanks for the video , my first gen M365 has an after market OLED Screen dashboard that is better than the one on the M365 Pro , also i wish they had distinguished it more from the M365 by painting the whole scooter Black plus giving the Rubber mat that you stand on a Black color instead of a grey color , another thing is they could have done was tidy up the wires that protrude from the scooter a bit ( i have achieved this by using cable ties) , overall impression , it's okay but there is nothing wrong with the original M365 that would make me want to shell out more money for the Pro.

Its disappointing that the range has increased but the speed is still the same. Figure it would be a match with the Ninebot ES4. Maybe a firmware hack would increase the speed but until then, it's a decent upgrade as far as range and a real display.

Strong innovation from China, that's for sure. Xiaomi is becoming a very reliable brand in my eyes today. I have the first Mijia scooter and it's very solid, what I love the most is the waterproof rating, it gives me reassurance. And I love the lightweight since I commute to train station, I carry it into the train and store in between train seats, then I commute to school. There is 1 weakness however, I want to buy another 1st gen Mijia for my mom with a seat, but I'm worried she will have difficulty closing that charging port. She has bad back so she will struggle to see the charging port, and she will have trouble closing the charging port. This will cause some problems if she cannot close the rubber properly and water gets inside. I have tried to test this and close my eyes and see how easily I can close the charging port, and it's difficult. That's why I predict my mom will have difficulty with closing the charging port.

Nice review bud.
Below are some thoughts and questions I would like to see in the additional video:
– Is it suitable for persons with 90+kg like HardDiscount point it out? This is important for us with heavy bones 🙂
– How long does it take to accelerate, based on selected mode ECO, D and S, to the max or cruising speed?
– You show it just a for a sec, but it is interesting to show (a bit more) and test how good is protect the charge port (compared to the previous series. I was seeing lots compliment on that part, for not being well protected from dust and water), and after using it for a while will it lose a grip and are there any good solution or replace/upgrade parts for this?
– Are tires subject to rupture easily (cause on the previous series I saw a bunch of videos where customers recommend replacing it with solid tyers)?
– Do you recommend some part improvements like Rubber Vibration Damper Pad for example (this one was also subject for a bunch of complaints on the previous series)?
– Would love to see and hear some thought after using it for 1-2 months (or more)…

it is possible to ship in Switzerland? all stores here only have the first version, & it really cost too much than the pro in online 🙁

If the range is not so important for you, buy the regular M365 and flash custom firmware which unlocks 800W power for the motor and 30km/h speed :).

How does everything work out in terms of taxes in the EU. For me, it's extra 120 EUR, kind of a big deal. Anyone ordered a scooter from CN warehouse?

Almost identical to first generation. In fact it IS first generation with a few small tweaks. Surely it is time for a SERIOUS re-design?

I have the original Xiaomi M365 and am super happy with it, 2500km and counting. So far I've only had one flat tyre. What I would like to see is foldable steering handles like some other manufacturers have. I haven't seen anyone selling it as a mod.

It's folding mechanism is a real mess! I believe all M365 users are dissappointed cause Mijia is not going to admit this mistake…

Perfect opportunity to have improved the motor a little, so it would go up to 17/18 mph in sport mode.
Or for those heavier riders that this type of scooter struggles with.

I still have the existing Mi Scooter, got it last November 2018. Now that my unit's front tyre is suffering from frequent flats I have a difficult time on removing the nuts that secures the front tyre!! Man, only if Xiaomi made this revised model easier to remove the nut off, and the good thing about this revised model is that it now properly uses an actual HUD, not like the LED ones on the existing 2017 model.

Plus, how's the bigger battery life? Does it last longer than the 1st gen 30km distance? Any tests on that? And, can you test out the KERS (energy recovery system) too?

So a revised version of the 2017 model? Was expecting a major overhaul like front suspension, rear manual brakes, front air-less tyres & shifting the e-motor at the back.

Something is wrong with the naming I think. is it a 365 or a Pro? I dont think they have a scooter called "365 Pro"

No fucking way??!!!! The same piece of shit lock! I can't believe it. It shouldn't even had passed the initial testing!! And they keep making it years later??

Must say that the review is pretty great . However the comment about girl carrying it up the stairs is really sexist and inappropriate.

so things the 'pro' version did not address:
1. same flimsy battery plate that most everyone replaces with a smooth 3rd party option,
2. same stem connector that people add a 3rd party shim when it get;s loose due to design flaw.
3. same puncture prone tyres that people replace with hole/solid 3rd party tires.
4. handle bars that don't fold away.
5. same foot plate that get's slippery in wet conditions.
6. same poor Ac connector prone to flipping back open and getting dust/water in as you ride.
7. no suspension on front or rear

improvements – bigger battery, display.
overall it's not bad once you fix the design flaws with 3rd party add ons.

have the regular mijia m365. and let me say this. if you are over 100kg and wish going uphill? get the pro! 250W vs 300W power is not that much. but bet the extra power will help alot! even a small hill gets me down kicking it up the hill. so sad. 🙁 also. have the version with single electronic protection. so tweaking the firmware. might be a bad idear sadly 🙁

Hi. Thanks for video. About the "energy recovery" option, be careful. It regenerates the battery (makes the DC motor work as a generator) but it will only be good on the short term. On the long term it will ruin your battery life time. Even litium batteries still prefer long charge/discharge cycles, short ones are not recommended

Awesome review, this Pro looks great. Can you tell me the charge voltage please as I leave in the UK and our power outlets use 240v Thanks

Are you in China or US now? Is there any way to get the pro in the US? The price in China is so much better than that on Amazon US…

Hey! Nice video.. helped me a lot to research more about this Xiaomi M365.
I wonder if you have seem this scooter and see if you can check its performance and quality?

It's a nice ride. I weight 99kg (…) and flat and downhill – brilliant. Topped at 40.3 km/h today downhill. Upwards… well, if you're in my weight category, the incline needs to be pretty marginal, but you can always "help" the kick bike a bit with your leg. Overall, the build quality is very good and real inflatable tires – big plus – same with the real brake at the back – it works. Overall very happy with mine after one week… To be continued.

I see the motor on the pro is more powerful but the top speed is the same but, is there any difference in acceleration?

I want this scooter in Colombia, but the shipping is very cost, how I can buy for low cost of Shipping

I live in a city with too steep slopes. Would you recommend this scooter or better one more expensive and more powerful?

Is there a reliable way to lock it at a bicycle stand with a seperate lock? Not just "locking" the on/off function.

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